Sweet 16 B-day

by nicki
(Lehi, Utah)

My 16th b-day is in two weeks and I'm stumped! I don't want to see a movie or stay at home. I'm thinking of having it be co-ed. My friend is having a dance party a few weeks after, so that's out too. Can you help me??!!!

Sweet 16 B-day Response:

Can you give me an idea of what you and your friends like?

Are they into music? If so, what type of music do they like?

A Rock and Roll Party could be fun. A party based on a certain band could also work. You could also go way back and do a 50's party.

Are they into theater and drama? A drama party, Oscar party, or movie party would work.

Are they into sports? Paintball is a very popular activity for teens.

I hosted a mixed sweet 16 Pirate Party earlier this year that went over well. Murder Mysteries can also be a lot of fun.

Are you looking for a theme party or are you just looking for an activity?

Please use the comment box below to fill me in with a little more info.



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What to Do At a Sweet Sixteen Party
by: xoxox

I am hosting a sweet sixteen party for my daughter. She requested an 80's theme. We have rented a banquet room, hired a DJ, and requested everyone dress in 80's attire. I've asked the DJ to play mostly 80's music with some slow songs for slow dancing. We will do the basic cuttting of the cake, father/daughter dance, sing Happy Birthday, but I feel like I need some more activities to keep them busy. I've thought about the limbo or a dance off?? My daughter and most of her friends are the shy quiet types. What should I do??? I don't want them to just stand aroung looking at each other....Please help :)

Reply: For one I would put some Rubik's cubes on the tables... they are very 80s and will serve as conversation starters and a point of focus for anyone who may be a little on the shy side.

You could write some 80s trivia and have the DJ shout out a trivia every once in a while during the evening for which the first one with the right answer gets a prize (possibly one of the Rubik's cubes on the tables). You might want to even set up a candy bar with 80s candy for everyone or as a source of prizes.

If you have media equipment available you might even want to roll out some hilarious 80s commercials or clips from popular 80s shows. How about flashing popular 80s sayings or faces and getting the teens to guess who they are or who said them respectively.

Highlight different music in the 80s by having dance off competitions for each. For instance, who can perform the best moonwalk?

Need help deciding....
by: Sam

Hello I need help! I want a sweet sixteen party, but I can't decide!!! My mom has given me two choices of a party to pick from. I can either have an immediate family and friends dinner or a blast from the past party which includes either a 50's, 60's, and 70's music and theme. The problem is I CANT DANCE. I mean I can dance but not to modern music. Can you help!!? Which do you think I should choose??
:) Sam

cant aford a sweet 16 party
by: amanda schank

hi my name is Amanda and my mom cant afford to have a sweet 16teen for me. What do i do i need help

sweet 16
by: shaikayla bower

ok i want to have a big b-day party, but my dad wont rent a room so we have to have it a home. What can i do to make it like a club theme?

by: Anonymous

My mom and I decided to go to a local hotel with an indoor pool. We will have pizza and games (in the water). A few of my girl friends might stay the night.

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