Gotham Party Theme Ideas

Welcome to Gotham City – the newest and hottest party destination for villains, superheros, and slightly shady characters who have a secret penchant for playing on the dark side.

Gotham party theme ideasGotham Party Theme Ideas

As kids, most of us loved superheros; and if we are honest, we have to admit that there is probably a small part of us that never really grew up. We still fantasize about having secret powers, riding around in the batmobile, or wielding the Catwoman whip (while also looking like Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry, of course!).

With recent box office hits and the huge success of the television series Gotham, there has been a renewed interest in all things superhero. Childhood comic books are brought to life in a way that appeals to every age group. Mysterious masked, cape-wearing heroes (and heroines) aren't just for kids anymore. In fact, they have become so popular that they have even earned their own section in video stores.

Over the years, a lot of battles have been fought, and won, with strange and unusual superhero powers that have managed to overcome evil and save the day – if only temporarily. And, in no place have more wars been waged than in Gotham. It is a city of mystery and intrigue, where no one is as they seem, everyone has an agenda, and danger lurks around every corner.

Now, it's your chance to live out your fantasy. Pick a side, put on your mask, and join the battle for just one night.

Gotham Party Theme Ideas

  • Since Gotham is all about “good vs evil” you could host your own crime drama or murder mystery. Guests could simply be third party observers trying to solve the crime, or you could make everyone part of the intrigue by assigning characters ahead of time and asking guests to come prepared to play their part.

    Murder Mystery Games

  • It may also be fun to host a cocktail party with Gotham themed drinks, followed by a screening of Catwoman, The Dark Knight Rises, or any of the Batman movies.

  • A Gotham City scavenger hunt is a fun way to get everyone involved. Send your guests on a quest to find clues to prove a villain's guilt - or a victim's innocence.

Invitation Ideas

Cityscape Invitations for a Gotham Party

Gotham Party Invitations

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Invitations are the perfect way to create a little mystery and spark the excitement early.

  • Send a Gotham City map with a black bat (rather than a star) marking the location of the party.

  • Masks also make great invites and you could even send a different one to each guest based on the character you want them to portray.

  • If you are planning a crime/murder mystery, you could include the party information on the back of a crime scene photo. You may have to stage the scene ahead of time in order to capture the picture, but the extra work will be worth it since it will have your guests thinking about the details before the party even starts!

  • Of course, if you are looking for something simple, bat-shaped invitations are in keeping with the theme and very easy to make.

  • You can also find inexpensive capes that can be used as invites and double as costumes as well.  

Fun Gotham Party Decorations

Creating Gotham City is really quite easy. It's all about black, white, and gold! With some very simple decorating ideas you can design an atmosphere that is dark and dangerous, fun and funky, or classy and sophisticated (while still having a touch of intrigue and trickery, of course!).

Gotham table DECOR

  • Cut out paper silhouettes shaped like buildings and tape them to the wall or make a 3D skyscape using boxes or cardboard covered in black and yellow paper. Colored plastic tablecloths from a discount store also work well.

  • If you don't mind working in smaller scale, a Gotham City skyline also makes a great centerpiece.

  • Cover tables in black and use black, gold, and/or white tableware.

  • Keep lighting low. Use strands of Christmas lights and lots of tall, sleek black/gold candles.

  • Put bat shaped cutouts on the wall.

  • Cover chairs in batman capes.

  • If you are hosting a dinner party, you can put character names at each place. You may even want to include a mask that suits each character.

  • Create a sign or banner that reads “Welcome To Gotham City”

  • Create a “Bat Cave”. This can be the main party area or a separate area designated for the food, the bar, or a lounge.

  • Play music from Marvel/Gotham based movies.

Gotham Party Food

Batman Ice Cube Tray

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Unless you are hosting a dinner, simple fare will work perfectly for a Gotham party.

Amidst regular hors d'oeuvres, you can also include things like deviled eggs, character shaped sandwiches (bats, cats, etc.), top hat shaped cookies, or cupcakes decorated with black icing.

In keeping with the color scheme, make platters of fruit from yellow pineapple and black grapes, or trays of cheese and black olives.

For a fun twist, serve drinks with Gotham-theme names such as “The Dark Knight”, “Robinade”, “The Riddler”, or “Catini”. Complete cocktails with bat-topped swizzle sticks or black cat lollipops.


Gotham Party Games and Activities

  • Murder Mystery/Solve the Crime: Have guests come dressed as different Gotham characters (ie. Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Commissioner Gordon, Gotham police officers, etc.) and give them some instructions on how to play their assigned roles.

Gotham: Season 1

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  • Riddles from the Riddler: Give each guest a riddle to solve throughout the evening and award prizes to those who are able to come up with the right answer in the best time).

  • Gotham City Trivia: Test your guests knowledge of all things Gotham.

  • Name That Tune: Add a fun twist to the classic trivia by playing Name That Tune using songs and music from Gotham-themed movies, television shows, or soundtracks.

  • Gotham Movie-a-thon: Watch some of the best Gotham-themed movies or episodes of the TV series Gotham.

Gotham Party Favors

It is always thoughtful to give each guest a nice favor or small gift to commemorate the evening and thank them for being part of the fun. Some ideas could include:

Bat Shield Drink Charm

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  • DC Comic Books

  • Gotham-themed DVD. Some of the older Batman or Catwoman movies can be found at very affordable prices.

  • Soundtrack from a DC Comic or Gotham-themed movie.

  • Gotham character accessories such as a monacle, top hat, walking stick, or cape.

  • Bat-shaped cookie cutter

  • Gotham-themed cookie or chocolate (cat, bat, joker, etc.)

Costume Ideas

  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
  • Vicki Vale
  • Catwoman
  • Posion Ivy
  • Harley Quinn
  • The Phantasm
  • Dr. Chase Meridian
  • Sugar
  • Spice
  • Ms. B. Haven
  • Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Robin
  • Penguin
  • Riddler
  • Joker 
  • Two-Face
  • Mr. Freeze
  • Bane
  • Alfred
  • Commissioner Gordon
Batman The Dark Knight Catwoman Costume

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