Mixed Movie Trivia for a Teens & Tweens Movie Party

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This mixed movie trivia was made in response to a request from a visitor planning a movie party for teens and tweens. It includes questions from Legally Blonde, Monsters Inc., Ice Age, The Pacifier, Phantom of the Opera, and Bambi. Use it in its multiple choice format or make it even harder by asking the questions without revealing any of the potential answers.

Mixed Movie Trivia Questions

01. In 'Legally Blonde' what were the names of Elle's two best friends from her Delta Nu Sorority?
a. Annie and Paulette
b. Margot and Serena
c. Vivian and Brooke
d. Tara and Callie

02. In what season was Bambi born?
a. Spring
b. Summer
c. Fall
d. Winter

03. In 'Ice Age' what was Manny's first name in full?
a. Mandrid
b. Manford
c. Mandrake
d. Manfred

04. In 'Monster's Inc.' what was the number on the locker that Sulley hid Boo's toys in?
a. 169
b. 139
c. 196
d. 193

05. In 'Phantom of the Opera' what nationality was Christine's father?
a. Croatian
b. Swedish
c. Italian
d. Norwegian

06. What was the family pet in 'The Pacifier'?
a. A dog
b. A goose
c. A duck
d. A monkey

07. In 'Legally Blonde' what was Elle's favorite perfume?
a. Anna Sui's Dolly Girl
b. Lacoste's Touch Of Pink
c. Clinique's Happy
d. Aquolina's Pink Sugar

08. What kind of nut did Scrat try to bury in 'Ice Age'?
a. A pecan
b. An acorn
c. A walnut
d. A chestnut

09. The monster with the three-eyed glasses in 'Monster's Inc.' was named what?
a. Fungus
b. Smitty
c. George
d. Mike

10. During the sword fight in the cemetary in 'Phantom of the Opera' where was Raoul hurt?
a. On the back
b. On the arm
c. On his face
d. On his chest

11. Who played the sargeant in 'The Pacifier'?
a. Jean Claude Van Damme
b. The Rock
c. Vin Diesel
d. Jackie Chan

12. 'In Legally Blonde' Elle needed what score on her LSAT's to make it possible for her to get

into Harvard?
a. 175
b. 176
c. 178
d. 179

13. Who was Bambi's girlfriend?
a. Falisse
b. Felina
c. Felicee
d. Faline

14. Who said, "I don't eat junk food" in 'Ice Age'?
a. Diego
b. Manny
c. Sid
d. Milo

15. What did Boo call Sulley in Monster's Inc.?
a. Green Machine
b. Kitty
c. Lizard
d. Big Green

16. When did the chandelier fall in the 2004 Phantom of the Opera movie?
a. At the beginning
b. About halfway through
c. At the end
d. It didn't fall

17. Who was Shane's romantic interest in 'The Pacifier'?
a. The principal
b. The teacher
c. The secretary
d. The mother

18. What was the name of Paulette's dog in 'Legally Blonde'?
a. Rover
b. Rufus
c. Rocky
d. Rupert

19. What was the name of the skunk in 'Bambi'?
a. Rosey
b. La Pew
c. Stinky
d. Flower

20. In 'Monster's Inc.' what time does Sulley's alarm clock go off in the morning?
a. 6:00 am
b. 6:05 am
c. 6:10 am
d. 6:15 am

21. In Phantom of the Opera who founds Piangi’s dead body?
a. Raoul
b. Christine
c. Carlotta
d. Madame Giry

22. What code name did Shane give the kids in 'The Pacifier'?
a. Red
b. Blue
c. Orange
d. Yellow

23. In 'Legally Blonde' what kind of laptop computer did Elle buy?
a. An IBM
b. An HP
c. A Toshiba
d. An Apple

24. What color was Boo's door in 'Monster's Inc.'?
a. White with pink flowers
b. Green with white flowers
c. Pink with yellow flowers
d. Purple with green flowers

25. Who played the Phantom in the 2004 'Phantom of the Opera' movie?
a. Gerard Butler
b. Julian Sands
c. Patrick Wilson
d. Kevin McNally

26. Which of the kids called Shane "daddy" in 'The Pacifier'?
a. Zoe
b. Lulu
c. Peter
d. Tyler

27. In 'Monster's Inc.' how many eyes does Mr. Waternoose have?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 5

28. In 'Ice Age' what kind of animal was Sid?
a. A mammoth
b. A sloth
c. A tiger
d. A squirrel

29. What amphibious name did Carlotta call Christine in 'Phantom of the Opera'?
a. Frog
b. Newt
c. Salamander
d. Toad

30. Who in 'Monster's Inc.' was trying to break Sulley's scream record?
a. George
b. Pauley
c. Randall
d. Tony

Mixed Movie Trivia Answers

01. b. Margot and Serena / 02. a. Spring / 03. d. Manfred / 04. d. 193 / 05. b. Swedish / 06. c. A duck / 07. c. Clinique's Happy / 08. b. An acorn / 09. a. Fungus / 10. b. On the arm / 11. c. Vin Diesel / 12. a. 175 / 13. d. Faline / 14. a. Diego / 15. b. Kitty / 16. c. At the end / 17. a. The principal / 18. b. Rufus / 19. d. Flower / 20. b. 6:05 am / 21. c. Carlotta / 22. a. Red / 23. d. An Apple / 24. a. White with pink flowers / 25. a. Gerard Butler / 26. c. Peter / 27. d. 5 / 28. b. A sloth / 29. d. Toad / 30. c. Randall

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