Movie Party

by Valerie
(Vernon, NY, USA)

I need help planning a movie party. I'm having girls ages 10 to 15 at my party. I need fun and simple games to keep everybody having fun. I also need activities to do with all of these people.

Movie Party Response:

Hi Valerie!

I assume you will be watching movies for one of your activities.

If the invitations haven't gone out yet you could ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite movie star and then have a photo shoot or a competition to determine who looks the most like the actor/actress they are portraying. They could also compete to act out a short scene the actor/actress they are portraying has done.

If you have magazines that have lots of photos of movie stars (get them at the movie theater if you don't) you can cut out 1/4 or each star's face and then have your guests try to determine which actor/actress each is by just seeing that small piece.

Movie trivia is always fun. There are tons of them around that you can use or you could make up your own using your favorite movies.

Movie Charades is a classically fun game, as well as movie Pictionary.

Try a game of Famous Lines. Make a list of famous quotes from different movies and have your guests try and guess what movie they are from.

I have a hollywood scavenger hunt that I created that could be tweaked for your party. I would need a list of 12-16 SPECIFIC hiding places in and around your house (eg. garage, mailbox, fridge).


The Movie Trivia you requested is now available at

The Favorite Movie Survey is part way down the page at

The top four favorite movie suggestions thus far are Legally Blonde, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Valley Girl

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by: Anonymous 11year old

I am doing a movie party and my birthday is in March so i decided to incorporate the Oscars. I'm going to have an Oscar ceremony as well as the whole movie theater, but instead of Oscar statues I'm giving Oscar bags, which is also their goodie bags, to the winners. Also each guest is going to fill out a ballot to determine the winner. My birthday is 2 months away so wish me luck!

by: Anonymous

I would suggest 27 Dresses.... great movie & totally
HILARIOUS @the end!!!!!!!!

Bridal Shower Movie Night
by: Haylee

I am the Maid of Honor for my best friends wedding. She wants for her Bachelorette party, a movie type slumber party. I was wondering if you could think of any movie trivia for wedding movies. We will be watching Bride Wars, The Wedding Planner, and The Wedding Date. Any help would be great. Thanks!

by: Anonymous

I would suggest the last song with Miley in it or the Princess Diaries with Selena Gomez.

Rent a Projector for your Movie Party
by: Anonymous offers cheap projector rentals I've done it before their service is great and the kids had a GREAT time

make their own movie
by: mendreth

Why not let them film their own movie - does scripts for groups of girls...

make a movie instead of watching one...
by: Anonymous

As a different approach, you could let them make their own movie - try

There are several pre-written scripts for groups of girls covering stuff like an 'American Idol' style competition,etc. The older ones could film and direct if they didn't want to be in it...just a thought.

i need help planing a movie party
by: afua

i need help planimg a movie party.any ideas thanks

by: Anonymous

So, I need to watch movies that are PG. None that are PG13. Can you help me out?

Asking About The Movie Party
by: Dr Vikrama


My kid is only 4 and he likes cartoons and animated movies that I don't like myself to see.

I like to know how should I arrange a movie party with young kids as well as adults. How to maintain that balance?


Hollywood Scavenger Hunt
by: Wendy

For the Hollywood Scavenger Hunt I would need a list of 12-16 SPECIFIC hiding places in and around your house (eg. garage, mailbox, fridge).

Movies to Watch
by: Wendy

I personally love the Legally Blonde movies. I could conduct a survey on my site to see what the favorite movies of teen girls are.

Party Movies
by: Valerie

What good, clean, and funny movies would you recommend?

Movie Trivia and Hollywood Scavenger Hunt
by: Valerie

Our favorite movies are:
Phantom of the Opera
Ice Age
Monsters Inc.
Legally Blonde
The Pacifier

What do I have to send you for the scavenger

Movie Trivia and Hollywood Scavenger Hunt
by: Wendy

I'll make an easy trivia if you give me a list of your favorite movies... about 3-10.

The scavenger hunt is a clue hunt that leads from place to place and ends at the goodie bag or favor.

A Few Questions
by: Valerie

I really like your ideas but I'm having problems finding an easy trivia movie game that will suit all of my guests.

Could you also tell me a little more about the scavenger hunt?

Movie Trivia, Charades & Pictionary
by: Wendy

I posted an answer to your question on your original request page. Let me know if you're interested in any games that you can't find lists for and I'll try to help you out.

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