13th Pamper Party

by Georgina Harrison

Pamper Party Supplies

Pamper Party Supplies

Hi! I am having a sweet 13th and all I'm doing is having a pampering party. Then, we're going in a limo and eating out. I wanted to go to a spa, but they are too much money. Could you give me websites for cheap spa days for 7 girls. It will be really good if you give me some other ideas as well. Thank you! Georgie xx

13th Pamper Party Response:

Hi Georgie!

Sounds like you are going to have an awesome party! How fun to make yourselves beautiful and then be able to take a limo to the restaurant. I'm jealous.

From your question I'm not sure if you are looking for cheap spas to go to or sites that give recipes for making your own spa treatments. I will assume that you mean the latter.

If you sign up for my free ezine "Girl Stuff" you will have immediate access to an ebook of homemade spa recipes. You can do that by clicking here.

If you do a google search for "homemade spa recipes", you'll find more sites and ideas.

If you have any aunts or family friends that are good at doing nails or hair, I would ask them if they would be willing to come and help you with your party.

At a spa party I did for my 16 year old niece this year, a friend of mine came and did the girls' nails. She is fantastic at doing nails.

Some people will call a local beauty school or high school that trains in hair and makeup, etc. and hire one or two girls to come and do hair and makeup. It's a LOT cheaper than going to a spa, but still so much fun.

My Home Spa Party page has printable invitations, labels for water bottles, and links to spa recipes also.

P.S. If you were actually asking for cheap spas to go to, it's impossible for me to say, since I live in Canada. I do know that in North America we have mobile spas that send teams of spa professionals to homes to do spa treatments. This can be pricey too though.

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Big Party!
by: Anonymous

I am also having my 13th birthday party in about a month! I am taking 10 girls, including me and my cousin who is 19 (to have a cool chaperone)!The limo is a hummer and it's 10 dollars per person per hour! So, we are using it for 1 hour when we go out to eat and each guest will bring 10 dollars to cover it! Later we will come back to my house and have a spa right at home along with lots of fun games! So if you want a big 13th birthday party with many guests just have your guests bring a little money to help cover it! :)

Pamper Parties
by: Anonymous

I wanted to have a pamper party for 4 or 5 of my friends, but I can't find any cheap places to go to. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Reply: What is your budget? Do you have teen or adult friends or relatives that could do the spa treatments for you at home to cut dowm your costs?

13th Pamper Party Question
by: girl,confused

Should I go to Sephora and with two other girls, get all prettied up, and go to a movie and dinner?

Reply: Sounds like a perfect girls day to me :)

13th birthday spa
by: Soph

Hi!!! I am also having a spa sleepover party, but for my 14th!!! I am going to go to a spa with 4 friends (including me 5) and the spa is called 'Aqua Sculpture Day Spa', but it's not exactly cheap. I do know a spa that is fairly cheap in Guilford Spectrum. You could try that, but I don't know the price. Hope all goes well and you have fun!!!

13th spa sleepover
by: Emily

hey i am having a spa sleepover for my 13th birthday next week 6 of my friends are coming over and we are going to do facials,nails,hair,make up and stuff like that and we are going to have a cake fight and a water balloon fight and play games like truth and dare and stuff like that

Sleepover ideas
by: Anonymous

Hey, my name is Stefie and I'm also having a 13th birthday party. I love Carly's idea. Thanks for that and I'm suggesting some sleepover ideas.

-truth or dare
-blind make-overs
-treasure hunt
-movie night
and that's all i can come up with!

Hope you have fun.

From Stefie

my 13th birthday is next month and im having a spa party
by: carly

my 13th birthday is next month and there's this college/hotel with a really fancy restaurant that we are going to for brunch.Then me and my two friends are going to the spa they have there.After that were going to my house for cake, presents, and a sleepover. Any ideas of fun things we could do 4 the sleep over?

KoOl PaRtY
by: anonymous

HI looking at your page and i couldn't find any cheap day spas for seven girls.
i like the limo idea and being pampered a dream.
sounds Kool
have fun
hope you get into a day spa.

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