Neighborhood Walking Hunt for High School Age Girls

Our cheer squad (girls) will be doing a walking general (not Halloween) hunt around the neighborhood during their practice time (1 1/2 hours). Something appropriate for a school related event please. Thank you.


Is this the type of hunt you are looking for one where you do not want to interact with people or visit neighborhood homes?

If this is strictly a neighborhood walking hunt, then a great scavenger hunt to set up is a neighborhood house hunt where you go out beforehand and create a list of clues pertaining to particular properties where participants either have to determine the house number that the clue pertains to or determine an item that is on the properties within a certain area based on a clue. There are more detailed instructions for this type of hunt on our neighborhood house hunt page.

If you are looking for a different type of hunt or one where you do interact with people or have to find and bring back items, please use the comment link below to indicate that.

One fun house to house hunt that almost always goes over well is one where you get an item at one home and then try and trade it for something better (or older, or, or, or) at another, etc. At the end of the hunt the team with the most valuable or the funniest or the oldest item (whatever you determine ahead of time) is the winner.

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More Neighborhood Photo Ideas
by: Jamie - Carmichael, CA

Let's see if you can take photos of all of the items on the list. Write down any extras that you see that involve the outdoors.

1. Bird House
2. Humming Bird Feeder
3. American Flag on a house
4. Squirrel
5. Dog
6. Cat
7. Camper or RV
8. Lawn mower
9. Horse
10. Barn
11. Boat
12. Motorcycle
13. Ice Cream Shoppe
14. Canoe
15. Kayak
16. Person wearing ball cap or hat
17. Person wearing a jacket
18. Person wearing sunglasses
19. Garden
20. Lawn furniture
21. BBQ Grill
22. Garage Sale
23. White Picket Fence
24. Swing set
25. Children playing
26. Mother strolling child
27. Bicycle
28. Someone walking
29. Someone running/jogging
30. Skateboard

Details of cheer hunt
by: Anonymous

Our cheerleader hunt needs to be a picture only hunt, no door to door, walking only. Thanks.


A sample hunt:

These are all photos of things that might be found on neighborhood properties.

Take a photo of the any of these scenarios you can find:

  • A house with the number 37 on it.
  • A bright colored garage door.
  • A cute dog on a leash.
  • An orange car (or a car the color of your cheerleading uniform).
  • Wind chimes.
  • A garden gnome.
  • A decorative stone driveway.
  • A fire hydrant.
  • An unusual mailbox.
  • A swing set.
  • A pool.
  • Someone on their front porch.
  • A birdhouse (3 bonus points if a bird in on or in it).
  • A three storey home.
  • A circular driveway.
  • A fountain or a bird bath.
  • A rock garden.
  • A home with 6 steps up to the front door.
  • House with a broken window.
  • House with a white picket fence.

  • In most cases it is a good idea to walk around the neighborhood and write down some unique things you see to include on the list, so this is just a general list.

    If you walk around the neighborhood, you might see a large oak tree with a tree fort, or a doghouse with BUSTER on the sign in front, or a funny sign on someone's garage door. Adding things like that to the list will require the hunters find specific properties and can therefore make the hunt a little more challenging.

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