Pool Parties Ideas for Women

woman sipping cocktail by pool

It doesn't need to be hot and sunny for you to use our pool party ideas to plan a fun, relaxing afternoon or evening with friends.

To escape the chill of winter, plan a pool party at an indoor swimming pool or a local hotel. To enjoy the balmy days of summer, chill out with friends on a pool deck loaded with great food, an exotic beverage bar, and colorful decorations complimented by pool party music.

There is never a wrong time to host a pool party, so break out the self-tanner, decide on your party venue, and invite your friends to join you for the best party of the year.

Summer Pool Party Ideas by Christine from Pool Party Plus

Summer’s coming and we all want to look our best when the warm weather beckons us outside for a spot of sunbathing or a dip in the pool. Now’s the time to get together with your friends and get that all over glow with a bit of help from the fake tan bottle. Make it easy and fun by helping each other apply the tan, along with some drinks and nibbles, you will all end up looking fabulous and feeling great.

Invite your local mobile beautician to give your Divas a pamper party with treatments such as a manicure or pedicure. Or how about preparing for summer by getting rid of that unwanted hair before you strut you stuff in that new bikini! Your Divas will have a great time and your beautician will welcome the extra business.

Your local boutique may like the chance to model their swimwear by attending your Diva ‘Summer’s Coming’ party and guests will have the chance to order if they see something they like.

When summer arrives it’s the perfect time to host a pool party. Design your invitations to reflect your chosen theme - it can be as casual or sophisticated as you like, it might be some ones birthday or just an excuse to get together with friends and enjoy the sunshine with some delicious food and drink.

Your barbecue comes into it’s own at a pool party so make the most of it by enjoying some scrumptious recipes cooked on the b.b.q. The tantalizing aroma of food cooking on the barbecue will tempt all your guests appetites.

At Pool Party Plus we have so many pool party ideas, including delicious food and drink recipes for your guests to enjoy at your pool party, and help with themes, games ideas, safe tanning and more.

Special Thanks to Christine for sharing these summer pool party ideas.

Pool Party Ideas by Diva Girl

  • Write your pool party invitations on pool toys or colorful folding fans that can be later be used poolside for relief from the heat. Flip flop coasters are another fun, affordable item to write pool party invitations on.

  • Create a pretty food and beverage bar and serve fruit and exotic cocktails /mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) to keep everyone refreshed during the party. Oh... and be sure to have plenty of water on hand too.

  • Cool off in the pool with some volleyball or... a coin dive. Use real money and award prizes for collecting certain coins or the highest total value of coins. For something unique throw a variety of dive toys into the pool and hold a swimming pool scavenger hunt by having everyone line up around the pool and then calling out the item they need to find. For example, if one of the toys is an egg, you could call out "Find an Easter symbol". Everyone dives in and tries to be the first to bring up the egg. Note: Caution your guests to play safe.

  • Prefer to relax poolside all day, try some conversation games to liven things up. Girlfriend's Intuition will have you roaring with laughter and there's always the icebreaker conversation starter games like Table Topics and Box of Questions that are easy to play around the pool while sipping fresh pineapple juice and having your toenails buffed.

  • For unique pool party favors, consider purchasing a box of tan towels and giving a couple towelettes to each of your guests. Tan Towels are by far my favorite sunless tanner. They come wrapped in individual packets and are sold in boxes of 10. Two towels will tan your entire body and there's no mess. I LOVE them.

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