Bridal Shower Info and Gift Ideas
for Jennah May Hostetler

Jennah said, "Yes" to Cam and we're celebrating with a bridal shower in her honour on August 25th at 7pm. To help Jennah prepare for her new position as housewife (aka domestic engineer) plan to participate in this exciting event. Details and gift ideas below.


Now that the shower is over, those of you who have been looking for gift ideas for Cam and Jennah's wedding can click here for the LIST.

Jennah's Bridal Shower Invitation

Photos of Jennah used in the invite were taken by the talented Charity Blaine - A Lovely Little World 

Bridal Shower Info

Shower Details
Gift Ideas

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Shower Details

Jennah's bridal shower will be held on Monday, August 25th, 2014 at 7pm at the home of Tonia tenBrinke (address on invitation above). Please use the RSVP form immediately below or contact us via the phone number or email in the invitation above to let us know whether you plan to attend or not.

We want to add a little creative fun to the shower so we asking all those who are willing to bring a low cost or no cost household item along to the shower and label it with a funny or serious dual purpose.  (eg. A rolling pin has often been to referred to as a husband trainer... in fun, of course).

Need inspiration? Check out these Life Hacks or some of Haley's Handy Hints. There's even more fun ideas at Hailey's Helpful Hints, but really... the sky is the limit, so we encourage you to feel adventurous and come up with your own idea if you are so inclined. We hope to provide Jennah with some fun tools and products she'd never find at the store. :)

I'll be adding some printable tags you can use for your items soon.

Jennah's August 25th Bridal Shower RSVP

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Bridal Shower and Wedding Gift Ideas

In lieu of a registry  Jennah has provided me with a list of items that she and Cam still need for their home. That list is immediately below, followed by sample Amazon items I asked the couple to choose in order to provide us all with an idea of her home's style and colours.  

NOTE: Items in light grey below were received at a recent shower.  There is a form below to notify me of any items you purchase. I will change those items to light grey also to help limit duplicates. Thanks Everyone! - Jennah's Aunt Wendy


Frying Pans
Pots and Pans
Hand Mixer
Popcorn Maker
Bread Maker
Toaster (4 slice wide)
Toaster Oven
Crock Pot
Waffle Maker.Grill

Coffee Maker
Serving Bowls
Dish Set
Tupperware Containers (lunch)
Mixing Bowls
9X13 Casserole Dish
Coffee Cups
Cream and Sugar Pots
Tea Set
Kettle (stove top)
Roasting Pan
Cookie Sheets
Dish Cloths
Dish Towels/Tea Towels
Oven Mitts
Steak Knives
Knife Set (black or wooden handles)
Wooden Spoons
Serving Spoon Set
Cutting Boards
Hot Plates
Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons
Kitchen Scissors
Can Opener (hand)
Pizza Cutter
Cheese Grater
Potato Peeler
Ice Cream Scoop
Milk Container
Dutch Teaspoons


Bean Bag Chair (comfy)
Throw Pillows
Picture Frames
Wall Mirror
Wall Clock


Towels (aqua/white)
Hand towels
Face Cloths
Bath Set
Toilet Brush



Queen Size Sheets (white)



Ironing Board
Sewing Machine

Full Length Mirror

Dust Pan
Mop and Bucket
Photo Albums
Picnic Basket
Vacuum Cleaner (canister)
BBQ Utensils

Snow Shovel


Home Sense
Canadian Tire

***Kitchen colours are red, white and black. Bathroom is aqua and white. Livingroom is earthy (think forest colours).  See Amazon examples for colours.

Amazon Gift Inspiration

The Amazon choices are purely for your reference and not intended as a registry. That said, if you're an avid Amazon shopper, feel free to order from them.

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