Mikala's Next Top Model Party

by Mikala
(Pitt PA, USA)

For my 11th b-day I had a modeling theme and named the party Mikala's Next Top Model (Mikala is my name).

The invitations were in scrolls, that we made online. All you have to do is roll the paper into a scroll and tie a bow around it. It was cheap, easy, and it looked great!

I only had about ten or twelve friends at my party so we could go overboard a little.

The main party was in my HUGE basement so we could have a lot of room to do things.

My dad and his friends build a cheap stage out of wood from home depot and we covered it with cheap table cloths and had pink curtains it the back of it hanging that you could open and close like at a theater! Right behind the back of it is a door going into a small room that all the makeup and wardrobe was in. We had our dining room chairs set up along the sides of the stage like at a fashion show.

In the area with the huge 64 in. flat screen tv was the dance room. We had a table with the ipod, ihome, radio, and karaoke machine with my older sis playing all our fave music!

In another part we had the table that we ate at.

We all had to dress fancy like you would if you were going to a real fashion show.

We sat down to a fancy dinner and had good china and wine glasses set up with cloth napkins. My dad and mom were the waitresses in black and white suits. We even had a menu!!!

My sister and her friends wore really cute outfits and were the models on the runway and they acted really pro.!!!!!!

Every guest got to have number cards to hold up to rate the models outfits 1-10!

We had a 3 layered cake with models and edible glitter on it too!!!!

At the end we watched some movies like New Moon, 17 Again, and things like that. It was awesome!!!!

I hope this helps you with your party planning.

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by: Rosie Posie!

Hey this is Rosie Posie!! (My first name is Mikala, but I call myself Rosie Posie because my middle name is Rose). Thanks for all the comments!! I work really hard on all my parties! Also, take a look at my Diva Girl top rated themed party "My Glow in the Dark Party". I'M SURE YOU'LL LOVE IT! Also keep updated, because coming soon is my plan for the end of the year mixer (girls and boys) party!!

-Rosie Posie

by: Sally

OMG!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH MIKALA!!!! You really know how to make it over the top!!!! You're a true inspiration!!! Thanks alot!! This is totally gonna be my party theme!!! You're awesome!

by: chelsy

thats amazing!!!!! i love it im sooooo gonna do this for my b-party thx!!!!

America's Next Top Model Party Ideas
by: Kaelee

1 - Have 4 judges and one like Tyra Banks
2 - Have contestants
3 - Do photo shoots
4 - Pick your favorite photo of each girl, and tell them what they should do to make it better and what you liked about it
5 - Contestants leave the room and the judges pick who wins

by: Anonymous

OMG... Sounds like fun!!

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