Tween Halloween Birthday Party

by Terri Sinclair
(Honaker, VA )

Tween Halloween Birthday Party

Tween Halloween Birthday Party

Every year I give Jordan (11) and Leah (12) one big birthday party together, since their birthdays are so close together. They are cousins but have been close from the very beginning. I have run out of games to play with them. Any ideas will be great appreciated.

Tween Halloween Birthday Party Response:

Hi Terri!

Since I don't know what games you have already played, I hope I won't reiterate them. I'm also not sure whether you are looking for active or quiet games.

One fun active game is an outdoor Halloween scavenger hunt. I have one on my Scavenger Hunt Fun site that would be perfect.

If your looking for more quiet indoor games a Ghost Story Mad Libs is a lot of fun. You could also pull some popular lines from Halloween movies and have your guests guess what movies they came from.


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Halloween Party
by: Brooke

Hi! I am 12 years old and I am also having a Halloween party! Here are some ideas that I came up with to do.

Apple bobbing
Pumpkin bowling
Caramel apple bar
Scavenger hunt
Pumpkin carving/decorating
Costume voting
Ghost in the graveyard
Hands-on-gross-guessing game
Pin the tail on the skeliton
Cookie decorating

Hope these help!

Teen Halloween Birthday Party Decorating Ideas
by: Anonymous

Ok. I have some decoration ideas for you.

One is that you can cover the lights with black construction paper to dim the lights (use safety precautions. Paper should not be close enough to potentially get hot and catch on fire).

Also, you can buy lots of spiderwebs and put them around your house.

Next, rip up garbage bags and hang them in doorways.

Finally, Here are some activity ideas:

-ghost in the graveyard
-mummy wrap
-scavenger hunt
-candy wars (same thing as m&m wars)
-corn maze

Hope this helps!

Halloween Party!!
by: Anonymous


I've been looking at your guys' game ideas and they are awesome!!
If you guys need more ideas, here are some:

~Ghost in the Graveyard (bloody murder)
~Role call

You can look up how to play these or just ask!


Reply: I'm familiar with Ghost in the Graveyard, but would love instructions on the other two games if you get the chance to share. Thanks!

Halloween Party
by: Brooke & Faith

Our names are Faith and Brooke (both 12) and we are planning to have a party at Brooke's house. We are inviting up to 14 people (only girls) and we're going to dress up in masquerade costumes. It's going to be a costume party and we need game ideas (halloween games only). We want to know how to play ghost in the grave-yard! And we need food recipes.

Here are some of our ideas...

*Have a talent show (partners 2 people)
*Fortune telling (box with hole and make fortunes)
*Bob for apples
*Toilet paper fashion show

!!!Ok thx bye!!!

Reply: Masquerade parties are so much fun. You could even have a strut your stuff runway competition for best costume or best strut.

Masquerade party theme ideas

How to play Ghost in the Graveyard

Halloween ghost story mad libs game

Halloween Scavenger Hunt
by: Anonymous

My b-day is on October 30 and on my birthday we are having a halloween theme scavenger hunt and what it's like is... you create a list of things you need to find like a brain or a pumpkin with a black dot on the bottom. You give every station a theme like one is a zombie and in that station you might do a fun or scary game. You keep making different stations with a theme for fun.

Spooky Birthday Party
by: Anonymous

I'm 12 and I'm into scary things so I would LOVE a spooky themed birthday, but am dry on ideas. I'm inviting around 4-5 friends and would love some ideas. :)

Reply: How about a haunted Hollywood Halloween party?

12th Halloween Birthday Party
by: Anonymous

Okay, I have a b-day close to Halloween and I'm pretty sure I have it planned out! Here's what I am thinking!

  • 1. An awesome Halloween themed cake that I will be making.
  • 2. A bunch of random games light ghost in the graveyard and other night games.
  • 3. Awesome snacks! I'm sure if you looked in your library, or a store you will find a book that has scary treats in it.
  • 4. Scary movies! Most of the scary movies are PG-13, so make sure everyone can watch it!
  • 5. Give your friends a treat and get an awesome Pinata!

I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Throwing a Party
by: Gr.7

Hi! I'm 12 and I'm throwing a party. I'm inviting my whole class which is all girls. I already have some games like Manhunt, Mission Impossible... stuff like that, but I really need some more ideas so I can impress my friends! Please help!

by: Lia

This is a game I learned from my friend recently. If you are playing this with little kids make sure you cover all sharp edges and such with padding or something.

So you split the room into two sides. Name them whatever you want or nothing at all... just A and B.

Then split the party into teams. Then with a cellphone or iTouch or something hide it at each end of the room. Then when someone yells go i.e. parent they turn out the lights and everyone tries to grab the iTouch or thingy from the other side. But once you are on the other side you are able to be tagged.

If you have older kids I recommend having a referee or someone to make sure people don't get rough when fighting about who grabbed what and blah blah blah. The best way to do this is when every one is on the other side trying to grab your thingy, go to there side when the person they left behind isn't looking, crawl and go and get the thing. Once you have it RUN back. DON'T crawl or else you run the risk of getting tagged easily. Also I need some ideas that aren't like kiddy, but not too scary.

by: Coolpopularandausome

I'm having my first girl boy party at the age of 11 I'm really excited but I'm kind of puzzled about what to do or play! Any help?

Ideas and stuff
by: Anonymous

ok so I'm 11 and here are some games/ideas
Were dying to hear from you
? Here lies the Pillsbury Dough Boy He will rise again
? DEAR DEPARTED BROTHER DAVE he chased a bear into a cave
? HERE LIES GOOD OLD FRED a great big rock fell on his head
? Swamp water surprise and Nuclear Waste
? Crunching bones underfoot
? Freeze water in clear plastic gloves and throw in punch
? ADULTS, don?t be too involved.
? Dead Disco
? Icebreaker two words (werewolf vampire)
? Paper cup smoothie, whip cream ice cream
? No talent talent show
? Gore is the new Glam
? Spook walk like a cake walk and when your number is called so is your fortune
? Halloween musical corners
? Scavenger hunt

halloween birthday party
by: Anonymous

hey okay so I am turning 17 and my birthday's on Oct 15 but I am planning to celebrate it on Oct 30th because I wanna make it a Halloween themed party. It would be nice if anyone could give me some fun ideas for games I could play with my friends and family. I want some fun simple games I could play with a lot of people, nothing that would be to hectic. I am having a dj at my party and I want to make sure everyone has fun throughout the whole night. I've read all the earlier comments but if you guys have any more ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks :)

by: Anonymous

Ok so thx guys for all the help on my party!!!! I?m in 7th grade and cant wait!!!!! We are playing find the cheeseburger. We?re getting 3 plastic cheeseburgers and hiding them in the dark and each person gets a flashlight to try and find them. Scream was a great idea. Me and my buds luv to have fun and well scream!!!! I luv scavenger hunts 2. You guys are awesome. Thx 4 the ideas!!!!

by: Anonymous

I am turning twelve and for my bday party i having friends spend the night i am going to scare them to death with spooky sounds cds i can't wait.

by: Millie

Hello im 14(as so I am allowed a party with out mums), and I am 15 in about 3 weeks. I have been dwelling ideas for Halloween parties and would like to help (being part of the technological age i got these off the internet)......
1. I found pouring water in a glove tying it an freezing makes a good addition to the punch bowl.
2. oh this is kinda for people my age but... making some humus and placing it on a plate looks like poo, but if you want it to look better add a baby on the side!
3. ahh wick fingers can be made out of cocktail sausages with a bit of onion or yellow capsikon.

kk hope this helped( sorry about my spelling),
ily byez :p

Halloween party game tween girls
by: Anonymous

My friend gave me this idea. Split the girls into teams of 3 or so girls. Give each group a roll of toilet paper and one piece of tape. Each team chooses a model and the other girls make an outfit for the model out of the toilet paper. Then the models show their outfits on the "catwalk" and the judges (parents) pick a winner. My friend said this was a big hit at her party for 12/13 year old girls.

Given tons of Halloween Parties...
by: Anonymous

Music really makes or breaks the party - if it is too quiet everyone will be VERY bored. Rent a karaoke machine and have a TON of fun Halloween music on hand - fun Halloween foods and music and you're good to go!

answer and questions
by: madi

o.k so im 11 and the night before Halloween im having a Halloween party and i have a few answers for everyone that has no idea what to do like ....umm
there is ...
mummy wrap
each person grabs a partner and u each get one roll of toilet paper then u wrap it around the other and they guess how many times it went around them....

costume contest
u all now how that works with a prize

this is a game i made myself and its really cool like everyone chooses one person to be it...everyone hides except that person and that one person "it" walk around the whole area u are playing in and people jump out or throw stuff or whatever and who ever made "it" scream the loudest wins a prize

scavenger hunt
i personally love scavenger hunts their so fun

o.k this is a little like a baby shower...u get nontransparent bags and fill them worth stuff like cold spaghetti and peeled grapes and smashed bananas and u pass them around and people have to guess what it is

Pumpkin Easter Egg Hunt
this is like hunting for Easter eggs but with pumpkins and its really fun

and for the adults i heard my aunt talking bout a game called dead celebrity and like as u walk in they put a name of a dead celeb on ur back and u ask other guest yes or no questions and u cant drink till u guess ur name haha lol.... now heres my i doing to much should i like let people just i need diff games is so plz plz plz tell me and comment my games...tell me if their good and i agree no one ever wants to get caught looking retarded in front of popular duhh

by: I am 12

Have you ever heard of Night Games? Well if you have good for you cause thats what im gonna do for my Halloween party, oh yeah and also, we are gonna watch scary movies play games and eat like pizza! The games were gonna play are like scary games....

answers and questions
by: zayli

hey im 12 and i need help! haha so im in 7th grade and will be 13 on October 30th so im having a Halloween bday party. i have some ideas for games but i would love some more!
for those of you who are looking for ideas, here is what im doing so far
-costume contest w/ different categories
*scariest,most original, etc.
-scavenger hunt from above *thanks for that one!!*
-infiltration.infiltration is a fun game for the night, which is when my party is... ok so you have home base, and 3 or more other bases. also some kind of token. if its dark, then have people on the bases get flash lights. then, your other guests try to get up to the bases. if you shine the light on them while they are moving, they have to go to home base and start over. if they get to touch the base, give them a token, which they bring back to home base and put it in their teams bucket. if there are no teams, have each person put their tokens in a pocket.

by: Hallow Mom

Tween is such a getting "cool" age, lol. This will be my third Halloween tween party with two girls. We had 33 girls show last year. The games they keep asking for are... Mummy wraps Lots of T.P. and teams of 3 or 4 girls and time the wrap to 1- 2 minutes. Use a leaf blower to move the mess to a pile for pick up. Body parts... Used a large black trash bag spread along a wood pallet, with white spray paint for body out line, cut slits for access to dishes of goo for girls to guess, did this in teams as well. Piñata are always a hit this eliminated gift bags after first year.
Straws to suck up mini marshmallows to move from one chair to another but while they move like Simon says to. I put an easy up with Halloween music for a dance area to help rid of excited energy, girls had a blast. Also had a guest appearance from Dark Vader (my husband) with photo ops, you would have thought the Jonas Brothers were there. I placed the girls in a big circle and let them place buttons to show their favorite costume among the guests and handed out trophies for winners. This one back fired but will consider at the end of the night? with hands behind their back, a small plate of whip cream with a small piece of chewing gum hidden, the first to find and blow a bubble wins. This made for some great pic?s. This is also fun with mini doughnuts with yarn tied along a clothes line.



well i had a halloween party and.....
by: kyra

get a cardboard box with a top and turn it to the back. cut several holes where the heart is and other places. get grocery bags and put chicken liver in where the liver is and peeled grapes where eyes r. another idea is a hay ride. my family members dressed up and jumped out and scared us!!! have Halloween bowls full of candy everywhere.dress up really scary and watch scary movies before sleep cake with gummy eyeballs and worms sticking out of the cake. also if in the day time have a decorate the pumpkin thing. btw-im 11 in October.

by: Kimi :D

I'm ten and having a Halloween party. Here are some games I like to play with my friends!:D
1. Ghost in the Graveyard!
An outside game. At least three players. So, there is one ghost, and the rest are people in a imaginary graveyard. The people pick a pose and the ghost will try to memorize them. Then, the people count for some seconds while the ghost hides somewhere around the house. When somebody spots the ghost, they yell "Ghost in the graveyard!" and run to there spot in the grass. They pose, but if the ghost holds the person's pose first, that person is the ghost.

12 year old....
by: Anonymous

My daughter is also in grade 7. She is very concerned about it being 'cool'. We are having my 9 year old daughter and her friends as well.
Have you come up with any game/movie ideas that would suit everyone?
GOOD LUCK!! And just remember.. it is already very cool that you are making the effort to have this party.
Have a BLAST!!

HAlloween PARTY needs help!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

HEyy. Ok, so im having a Halloween party on Halloween night. One thing i have absolutely no idea what were gonna do! i sent out invitations, i know were gonna have pizza but beyond that, im blank. lol. Im a tween girl and there will be about like 13-14 girls there. Its gonna be at my house. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ help! THX a ton!

halloween pary
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm 12 years old and im throwing a Halloween party for 4 friends and my brother and his friend and they are 8 and 7 and the rest are around 12 and i need party ideas and games and decoration ideas and fast remember i'm in 7th grade and if this party is not the best party i've ever had i'll be a total joke

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