14th Birthday Party Mall Scavenger Hunt

by Shelby
(Lakeside Mall)

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Shelby's 14th Birthday Party Mall Scavenger Hunt List

  • 1. Take a picture in a store window-group (2pts)

  • 2. Everyone wearing high heels-group (picture) (2pts)

  • 3. Everyone tries on the ugliest dress-group (ugliest dress +5)(picture) (2pts)

  • 4. Ask someone for a French fry-one person (video) (3pts)

  • 5. Go use test make up and put on the tackiest make up-group (picture) (2pts)

  • 6. Try to get the most perfume samples. (bring back) (3pts) (most samples +2)

  • 7. 5 random Stranger’s autograph (bring back) (10pts)

  • 8. Get 3 job application (from anywhere) (bring back) (5pts)

  • 9. Any shopping bag (bring back) (2pts)

  • 10. Take a picture with a dog-group (picture) (2pts)

  • 11. Lay down on a bench-group (picture) (2pts)

  • 12. Get on a kiddie ride-group (picture) (2pts)

  • 13. Ask someone for the time-one person (video) (3pts)

  • 14. Hold hand walking through the mall-group (picture) (1pt)

  • 15. Doing the YMCA in the food court-group (video) (5pts)

  • 16. Buy gumballs-group (picture) (3pts)

  • 17. Holding hands with a cute guy-one person (cuter the guy +5) (picture) (10pts)

  • 18. Chocolate samples (as many as you can get) (bring back) (3pts)

  • 19. Hug a stranger-one person (picture) (3pts)

  • 20. Sing I’m a little tea pot in the middle of the mall-group (video) (10pts)

  • 21. Something broken (bring back) (1pt)

  • 22. Old receipt (bring back) (1pt)

  • 23. Ketchup packet (bring back) (1pt)

  • 24. Price tag (bring back) (1pt)

  • 25. Buy one get one free coupon (bring back) (1pt)

  • 26. Bag full of trash (bring back) (can’t go through a trash can)(more trash +5) (4pts)

  • 27. Wear men’s boxers on your heads-group (picture) (5pts)

  • 28. Bras over your clothes-group (picture) (5pts)

  • 29. Everyone posing with sunglasses on-group (picture) (3pts)

  • 30. Everyone in one bathroom stall-group (picture) (4pts)

  • 31. Washing hands on ONE sink-group (picture) (3pts)

  • 32. Picture with a salesmen-group (picture) (5pts)

  • 33. Propose to a random person- one person (picture) (7pts)

  • 34. Guys phone number ON YOUR HAND-one person (20PTS)

  • 35. Picture with Abercrombie poster-group (picture) (3pts)

  • 36. Poke a random person-one person (picture) (5pts)

  • 37. Play “leap frog” in the mall-group (video) (7pts)

  • 38. Picture behind any store counter-group (picture) (10pts)

  • 39. Picture of a random couple walking through the mall-group (picture) (2pts)

  • 40. Picture of entire team under table in food court-group (picture) (5pts)

Note: As with all mall scavenger hunts, be sure to check with the mall first to be sure they allow hunts (some birthday girls have been disappointed when they planned there party around a hunt their local mall would not allow once they arrived). Also, always be respectful of businesses and shoppers and be sure team members are safe. Have FUN!

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by: Anonymous

What is a mall that allows scavenger hunts?

Reply: You have to call to find out. It takes one bad experience for a mall to say, "No more scavenger hunts."

That is why it is SO IMPORTANT that when anyone holds a mall scavenger hunt that they are respectful of the business owners. A group of teens that wreak havoc at a mall can ruin it for everyone.

The alternative to a mall hunt would be a hunt in a downtown area where there are lots of popular stores lining the streets. There is less likely to be a ban on hunts in that case, but I imagine if hunts got out of control these stores could limit the number of teens in the store at one time.

An Idea
by: Kayla

My friend had a mall scavenger hunt party and the best thing we had to do was get a french fry. It was hilarious asking people for a fry.

Talking to Strangers
by: Anonymous

Don't you think the girls need to be careful before poking or hugging a complete stranger?

Reply: Definitely! There are cautions on safety all over this site. You have to remember that visitors submit these ideas and that you can take the ideas you think you can use and ignore the others.

The teen hunts I personally host include plenty of adult participation, so if the teen was to walk up to an 75 year old grandma and give them a hug, they'd probably make her day and not be in any danger. That said, with any hunt, what you do or do not include in your lists depends on your ages, where you are holding the hunt, and what kind of supervision you have.

Almost any idea could be dangerous or safe depending on how you are executing it. Due diligence must always be high priority.

by: carly

This is awesome. Can I use it?

Reply: Definitely. That's why visitors share their ideas... so you can use them for your parties and events.

Mall Hunt
by: Anonymous

OMG! That was redonkulouse. Love it. LOL!

by: Anonymous

OMG! That was fun but so crazy!!!!! :)

by: Anonymous

AMAZING! I love it!

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