Video Scavenger Hunt

by Rose

Video Scavenger Hunt Fun

Video Scavenger Hunt Fun

Host a Video Scavenger Hunt and challenge your creativity and courage as you complete the following list of challenges on video.

Play in teams and later serve popcorn and view the hilarity of your day.

Video Scavenger Hunt List

  • Get on your hands and knees at store and look for "fallen contact lenses".

  • Buy prune juice and toilet paper and then ask cashier "Where's the restroom?"

  • Sing the Oscar Mayer weiner song in the meat department of a grocery store (if video cameras are permitted in the store).

  • Sing or hum the "whip it" song by the Cool Whip section of a store (if video cameras are permitted in the store).

  • Waddle like ducks by a local pond/lake.

  • Offer a police officer bubble gum and get them to blow a bubble.

  • Have scooter races in Walmart (if video cameras and tomfoolery are permitted in the store).

  • Have grocery cart race in parking lot (if able, respecting store rules and vehicles in the lot is a must).

  • Get someone to sign your foot with marker.

  • Get a complete stranger to let you face paint their face.

  • Find someone who has a rubber ducky and sing the "Rubber Ducky" song in a bathtub.

  • Go to Burger King and ask for Big Mac.

  • Go to McDonalds and ask for Whopper.

    We used a list similar to this for a St. Patrick's day scavenger hunt. It was quite entertaining when we all got back and watched each others videos.

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    Video Scavenger Hunt List
    by: Annie - USA

    • 01. Doorbell ditch someone on your team's house.
    • 02. Video 4 different group members calling their moms and saying "I love you" to them.
    • 03. Everyone in your group hugging a DIFFERENT tree.
    • 04. Make a pyramid with everyone in your group.
    • 05. Make up a 20 second dance and have everyone in your group do it.
    • 06. Order something from Big J's with 2 straws in your nose.
    • 07. Someone doing a cartwheel.
    • 08. Everyone doing the chicken dance.
    • 09. Telling a stranger they look like a celebrity and getting their autograph.
    • 10. As many people you can get on one bike.
    • 11. Video of another group on the scavenger hunt (don't let them see you).
    • 12. Put wash me on a dirty vehicle window.
    • 13. Every group member sliding down a slide.
    • 14. Find a runner and jog with him or her for 10 seconds.
    • 15. Flushing a toilet
    • 16. Boys group serenading a stranger.
    • 17. A cow moo-ing.
    • 18. Group form the word ?happy? with your bodies.

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