A to Z Scavenger Hunt List

by Katie

A to Z Scavenger Hunt

A to Z Scavenger Hunt

Set a time limit for this A to Z scavenger hunt and give each team a list with instructions on when to meet back and any penalties you might want to enforce if your rules aren't followed.

May the best team WIN!

Use this list or tweak it to suit your hunt and the age group of the participants.

A to Z Scavenger Hunt List

A - An AUTOGRAPH from a salesperson whose name begins with the letter A

B - A BUSINESS card or put on dark BLUE eye shadow

C - A CREDIT card application or a COFFEE sleeve


E - An EMPLOYMENT application

F - A FOOD sample

G - A GIFT card envelope


I - An ICING bag

J - Take a picture of a piece of pink JEWELRY

K - A KETCHUP packet

L - Something free that has LIME GREEN on it

M - A mall MAP or a MENU

N - A NAPKIN or a NAME tag

O - Something OUTSIDE

P - A PENCIL or a PRICE tag

Q - 3 point bonus for each item found that begins with Q

R - A RECEIPT from a food place


T - TISSUE paper or get two people in your group to put on a TAN bronzer


V - 3 point bonus for each item found that begins with V

W - WHITE napkins or a make-up WIPE

X - 3 point bonus for each item found that begins with X

Y - Take a picture of a pair of YELLOW earrings

Z - 3 point bonus for each item found that begins with Z

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