10th Birthday Luau Party

Luau Party Photo Scene Setter

Luau Party Photo Scene Setter

My 10th birthday was awesome! I had a Luau Party and I invited about 20-30 people and I had a BUNCH of decorations! I got them at Wishing Well and stuff like that!

I asked guests (girls) to come in hula skirts and I provided everyone with Hawaiian necklaces.

I had a about a 4ft Hawaiian girl pinata. It was awesome!

I also had Silly String and lots of food and appetizers.

My older sister and sister in-law made up games... lots of them!

The party was at my house.

I hope this theme helped you!!!! It sure helped me!

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Thank You for the Ideas
by: Ashley

I am having a luau party for me. I am turning 11. I hope it will be fun. Thanks for the ideas!

Reply: Hope you have the best 11th birthday party ever! HAPPY B-DAY!

Luau Party Ideas
by: Katie

Invites - An ADORABLE idea for invitations is to write you're party details on a piece of paper and put it in a water bottle with sand and a few seashells. You probably should hand deliver.

Food - Put Chips, Dips, Candy, Crackers, and Prezels in pails. Use the shovels that come with them for serving spoons.

Serve: BBQ, Mac&Cheese w/ shell noodles, Hawaiian pizza, Goldfish, Blue Jell-O w/ swedish fish inside, Beach Ball veggie Plate (look up pics - you'll get it!)

I have a whole ton more ideas, but I'm to lazy to type them all!!!

10th Birthday Hawaiian Theme Party
by: Sara

For my 10th birthday party I decided to have a Hawaiian themed party and I invited 15-20 people. What we did was we decorated my backyard with fake palm trees and I went to Party City and got Hawaiian luau table decor. It was a lot of fun. At dinner time we tried to roast hot dogs over a camp fire, and then we roasted lots of smores. We then had a movie marathon for the rest of the night and tye-dyed our own shirts :)

12th Birthday Luau Party
by: Chloe

I want my party to be cheap and cheerful and I want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. Plus I need a lovely Hawaiian outfit like coconuts and a grass skirt and good decorations and colourful balloons and body glitter.

I Recommend a Luau Party
by: Bailey

My party last year was a luau. We got a bunch of leis, and at Hobby Lobby we got dollar flip-flops. It is a well recommended party (by me).

Good Idea
by: Abi (11years old)

Nice one and a bit unique.

Great Theme
by: Michigan Girl

Last year I had an Hawaiian theme. I only invited 2 people cause, I don't know, I guess I just wanted my 2 closest girls 2 come. Anyway, for decorations, I didn't do all that much. I had 2 tiki torches, these plastic fake windows that I hung on the wall, some Hawaiian flower shaped plates, etc. For food all I did was some fruit and stuff. Not all that extravagant, but fun.

Sounds Fun
by: Lily

I'd love to hear about the games you played too.

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