Hilarious Menopause Mad Lib

Laugh Back at the Change of Life

Menopause Mood Swing

Hey girls... this menopause mad lib will give you the chance to laugh at the change of life. So don't stay home chilling and crying, when you can sweat it out amongst friends with an hilarious midlife party game. Mood swings, cramps, hot flashes, and emotional outbursts of laughter and tears are welcome and encouraged.

To be sure you don't cheat your story out of a happy ending, follow the instructions carefully. Fill in the word list first, and then... and ONLY THEN... scroll down to the story.

If you've never played this game before, please take a moment to read the menopause mad lib instructions and brush up on your parts of speech.

Tips to make your story turn out better:

Don't use -ing verbs, like screaming, unless you are asked specifically for an -ing verb. Also, always be careful to use the tense of verb you are asked for.

For #01 in the word list have guests write the name of someone else at the party, or at least someone everyone at the party knows.

Consider not telling your guests anything about the theme of the story till they have filled in all the words on their word list. Not knowing that the story is about menopause will keep them from picking menopausal related words for their story. The resulting story will usually be funnier that way. Try it for yourself so you'll know what I mean.

Enjoy creating your funny menopausal story!

Menopause Mad Lib Word List

Fill in the blanks below with the words
and parts of speech noted beside each blank.

_______________(01) woman's name

_______________(02) time of day (eg. afternoon)

_______________(03) feeling/emotion

_______________(04) body part

_______________(05) adjective

_______________(06) body part

_______________(07) fruit (plural)

_______________(08) body part

_______________(09) number (20 or higher)

_______________(10) adverb

_______________(11) room

_______________(12) noun

_______________(13) number

_______________(14) number

_______________(15) body part

_______________(16) adverb

_______________(17) feeling/emotion

_______________(18) feeling/emotion

_______________(19) a comfort food

_______________(20) professional

_______________(21) -ing verb

_______________(22) exclamation! (eg. Wow!)

_______________(23) furniture

_______________(24) number

_______________(25) body part

_______________(26) something cold

_______________(27) body part (plural)

_______________(28) woman's significant other or a friend

Menopause Mad Lib Story

Transfer your word list answers to the
corresponding numbers in the story below.

_______________(01) awoke one _______________(02) feeling rather

_______________(03), and not only that, her _______________(04) was

_______________(05) and touching her _______________(06). She

fanned her _______________(07), wiped the sweat from her

_______________(08) and realized there was only one explanation.

She was only _______________(09) years old and she was facing

menopause. To be sure she _______________(10) made her way to the

______________(11) and jumped on (the) ______________(12). Ah ha!

Just as she suspected, she was _______________(13) pounds heavier

than the night before and there were _______________(14) new

wrinkles on her _______________(15). Her emotions began to swing

______________(16) from ______________(17) to ______________(18).

She needed (a) _______________(19) ASAP! And where was the phone?

She had to call the _______________(20) to do something about her

_______________(21). No answer! _______________(22) she screamed

before falling on the ______________(23) in a fit of tears.

_______________(24) minutes later she didn't remember a thing till

her _______________(25) began to cramp and and a(n)

_______________(26)-like chill made her _______________(27) quiver.

Someone was going to pay for this and might as well be



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please fill in the form below.

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