Around Town Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Around Town Scavenger Hunt Team Photo

Around Town Scavenger Hunt Team Photo

To get started on this Around Town Scavenger Hunt all you need to do is gather two or more teams of friends together and set the challenge.

Teams will each need a copy of this list, a digital or phone camera, a time limit, and a place and time to meet back to determine WHO captured the most photos from the list below.

Around Town Scavenger Hunt List
Get Photos of the following...

• Yellow Car
• Horse
• Bus
• Flag
• Bird
• The Number 18
• Pink House
• Red Door
• Bald man

• Everyone except one person in your group on a slide
• Everyone except one person in your group in some kind of water (at least up to your ankle)
• One person in your group must dress in their opposite sex clothes (must be a full outfit)
• One person must hold a strangers hand without out telling them what it is for
• A baggie full of sand
• The team (minus photographer) doing handstands or cartwheels in a field
• Someone jumping off a swing
• Tombstone with the name “smith”
• A random rock wall (not in your own or a friends yard)
• A yellow flower
• The team (minus photographer) perusing a 2006 yearbook
• Someone sliding into 2nd base
• A made basket (basketball)
• The entire team with matching friendship bracelets (or anklets)
• Someone walking through a drive thru window
• Team (minus photographer) in a gazebo
• Team (minus photographer) sitting on a big rock
• Someone pumping a strangers gas
• Team (minus photographer) reading a newspaper on a park bench
• Team (minus photographer) pressed against the window of an ATM vestibule
• A “Beatles”-esque/ Abbey Road type photo of the team crossing the street
• A team member in a tree
• A team member making a phone call from a pay phone
• Team (minus photographer) in front of a war memorial giving Peace signs
• Team (minus photographer) sharing a soda in a restaurant/bar
• Team (minus photographer) recreating a fight scene
• Get photo of a stranger dancing
• A photo of each team member doing the “Captain Morgan” stance in different locations
• Entire team photo (must be creative)

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Done This Party, Lots of Fun!
by: Mom of a Teen

My son thought this was a weird idea when I recommended it for his 14th birthday party. It ended up being really fun and all of the kids enjoyed it. We had teams of 3 or 4 with a parent chaperone that drove them around town taking pictures. It was a huge hit. Now I'm planning the same party for my daughter's 14th birthday.

by: Sheri

Loved it!!!!!!!!!
Thanks so much. You made it super easy for me :)
Should be fun!

Around Town Scavenger Hunt List
by: Molly

Take photos of the following:
  • 01. Bike
  • 02. Yellow car
  • 03. Dog
  • 04. Cat
  • 05. Bird
  • 06. Motorcyle
  • 07. Park Bench
  • 08. Swing set
  • 09. Pop can
  • 10. Brown haired girl
  • 11. Twins
  • 12. Apartment
  • 13. Something bright pink
  • 14. A flower
  • 15. Someone carrying a purse
  • 16. The word the
  • 17. A stage
  • 18. A pumpkin
  • 19. Texas license plate
  • 20. A place that starts with a C
  • 21. Yellow polka dotted bikini
  • 22. Someone walking their dog
  • 23. A soccer ball
  • 24. A porta-pottie
  • 25. Old fashioned dressed people

More Around Town Scavenger Hunt List Ideas
by: Danielle - Guelph

A photo of someone walking their dog
A photo of someone pumping gas
A photo of a coffee cup in an unusual place
A photo of graffiti
A photo of an out of state license plate
A photo of a local park
A photo of someone on a bike
A photo of hitchhiker
A photo of someone wearing a suit
A photo of 10 Canadian flags

Dear Disrespectful
by: Anonymous

I understand doing things on a grave would be incredibly disrespectful. Simply taking a picture of a head stone marked with a randomly picked name on the other hand is simple and harmless. If I was the one dead I wouldn't mind and if this happened to be a family members grave then I would be ok with it. Please lighten up a bit and see the happier side of things not the negative.

by: Anonymous

This is soooooo cool. I'm using it for my 12 b day party and going to have alot of fun!!!!!!! Thank you soo much for creating this. Unfortanitly I dont have war memorials in my town :(

by: Anonymous

As good as this list is, posing in cemeteries for fun is HUGELY disrespectful, and totally uncool. what if it was your relative and people did that? that's just freaking uncool.

that is so cool!
by: uber fun!!!

That is such a great list! Unfortunately, I don't live in a place with many fountains (for the water) or war memorials. I do mall scavenger hunts--they're really fun! Thanks for the great ideas!

totaly amazing fun stuff
by: volleygirl247

I am super jealous you came up with that stuff it looks like so much fun I am using it for my class scavenger hunt!!!!

by: Anonymous

I love the ideas! Unfortunately, it's winter time so some aren't reasonable right now but come summer time! YEAH!

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