Michael Jackson Trivia Game

for Party Hosts and Fans of the King of Pop

king of pop quizCelebrate the King of Pop with this Michael Jackson trivia game.

  • Commemorate his birth with an August party.

  • Memorialize his death with a June event.

  • Plan a dance party that highlights his music.

  • Host a fan gathering to acknowledge his accomplishments.

  • Or host an 80s pop trivia night.

And in honor of the childlike spirit that MJ evoked, be a kid again and just have FUN!

Michael Jackson Trivia Questions

01. How many Grammy Awards did the “Thriller“ album receive?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8

02. What is Michael Jackson’s middle name?
a. Joseph
b. Prince
c. James
d. Charles

03. The Jackson 5 changed their name in 1975. What was their new name?
a. The Jackson Brothers
b. The Jackson Family
c. The Jacksons
d. The Jackson 4

04. What was the title of Michael Jackson’s first solo album?
a. Got To Be There
b. Off The Wall
c. Ben
d. Music & Me

05. What is the name of the 1985 single Michael Jackson co-wrote with Lionel Richie to help raise funds for famine-relief efforts in Africa?
a. Tears Are Not Enough
b. Do They Know It’s Christmas?
c. We Are The World
d. One More Day

06. What is Michael Jackson’s birthdate?
a. August 29, 1958
b. September 2, 1958
c. August 28, 1957
d. January 13, 1959

07. Michael Jackson wrote several songs while sitting in a favorite tree. What name did he give this tree?
a. The Thoughtful Tree
b. The Giving Tree
c. The Inspiration Tree
d. The Epiphany Tree

08. Michael Jackson suffers from a skin condition known as:
a. Vitiligo
b. Chrysiasis
c. Griscelli Syndrome
d. Leukoderma

09. What is the name of the single Michael Jackson wrote for Hurricane Katrina victims?
a. What More Can I Give
b. I Have This Dream
c. Heal The World
d. Man In The Mirror

10. What was the name of Michael Jackson’s pet chimp?
a. Buster
b. Mr. Chips
c. Bubbles
d. Bilbo

11. What famous guitarist played on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”?
a. Steve Stevens
b. Slash
c. Carlos Santana
d. Eddie Van Halen

12. How much did it cost to make the video for “Scream”?
a. $7 million
b. $5 million
c. $700,000
d. $2.5 million

13. In what year did Michael Jackson receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
a. 1991
b. 1989
c. 1984
d. 1978

14. In which city was Michael Jackson born?
a. Chicago, Illinois
b. Las Angeles, California
c. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
d. Gary, Indiana

15. What role did Michael Jackson play in the 1977 musical “The Wiz”?
a. The Lion
b. The Scarecrow
c. The Tin Man
d. The Wiz

16. Michael Jackson’s oldest son, Prince Michael I, is named after Prince Scruse, who is:
a. Michael’s Grandfather
b. Michael’s Uncle
c. A mythological character
d. A childhood mentor

17. Michael Jackson contributed a song to the soundtrack of which movie?
a. Poltergeist
b. Superman II
c. ET
d. Romancing the Stone

18. How many #1 singles did Michael Jackson have throughout his career?
a. 10
b. 13
c. 18
d. 20

19. Which Michael Jackson video was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as “The Most Successful Music Video of All Time”?
a. Bad
b. Beat It
c. Scream
d. Thriller

20. In 1985, how much money did Michael Jackson pay for the publishing rights to the Beatles catalogue?
a. $25 million
b. $35 million
c. $47.5 million
d. $51.5 million

BONUS QUESTION: How many tracks were on the U.S. release of the album “Thriller”?
a. 9
b. 10
c. 11
d. 13

NOTE: Answers to this Michael Jackson Trivia are below.

Michael Jackson Trivia Answers

01. d. 8 / 02. a. Joseph / 03. c. The Jacksons / 04. a. Got To Be There / 05. c. We Are The World / 06. a. August 29, 1958 / 07. b. The Giving Tree / 08. a. Vitiligo / 09. b. I Have This Dream / 10. c. Bubbles / 11. d. Eddie Van Halen / 12. a. $7 million / 13. c. 1984 / 14. d. Gary, Indiana / 15. b. The Scarecrow / 16. a. Michael’s Grandfather / 17. c. ET / 18. b. 13 / 19. d. Thriller / 20. c. $47.5 million / BONUS QUESTION: a. 9

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