Diva Bingo

by Ebony
(Croton, NY USA)

Hello. I am trying to make up bingo cards with clip art pictures of "diva" items, which right now consist of shoes, lipstick, a compact mirror, comb, and brush. I need more pictures to add to the bingo boards and I also need a way to distribute them throughout the board without running into the same items in the same row on all the boards. I really want to makeup this game but it is frustrating. I was wondering if you had any ideas. All the games on this website are AWESOME!!

Diva Bingo Response:

There are several ways I have done this in the past. There isn't really an EASY way unless someone creates the software.

#1 - Find small diva item stickers with at least 24 different items on the page. Stick them to blank bingo cards you have printed out. Variation: Give each guest a sticker page and have them place the stickers where they want to on their squares.

#2 - Make squares the size of your bingo card squares and put clipart pictures of diva items on them. I would have at least 30-40 different pictures. Then print them as many times as you need different cards, cut them out, and randomly glue them on blank bingo cards you have printed out. Variation: Give each guest enough picture squares to cover their card and have them glue them where they want to on their squares.

#3 - If you need 10 bingo cards, copy and paste the images differently on 10 different cards before printing for game play.

#4 - Make huge blank bingo cards, and have all of your guests take things out of their purses and place one item on each square. Then have squares of paper for them to write down what each item is. Put the squares in a hat and start drawing. If you call out lipstick, anyone who has lipstick on a square can take off their lipstick. Continue till someone has cleared a row.

#5 - Give your guests blank bingo cards and a list of diva items. Have them write or draw the items onto their cards wherever they wish. Then play.

For each of the above ideas you will need to have an extra set to use to draw for bingo.

I could make some diva bingo cards if you still need them, however this is my busy time of the year and it could take me a while to get done.

More ideas for diva items:
fancy drink
pink boa
nail polish
small dog
cell phone
glamor photo


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Ideas for Red Hats Thanksgiving Meeting
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I am in charge of the Red Hat meeting in Nov. Any ideas for fun would be appreciated. Thanks.


I have a Menopause madlib game and a Red Hat scavenger hunt that might work for your event. ~ Wendy

Diva Party
by: Calantha

Hi! I am looking for some games for my 10 year old. She will be 10 on April 23 and she is having a diva party. I have no idea what games to play. The girls are 10 to 15. Can you help?

calantha32 at comcast dot net

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