Sweet 16 Party and Hotel Getaway!

by Holly
(Spfld, OR)

Sweet Sixteen Party and Getaway

Sweet Sixteen Party and Getaway

For my sweet 16 party I will be taking some friends to a condo (hotel works also) for a 2 or 3 night weekend! We will swim, play tennis, watch tv, stay up all night, and play many, many super fun games, some of which I'm getting from this site diva-girl-parties-and-stuff.com.


  • Dot on beds
  • Store scavenger hunt
  • Toilet paper fight
  • The slapping game
  • 2 truths & 1 lie
  • Fun dinner
  • Catch-a-phrase (electronic)
  • Quelf
  • Dance Revolution
  • Telepictionary
  • Truth or Dare
  • Ogga Booga

  • ...and still adding instructions for the games below)


    Chick Flicks
  • John Tucker Must Die
  • 17 Again

  • Transformers
  • National Treasure (also a mystery)
  • Lord of the Rings

  • Comedy

  • Aliens in the Attic

  • Good Moral

  • The Blind Side
  • Fire Proof


  • swimming (marco polo, tunnel tag in the water)
  • tennis
  • morning work out (30 mins tread mills, bicycle mills, weights, ect. - don't forget to turn up the radio!)
  • tv

  • Details on the Games!


    NEED: Sticky colored dots

    I'm not sure if this is a problem for you but every time I have any type of over night party the BIG question is always "WHO GETS TO SLEEP BY THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!?" This is the first year we should get past this problem. Why? Because of this unique fun game my friend, Heather, and I thought up!

    You know those cheap garage sale colored sticky dots, which are used for writing the price and sticky onto the sale item? These are the only items you will need to play a fun and question solving game!

  • Step #1 Hide a colored dot(no duplicating the same colored dot on each bed, pull out bed, and couch, wherever a girl will be sleeping.
  • Step #2 Once girls are done swimming and they mob back into the hotel room stick a colored dot on each girls hand.
  • Step #3 Tell the group of girls that they must look all around the sleeping furniture to find their colored dot (same color as on their hand). Once they find the matching colored dot they have found which bed they are to sleep on.

    Extra info: Important!: Have all girls out of the hotel room and swimming. If this works out well do it again each night to rotate who is sleeping beside who.


    NEED: food clues, access to a grocery store, maybe a book or magazine

    With a car just able to fit the girls and their suitcases we definitely don't have room for a weekends worth of groceries. How to solve this problem? My answer is why not make it fun for all the girls so the parent isn't grocery shopping all by her/his-self?! Although creating clues will take time and thought this game will hit 3 birds with one stone; time saver, another activity for girls, and no grocery shopping for mom!

  • Step #1 Give each girl a couple "clue cards" you've made. (have a clues key on your hand)
  • Step #2 Tell them to nab the foods they think are wanted by the clues and to meet back up (pick a meeting place ex. bananas' stand, deli)in the soda isle as soon as they grab the foods to their clues. The quickest one back gets a prize!
  • Step #3 Have your list of foods you sent the girls to buy (the key to the clues) and sit in the soda isle. Read book until every girl gets back. Check and see how everyone did!
  • Step #4 The winner gets to run away with 2 minutes to get back with a food item she wants to buy! (Don't let any of the other girls follow her, she is on her own to beat the clock and find a tasty treat!) Tell her if she doesn't make it back in 2 minutes she forfeits her reward.
  • Step #5 Buy groceries and leave with happy girls,not exhausted feet, and food for the weekend!

    Extra info: Here are some examples of different clues
  • Salad - I am a mix of greens in a bag
  • Chocolate - I melt in your mouth, so brown and yummy, and soon will turn creamy. Don't you just love me!
  • Bacon - Classic game "steal the _______"
  • Lasagna - I am made of many things, cheese, meat, and noodles. Put me in the stove and wait, until the timer rings.
  • Watermelon - Seed spitting contest up shortly! Eat me and load up on my black seeds!"
  • Ice cream bars - I scream, you scream, we all scream for a delicious frozen treat packed between two chocolate wafers!
  • Pumpkin pie - Don't buy my ingredients instead buy me! (add list of ingredients to make pie on back of clue)
  • Soda - I fizz when shaken
  • Chips - I am a thinner version of fries!
  • Toilet paper (for the next game) Wipe or blow your nose and flush!


    NEED: A BIG package of toilet paper rolls!
  • Step #1 Give each girl a toilet paper roll or two.
  • Step #2 Tell each girl they are on teams and must try to wrap up the other team. They have 5 minutes to get more toilet paper on the other girls' team.
  • Step #3 Tell them it's now every women for herself and let them make a mess of the hotel room with toilet paper
  • Step #4 Have them clean it up!!!


    NEED: girls and their hands
  • Look up this game.


    NEED: paper and pencils

  • Great ice breaker. Look up this game


    Here's an article I found on Familyfun.com. We are going to try this out for one of our dinner meals at the hotel! SHOULD BE FUN!

    Go to familyfun.go.com and look up article Family traditions: April fools' day dinner.


  • Games to buy!

    Click Here to Buy Catch Phrase!
    Click Here to Buy Quelf!
    Click Here to Buy Dance Revolution!


    NEED: the amount of girls equals the amount of index cards needed PER girl and a pencil for each girl! (ex. 8 girls = 8 index cards for 1 girl. that means 8 times 8 = 64 total index cards. So you'll have 8 stacks of 8 index cards)

  • Step #1 Have every girl write a crazy sentence on the top index card of her pile of 8. Then she puts index card with the sentence on it behind the stack. (now the top index card is black and the sentence index card is in the back)
  • Step #2 Tell all the girls to pass her stack of index cards to the right.
  • Step #3 Now have every girl peek at the sentence at the back of the stack and then draw a picture that corresponds to the written sentence.
  • Step #4 Have the girls put the drawn picture index card behind the stack again and have all the stacks passed to the right again.
  • Step #5 Keep passing and every other is a sentence then picture.
  • Step #6 In the end, once the stacks are back with the original owner, who wrote the beginning sentence, have each girl show and read the sentences and drawings. As they are read the girls will laugh at how the sentences and drawings were interpreted.

    This game is very similar to telephone and pictionary. Changing and guessing what the pictures are.


    Need: 2 metal/wooden chairs set up to face each other, bucket filled with warm water, hand towel, an ooga booga person, and the sly person.

  • Step #1 Have the spy bring one girl into the room and stand behind the girls chair
  • Step #2 Have the Ooga Booga go through this routine "You must do exactly what i do, or you will die."
    ooga booga sits on his chair (so does girl), ooga booga stands up uses one hand to pound chest and says "ogga" (girl copies), ooga booga uses other arm pounds chest and says "booga" (girl copies), ooga booga uses both hands and pounds chest saying "ooga booga" (girl copies), ooga booga says "pretty good but can u do this", ooga booga uses both hands pounds chest while saying "ooga booga" then he slams down into his chair and uses his arms and says "huh!" (like a gorilla, girl copies)
  • Step #3 before the girl sits, while she is concentrated on the ooga booga, have the spy behind the chair (the person who brought her in) quickly and quietly slide the wet warm rag on the chair seat. In theory she will not notice and when copying the ooga booga will slam onto the rag and get wet.
  • Step #4 If she gets wet, she dies. Have her go off to the side and act dead.
  • Step #5 Now repeat and do for each girl. See how many guests you can fool!

    I hope with all these tips you can throw the BEST SWEET 16 party any girl could have! Now go get to the fun!!!

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    Sweet indeed
    by: Anonymous

    Wow! How fun! This works really well for us as we are hooked into a condo system. Don't forget to give each girl her own tub of ice cream! :)

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