Hilarious Baby Shower Mad Lib

An Adventure in Birthing

Use this baby shower mad lib to add a few giggles, and possibly some full fledged belly laughs, to your next baby shower. Print a copy of our "An Adventure in Birthing" Mad Libs (see below).

Divide into teams or play as one group.(Note: You'll need one copy of the fill in sheet and one copy of the story sheet for each team.)

Fill in the specified words on the Mad Libs Fill In Sheet and then transfer the responses to the Mad Libs Story Sheet.

Some words will be repeated in the story. You'll notice, for example, that the mother's name is mentioned more than once in the story. It is #1 on the Fill In Sheet; therefore, wherever there is a #1 on the Story sheet, fill in the mother's name.

It is important to remember not to hand out the Story Sheets till the Fill In Sheets have been completed.

When the Story Sheets are completed read them aloud and enjoy the Adventure!

Baby Shower Mad Lib instructions and parts of speech review. 

baby shower mad lib

baby boy under a blue blanket

An Adventure in Birthing
Baby Shower Mad Lib Fill In Word List

Fill in the blanks below with the words and parts of speech noted beside each blank. When complete transfer your responses to the story portion for a truly amazing birthing adventure.

01. _______________ (new mother/mother-to-be)

02. _______________ (body part)

03. _______________ (location)

04. _______________ (present tense verb)

05. _______________ (new father/father-to-be/birthing coach)

06. _______________ (present tense verb)

07. _______________ (adverb)

08. _______________ (location)

09. _______________ (adjective)

10. _______________ (professional)

11. _______________ (past tense verb)

12. _______________ (number)

13. _______________ (present tense verb)

14. _______________ (room)

15. _______________ (verb ending in 'ing')

16. _______________ (vehicle)

17. _______________ (adjective)

18. _______________ (number)

19. _______________ (body part)

20. _______________ (verb ending in 'ing')

21. _______________ (thing)

22. _______________ (number)

23. _______________ (exclamation)

24. _______________ (baby('s) name)

25. _______________ (adjective)

26. _______________ (body part)

27. _______________ (number)

28. _______________ (body part)

29. _______________ (body part)

30. _______________ (number)

31. _______________ (number)

32. _______________ (number)

baby peeking out under a towel

An Adventure in Birthing
Baby Shower Mad Lib Story

Transfer your word list answers to the corresponding numbers in the story below.

(1)_______________ stopped everything she was doing when she felt

a sudden painful contraction in her (2)_______________. Of course,

the first thing she did was go to the (3)_______________ and

(4) ______________, to keep her mind off of the discomfort. 

When the contractions became more frequent, (5) _______________

suggested that she (6)_________________, till she knew for sure if

she was in labor. She (7)______________________ declined. She

was sure it was time to go to the (8)__________________ and give

birth to her (9)_______________ baby. 

Before leaving she called the (10)_______________ and said she

would be leaving right after she (11)_______________. Within

(12)_____ minutes of hanging up the phone, she was to the point

where she could not even (13)_______________________ during a

contraction. When (5)_______________ walked into the

(14)_______________ and saw her on her hands and knees

(15)_______________, he said “we are going NOW!” and quickly packed

up the (16)_______________ and got everything ready. 

The drive to the (8)__________________ was (17)__________________.

When (1)_______________ arrived, the (10)_______________ examined

her. She was (18)_____ cms dilated and the baby's

(19)_______________ was right there. The (10)_______________

suggested she try (20)_______________ through a few contractions.

It worked! Her (21)_______________ broke. (22)_____ more pushes

and a loud (23)_______________ later, the baby was born. 

Baby (24)_________________ was so perfect, with a

(25)________________ (26)_______________, and (27)_____ fingers

and toes. Everyone noticed immediately that the baby had his/her

father's (28) __________ and his/her mother's

(29)_______________. He/she weighed (30)_____ pounds,

(31)_____ ounces and was (32)_____ inches long. 

Now who wants to start the next adventure? 

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Thank you so much for this creative Baby Shower Mad Lib. I love it. I've been a fan of Mad Libs since I was a kid. My Mom used to make them up for my birthday parties. I'm hosting a baby shower for a good friend on Sunday and I've been trying to write one for weeks. I wasn't satisfied with it so I searched the web, and I found yours. It is just perfect. You have a great writing style. Keep up the good work. I'm sure you've made hundreds of people at many showers very happy. I'll be sure to check your web site for any future parties that I host. Thanks again! ~ Lisa

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