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Valentine trivia questions to test your knowledge of love and history...

"Love makes the world go round," and Valentine's Day sends most us around the world looking for the perfect gift or card for that special someone we call sweetheart.

Where did Valentine's Day originate anyway, and what's so special about February 14th?  Do you know?

Find out by answering  these Valentine  trivia questions.

Valentine Trivia and History

There's a free printable version of this trivia available for anyone who takes a moment to share about the most romantic gift they have ever received (see below).

And for those who cannot get enough of Valentine trivia there are extra printable Valentine  related trivia games available through Party Fun Printables and Print Games Now (see below). 

Valentine Trivia Questions

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01. What famous actress was born on February 14?
a. Florence Henderson 
b. Audrey Hepburn 
c. Patricia Richardson 
d. Farrah Fawcett-Majors 

02. What famous actor was born on February 14?
a. Gary Coleman 
b. Ashton Kutcher 
c. Gregory Hines 
d. Billy Crystal 

03. What historical event transpired on Valentine's Day in 1950?
a. Britain abolished the death penalty 
b. U.S.S.R. and China signed a peace treaty 
c. Russia broke diplomatic relations with Israel
d. Stalin met with Beria, Bulganin, Khrushchev and Malenkov 

04. Who wrote the lyrics to "My Funny Valentine"?
a. Richard Rogers
b. Barabara Striesand
c. Lorenz Hart 
d. Miles Davis 

05. What type of movie is the 2001 film "Valentine"?
a. comedy
b. horror 
c. action
d. drama 

06. In what year did Hallmark makes its first Valentine card?
a. 1957
b. 1941
c. 1924
d. 1913 

07. Where was the first Valentine's Day card sent from? 
a. the battlefield
b. a monestary
c. a prison 
d. a hospital 

08. What conversation heart saying was added in 2005?
a. Be Mine
b. Love Me Tender 
c. Bear Hug 
d. Heart of Gold 

09. Approximately what percentage of Valentine’s Day cards are purchased by women?
a. 24 
b. 47
c. 68
d. 85 

10. Who was Cupid's father?
a. Eros
b. Ares 
c. Vesta
d. Anteros 

11. Who was Cupid's mother?
a. Aphrodite
b. Artemis
c. Hera
d. Venus 

12. According to mythology, what was once celebrated on Valentine's Day? 
a. Fertility 
b. Virginity
c. Romance
d. Marriage 

13. Approximately how many calories can be burned by passionately kissing for one minute? 
a. 0 calories
b. 2 calories 
c. 12 calories 
d. 22 calories 

14. According to statistics, in what profession do people receive the most Valentine's Day cards? 
a. Nurses
b. Secretaries
c. Teachers 
d. Librarians 

15. Since the 1950s, how has Valentine's Day been customarily celebrated in Japan?
a. Couples exchange white doves
b. Men give women white chocolate
c. Women give men chocolate 
d. Romantic meals are served on white table settings 

16. What Italian city receives thousands of cards addressed to Juliet every Valentine's Day? 
a. Rome
b. Verona 
c. Venice
d. Florence 

17. According to Roman mythology, what liquid that spilled by Cupid caused roses to grow?
a. nectar 
b. rose oil
c. patchouli oil
d. red wine 

18. What were Esther Howland's valentines known for?
a. price 
b. color 
c. availability
d. beauty 

19. In what country's museum can you find the oldest known Valentine still in existence?
a. Italy
b. England 
c. Greece 
d. France 

20. In Shakespearean times what bodily organ was associated with love?
a. liver 
b. kidneys
c. brain
d. stomach 

Valentine Trivia Answers

Printable Valentine Trivia and Games

Valentine Trivia Answers

01. a. Florence Henderson / 02. c. Gregory Hines / 03. b. U.S.S.R. and China signed a peace treaty / 04. c. Lorenz Hart / 05. b. horror /06. d. 1913 / 07. c. from prison / 08. c. Bear Hug / 09. d. 85 / 10. b. Ares / 11. d. Venus / 12. a. Fertility / 13. c. 12 calories (source says 8-16 so we took the midway number of 12)14. c. Teachers / 15. c. Women give men chocolate / 16. b. Verona / 17. a. nectar / 18. d. beauty / 19. b. England / 20. a. liver 

Valentine Trivia on Kissing

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