13th Birthday Vogue Model Fashion Sleepover

by Emma
(New York)

Strike a Vogue Pose

Strike a Vogue Pose

For my 13th birthday party, I am having a sort of Vogue Fashion party. I invited six friends to come. They will be spending the night.

For the invites, I went to a fake magazine cover website and put my friend's faces on Vogue magazine covers, then printed them out, wrote details on the back, and put them in big white envelopes with pink bows on the front. On the invitation, I asked my friends to dress in a fashionable outfit.

The party will be inside at my house, since my birthday is in January. I have a hot tub, so I asked everyone to bring a bathing suit for that. I will probably have some sort of red carpet for when everyone walks in. I have a huge stairwell so I will make a dramatic entrance when everyone arrives. I will be wearing a very pretty but not too fancy blue and black spaghetti strap dress.

My mother and I are going to go to the thrift store to find old, ugly dresses, then we will split the girls into teams of 3 and give them things like ribbons, buttons, and pins and they have to make the dresses fashionable. I will then model the dresses and there will be an award for the best one.

We will be doing something called "blind makeup artist" where you get a partner, and one of you has a blindfold on and you have to do each others makeup! We will take tons of pictures and post them to FaceBook!

In the favor bags will be things such as pink nail polish, lip gloss, feather boas, sunglasses, and tiaras. I know it sounds a little kiddish but I think it will be cute. I will also include a sparkly pink frame with a photo of all of us!

We will sit down and have a fancy dinner with candles, and we will drink pink mocktails and just chat.

We will then show pictures of everyone from when they arrived and have an award ceremony for "best dressed" and such.

For the "after party" we will all change into something a little more comfortable, and go into the basement. I have a fairly large basement, and I will be decorating half of it like a club. We will dance for a while, then go to the other half of the basement for a sleep over.

I will set up beds on the floor and we will do our nails, eat popcorn and other things, drink soda, and watch movies, and just go crazy until like 2! Then, late at night we will play truth or dare and just gossip and text boys and make videos and play Rockband or whatever!

In the morning, we will have waffles or pancakes and bacon or whatever and just hang out until everyone's parents come.

I want my party to be sophisticated, since I am turning 13, but also laid back and fun. I think it will be memorable and awesome!

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I'm So Loving It
by: Anonymous

Hey! That's a really nice idea. I'm so going to do it for my bday coming up after 2 weeks.

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