Right Left Retirement Game

A Fun Icebreaker for Seniors Parties and Events

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Warm up your retirement party or senior's event with this Right Left Retirement Game. Have someone read through the story as guests pass gifts or prizes left or right whenever they hear the words LEFT or RIGHT in the story.

This Right Left Retirement Game is perfect for any senior's social event, Red Hat gathering, or any occasion where seniors are gathered. The story is written in female form, however, by simply changing the she's and hers to he's and hims, the story would work just as well for a man.

Note: This game is also a fun way to do a gift exchange. Everyone brings a gift and starts the game with their own.

Right Left Retirement Game Instructions:

  • Seat guests in a circle.

  • Distribute some small wrapped gifts/prizes randomly around the circle or give one gift to everyone (in that case, the gifts should differ).

  • Read the story, instructing guests beforehand to pass their gift left or right respectively when they hear either one of those words.

  • At the end of the story, anyone holding a gift gets to keep it or (in the case of everyone starting with a gift) whatever gift a guest is holding he/she gets to keep.

    Please feel free to use this game for personal use, but DO NOT post it online (that includes, but is not limited to, ebooks, forums, blogs, websites, etc.) or distribute it commercially offline (that includes, but is not limited to, items for sale, free promotionals, etc.)

    Right Left Retirement Game Story

    (Retiree's name) knew that today was the RIGHT day to go out and search for the RIGHT retirement home to spend her senior years at. If only she could figure out where she had LEFT her keys. She thought she had LEFT them on the counter, but she looked LEFT and RIGHT and did not see them.

    Puzzled, she went RIGHT to the livingroom to see if she had LEFT them there. There they were... she had LEFT them on the coffee table. RIGHT away she reached to pick them up and noticed there was hardly any water LEFT in the vase of roses she had sitting to the LEFT of the tv. She would have to add water RIGHT away.

    She picked up the vase and headed RIGHT back to the kitchen, but on her way she noticed a flash of light to her RIGHT. She put the vase RIGHT down on the floor and headed RIGHT to where she had seen the flash. Oh no... a power surge had caused two light bulbs in the fixture RIGHT above her dining table to burn RIGHT out.

    Well, there was nothing LEFT to do but put some new bulbs in RIGHT away, but as she headed RIGHT to the pantry she tripped over the vase she had LEFT on the floor. What a mess! She was LEFT with no choice but to clean it up and then get RIGHT back to changing the bulbs.

    She grabbed some paper towels RIGHT off the counter and got RIGHT to the business of cleaning up. It was then that she noticed something shiny RIGHT under the cupboard. What was it? She tried to reach it with her LEFT hand and then her RIGHT, but it was just out of her reach so she went RIGHT to the closet to get a clothes hanger. She twisted the hanger RIGHT and LEFT, and then RIGHT and LEFT again, till she formed a tool that would fit RIGHT under the cupboard and would certainly reach the treasure that was LEFT under there.

    She eased the tool a little to the LEFT till it was RIGHT beside the object. She gently edged it RIGHT out from under the cupboard. It was her granddaughter's Barbie ring that she had LEFT at her house last weekend. She would have to call her RIGHT away and let her know.

    As she headed RIGHT toward the phone she saw the clock to her LEFT. It read 4 pm. 4 pm? There wasn't enough time LEFT now to go look for a retirement home. Where had the time gone? She would have to make plans to head out RIGHT away tomorrow morning, but first... she needed a nap...

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