Crazy Mall Scavenger Hunt

by Delaney

Crazy Mall Scavenger Hunt

Crazy Mall Scavenger Hunt

It's my fourteenth birthday party soon, and my friends and I are holding a crazy mall scavenger hunt and taking pictures and videos of us doing crazy stuff at the mall.

Crazy Mall Scavenger Hunt Rules / Instructions:

Complete all of the tasks below, taking pictures/videos with your phones and cameras. The goal is to stay as serious, and dedicated as possible.

For individual activities, make sure there is one for everyone. For most activities, inform all the people involved that you are completing this for a birthday party, and it will involve taking their picture.

You can do each task twice, to ensure everyone has a chance to do something if they want to.

The team who has most tasks completed in the allotted time with the most amount of points, wins!

IMPORTANT: Every mall has different rules. Please refrain from doing anything that goes against mall policies or permissions. We do not encourage or condone activities that break enforced laws and rules.

  • 1. Take a picture of your group jumping off something. (High School Musical style) ALL YOUR FEET HAVE TO BE OFF THE GROUND. (200 points)

  • 2. Get a shopper/stranger to dance with you... dougie, waltz, jitterbug, it doesn’t matter! Just take a picture. (150 points)

  • 3. Ask your chaperon for your vampire teeth. Walk around and take pictures of shoppers’ reactions when you try to scare them. (100 points)

  • 4. Sit with a person who is alone at the food court. If they’re sitting with 1 or 2 other people, that’s OK too. (120 points)

  • 5. Go up to 5 different strangers and ask them if they know the Muffin Man. Record their answers and take a picture with them. If they refuse to take a picture with you, they don’t count and you need a new person. (170 points)

  • 6. Take a picture of all the guys in your group with the prettiest girl they pick. (150 points)

  • 7. Take a picture of all the girls in your group with the cutest boy they pick. (150 points)

  • 8. Take a picture of your group with any staff member. (security guard, janitor, cashier, etc.) (120 points)

  • 9. Take a picture of half of your group on the wrong escalator. (150 points)

  • 10. Take a picture of the other half of your group playing with toys or on toys at the toy store. (150 points)

  • 11. Try on shoes, hats and scarves in Nordstroms or Macy’s and take a picture. (120 points)

  • 12. Ask a male employee to autograph a female group members arm. Take a picture of it. (170 points)

  • 13. Have one of your male group members convince (or attempt to convince) a shopper that they know them from somewhere. Take a sneaky video of them conversing. (150 points)

  • 14. Serenade (sing to) a stranger. Record it, video tape it, and take a picture of it. Try to sing WELL…for the safety of us all. (180 points)

  • 15. Ask for a fry/chip/bite of someone's meal at the food court. Take a picture of the oldest person in your group eating it. (200 points)

  • 16. Take a video of three strangers telling jokes. (180 points)

  • 17. Take a video of a little kid singing “Mary had a Little Lamb.” (200 points)

  • 18. Take a picture of a man with a beard shaking the hand of someone on your team. (150 points)

  • 19. Take a picture of a boy on your team proposing to a stranger. (150 points if they say no, 170 points if they say yes.)

  • 20. Take a picture of the group in a crammed area. The more creative the better. (150 points, 170 for creativity.)

  • 21. Take a video of a stranger singing any song by one of the following artists: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, or Adele. (170 points for fragment, 200 for whole song.)

  • 22. Take a picture of a person from your group with a stranger of the opposite gender, who the group agrees you would make a good couple with. (160 points.)

  • 23. Take a picture of a person from your group posing like one of the mannequins in the store. (130 points)

  • 24. Get one really brave team member to go in the fountain and take a picture. (300 points)

  • 25. Take one final group picture! (150 for average, 200 for creativity.)

Have FUN!

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