Pink Vogue Sweet 16 Party

by Ashley

Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Party

I am turning 16 on November 9 of this year and I have no idea what to do. I am going to keep it small (under 10 people) and have a budget of $500. I love pink and crafts. I would really love any help that I can get. It does not matter if it is at my house or the group goes out. I really just want this to be something that I will always remember.

Sweet 16 Party Response:

A Pink Vogue theme would work well for a Sweet 16 party.

You can make cool fashion magazine covers to use as invitations at Big Huge Labs. Just follow the instructions. It's so much fun. If you have photos of each one of your friends you can design one custom cover for each or just use your photo for all. If you already have invitations, you can even use this as a fun activity at the party. Just practice before the party and be sure to ask your friends to load a photo of themselves on one of the photo sites indicated at Big Huge Labs.

Whether your staying in or going out on the town ask your friends to wear something fashionable in pink.

Purchase some pink plastic tablecloths, a piece of pink carpet remnant, or a few yards of pink fabric and create a fun fashion runway. Have the girls model their outfits as they arrive and have a couple of "photographers" (eg. mom, family friend, aunt) take photos of them. Make it glamorous. Maybe even add white mini-lights along the edge of the runway.

Serve the girls pink mocktails (fancy drinks without alcohol). You can often find really pretty cocktail glasses at the dollar store. You'll find several links to mocktail recipes on my Mardi Gras party page under the heading FOOD. Also, you can make some gorgeous party favors if you fill some fancy cocktail glasses with pink kisses, wrap them in cellophane, and tie them with pink ribbon.

A chocolate fountain would be a nice touch. Where I live chocolate fountains have become very reasonable to purchase or rent. Set up a beautiful display of fruits, pretzels, marshmallows, squares of plain cake and anything else you can think of to dip in chocolate. Yum!

If you're staying in, play some great music and have a video showing in the background that has lots of pink fashion images (eg. Legally Blonde).

Play some fashion games >>>

Blind Makeup Artists

Have two models sit on a chairs facing their blindfolded makeup artists. Each makeup artist will have a tray of makeup. On your go, they do their best to do their model's makeup in a set amount of time. Be sure to take photos. Very funny! Give a prize to the best or worst.

Kiss the Hunky Actor

Put a large poster of a favorite actor on the wall. Next, have your guests apply lipstick one at a time. Blindfold them, spin them and have them walk over and plant a kiss on the poster. The person who comes closest to the actors lips wins.

Fashion Design

Get a bunch of pink clothing from the secondhand shop plus a variety of lace, ribbon, buttons, needles and thread, elastic, gems, beads, fabric paint and whatever embellishments you can think of. Have the girls compete in teams of 2 or 3 to create the best outfits they can in a certain amount of time. Get each team to model their outfits and prepare some runway dialogue.

Fashion Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Have some fashion magazines handy and just before the game have each team of girls pick 2-3 magazines. Have a list of items for the girls to look for and then on your go, the first team to find all of the items on the list in their magazines wins. Have them rip the items out so you can quickly see that they have them or give each team a pair of scissors to cut them out. Some examples for the list might be... A pink evening gown, silver stilettos, an Armani suit, a beaded handbag, a quote by Betsy Johnson, a perfume promoted by an actress, etc.

Fashion Magazine Handbag Craft

Design a cool magazine handbag. You'll find instruction for a very simple one at Henriettas Handbags, but use your imagination and the idea to create some high fashion bags.

Fashion Shoot

Have some modelling pose competitions similar to America's next top model. If you have digicams you can take photos of each round, have everyone judge and vote out one of you each round till there is only one Top Pink Vogue Model.

Other Games and Activities:

Model Trivia
Who, Where, Why
Pink Ring a Bell


Comments for Pink Vogue Sweet 16 Party

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Birthday in 11 Days
by: Lyssababeeeyy

Hey! I'm turning 13 in 11 days and I pretty much have my party planned, but I just need 2 more activities to complete the party. I really need an idea!!! I'm girly and I love to have fun. I'm on a low budget! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I've talked up my party so I need an AMAZING idea. I need your help!!! <3 <3 <3

Fashion Party
by: Aimee

We all went to my house and had a blast. We played a bunch of fashion games. Designed our own outfits. Then we had a fashion scavenger hunt. During our sleepover we had a game where we painted our nails blindfolded. We did a fashion runway and ate pizza.

by: Bday Girl in 1 Week

I love your ideas. :)

I especially love the blind makeover and kiss a hunky actor. :)

Good job!

by: Tara

This is such a great party idea!

by: Vini

Wow! I'm totally going to have super~stylish~vogue b'day party...!! I LOVE~love pink....!!! mMMmWWaahh...!!!

OMG Thanks So Much!!!
by: Brianna

WOW!!! Thanks so much. This is such a great idea. My bday is in like 2 weeks and I had no idea what to do. I'm inviting 26 people and this is a great idea. Would it work outside?


by: Savannah

Thanks SO much!! I needed a theme and this fit my personality perfectly!!<3!! Thanks again!!:)

by: Kyla

I was going to do a kind of Valentines theme-y thing since my bday is in February, but this theme SCREAMS ME!!!

Thank you soooo much!!!!!! <3

Yay! :)
by: Sam

So officially I'm going to have the best sweet sixteen ever :) You are the best!

by: Bridget

Awesome!!! We have the same birthday too!!! Go November 9!

by: Jade

I needed a party theme and now i have this. Thanks lots!

Thank You
by: SavedSocialLife

OMG! Thank you! I was so worried about what I was going to do. Thank you so much for saving my social life :P :)

by: Lolicious

You saved my party like totally. I'm going to modify it and have a tent in the backyard. Thanks for saving my social life. : ] (^)

You Saved My Party
by: Anna

I didn't know what to do for my party, but now it's saved. Thanks. Awesome ideas that I've never thought about till now =)

Keep up the good work. <3

by: Shannon

Wow, your article gave me a lot of inspiration to my own party! Thanks a lot!!

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