Anna's 15th Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt

by Anna Marie Fetner
(Branson MO)

To play this Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt, divide into teams with a copy of this list and at least one camera per team.

Anna's 15th Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt List

  • ___ Take a picture with a red head (as many people from the group in it)

  • ___ Get five autographs from complete strangers (on the back of this paper)

  • ___ Get two job applications from anywhere (be creative)

  • ___ Take a picture of the group all standing in a display window of any store (be creative)

  • ___ Try on a bra and a pair of panties from Victoria's Secret over your clothes (take a picture)

  • ___ Ask a random stranger(don't ever go up to the same stranger) if he/she wants to hold hands (one person in the group does this, get a picture of them holding hands)

  • ___ Hey guys it Justin Bieber! Get a picture with a guy who has flippy hair (everyone in the group in the picture)

  • ___ Ask an ugly salesman if you can take a picture of him/her (no members of the group in this picture)

  • ___ Anybody in the group asks a stranger for his/her number (get # written on your hand)

  • ___ Give each other piggy back rides through the landing (group picture)

  • ___ Get a picture with a senior citizen and thank him/her for the picture (two people from the group on each side of him/her)

  • ___ Get fudge samples from The Fudge Factory and get a picture with a worker there (group picture)

  • ___ Get a picture of everyone holding a crab at Earthbound (don't harm the crabs haha)

  • ___ Talk to the manager at As Seen On TV store and ask if everything in the store is really on television (get a picture with that manager)

  • ___ Get a group picture in Bass Pro of everyone holding a fishing pole/rod (feel free to add on any other fishing accessories like a fishing hat or shoes)

  • ___ Get fudge samples from Bass Pro and tell them that the fudge at The Fudge Factory is wayyyy better (get a picture of everyone with the person running the fudge stand)

  • ___ Girls get a picture in the boys bathroom next to the urinals (oops! wrong bathroom! haha)

  • ___ Go into Build A Bear and get a picture with a little kid and their Build A Bear (one person, preferably a boy)

  • ___ Go into the Sunglass Hut and get a group picture of everyone wearing sunglasses (they don't have to be cute sunglasses)

  • ___ Get a picture with an emo/goth person in Hot Topic (two people in the picture)

EDITOR'S NOTE: When hosting scavenger hunts at the mall it is wise to contact the mall ahead of time to see if they allow them. Also, some malls which DO allow hunts, do not allow photo hunts. It is best to be aware of the rules of your mall ahead of time to avoid disappointment once you get there. As always, travel in teams and play safe.

If you have any questions related to this hunt address them to Anna in the comment box below. Thank you!

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