Wife or Husband of the Year Bridal Shower Game

by Thelma
(Tucson Az USA)

Wife or Husband of the Year Award

Not feeling appreciated? This Wife of the Year - Husband of the Year bridal shower game was thought of when a female pastor of mine was to be married and we wanted to demonstrate what to expect from marriage with a game.

It is more of an obstacle course through life and we had a lot of fun doing it.

The question was asked, "Who thinks they are the best Mr. Mom (wife) and/or mother around?"

You'll need the following:

  • One assistant to put everything back for each contestant
  • 4 or 5 long folding tables
  • A pillow and sheets (pretend bed covers)
  • A baby doll with diapers(cloth and safety pins preferred)
  • A small table top ironing board and iron
  • A man's shirt or womens' blouse
  • A child's or real cooking utensils
  • A small electric cooking stove
  • A child's or real dishes
  • A child's backpack
  • A newspaper
  • A child actor, male or female (family members or friends willing to participate can do)
  • Anything else you can think of to start your morning.

You set it up as an obstacle course and keep it covered until you are ready to play the game to give it the element of surprise.

Participants will:

  • Make the bed
  • Change the baby
  • Iron the shirt
  • Make breakfast
  • Serve breakfast
  • Give shirt/blouse to husband/wife
  • Give backpack to child.

Add more stuff if you can think of it.

Have your child the most hyperactive and your husband/wife the most demanding at that moment.

These actors will play the same part for each contestant.

They have only 3 minutes (our winner did it in less than 2). More than that, and they are out.

Hey, sometimes we are only allowed that amount of time in real life.

Chores must be done correctly and there can be no accidents.

Since we live in a climate where couples both work or we have stay at home dads, the men are encouraged to play this game.

The contestant who completes the obstacle course in the less time correctly... wins! The mother-in-laws can be judges.

This game is so hilarious and people will laugh so hard.

The winner will be honored with a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, crown and all of our adoration and applause.

Please have him/her parade around the front.

I made a royal robe with a long red table cloth (usually available around Christmas or valentines day) and white fringe, but use your imagination.

Ad-lib and ask questions about why they think they are the best person and then put them to the test. It seems like a lot of stuff to prepare but it's worth it and people will remember this game.

If you can have busy bee music or rushing music in the background, it helps.

Encourage guests to cheer for their favorite contestant.

Please remember this is a pretend game. No real electricity needed.

Crowns can be found at dollar store or a real nice dressed up one from Burger King.

Have fun. We sure did!

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Great Game Idea
by: Diva Girl

Thanks for sharing this fun game. I can already envision the hilarity of this game based on some of the people I know. I'm sure your friends still talk about it.

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