The Herron Family Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2006

by Toby and Wanda
(Columbia SC - USA)

A Store Clerk Signing the Scavenger Hunt List

A Store Clerk Signing the Scavenger Hunt List

On a trip down to Charleston for Christmas shopping on King St., my wife and I came up with a list, as the 5 kids watched videos in the back. We went to a restaurant for lunch, and announced the game - the kids were not at all excited about what we proposed, but went along with it. They had 1 hour, $5, (two teams) and they had to stay within certain boundaries, - we met at the record store where the winning team would pick out their own prize(s). - Well, it was a hit, the kids loved it, and we got an hour to shop alone. T
The shoppers were all very friendly and helpful. The kids were so excited about it, they wanted to bring friends in 2006. We took the best from the 2005 list, added some more goodies, added a "photo bonus", (for our records) and had some interesting calls coming in - We hope to make this a family tradition and move it to other cities as well. - Enjoy.

Note: You can see the "list" in the photo.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
December 16, 2006 - Charleston, SC

  • Silver bow
  • Lollipop
  • Lipstick impression of a person you've never met within circle on the bag
  • A nut
  • A Chinese or Japanese 9
  • A camel drawn by a waitress
  • Something BLUE
  • Band aid
  • Seashell
  • Star
  • A fish
  • A pencil
  • The least favorite food of a female store clerk ________________
  • Flower with petal
  • Feather
  • Onion ring
  • South Carolina quarter
  • Ice cube
  • Any store receipt of $10 or more
  • Mistletoe
  • Have a Christmas shopper take a photo of the team, while team sings Jingle bells
  • Green magnet
  • A male store clerks favorite Christmas gift of all time ___________
  • Round toothpick
  • Something chocolate
  • A coupon
  • A photograph
  • A hat
  • Picture of a Christmas shopper singing a Christmas song of his/her choice. Name of Song _________________ Signature ____________
  • Pine needle
  • Animal fur
  • A match
  • Tea bag string
  • Something living
  • A noisemaker
  • A warning label
  • Signature of a 5 year old
  • A fortune cookie
  • A key
  • A musical note
  • Braille rub
  • A Christmas shopping list
  • Names of all eight reindeer filled in by at least two brothers.
  • A policeman's or fireman's license number
  • The number 007
  • A Christmas bell
  • A business card - the owner guesses and writes the names of each team member on the back.
  • Something size medium
  • Something sharp
  • A Q-tip
  • A Hershey kiss flag
  • A bazooka comic
  • A menu
  • Something plastic and square
  • A smell
  • A birthday card
  • A suggestion for next years list from a shopper
  • A breath mint
  • A price tag

    2 points - Convince a shopper wearing Christmas colors to call 803-XXX-XXXX and sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

    By only saying the following 10 words... Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...

    1 point for getting a shopper to say, "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" (with signature).
    2 points for any further completed verses.
    4 points for a complete reciting of the poem. NO OTHER WORDS CAN BE USED until after they stop. Only three attempts total can be made at this.

    4 point bonus to record all items in photos as they are collected.

    ... this is the first year's list (2005). We kept the best items in 2006 and added some more.

    Scavenger Hunt- December 17, 2005

    Candy Wrapper
    Hair from Horse tail
    Lipstick Impression (stranger)
    Signature from a 15 yr old
    Something living
    Aspirin or cough drop
    Toilet Paper
    Chinese letter(s)
    A warning label
    Something historical
    Plastic clip
    Name of store clerks favorite pet
    Fortune Cookie
    Name of store clerks first boyfriend/girlfriend
    Fish Food
    Bottle cap
    Musical Notes
    Green pen
    Christmas on paper
    A Christmas shopping list from stranger
    Piece of tape
    French fry
    Shiny Penny
    A straw
    A police officers badge number
    Ice cube
    Braille rub
    Receipt more that 10 dollars
    The number 4
    Sing a carol to a stranger
    Yellow Magnet
    Business card - the owner guesses your name and writes it on the back of the card
    Cotton ball

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    Awesome Idea
    by: Wendy

    Toby and Wanda.... Your list is fantastic, but I especially loved your idea of making this an activity the kids can do while you're Christmas shopping. Very cool! I LOVE it!

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