My Sweet 16 Hollywood Party

by Megan
(New Mexico)

Hollywood Party Decor

Hollywood Party Decor

Well we have a big house, and my mom planned a Hollywood party for me and my twin sister. We had a red carpet that started from our half driveway to our door, passed the 2 stairs, then to our meeting area.

We had flashing lights and a photographer taking pictures of the guests walking in and posing in front of our background wall that said "Megan and Sydney's Sweet 16th Hollywood Birthday Party". With some guests standing on each of both staircases laughing and having a good time in their dresses and tuxs watching guest, by guest come in.

We took guest pictures in the meeting room that had a picture of me and my sister hanging from the ceiling.

We had a pool in the back, white lights, and a glow in the dark Hollywood sign that was 7ft. tall.

We had fancy food, tables and white fancy chairs covered with a sashes, with a video screen that people had filmed saying Happy Birthday! in the living area.

We had silver and gold stars hanging from the ceiling too. Pictures of us were on a small billboard.

We also had a DJ and a dance floor next to the pool. We had wine glasses with non-alcoholic drinks. We also had other things too.

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Good Job - I Love This Idea
by: Anonymous

Great job. Awesome ideas. Thank you so much.

Hollywood Parties are Fun
by: Laysia

It's so fun to have a Hollywood slumber party because you can do a lot of things in Hollywood that's awesome!!

  • You can decorate your stair way with posters and stuff and have a run way show.dress up in crazy but cute outfits and work it down the stairs. (best with some funky music playing)

  • Have a "play out" depending on how many ppl you have split them into groups where there is only 4 ppl in a group. Have each team come up with a famous "best if its funny" song that they make up and sing it in front of some friends that are the judges. Very fun!

  • Truth or dare


PS. Hope my advice was helpful. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)(;

Oscar Party
by: Jane

When I had an Oscar party for my daughter we rented out and old movie theater. We hired fake paparazzi and had a red carpet. All the kids dressed up. We had them watch a movie, and play games. Then we had a magic act. We also had 100 cup cakes (and a regular cake) with candles all over them. All the kids blew them out. We had a trophy for best dress. For food we got little boxes and put a sandwich, chips, and a drink in it. It was a blast!

Sounds Fun
by: Esther- Miami Florida

I want my party to be based on Hollywood and have a red carpet and photographers too.

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