Emilia Anne Spa Party

by Emily

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Spa Party Products

Emilia Anne Spa Party Ideas:

First, set up stations in your parents' master bathroom or in the largest bathroom in your home (if allowed). Then, find some young teens that you know (babysitters, church members, neighbors, sisters, cousins) and ask them to "work" at each station.

Set up a station for manicures, pedicures, and massages. Then, put your guests into groups and plan for 45 minutes at each station.

As guests arrive let them help you create a play list on your mp3, ipod, computer, etc.

Try to have at least two people at each station because depending on the number of guests you have it will be hard for one person to give an entire group of girls a pedicure, manicure, or massage.

During the spa party you don't want your guests to be bored so stock each station with new updated magazines. You can find them at Walmart for a dollar a piece.

At the nail stations make sure to have a variety of colors. Also at the nail stations get a lemon or lime and mix the juice with 1 cup of warm milk. Tell your guests to dip their nails into the mixture. This works well for both fingernails and toenails.

If you want you can also set up a station for facials. If you do, mash 3 bananas with 1 1/2 tablespoons honey. Make sure you don't have any large chunks of banana. Do this before your spa party, and store in the refrigerator until spa time.

Another thing to have out at the party is a basket of pony tail holders and headbands.

When facial time comes put out the banana-mash mask and some cucumbers. If possible get some chairs that you and your guests can lay on while you have your facial, or just cover the couches and chairs with some towels and voila.

The best food for a spa party is chocolate fondue. Get a couple packages of fresh strawberries, pretzels, and assorted fruits. Leave the fondue-ing to your guests.

Also get a big bucket and fill with lots of ice. Then fill with an assortment of drinks.

Take a vote on what your guests want to eat for dinner if your spa party is also a sleepover.

A cool way to serve drinks is to get some plastic wine glasses and write your guests names on them with sparkly pens.

No party is complete without a movie. If you don't have a movie room make one. Turn off all the lights, tell people to turn off their cells, close the blinds and pop a couple of bowls of popcorn. Also make sure that every guest gets their choice of drink.

One fun traditional party game is the lottery. As each guest arrives write their name down and put it in a purse. Every now and then draw a name from the purse and that person wins a spa package, towel, box a nail polish, or gift card to a nail place or something. Try to make sure everyone gets a item.

Another game is the relaxation station. Get the girls in a circle and get them to massage each other.

Last but not least serve an assortment of breakfast foods, like pancakes, french toast, etc.

Another fun treat is a good old fashioned smoothie.

The party favors are really easy. You can call it a pamper pack. In each put small things like a bottle of lotion, a mini hair brush, 2 bottles of nail polish, a cute nail clipper, a nail file and maybe some makeup. Give each guest their pamper pack as they leave. You want the guest to be surprised when they get it.

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I Have a Question
by: spaDIVA

Ok...so I have a question... I need more decoration ideas and I want it to look like a real spa and look as good as if I hired some mobile spa to do the decorating... Any ideas? I also need BETTER food ideas for starving teens and even more treatments, games and activity ideas. Please answer me. My party is in 2 DAYS!

Reply: There are more food ideas on the home spa party page. A spa isn't known for feeding ravenous hunger though. Everything is usually light and dainty. It adds to the atmosphere.

As far as decorating is concerned it depends on the venue you will be hosting the party at. Lowering lights and adding candles, soft sheers in front of clunky areas and soft music will go a long way. Keep things clean and simple and have baskets with rolled hand towels, etc. available. On the manicure table have a beautiful assortment of polishes on display. That will all add to the authenticity of the decor.

As far as games are concerned, spas are quiet, relaxing retreats and to get the full experience of what a spa is like I would recommend sticking to more quiet conversational games. There are several listed at the home spa page link above.

by: Anonymous

I just had a spa party because of this and it was the bomb! Now all my other friends want a party like it. And also the rich girls in my school are begging their daddies to top that. And to this day, they still didn't. TRUST ME, USE THIS IDEA!

by: Anonymous

I loved it cuz I just wanted a sleepover and this was a perfect theme. Thanks bff.

by: Sarah

Awesome idea!! The facial seems really easy to do!!

Thanks for the idea!

by: Anonymous

i was going towards a spa idea for my 13th, and booking a spa is too expensive so i will definitely do this!! Sounds so cool. Going to book a masseuse too!

Excellent Work
by: Anonymous

It's an amazing one so thanks alot for the ideas. This was the perfect one for my party.

by: Anonymous

That sounds so fun. I might want to do that for my birthday!

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