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Hi! I'm 16 and my girls and I are going to have a girls night in. We're on a super tight budget and plus a bit of, umm, differences, in our personalities. Can you give me ideas that will fit a wide range of people and won't require a whole lot of spending?


Girls Night In Response:

I wish I had a little more information about whether you are looking for activities to do or you want a whole theme for the night, etc., but I'll give you a few ideas to start and if you were looking for something different, you can use the comment box below to add more details.

If you're planning on spending the entire night together, I would start by cooking dinner together. You can make it extra fun by putting a bunch of ingredients on the counter and having one group cook the dinner and one group come up with a dessert using ONLY the ingredients available on the counter. It allows everyone to be creative, talk and just enjoy each other's company (it can be especially fun if some of the girls have no clue how to cook). If that seems too difficult you can make really delicious pizza with pita bread, various pizza ingredients and an oven. Get the smaller pita breads and each girl can make her own. If you'd like a general recipe for that reply in the comment box below.

I have no idea what type of activities you'd like and which you and your friends differ on, so it is very difficult to answer the activity question.

My 16 year old niece recently did a survey to see what girls in her age group like to do for a girls night. Two of the top choices were watch movies and talk.

There are several conversation games on my party games page. I also know that a lot of older teenagers love drama games, so if that interests you, I could give you a few of those.

Do your friends like active games? A survivor elimination type game might work well for them.

If they are girly girls, a clothing swap or beauty night might be more appealing.

Please take a moment to let me know if it is an entire theme night your are looking for or if it is games and activities.

If it is games and activities, let me know if you and your friends are mostly girly girls or active types?



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by: jukebox

OMG! I'm having the same problem, but I want a make-up party. Like this is the first one I have had in 5 years!!!

Girls Night In Party
by: Anonymous

Get All Diff Flavors Of Koolaid And Color Your Hair With It. After Words Just Wash Your Hair. It Should Come Out Easily

have fun
by: Anonymous

play truth or dare

Don't Worry
by: Anonymous

i understand you girls have different personalities but that is probably why you are friends. They like you for who you are and your decisions and you like them for the same reason. No matter what your choice is they will still be cool with it. I think the best way to go is just do not plan it at all. It is more fun to do crazy stuff you think of randomly.
Have a good party!!

by: Michelle

Here are a few ideas for a girls night in. Watch movies, give each other a manicure, facials, and board games.

by: Anonymous

Crank the music.

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