Pick Up Truck Required For This Moveable Feast

by Donna
(Gray, ME)

When we have a family reunion we have a fun way to keep everything sufficiently iced for the duration of the day.

Plastic totes and open coolers are filled with beverages... beers, soda-pops, juice boxes, lemonade, and ice tea pitchers. The open coolers are placed in the back of a pick-up truck and the truck heads off to get "iced."

We live in Portland, Maine, so we get our ice down at the waterfront where the fishing boats come in from sea and ice their daily catch. We drive the truck under an ice hopper and the operator fills the back of the truck with ice. (The coolers are now under ice). This costs about $25.00 and is cheaper than buying bags of ice, but, if you don't have such a facility in your neighborhood, you can accomplish the same thing by heading to your neighborhood Discount Food Club (such as the large box stores); buying the large bags of ice and emptying the bags right in the back of the truck.

Once the truck gets to the picnic grounds, everybody else can place their salads, meats, jello desserts and fruits and vegetables on top of the additional ice in the back of the truck, keeping everything cold throughout the day. If the sun is searing, throw a tablecloth over the foods you don't want exposed to the sun.

Your iced Pick-Up Truck becomes the "center of attention" at the party and all the grills and tables are set up close to the party truck!

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Oct 28, 2007
Thank you for writing.
by: Anonymous

That's why we leave the Rolls Royce at home and take the pick-up truck (hee hee) Just kidding.

All the ice is in the back bed of the truck - If there was a spill it would be in the back of the truck bed - you would just hose it down, I guess. Salad bowls and trays nestle nicely on the ice bed. We've never had a problem - but, good question. It's really fun, anyhow and very unique. Thanks for writing. Donna from Maine.

Oct 28, 2007
Pretty good, but...
by: Anonymous

what happens if someone drops food on your car, or accidentally scrapes it?

Sep 27, 2007
What An Awesome Idea
by: Carey

I will have to try that at our next family picnic. I love this idea... very original.


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