Tea Trivia

Fun for Cozy Afternoons with Friends or Lavish Victorian Tea Parties

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Plan a relaxed tea trivia game the next time you get together for an afternoon of socializing with your friends.

The questions will make for great conversation starters and you might all learn something about this delicious, healthy beverage.

Liven up a Victorian Tea Party with this same tea trivia and award packages of herbal tea or exotic chocolates for each correct answer. 

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Tea Trivia Questions

01. Did the British prefer black, green, Oolong or white tea?

02. What famous tea party was held in the United States in 1773?

03. What tea that is still very popular today is named after a British Royal?

04. Who was the Victorian tea party named after?

05. Where were the most famous tea farms located in England during the Victorian Era?

06. What did the English drink for breakfast before tea became popular?

07. Which of these things may have been served at afternoon tea... small tea sandwiches, scones, or cakes?

08. Which beverage contains more caffeine, coffee or tea?

09. Afternoon tea is also known by another name. What is that name?

10. What water temperature should be used to brew green tea?

11. What tea offers us a surprise inside?

12. What is the Chinese method of stopping oxidation when processing tea leaves?

13. Should loose leaf tea leaves be stored in the refrigerator?

14. In what country was iced tea first introduced?

15. What about pu erh tea is similar to fine wine?

16. What grade of tea is used in tea bags?

17. What is referred to as the champagne of tea?

18. Who is credited with initiating afternoon tea?

19. How many tea farms are in the United States?

20. What tea is often used to sooth the nerves? 


01. What is in tea leaves that may improve our health? Answer

02. What does the camellia sinensis plant or bush have to do with tea? Answer

03. How can grandparents and parents make special memories with children involving tea? Answer

04. What is tea a great replacement for healthwise? Answer

Tea Trivia Answers

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01. The British favor black tea with milk and sugar / 02. The Boston Tea party to protest unfair taxation / 03. Earl Grey / 04. England’s Queen Victoria / 05. England had no tea farms they had to import tea / 06. Ale / 07. All of them / 08. Coffee with 60-120 mg / 09. Low tea, because it was served on low tables such as coffee tables / 10. 180 degrees fahrenheit or 82.22 degrees celsius / 11. Blooming tea also called flowering tea (when this tea is brewed it opens up to release the flower sewn inside) / 12. The leaves are pan fried / 13. Absolutely not, tea leaves absorb like baking soda / 14. The United States in 1904 / 15. Both beverages are aged / 16. The lowest grade called dust and fannings / 17.Darjeeling tea grown in India / 18. Britain's Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford / 19. One commercial farm in Charleston South Carolina / 20. Chamomile and Lavender teas

Questions and answers for this Tea Trivia provided by Connie from Cup of Tea

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