Fun Halloween Costume Ideas Fit for a Diva

Dare to Recreate Yourself for an Evening

Women of every age love to find fun Halloween costume ideas that will help them celebrate the holiday in true diva style.

Whether we dream of being a princess, a famous historical figure, or a character from the silver screen, Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to fulfill our fantasies, recreate ourselves, and live through our icons and idols, if only for a few hours. So divas, it is time to apply your creativity, make your dreams come true, and prepare for the best Halloween ever.

Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

  • 1. Neytiri. Isn't it fitting that the costume of the year comes from the most acclaimed movie of the year? Transform yourself into Avatar's sexy warrior fighter by slipping into the sleek blue bodysuit with tail, gauntlet, and beaded necklaces and bracelets. This is the perfect costume for any Halloween party and ideal for the diva who thinks it's about time the damsel does the rescuing.

  • 2. Queen of Hearts. A lavish velvet mini gown, long over skirt, stylish black boots, and a rhinestone crown will send you on a journey down the magical rabbit hole where you can become ruler of your own wonderland. This is a great choice for the costume hunting diva who wants to feel both stunning and powerful. And besides, haven't you always wanted an excuse to shout, “Off with their heads”?

  • 3. Pirate. Grab a hat or bandana, sash up that skirt, slip on tall black boots, and walk the plank in the legendary style set by true lady pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Keep their legacy alive by proving that divas can be strong, adventurous, and definitely seaworthy. And, getting to carry a sword is a pretty good bonus, too!

  • 4. Peter Pan. Do you ever find yourself quoting Peter's famous mantra, “I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!”? Join this famous character in his quest for the elusive eternal youth by donning a sassy green velvet dress, feather adorned hat, and sleek black boots. Why is this the perfect diva costume? Well...because it looks better on us. After all, do we really want to see a grown man wearing green tights?

  • 5. Marilyn Monroe. Yes, this is a classic choice, but somehow, it never goes out of style. Capture the beauty of this sultry star with a long sequined dress or her famous pleated white skirt. Add a wig, shoes, and red lipstick, and every camera in the room will be turned on you. And since Marilyn was known for her sexy curves, this costume will make women of any size feel absolutely stunning!

  • 6. Princess Leia. With the resurgence of the Star Wars craze, Princess Leia is certainly mounting a commendable comeback. This costume is simple to put together, requiring only a plain white dress, silver belt, and white boots. Fulfill your secret desire to spend a night as a Freedom Fighter, wielding a Defender Sporting Blaster and saving the galaxy. And besides, doesn't every woman want to wear their hair in “cinnamon buns” at least once in their lifetime.

  • 7. Tinkerbell. This delightful little fairy is the perfect choice for the diva who wants a softer, more feminine costume. With a dainty petal skirt, delicate wings, and glittery wand, you will be able to work your charm and magic all night long. And ladies, wouldn't it be nice to have all your dreams come true with a simple scattering of pixie dust?

  • 8. Indian Maiden. Recapture history with this traditional costume that will have you longing for the adventure and excitement of past generations. Achieve the look with a faux leather tunic, fringed boots, braided headband and lots and lots of beadwork. Why would a diva want to be Sacajawea or Pocahontas? Well, Indian Maiden's are beautiful, exotic, mysterious, and know how to whip up a gourmet dinner with nothing but wild animals and an open fire. How is that for talented and resourceful?

  • 9. Princess Fiona. Shrek is back, and so is everyone's favorite ogre turned princess - the lovable and adorable Fiona. Grab a floor length blue or green dress, stick on some ogre ears, add a tiara, and you will be ready to save the day and rescue the kingdom of Far Far Away. Of course, this will require True Love's Kiss, so you may want to find your own Mr. Shrek.

  • 10. Lady Bug. This sassy little bug has become one of the most popular Halloween costume choices for women. After all, who wouldn't want to don a bright red dress, black spots, polka dot stockings, flashy antennae, and snazzy wings? And these tiny creatures are not only cute, but they are said to bring good luck. Hmmm..... maybe we should consider adding a couple variations of this outfit to our everyday wardrobes. They are available in multiple colors, right?

  • 11. Aphrodite. How great would it be to spend one day as the Goddess of Love? Beautiful, sexy, and the ability to influence the hearts of all mankind...imagine what you could do with that kind of power? And for an added bonus, the short white, toga style dress, goldtone belt, and a wreath headpiece will make a stunning fashion statement.

  • 12. Lady Knight. Display your battle bravery in a metallic mini dress, black belt, tall boots, and of course, a sword. Lady knights were rare, but certainly respected, so defend the legacy of Joan of Arc and fight for the victims of injustice everywhere. And divas, not only will you be representing strength and independence, but with the stylish helmet, you will never have to worry about a bad hair day.

  • 13. Bollywood. Bollywood has invaded Hollywood, and is quickly gaining worldwide popularity. Music and dance combined with fashion and culture have created an international fascination, and the beautiful attire provides the ideal choice for any party costume. Long, flowing, ornate robes with chiffon wraps, bangles, and beaded headbands will have you looking gorgeous. And, the bright colors will make you smile, too!

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