Kids Around the Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

by Bonnie

Kids Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Kids Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

This kids around the neighborhood scavenger hunt list is for kids of all ages. Just jot down some or all of the items below and have teams go around to neighbors' and see if they have any items on their list. Whoever returns with the most items, wins a prize.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List

  • paper clip
  • thumb tack
  • safety pin
  • tissue
  • sheet of toilet paper
  • penny
  • pencil
  • pack of takeout ketchup
  • plastic grocery bag
  • coupon
  • rubberband
  • tea bag
  • birthday candle
  • used stamp
  • popsicle stick
  • coke tab
  • balloon
  • potato
  • plastic fork
  • piece of hard candy
  • crayon
  • envelope
  • toothpick
  • bobby pin

    Note: Every precaution should be taken when conducting this type of hunt with kids. Adult supervision should be implemented to ensure the kids' safety at all times.

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    by: Anonymous

    I think this is a cute idea! I might use it for Girl scouts since our troop is new to town and that way we can get the word out!!

    by: Poison

    My mom and dad are having a scavenger hunt at their wedding, and I came across this list. I only got 1 thing out of it, and it was the popsicle sticks. The main thing we were looking for, is OUTDOORS, not neighborhood. But it did help! I'll reply to this page when the scavenger hunt has gone past! Thanks for your help!
    Poison :)

    by: Anonymous

    Cool scavenger hunt, but maybe you could add some more original objects. Then it would be 5 stars :)

    Outdoor Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
    by: Anonymous

    5 different types of leaves
    a twig from a tree
    a gum wrapper
    a candy wrapper
    a receipt
    a clothes pin
    a safety pin
    a lost earring
    a coin
    a cocoon
    a feather
    an old newspaper
    a picture
    a pine cone
    a pine cone needle
    a dollar bill
    a post card
    something that could go in the recycling bin
    5 pieces of trash
    a tissue
    a piece of unused toilet paper
    a pen
    a piece of mulch
    a smooth rock
    a bud from a flower
    a piece of bark from a tree
    a marble
    a pumpkin seed
    a playing card from a deck of cards

    by: Lillibelle is my fake name.

    There should be grown-ups with each group - the grown-ups can't give the kids any answers to anything, they just make sure the kids don't get lost or go missing.

    Reply: There has always been a notation about adult supervision mentioned just below the list. It's in italics.

    by: Anonymous

    it rocked

    by: bitty bear

    This list was great but could be longer. mines going to be two hours long. but this should do. if they find all of them before time runs out they'll have a bonus. but its just weird.

    Harder Items
    by: Anonymous

    you should have maybe more advanced or harder things like...a purple tissue or a bottle of hotel shampoo.

    parents :(
    by: Anonymous

    im going to have a party with a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood and do u have to have parents with you. i rlly dont want them coming with me, like can they call the cops? no right? i just wanna have fun...

    by: Anonymous

    Do you have one that has more outdoor items? I don't really want my kids knocking on doors.

    This was a visitor submitted hunt. There are several outdoor scavenger hunts available at Diva Girl Scavenger Hunts and Scavenger Hunt Fun that don't involve knocking on doors.

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