Dylan's Candy Bar

by Ashley

Sweet Stuff

Sweet Stuff

I am currently planning this candy party, so technically I haven't attended it yet. However, I can describe to you what I have imagined it to be and my ideas.

For those of you who don't know about Dylan's Candy Bar, it is Ralph Lauren's daughter's candy store which carries about a million different types of candies. It's pretty amazing and a bit expensive so I am taking matters into my own hands to get this party the way I want. Now enough of me running my mouth.


Streamers, plates, napkins, etc. all in cotton candy pink and blue colors. The party is at a park so each picnic table has a place setting of a vase of lollipops. Each table also has a name (Candy Cane Lane, Starburst Street, etc.)

I am going to order a personalized candy bars for place settings! This is very neat thing where they take a candy bar wrapper, place the person's picture and some info on them and put it on the candy bar!

I might also divide up the picnic tables and have half with a gumball machine as a center piece and the other half with a vase of lollipops as the centerpiece.

I was thinking of having a sign with a clever poem that uses candy names. For instance a welcome sign could hang on a tree and say, "You are a lifesaver for coming to my party! Don't snicker I really mean it!" or something along those lines.


Obviously mountains of candy... As for the actual food, I was thinking finger foods that went along with the sweet theme such as, sweet-ish meatballs (swedish meatballs) and sweet potato pie, etc.

As for the cake I was thinking of making that gumball cake by betty crocker that I found on this very site!


I was going to have a waterslide. Although it doesn't go along with the theme, the kids will enjoy it and it will keep them cool (the party is in July).

I was also going to have candyland set out and a game called name that candy where you describe a candy in a riddle and the other team tries to guess which candy it is.


A candy bar invite or an invite that looks like a gumball machine.

I'm not done planning but I still hope that this inspires other people for their own parties!!!

By the way, this would be a wonderful sweet sixteen party hence the "sweet shop" it could be (enter name here)'s sweet sixteen sweet shop or something like that.

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by: Brianna

That is a great idea I can't believe you thought of that. It is very clever. Might try it for my bday party.



Dance Party with a Twist of Candy
by: Cathy from Malibu

Plan a colorful party in a place that no one else thinks to have their party, with a dance floor, except the twist is that it's candy themed, has a chocolate fountain and candy everywhere, and candy bar decorations and, of course, you have to have jolly ranchers!!!! You can also make lollipops out of Styrofoam and Hershey kisses out of spray painted trash bags... oh yeah... think cheap too. You don't have to have an expensive party to have the best. Pick out the hottest songs out there... and since it's a candy theme, make sure you play candy shop ;]

by: Anonymous

that is exactly what i'm doing! and my b-day is in July also. i'm even having a water slide like u! but i'm having it @ my house not @ a park

Great idea!
by: Alexis

I think this is a great idea it's just perfect! Just except one thing. I don't think that you should have the main entrees as candy. Stuff maybe like the sweet potato pie and sweet-ish meatballs and all that but as a main entrees you know. This is still a great party and your idea is so great I'm going to use it for my birthday party! So thanks for posting!

Deliciously Fun!
by: Wendy

I can't think of too many people who wouldn't love this party idea. It sounds both delicious and fun. I would Love to see pictures of it after you host it. Hopefully you'll post back here and let us know how it went.

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