Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Throw a Fun and Memorable Luau - Hele Mei Hoohiwahiwa

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Hawaiian Luau Party

Hawaiian Luau Invitations

Create name tags with your guests' "Hawaiian" names on the front and your party info on the back. Mail or hand deliver them. Include a note asking your guests to wear the name tags to the party.

Don't know their names in Hawaiian? Check out AlohaFriendsLuau.com to Find Your Name in Hawaiian!

Cut out luau party shirts, flip flops, tiki huts, palm trees, or tropical flower shapes to write your invitations on.

Or, abandon paper altogether and invite your guests by writing on colorful plastic hurricane glasses, Hawaiian maracas, large sea shells, tiki idols, or even plastic fruit... anything tropical...

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations

  • Wrap your tables in grass skirts and tropical flowers for a burst of color and an Island feel.

  • Create a tiki hut bar. Table top tiki huts can be purchased at a very reasonable price, but if you're handy you can make the base yourself and then drape it in grass skirts.

  • Line your walkways and party area with tiki torches and beach items like surf boards, beach balls, and palm trees (the potted type are a nice touch if you don't have the climate to grow real ones).

  • Create a tropical buffet with colorful fruit for guest to snack on and to add to the decor.

  • For inspiration and a large selection of decorations check out these Hawaiian luau party supply and decoration ideas.

    Take time to look through the products. Even if you don't intend to buy anything, it will spark your creativity. There is a HUGE assortment of items available.

Hawaiian Luau Food | Hawaiian Luau Recipes

Food could be as simple as standard party finger foods or you could go all out with popular Hawaiian luau recipes!

I am a big fan of the palm tree fruit displays where a palm tree is created by stacking whole pineapples and palm leaves are inserted at the top to make them look authentic. I've even been at parties where cubed fruit was attached all the way down the "pineapple" trunks. What a beautiful, colorful and delicious serving idea.

Never seen them before? Here are a few pineapple palm tree images.

Hawaiian luau cake recipe by Cynthia Colson.

Don't forget the tropical drinks. There are so many deliciously vibrant drinks you can serve and a wide variety of creative serving vessels from colorful glasses to shelled out coconuts and pineapples. Definitely have fun with your tiki bar creations and sure to serve your beverages with unique cocktail umbrellas, straws, and/or stir sticks.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games and Activities

The Limbo
Hula Hoop Competitions
Luau Party Music
Traditional Ancient Hawaiian Games
More Hawaiian Theme Luau Games
Maui Trivia

Hawaiian Luau Ideas for Prizes

Coconut Bra, Hawaiian Music CD, Gift Certificate for an Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Luau Ideas for Favors

Greet guests at the door with a lei.

Have one or more children do the greeting and place the leis around your guests' necks with an "Aloha" greeting.

Hawaiian Luau Costume Ideas

  • Leis and/or flower, shell, or coconut bikini tops

  • Hula skirts

  • Accessories like raffia arm and leg ties and large tropical flower wrist wraps and bracelets.

Hawaiian Luau Costume

More Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas

Note: To add some extra fun to your Luau Party write your invitations in Hawaiian (with the translation below, of course). Hand your guest a list of popular Hawaiian phrases when they arrive to be used throughout the evening.

Popular Hawaiian Words and Phrases

Also Note: Aloha Friends Luau has a fantastic amount of resources on creating the perfect Hawaiian Luau.

Check out their Luau Party Planner. Their site has over 300 pages of information. You're sure to find anything you need to know there.

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