Tween Birthday Party Theme Ideas

by Sukaina
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

I'm really stressed about my party.

Some things I'd like help with are:

  • I want my party to be unique but it has to be inexpensive.
  • I'm in my pre-teen years so i want some thing that will wow all my friends. I will probably invite 10 to 13 people.
  • I also want theme ideas.

    The party will take place at my house, and I'm a girly girl, but some of my friends aren't. Any ideas please? I need HELP!

    Tween Birthday Party Response:

    Besides a pirate party or a spa party, which I have referenced several times, some other theme ideas that are fun (depending on what you like) are:

    A Superstar Party

    Have guests come as their favorite celebrities. Have a lip sync or acting contest (depending on whether you ask your guests to come as singers or actors or either).

    Have a red carpet competition and have each guest walk down an entry path while one or more take photos. Decide who looks or acts the most like their favorite star.

    You could cut out stars to use as your invitations or even make invitation labels to cover old cds.

    A karaoke machine would be fun if you have access to one. Otherwise, lip syncing can be hilarious.

    Try a game of pictionary or charades by using favorite movie titles or song titles.

    There are alot of fun drama games available online also.

    Serve finger foods and decorate with movie star pics, cds, etc.

    A Carnival Party

    Create and set up several carnival type booths and hand out tickets for each win that your guests can later use to purchase prizes or throw into a draw for some prizes. I've seen the tickets at the dollar store.

    Borrow a couple of tricycles and have a tricycle race.

    Great snacks for carnival parties are popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream cones.

    Get some face painting makeup and paint each other's faces. Have a competition for the best face even.

    For a craft you could make masks. Have feathers, glitter, glue, paper face masks, and other craft materials set out for creating the masks. You can find one mask pattern on my mardi gras page.

    Carnivals are bright and colorful so decorate with colorful streamers, balloons, paper plates and cups.

    An Olympic Party

    Decide on 2-4 countries and invite some of your guests to come as one country, others to come as another country, etc.

    Print out flags for each of the countries represented. Try and find the anthems for each of the countries you chose online or at the library.

    Set up Olympic type competitions or crazy variations. Have medals to award the winners at the end of the competitions. If you can't find them at a good price make them out of bristol board. You can create some fun awards that way.

    Try and serve a snack from each country you choose.

    Decorate with streamers and flags. Be sure to use the colors in the flags represented by the countries you chose.


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    Please Help Me
    by: Anonymous

    Someone please please help me !!!

    I am twelve and my birthday is coming up and I want to have a special unforgettable party and I want to invite a lot of people. The thing is that I am new to the school I'm at and I really want to impress my friends with an original awesome idea, so please please HELP ME!!!!!

    Party Idea

    OMG!I love everyone's ideas on this site. For my 12th birthday party I am going to have 6 friends over and have a HOLLYWOOD party.

    They are going to come to my house at 4 pm. We are going to do each other's hair and get all fancy. Then we will have a fashion shoot, and then my dad will go get the pictures developed.

    We will go in the living room and set up the sleeping bags. There will be food on a table. The food will include pizza, chips, a fruit tray, popcorn, and candy. Each person will chose their favorite candy out of the pile.

    Then we will watch one of the movies I choose from my present from my parents. Then we will go to bed and play truth or dare, tell ghost stories, and talk. In the morning we will have doughnuts and open gifts. Before we go we will have cake. TH

    Thirteenth Bday
    by: karlie

    My birthday is in four months. I know I'm a little early, but my parents want me to start thinking...
    I live in the country and I'm nothing near a girly girl. I need help.

    Reply: How about a retro party. You could all dress up (if you want), rent some dvds of popular shows from a couple decades ago and play some classic retro games like kick the can, capture the flag, and ghost in the grave yard.

    To make the games match your theme even more you could decorate the can, and flag in the colors or patterns popular to the decade you choose to build your party around.

    Thanx. XX
    by: Anonymous

    Thanks sooo much to whoever replied to my comment. xx

    Reply: How thoughtful of you to leave a thank you. It was so appreciated.

    OMG 13th Bday Help Needed!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    I really don't know what to do for my 13th birthday party which is in April!

    I am thinking of maybe going shopping or something and then go home and chill out, but my dad said that that was boring! So now I can't think of anything to do that isn't expensive!!

    Please, can somebody help!?!


    How about a swap and shop party? Have your friends bring items to the party they no longer want, but are cool enough to trade or sell. Create a store setting with the items as they arrive and even leave some out to trade or auction off. Make fake money or use monopoly money and give the girls equal amounts. Then everyone gets to use their money to buy, trade or bid on the items. This can be fun with the right group of girls.

    Need Help!
    by: Anonymous

    My birthday is next month. I'm planning on a glow in the dark party. I need some game ideas! I only have a couple of ideas like paint our nails with neon colors. Use white and stick a design on them with highliters and at about ten have a glow party with a black light. BTW I'm turning 12.


    Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt Ideas

    12th Birthday Glow in the Dark Party Ideas

    Glow Stick Party Ideas

    Blacklight 13th Birthday Party Ideas

    More Blacklight Party Ideas

    14th Birthday Party Help!
    by: Jodie

    My 14th birthday is in January, and my mum wants me to start thinking about what I want to do. I know I want a sleepover afterwards, but I dont know what to do before the sleepover. I don't know whether to have a spa day or go shopping out for the day, and then go for a meal. Any ideas?

    Reply: Either one of your ideas sounds good to me. It's really all about what you and your friends enjoy. If you hate playing soccer, the last thing you want to plan is a soccer party. If you LOVE shopping, then you will have so much fun together with little effort. If you want to add a little extra to your shopping day out you can always throw in a mall scavenger hunt. There's several different lists to choose from and even free printable credit card invitations.

    Need Help With a Girls Night In
    by: BCF

    I am 13 years of age. I am very passionate about helping raise money for cancer awareness. I have decided that this year I would like to host a 'Girls Night In' to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. I am fairly organised, I have food and guests covered (I am thinking about 25 girls), but I am tossing up between two themes.

    I either want to make my 'Girls Night In' a pool party (which will entertain my guests for several hours) or a Halloween party (this would include dancing and it also suits because it is in October which is when I'm having my party).

    I am very excited but am not sure which theme would be best.

    My Sweet 13 ! Help !!!!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    It's my b-day soon. I'll be 13. I am going to have a disco. It's a joint b-day but I can't find anywhere to rent a hall. If you know a church or big hall I can rent can you write back. There will be around 50 people any ideas write back.

    Reply: Without knowing a location, it's difficult to recommend a hall. Someone could recommend a church in Topeka, Kansas while you might live in Toronto, Ontario and that wouldn't help you at all.

    What to do for a sleepover?
    by: lilly

    I love my birthday. It's awesome but I can't think of what to do. I was thinking of a sleepover but what should I do for a sleep over? What games should I play?

    13th disaster !
    by: Anonymous

    Okay... For my 13th birthday (which is May 19th, 2011)... I wanted a club themed party but it's just not in theo budget! :( So, now I don't know what I'm supposed to do! I want to maybe go to a laser tagg party but idk so PLZZ help me! Like seriously! :)

    Go-Kart Party
    by: Anonymous

    If you want a party that will entertain girly guests and not so girly guests may I suggest to have a go-kart party to entertain your not so girly friends but your girly friends will have fun too. Then take it back to your house and on the way for lunch grab some maca's, hungries, kfc etc. and if you want to have a sleepover and if you have a tent, set it up outside in your backyard and have marshmallows and dips and chips and pizza. Don't worry if you don't have a backyard because if you have a big enough room to fit a small tent in, you're laughing. Having it in your bedroom also works. If you're moving and like nearly everything's packed up that works too.
    I hope someone likes this idea and uses it.

    P.S. This is what I'm doing for my birthday.

    Party Panic!!
    by: Olivmina


    I'm having a party dilemma. I will be turning 12 this year, but I don't know what to do for my party!! I'm inviting 3 of my close friends, but I'm not girly so I don't know what to do and I don't want to do ice skating cause that's what my friend is doing. Anyway... ahhhhh!! HELP ME :)

    11 Year Old Birthday Party
    by: Anonymous

    On my 10th B-day my theme was Diva. I invited 14-19 people. The things we did where play monopoly, charades, and makeovers. After the games we watched Mean Girl's Two and Twilight. Later that night we played True or False. Also we dressed up, put on music, and just danced. Then it was all quiet, we put on another movie - Let Me In. The whole movie we ate popcorn, hotdogs, and drunk pop. We also scared each other all night long.

    Fab 14th Birthday Party
    by: Kenzie

    Okay, I'm turning 14 this year and my b-day is in September, but I plan early to avoid conflict. I'm going into 8th grade and I need like a TOTAL FABULOUS PARTY IDEA!!!! My best friend moved to Vermont and she helps me plan this stuff since she is like amazing at decorating and planning. You are my last hope!!!

    Cool Games
    by: Anonymous

    A few years back, I had a great idea. I went to the dollar store and bought some cans of silly string. Then, I gave each of my guests a can. We started a game. The point of the game was to spray each other as much as we could. Now be careful and don't play this inside, because...
    • 1. It'll stink
    • 2. It's hard to clean up
    • 3. It's better with more space

    ... well enjoy =)

    by: Anonymous

    Hey Hey!
    So my bday is in June. It's kinda early but I plan my parties early so what I'm doing is... oh btw... I'm turning 13... just letting you know.

    Um for my bday I'm gonna...

    • Rent a cheap limo
    • Go to a nice restaurant
    • Have a sleepover in my backyard with a campfire
    • Watch movies
    • Go to the mall pretty much just a casual evening with my bffs, but can someone help me? IDK how many people I should invite.

    I Need HELP!
    by: kd

    my birthday is next month (early February I'm turning 12) and I'm trying to come up with an idea for a birthday party. I can't skate too well so that blows out an idea of going skating. :( I have 11 friends that I would like to invite, but my mom says that's too much for just a sleepover, so I was wondering what I could do that's cheap and doesn't involve driving my friends around because we don't have a big car. I have a big house but not enough room for all 11 friends to sleep. Is their any ideas I could do?

    Thanks for your help!

    Who to Invite?
    by: Aliciaaa

    I'm having trouble on inviting people cause I have two cousins and one of them is a bit rude and shifty and the other is weird and I hate her but they're family. What do I do?

    Reply: Do you have any memories of times you were together with both your cousins and you all had a good time. That could help with coming up with a party idea that will make it fun for everyone and easy to decide who to invite.

    6 Year Old Coming to Birthday
    by: Anonymous

    My 6 year old neighbor is my best friend. I'm 10, and she is invited to my party. It's a sleepover party and spa party, but I'm afraid if she comes to the spa, she will break something, and she might get really scared to sleepover at my house. I'im going to ask her. What do you think I should I do?

    Tween birthday party
    by: Tross

    Last year my daughter wanted a "Hippie" party. She had it at the skating rink, and everyone dressed up as a hippie. It was great.

    11th B-day!
    by: Haley

    Thank you all for the comments! I am having my 11th birthday party in a few weeks! Your advice helped! I had the idea that you could buy the things for fondue, and have that for a snack. Or take a big tent and have the girls sleep in there, with a fire to keep you warm, tell secrets and ghosts stories. Hope my advice helps! Yours did!

    by: Anonymous

    Here are more ideas for a sleepover!

    1.Tie a balloon with string around your guest's ankles. On "go" everyone tries to stomp on everyone else's balloon.

    2.Give all guests a toothpick to put in between their teeth. They form a line and try to pass a lifesaver or any candy with a hole in it to everyone with using only your toothpick.

    3.Put truth and dare cards in a balloon and have guests pick a balloon pop it and answer the truth or do the dare.

    4.Play hide and go seek at night

    5.Have a silly string war

    6. Put a cookie on your forehead and get it to your mouth by using facial expressions only

    7. Have one girl be the pointer. She points at one girl to start off a random story then she points to another girl to continue it, and so on

    8.Have a girl leave the room while everyone hides in their sleeping bags. The girl comes in and feels the bodies to guess who it is.

    8.Have friends bring over board games to play

    9. Have an equal pile of m&ms for every girl. One teen starts off by saying I have never... (I have never gone to Hawaii) If it is true for you, eat an m&m. Whoever has the most left wins!

    10. Have a bowl of small multicolored candy (like skittles) Have everyone grab 2 candies. If they have the same color you get to eat them. If not you must keep this in your mouth. Round after round you stuff sweets into your mouth until you have 2 of the same color.

    11. Play a classic game of truth or dare

    12. Watch a movie.

    13. Freeze dance
    14. Give each other makeovers, BLINDFOLDED!

    These are not MY ideas. I got them off of the internet

    by: Anonymous

    Here is what I am doing (feel free to use them!):
    This may seem babyish, but some of my guests don't know each other so I am playing a "Name Game" It is actually very fun as I have played it a lot. Everyone is in a circle one girl is in the middle. She points to any party guest. They squat down as fast as possible. The two kids next to the "squatter" must yell the other teen's name before the other girl does. If you don't succeed you go to the middle and point to someone else and so on.

    Another common icebreaker I am planning to do involves a chair for every guest, but 1. They are in a circle facing the middle. A teen is in the center. She says her name and states that you are awesome if you... it could be like you are awesome if you own a pet dog. (Whatever the girl picks must be true for her.) Everyone who the statement is true for (If you have a dog) gets out of their chair and races to another one (NOT THIER OWN). The girl in the middle tries her best to get a seat to. If you are stuck without a seat you then are in the middle and it goes on and on.

    For dinner I have a "Mystery Meal" and I give each guest a menu, but the items are coded like Dr.Pepper is Physicians spice. It is funny to see your friends confused! I will post more games later (If you see something else titled IDEAS!!!! it is mine).

    Fun Games
    by: Anonymous

    If you want a inexpensive party have a classic sleepover at your house. I prefer it over most any other type of party! If you do this you can't have bored guests so, you need games (AND LOTZ!)

    I love a game were you get one egg for everyone attending, and before they arrive hard boil all, but 2. Everyone picks an egg (They do NOT shake it!) They crack it on their forehead! It is so much fun. You can spray silly string, play truth or dare, play hide and go seek at night (That may sound kiddish, but everyone at my party loves it.

    I love board games, movies and crazy games off the internet that leave me cracking up! One game I found online is called "Cheeto Head". You divide into teams and one girl from each team puts shaving cream on their head. Then they go a distance and the team throws Cheetos at her head! Whoever has the most cheese puffs at the end wins!

    I Know How You Feel?!?
    by: Izzy

    I'm 11, going on 12- very soon! I'm thinking about having a spa party, making masks, and painting nails: mani-pedi's! sounds really girly but fun!
    If that's under your budget I'm sure you'll have fun!!

    Need Helpp!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    I just turned 13 and it's Friday and I'm thinking of doing something on Saturday. I need ideas of what to do! I don't want to have a slumber party or make-up or arts and crafts or luau cuz I'm not that girly....but I want some awesome and UNIQUE ideas for my 13th hang out!!

    Dollar Store Party Supplies
    by: Anonymous

    They have dollar stores where you can buy lots of party supplies for different themes and it would be under at least $50, depends on how many things you get.

    Tween Birthday Party Confusion
    by: Anonymous

    Well first of all, I don't know exactly what to do for my party. I wanted to do a masquerade ball theme, but it won't be so cool to do it at my house. I want people to look dressy, but I don't know what we would do there for activities. I might invite some to sleep over. Please help me find out where to have it and what to do there!! PS. not all my friends are girly and I'm inviting around 13 or 14 friends.


    It's my party really soon... like in 15 days and I don't know what to do! I don't want a theme party. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


    Board Games???... Big Brain Academy board game?

    Food???... Pizza

    Give me more ideas please!

    More Tween Party Ideas Please
    by: ashley

    Hi! I'm Ashley and I think that you should add more themes like a horror theme. So yeah... if you could, that would be awesome!

    I Need Help
    by: Anonymous

    Hey guys what's up?! So I am turning 13 September 26 and my party is the 25th and I am thinking about going to the mall and having a scavenger hunt there and then coming home and having a weenie roast. I want it 2 be an awesome party and have people talking about it for a while. Plzzzz help me. The only think I ask is send ideas that don't cost much. Thx:)!!!

    Turning 13 and I don't Know What to Do!!!!!
    by: Madison

    I'm turning 13 in November 2010. I am really excited cause this is the year I become a teen! (in my family that means I can finally start wearing a bit of makeup!!:) My mom doesn't think it's a big deal but I can't stop thinking about it!!! I'm a real girly-girl so I've thought of doing a think pink party, a Shirley temple theme and a spa night. The thing I really want to do is a beauty night at a hotel. The problem is that I can't spend a lot of money at all. Plus, most of my friends moms are SUPER strict about what their kids do and watch. That means no freaky Friday... my favorite movie!!!!! What should I do?!

    Help! :(
    by: Anonymous

    Help!!! I have to entertain about 36 6-10 year olds at a wedding for 3 hours!!!!! Help! About 10 of them are English and the rest are Swedish! I have a Swedish friend who can translate for me, but I have no idea what to do with them. Please please help!

    Thanks xxx

    Book Theme Party Idea
    by: Brittany

    Okay well last year for my 11th b-day a few of my friends and I were obsessed with this book series WARRIORS so I kinda made a cat theme party (warriors is a series about wild cats that live together in different clans. You should really read the books)....Well we got these cheap $1 small cat sculptures in Walmart that you're supposed to paint, but we used markers instead! XD Then we went on a scavenger hunt throughout my house looking for these candy rats (well I didn't know that they tasted horrible) so everyone scattered and we gave out a 5 inch garden cat sculpture thingy (lol). Now this was the fun part......we started eating the rat candies and they tasted so bad everyone was joking around saying "Were you trying to poison me or something!?" XD Afterwards I took a hat and wrote down different characters from the books and whoever you pulled out you RP'd (rping or role playing is when you act out someone or something) So we all started acting like a clan....FUN! Hope you could use this for your parties whether you like harry potter, twilight or anything else! =D

    My 11th Bday Party
    by: Anonymous

    I am having my birthday party the day after my birthday that I can spend time with my family on my birthday. My birthday party starts out at the pool. Meaning the town pool. We are going to swim and maybe do slip 'n slide. When we all go out we can sun tan or play. When we're dry everyone gets a blow-up beach ball. While we are having dinner anyone who you want to sign your beach ball can. At the end of the party they can bring theirs home. For dessert I am having ice cream cake because my birthday's in the summer. When we're done at the pool we can either drive or walk to my house, in the dark. My house is only two minutes away when you are driving. When we get home we play the crazy sock game. Then watch a movie and eat this really good popcorn that I ordered. Then we go to sleep. While going to sleep we can play truth or dare, and Coke or Pepsi 3.

    In the morning we open presents and have either pancakes or crepés outside on the balcony. My mom is going to paint all of our nails. When people leave in the morning, they bring home a goody bag.

    Dinner: Pizza
    Snacks: goldfish, chips, dressed pretzel sticks
    Drinks: Fresca, sprite rootbeer ect.
    Crazy sock game: Tell all of your friends to bring a pair of wrapped crazy socks. At the party everyone sits in a circle and picks out a number from a bowl. There should be the amount of numbers in a bowl than there are guests. The person who picked one goes first then two and etc. Number one picks any sock from the pile and puts them on. Number two can either take number one's socks or choose a pair from the middle. If she chooses from number one number one has to pick another pair. When everyone has gone, number one can trade socks with anybody in the group.
    Goody bags: Inside my goody bags were an itunes giftcard ($5), the newest seventeen magazine, maybe a bracelet, soda flavored chapstick, and their beach ball.

    arts and crafts
    by: zora

    Why not have an arts and crafts party? i did that for my 11th bday party and we had a blast! We ate tons of food (that the company we hired gave us), made our own sound tracks and danced to it, took photos at the photo booth, and we did tons of art projects that the guests (including me) got to take home, like paint the canvas. It was great! And if you're not going to hire a company to do it, then maybe set up an arts and craft table at your house to do stuff like friendship bracelets. Then for those that aren't making the crafts at the moment, set up a radio and have them dance, and sing along to it! Remember to always have the goody bags out so the art projects they make can be but in the bags immediately! You don't want lost projects! Then you can have your mom or dad walking around taking pictures of your guests, and giving them their pictures! An arts and crafts party seems childish, but if you know how to plan it, it will be a blast!

    Help need ideas
    by: Madison

    My birthday is in 13 more days. It's July 5 and I need help. It can't cost a lot of money. My mom was thinking about going to a drive-in but idk plzz give me ideas :)

    11 turning 12
    by: Rosie

    I am having a party but have no clue what to do. I have some pretty judgmental friends though.

    Just an idea
    by: Anonymous

    Get a bunch of dress up supplies (just random stuff such as old clothes) and put it in a basket. Then get some makeup. When the kids come over, tell them that they have to dress up as aliens and put on the makeup anywhere on themselves. Then as soon as that's done, go down the street and start chanting in nonsense. If you know your neighbors well, knock on their doors and keep saying the nonsense. It's really fun!

    For people who arent rich!
    by: Anonymous

    Hi! Seriously everyone is having these big limo parties and clubs in the city with the whole school invited costing into the thousands, but what about those guys who aren't rich and definitely not inviting the whole school? If you're on a tight budget and still want an awesome party and want to invite still a good a amount of people why not try a park or a beach or somewhere free to enjoy the natural environment. It doesn't have to be boring. Start up a game of volleyball, do some swimming or just chat. There are countless options that aren't expensive.
    Hope I have helped :)

    birthday bash(:
    by: Alisa

    hey this is Alisa and I'm turning 13 in august. this idea will work from may - October (: i wanna have a huge campout in the woods since we have a big clearing. there will be a huge tent since im inviting 6 of my best friends. a major campfire will take place along with snacks drinks and smores:D we will probably ride go-carts and quads around since it 100 acres and we will go to the water falls. i cant wait and im very excited. this is less expensive than some other peoples because im not a girly girl who wants pedis and manis or spas. all i want is a good time with my friends. this is a awesome idea and i hope this will help you(: ilyaa - lis<3

    sleepover movies
    by: Anonymous

    sleepovers are so cool! and everybody loves movies! here are some movie ideas for different categories:

    Tear jerker: Forrest Gump
    Comedy: Land of the Lost
    Scary (but not too scary):Edward Scissorhands
    Horror: Hide & Seek
    Romance: Twilight
    Animation: Up

    Hope I helped!!!!!!

    activities for ure b-day
    by: Anonymous

    my b-day is coming up to so here r some ideas!!!!
    here r some activities u can play @ your party!!!!

    1)musical chairs
    2)art in the dark
    3)loot bag scavenger hunt in the dark
    4)hot potato with the the most embarrassing chits
    5)freeze dance
    6)paint ur nailz
    7)play hide and go seek in the dark
    8)rent movies
    9)HAVE FUN!!!!!!
    lawl have fun everyone hope u liked the ideas!!!!!

    what to do
    by: Anonymous

    i am turning 12 this year. in Oct. im wanting to have a HUGE party.i am going to invite my whole grade. that means BOYS. so i think i want to do a dance party.with fun things to do.there is about 60 something people in my grade.there are people that i do not like though.but you have to give everybody one.i could send some in the mail but i dont have everyone's address. WHAT DO I DO?

    Snow Fun
    by: Spula

    This year is my 12th birthday party and my birthdays in the winter. Since its just after Valentines day all my party favors are pink and red. I also have a colourful makeup bag for everything to go in like nail polish, Lip Smacker, gum, icebreakers, bracelets, and heart chocolates. Because it is in the winter we are going tubing at the local ski park, then coming home for a slumber party! I can't wait but I also don't have many cool game ideas. Please help!! Can you enter it by Thursday February 18th 2010???
    Thanks and it will help bunches!!

    what im doing
    by: lillie

    i have the best idea!! this is what im doing :P going bowling then going to Frankie and Bennies for meal with me girls , my cousins are coming down from Manchester and they are staying at mine so there will be 13 of us in my 12 bedroom house which will be ok if you have a bigish house and then we are going out with £500 each shopping the next morning and i cant wait so if your poor not so much of a good idea lol xx luvvssyaa girlies we are the bestt:P<3

    by: Anonymous

    I think it would be a good idea to have a pajama party and then some friends to sleep over. At your sleepover you could give each other makeovers.

    who cares
    by: Anonymous

    dont worry what your friends want its your party have what you want!!

    by: Anonymous

    I think it would be fun to rent horror movies, but not too scary. Then play truth or dare and talk about stuff. It actually turns out to be really awsome.

    by: Rachel

    An idea to help you pick out a theme for your daughter might be to recognize any holidays and take after that holiday finding fun activities having to do w/ that holiday. For example my birthday is near Halloween and I like to use a Halloween theme!!

    11 turning 12!
    by: Anika

    Hi I'm so excited for my birthday but I don't know what to do for it I was thinking a sleep over with about 2 to 3 girls. It has to be cheap and fun. It don't want a theme I just would like some stuff that we could do. Like games, movies, etc. I am a big swimmer but my birthday is in the winter and I have to have it at home what should I do please help!

    by: Ashley

    You want a birthday party that is really fun yet inexpensive well I will be turning 11 on October 26 which is super close to Halloween so I wanna do a scary party! I will invite 5 of my friends(you can invite more)and we have some good ideas. We will make me and my friends guess what my mom put in a separate jar for each of us (use grapes pealed, Oreo cream, ect.) We are also thinking about scary dinners and deserts. Even a spooky scavenger hunt. And a really scary movie. Hope I could help!

    by: Rebecca

    HI! I'm turning 12 in September, and my mom says I can only have a party if i plan it myself! So, I did! My B-day is around when school starts, so it's hard to find a place like a pool or bowling or a movie theater that can fit around my schedule, so I was looking around, and I found a party that's cheap, easy to make and plan, and fits the busy time of year! A mall camera hunt party! In our local mall, there's a pizza restaurant that I'm going to rent, which includes the food, and the place to put things like gifts, cake, and jackets. In the mall, there's also a dollar store, so I can get party favors there pretty cheap, and for some of the bigger prizes, gift certificates to the mall. Everyone I'm inviting has a digital camera, so that's covered. We're going to have to take pictures of us doing things that are some fun, some challenging, and then there's a bunch of embarrassing ones too. Like, say, sing Mary had a little lamb to a toddler, or, go to a makeup store and have a group member get a makeover. It's something that hasn't been done by any of my friends, so it's totally unique. And people? Take it from a tween. You or your kids will LOVE IT!

    Mall Madness Scavenger Hunt
    by: Rose,12- almost 13

    I had all my friends come over and we drove them to the mall... then I told them the Rules: Follow the list, do not skip around on the list. You will be disqualified if we find you don?t do this. This applies for all but Clue10, which can be done whenever. Stay together as a group. The first group back to the food court wins a prize. Please give my mom/dad or me the bag and the change. One bag per group (as opposed to one per person). Save your receipts!!!! Someone must have a phone with a camera for this group!

    Here were 2 of the clues (I had 11 in total, for each 2 groups):
    Go to the store that will forever have an obnoxious yellow bag. Buy a bag under 1.60$. Use this to carry around all your other stuff. (Forever21)

    I heart the color pink, so take a picture of someone in your group kissing a pink dog.

    It will be so much fun!

    by: Desi

    How do I have a brithday with 25 kids invited without costing money. We can't afford a big bash like we normally do. What do I do????

    Here`s my idea
    by: Jackie Tzou

    Do a make up party. Then have your mom shoot a mini movie and send it to your guests parents.

    Games / foods / ideas!!!
    by: Anonymous

    Hi, congrats to all the people having their b'day!
    It's mine soon (yay) and I'll share some ideas with you!
    Pillow case racing. exactly like sack racing but your in a pillow case.
    Art in the dark. Turn off the lights and draw!
    Fashion show.
    Trreasure hunt in the dark. (give people a flashlight to use).
    Dance off...with bubble wrap. trry to pop the most bubbles.

    Dinner : Order pizza. Have cake.
    Brekky : Pancakes, sausages, fruit, cereal.
    Snacks: Chips, lollies, gummy bears, sour worms,jellybeans.

    Movies :
    Foxtel Box Office(if you have it)
    The Simpsons

    Crafts :
    Make doorhangers. Make bracelets, necklaces or earings.

    Well, hope I helped...have fun at your party!

    by: Anonymous

    You can pick whatever theme you like, but some other traditional and fun games are Ballon Pop, where everyone gets a partner, and one balloon between the pair, and they have to face their backs to each other, link arms, and try to pop the balloon with their backs. It's actually really hard.

    You can also ty the Nail Polish Song. It's like Hot Potato, but you pass around Nail Polish, and everytime the song stops, whoever has the nail polish has to paint one of their nails. Plus, you can switch up the colours to be funky.

    You can also stick to games like Charades, Freeze Dance, and Truth or Dare, because you don't really need a theme for any of them. I'm having a party soon too, but I'm not going to use a theme. I just want to have fun on my B-Day.

    Hope this helps.

    Birthday party ideas for 12 - 15
    by: Katherine, 13 years old

    It may be expensive but I have done some of these for my birthdays:

    1) Rent a hotel nearby a beach and stay the night there with your friends adn the next day have some fun in the sun and go to the beach.

    2) Invite some friends over and take a limo to Down Town Toronto and go to a nice restaurant and walk around and even shop a little if you want to.

    3) Have some friends over early in the day and go tree treking with them, which is also known as ziplining. You can go to places like horseshoe to do this!

    Club theme
    by: Anonymous

    Umm... You should have a club theme! I mean that is what I'm doing! Like have somebody u know to be a DJ have like a little disco ball and dancing and food! Just like a CLUB!

    13th BASH!
    by: Oliva

    Want a cool fun party? Well, I have your answer! If you want to throw your daughter a party to remember that's in your budget, first have a girls night out. Take your daughter and all her girlfriends and do a little shopping. Go out to eat and then have a sleepover! The next day will be a boy-girl party. Rent out the skating rink or bowling alley and after that rent out a local community center like the Y.M.C.A. and throw a major dance party. Hope my advice helped!! Good luck!!!

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