Crazy Bowling

by Faith H.
(Newark, Delaware)

I'm having a bowling party for my birthday. I want to do your Crazy Bowling idea but we don't know what else to do for food & that kind of stuff... Please Help!
bowling ball and pins

Crazy Bowling Response:

For a birthday cake you could make a bowling ball with a ball cake pan. Frost it in your favorite color and then put three round chocolate wafers on it for the finger holes. You could also stick kisses in flat side up for the holes. If you can find bowling pin candles, they would be a nice touch too.

Round balloons with finger holes drawn on them would make a fun decoration. You could also cut out and hang bowling pins on a string or wall that spell out "Happy Birthday".

The bowling alley might let you take your cake and balloons there to celebrate. You would have to call ahead. I'm not sure if you would be allowed to bring in any other food. You might have to purchase the food they serve or host that part of your party at home.

Crazy Bowl takes a while to play. Were you wanting to play other games as well? If so, do you want to play these games at home or at the bowling alley?

You can answers these questions in the comment box below. Also, please include the age group of your invited guests.

Crazy Bowl Instructions

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great game
by: serina

Wow this party is so cool. It will be fun if we have many people to make it absolute fun. I am going to plan this crazy bowling party. It would be so nice if you guys would post some of the pictures of the party.

Crazy Bowling
by: Midge

Can you please e-mail me the ideas for crazy bowling,the people in my church never heard of this or candlelight bowling. I think this would be a wonderful and fun night.
I don't have a printer,so please can you mail these to me?? Thank you & God Bless

Response: Please use our Contact Form for email requests. I don't have your email address and it is not advisable to post an email address online or it will become open to a LOT of spam.

I'll await your email Midge!


Ideas for a Wii Crazy Bowl
by: Anonymous

I work in Activities at a Senior Citizen home and have taught the residents to play Wii Bowling. They love it and can't get enough. I have now thought it would be lots of fun to try to do a Crazy Bowl but with the Wii Bowling Game. Any suggestions other than opposite hand, backwards?


There are 10 ideas at

I forgot!
by: Joanna

I almost forgot! Happy 13th birthday Tammy!!

I have ideas:)
by: Joanna

Okay I can help you. Crazy bowl is when you bowl and do crazy actions with the bowling ball instead of just bowling the boring old way. Some things you can do when you bowl are
1. blindfolded
3.backwards and between legs
4.kick with feet
5.lay down and push with hands
6.sit down and bowl between your legs
7.bowl with your opposite hand.
8.sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you and push the ball with your feet
9.put one foot up and bowl with your opposite hand
10.put up the opposite leg and bowl with the hand you write with
Well I hope this helped you.Have fun bowling!!!

13th Birthday Party Bowling Ideas
by: Tammy

I am just looking for games to play when bowling to keep family and friends interested.

What is crazy bowl? And what other games are there?


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