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A Quiz on the World's Most Famous Fashion Doll

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Barbie is such a popular part of our culture that you would think Barbie trivia would be relatively easy, but think again.

There's probably a lot you don't know about this beauty icon.

For instance, do you know how much a 1959 Barbie is worth? Or what about her name...

Do you know Barbie's real name?

Use this Barbie trivia at your next girl party and see just how much you and your friends know about Barbie. 

Barbie Trivia Questions

01. What year was Barbie introduced? 
A. 1955 
B. 1957 
C. 1959 
D. 1961

02. What is the value of a 1959 Barbie in mint condition today? 
A. $ 3,000
B. $ 5,000
C. $ 8,000
D. $10,000

03. What is Barbie's full name? 
A. Barbara Ann Roberts 
B. Barbara Ann Robertson 
c. Barbara Millicent Roberts

04. Who was Barbie named after? 
A. Barbara Stanwyk 
B. Barbara Handler 
C. Barbara Babcock

05. What color were the first Barbie's eyes? 
A. White 
B. Blue 
c. Green 
D. Brown 

06. In the early 1960's, Barbie took on the style and sophistication of the decade's most famous trendsetter - Jackie Kennedy. What was her haircut called? 
A. Bubble cut 
B. Bob cut 
C. Page boy cut

07. In 1967, how did Mattel market the new & updated Mod Barbie with a "Twist 'n Turn" waist? 
A. Name Mod Barbie contest for a chance to win Barbie prizes
B. Trade in your old Barbie for an all new Barbie 
C. New Mod Barbie for $1.50 cereal box coupon 

08. Who was the first black doll in the Barbie family of dolls? 
A. Francie 
B. Stacy 
C. Christie

09. Who was the first celebrity to become a doll in the Barbie family? 
A. Marilyn Monroe
B. . Twiggy 
C. Cher

10. Who came first, Midge or Skipper? 
A. Midge 
B. Skipper 
C. Both were introduced at the same time

11. In 1977, Barbie was given a new face, with long blonde hair and a big smile. What is this face design, that was used for over 20 years, called? 
A. Angel 
B. Superstar 
C. Beauty Queen

12. Why was the Teacher Barbie doll recalled by Mattel in 1995? 
A. Her outfit was too sexy for a teacher 
B. The lenses on her glasses were dangerous if broken 
C. She wasn't wearing panties

13. When did Mattel start making "collectible Barbies"? 
A. 1986 
B. 1980 
C. 1974

14. What was the name of Barbie's 1986 rock band? 
A. The Rockers 
B. Barbie's All Star Rockers 
C. Blue Rhapsody

15. The popular "Dolls of the World" series was produced from 1980 to 2000 - what was the first one issued? 
A. French Barbie 
B. Italian Barbie 
C. Swiss Barbie

16. What famous Hollywood fashion designer created the "Jewel Essence Collection"? 
A. Nicole Miller 
B. Calvin Klein 
C. Bob Mackie

17. The 1998 Limited Edition Sunflower Barbie was inspired by the work of what artist? 
A. Vincent van Gogh 
B. Claude Monet 
C. Henri Matisse

18. What artist was commissioned in 1986 to paint a portrait of Barbie? 
A. Francis Bacon 
B. Thomas Kinkade 
C. Andy Warhol

19. Why was the 1999 "Generation Girl" series controversial? 
A. One doll had a nose ring and another had an ankle tattoo 
B. The series include an unmarried pregnant Barbie 
C. Both

20. What country condemned Barbie (which was already banned in this country) with this statement: "Jewish Barbie dolls, with their revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence to the perverted West. Let us beware of her dangers and be careful."? 
A. Pakistan 
B. Saudi Arabia 
C. Kuwait 


1. In the 1950s every proper lady would have one of these in her purse - what is it? Answer 

2. What was the difference between the #1 Barbie and #2? Answer 

3. Why is a tiny brass compact considered a "holy grail" to vintage Barbie collectors? Answer 

Barbie Trivia Answers

01. C. 1959 - Barbie made her debut at the American Toy Fair in New York City in 1959. / 02. D. $10,000 / 03. C. Barbara Millicent Roberts / 04. B. Barbara Handler - Barbie's creator, Ruth Handler, named her after her daughter Barbie. She was the co-founder of Mattel with her husband, Elliot. They also had a son named Ken! / 05. A. White - The 1959 Barbies had white irises. They were changed to blue in 1960. / 06. A. Bubble cut -The bubble cut was introduced in 1961 in several colors. / 07. B. Trade in your old Barbie for an all new Barbie - With a "trade-in" program, older Barbies were traded (plus $1.50) for the newest Barbie. / 08. A. Francie -She appeared in 1967 as Barbie's mod cousin. This doll is very rare. A more widely known Black Barbie was introduced in 1980. / 09. B. Twiggy - The first supermodel, Twiggy, in 1967. / 10. A. Midge - Midge, Barbie's best friend, was introduced in 1963, and her little sister, Skipper, in 1964. / 11.B. Superstar - because it was first used on Superstar Barbie. / 12. C. She wasn't wearing panties - There was media controversy over this. / 13. A. 1986 - In 1986 a porcelain collectible doll, Blue Rhapsody Barbie was introduced. It was the first Limited Edition collector Barbie doll. (The 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie is considered to be the first non-porcelain "collectible Barbie". When the 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie flew off the shelves and began commanding very high values on the secondary market, Mattel realized there was a huge market for Barbies for adult collectors.) /14. A. The Rockers / 15. B. Italian Barbie / 16. C. Bob Mackie - He designed for a total of 26 collectible Barbies from 1990 to 2003. / 17. A. Vincent van Gogh / 18. C. Andy Warhol / 19. A. One doll had a nose ring and another had an ankle tattoo / 20. B. Saudi Arabia

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