Tween Birthday Party

by Emily

I need great games for my birthday party tomorrow!There isn't a theme but the party is for a tween girl who needs a great game. So what would be fun at her party?

Tween Birthday Party Response:

As far as games are concerned, it depends on whether you want active games or quiet games. Since you need the answer right away it doesn't leave time for finding that out first either.

For now there are several fun party games on my party games page. The Madlibs, Who, Where, Why Game and Tween Ring a Bell Game are often used by tweens.

If your party is postponed for any reason and there is more time to answer your question, please leave more details in the comment box below.



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Goofy Shockers
by: Joyce Lim Wen Qian

I love giving my friends shocks and making them look goofy especially one called Tung Ying. A few ideas are really simple. The simplest, Prepare many balloons, create a little causeway with a few obstacles using balloons. Then ask them to pop the balloon using only their body parts like hand, foot, butt or if you dare with your stomach. (E.g. Put the balloon between your legs and waddle like a penguin to the red mark, with one hand hold the balloon on top of your head and the other hand hold one of your feet and hop in 3 circles, then take another balloon and hold them at silliest places. For little kids I suggest just stick with holding it on your head or on your shoulders or knees. Older tweens and teens can just think about nutty ideas which I will not mention. Finally pop your balloon!!! Go ahead and think of plenty more goofy or shocking ideas!

by: SOS

Me and my BEST friend are having a clashed birthday party at my house during the day. We are going to do a auction for free things. So far I have first slice of cake, first pick at the meal, music pic, team picking, and next game pic. I need 2 more ideas and our birthday party is on the weekend.

Please help me!


How about something like... Group makeover where the rest of the girls do her hair, makeup or even just nails?

Also, free trade where they can at any time trade for someone else's auction win.

If you're allowed to have one of them sleep over for the night, that could be one.

I got the impression you aren't looking for prize type items, otherwise that would be the logical choice.

Awesome Teen and Tween Birthday Party Games!
by: Curlybounce

I have a b-day party every year and everyone likes my games best. Here are some of my made up games, for tweens and teens:

I Want My Mummy!

You will need a toilet roll and teams of three. In each team, you must choose one person to be wrapped head-to-toe in bandages. Then the neatest team gets a prize.

Pass the Sweet

Everyone will sit in a circle and have a plastic spoon between their lips. You have to pass around a sweet, like a smartie or skittle, using the spoon and you're not allowed to use your hands! If you drop the sweet you're out and the last person sitting wins a prize


You will need a big jar of Vaseline and lots of cut up wool. Tell everyone to put as much Vaseline under their nose as they'll think they need for this game. Then tell the party guests to snuffle into the wool for ten seconds. The person with the biggest moustache wins a prize.

Carry the Coins

Set up a big bowl of different foods (eg. hot sauce, raw eggs, cornflakes) Be as creative as you like, and fill it with coins (1 cents and two cent pieces, or 1p and 2p pieces) and place it at the furthest corner of the room/garden. A few meters away place a bowl with water and a cloth. Then at the other end of the room place as many bowls as you need, each labeled with the party guest's name and about four metres away mark a black line.

To play this game they must put their hands in the bowl of food to find coins (one coin at a time), then carry it to the water bowl, wash it and dry it, then carry it between their knees to the marked point and drop it into their bowl. The person with the most coins in their bowl wins a prize.

I hoped these games helped!

Reply: Fun game ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Ice Cream Sundae Party
by: Anonymous

This is really fun!

Have an ice cream sundae party with different toppings like Oreos, Cherries, Whipped Cream etc.

You can play games like "Guess How many Cherries are in the Jar", and "Pin The Cherry on the Top of the Ice Cream Sundae."

More Ice Cream Sundae Party Ideas

Role Cards
by: Anonymous

Every one gets a random card and it has a role and every one has to play the role that is on the card.

Balloon Butt Pop
by: BaileeeyyyBoooo

Items needed:
  • Balloons
  • Shaving cream

  • First, blow up some balloons, but don't tie them.
  • Then fill the balloons with shaving cream.
  • Next, tie the balloons.
  • After that, have the players put their hands behind their backs, and when you say go have them sit on them.

Hope you enjoy!! :)

Please Help Me with Ideas!

OMG you guys. Please help! I need great ideas for my birthday party games. Please don’t give me any that are already on here. I’ve been searching forever and I need ideas! Please you guys. I’m like desperate!!! I need appropriate games for 12 year olds at a sleepover party, not like truth or dare. I already did that!!! Help! Help! Help!

Pass the Present
by: Anonymous

A really fun game that I love to play at my birthday parties is pass the present. So, begin by sitting in a circle, and have your friends hold the presents that they got for you. Find someone, like an older sibling to begin playing music. Tell them to randomly stop the music at times. While the music is playing, keep passing the presents around. When the music stops, open whichever present is in your hand. Keep going until you evenutally open all of the presents. This is a really fun game! :) Your friends will love it, too, because they get to see you open the presents that they got for you! :) Have a fun birthday party!

Need Games Plzzz
by: Karah age 12

Ughhh HIO. I'm Karah and I don't know what to do for my b-day. I have Uno, Sorry, Twister, and prizes, but I dont know any games. I know I'm making freindship bracelets and prizes and stuff and I know I'm doing the game where somemone goes and they have to guess who or what they are and stuff like that, but it's so hard to figure out whet to do when I have already done everything. I have done the impossible and I am also having a sleepover! What the Heck!!!

Why is it so hard to think off games. Dang.

My friend is so lucky. She had a chocolate fountain. I hate her for that! Ugh!

Help Me!


Reply: If you've budgeted some party funds for games, you might enjoy these Girl Slumber Party Games.

Girl Slumber Party Games: Seven-Game Bargain Pack

Party Game for 10-14 Year Olds
by: Ilovewaffles

This game is so much fun! Everybody gets in a circle. Each person gets a straw and a plate.
Put a bowl of M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, etc. in the middle of the circle.

The first person roles a dice if he/she does not get six they pass the die to the next person. If you get six you take your straw and try to suck as many candies onto the end of your straw and onto your plate as you can until someone else rolls a six!

So fun! I did it at my bday party! It's done when the candy is gone. Count your candy and see who has the most then eat them!

Hope you like :)

Reply: Totally fun! I agree. Thanks so much for sharing. There's a few other dice games here that you might enjoy, however, there's no candy to enjoy later, so not as SWEET!

Birthday Games and a Theme :)
by: Anonymous

Name that Tune- Play a couple bars of a song and than let your friends try to guess what song.

Nail Polish Spin- Place Nail polishes in a circle and let the bday girl choose the first color and spin it whoever it lands has to paint a nail that color and then she does it and so on


Water Balloon Game
by: Peanutbutter

My friends call me Peanutbutter, PB. So, I went to this party once where we played a really fun game. First each player takes their shoes off and gets a water baloon tied to their ankle and on "GO!" All players run around and try to stomp on other peoples balloons! The last person without a squished balloon wins. It's really fun in big spaces. The more people that play, the more fun it is!


Duck Pond Game
by: Olivia

You need:
  • A big bucket or baby pool
  • Rubber ducks
  • 5 boxes
  • Prizes

Set up:
  • Fill up the bucket/pool with water.
  • Write the numbers 1-5 on the bottoms of the rubber ducks.
  • Put them in the water right-side-up.

How to play:

Have the first kid choose a duck and look on the bottom of it. If it says 1 then he/she goes to prize box number 1. If he/she got 2 he/she has to go to box number 2 and so on.

Party Game
by: lovepeace

You have a person who is it and then they will go to a place where they can't hear. The other people will be someone/something (a flower, Britney Spears, etc.). Once they are all ready the person who is it comes back the people try to2 act out what or who they are and the person who is it has to guess.

by: Anonymous


A Great Game
by: Ninja

I'm twelve and I love this game honestly. It's called Indian Chief.

Everyone makes a circle and then one person goes in a corner and closes his/her eyes. Meanwhile, the circle group has to pick a leader that does something fun such as a chicken signal or patting tummy-rolling head...

Then the person comes back, and has to figure out who the leader is.

Note: The leader changes the patterns while the person is figuring out who the leader is.

Super Fun Game (Especially for Sleepovers)
by: Anna (age 11)

The game is called Mafia.

How to play:
  • Pick one person to be the judge.
  • The judge then says townspeople, "Go to sleep."
  • Everybody is in a circle and they shut their eyes.
  • The judge starts walking around the circle, and taps someone on the shoulder. That person is the MAFIA.
  • The judge does this again. That person becomes the ANGEL.
  • The judge does it a third time and that person becomes the DETECTIVE.
  • Once everyone has been picked, the judge says, "Mafia awake."
  • With everybody's eyes still closed, the mafia opens its eyes and points to someone. Then it closes its eyes.
  • This happens two more times, except instead of saying, "Mafia awake" the judge says, "Angel awake" and "Detective awake."
  • Then the judge says, "Townspeople awake."
  • Everybody opens their eyes and if the judge starts telling a story about how whoever the mafia pointed to died that person becomes a ghost and can keep their eyes open the whole time (they can't say who the mafia is).

If the angel pointed to the same person the mafia did, that person is saved.

If the detective pointed to the mafia then the mafia is revealed and killed.

If the mafia gets away with killing someone the townspeople nominate a few people who they think are the mafia.

The nominated people have their say and the townspeople vote. The person with the most votes dies. If they're the mafia they admit it. If not they say they're innocent. This repeats until they find the mafia.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Fun Game!!!
by: breanna

Game: Balloon Dares

To play the game you get a lot of balloons and put dares in them. For example some dares could be...
  • Go to your neighbor's and tell them something funny.
  • Call your sibling and tell them how much you love them (put cell on speaker).
  • Sing a solo outside.
  • Itch yourself with you toe under your armpit.
  • Get toilet paper and do a head wrap.

Hang the balloons around on the ceiling and then pop them with toothpicks to get your dare. This game is SO FUN! You should so try it. Bye!

Hope you like the idea <3 Luv yaaa

Yes, You Should
by: Anonymous

To "Should I":

Yes, you should invite the "nerdy girl" that was you neighbor. No one likes to be excluded. Just tell your friends that your mom made you invite her and you have to be nice to her. Don't invite her if you are going to be mean or avoid her.

Thanks everyone for you suggestions!!

A Bit Dicey
by: Anonymous

A fun game I found on Minute to Win It (game show) is A Bit Dicey. You need a Popsicle stick for each player and 12 dice. You pair them off in 2s and have them hold the stix in their mouths. They have to stack up the dice on their Popsicle stick one on top of the other. Whoever finishes within 60 seconds wins a prize.

Another one is chocolate unicorn. They had round patties of chocolate and same thing. They had to stack up the chocolates on their forehead like a unicorn in 60 seconds.

Fun Party Game (A War)
by: Anonymous


  • Shaving cream
  • Sillystring
  • Feathers
  • Sparkles
  • Plastic gems
  • A hose for when you're done

How to Play:

Either split into teams or play every person for themselves and spray and throw these things at each other! (make sure to wear clothes suitable for this). Take a picture at the end and then hose off. SO FUN!!!!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid throwing these items near the face as this could cause some serious injury to the eyes, etc.

2 Party Games
by: Anonymous

  • Foil Fashion - Make an awesome outfit only using tinfoil.

  • Granny Dressup - It's a relay. You just have to first put on the oven mitts and then when they say GO you have to put on all the items (robe, hat, socks, etc.)... ALL WITH YOUR OVEN MITTS ON!! Which ever team finishes first, wins!

Game Idea
by: Anonymous

I had a game for my daughter's party a few years ago that was a big hit and has been repeatedly asked for at parties since.

I filled 5 bags with random items for example: an ugly wig, a funnel, a wooden spoon, a soda bottle, a pair of panty hose, a ski mask and so on.

The kids were divided into teams of 4 and each team had to take the items and use at least 5 of them, in a skit and perform it for the other kids.

I have the whole thing on video and it is very funny. The kids even asked to do it again and they switched items around and refilled the bags.

by: nuowerh

Ok, I need LOTS of ideas for my party! It's gonna be a super long party. I already have TONS of prizes so I need some games that involve winning. It's a girls only party. THANK YOU SOO MUCHH :)

Mystery Person/ Thing Game - Really Fun!!
by: Anonymous

This is a very fun game you can play at the beginning of a party. Make some cards (one for each guest), and put a name on the card. It could be a famous person, actor, actress, singer, or whoever. You tape the card on the guest's back, but make sure the person doesn't know who they are. The other guests can see that person's card and everyone else's, just not theirs.

Everyone has to help each other figure out what they are by acting it out or giving clues, but remember, you cannot tell them who they are.

Also remember that every guest has to have a card taped to their back, but they can't know who they are - they have to guess by listening to the other person's clues they give them.

There really is no winner unless you want there to be. It's a really fun game.

Hope you enjoy your party!!!

by: Anonymous

So I played this one game and it is really fun. So you take a small party favor and you wrap it in a bizzilion pieces of tissue paper. Then, have each guest take a part of the paper off. The last one to take paper off gets the prize!

b-day party
by: Anonymous

i need games for ages 8-13 helpp plzz!!!

~thanx in advance~

Games 4 tween girls
by: Anonymous

Hey what up. I have been in the position b4 when ur brain Dead on what to do 4 ur birthday party games. I'm 11 but i have been told I'm soo mature 4 my age it's not even funny so these are games 4 12-14 year olds. Ok these r soo much fun!!!!!!!

número uno: Balloon butt pop
10-50 balloons ( depends on amount of guests)
the same amount of small slips of paper as balloons
and a pen/ pencil

ok b4 the party blow up all the balloons u need but don't tie them slip in the pieces of paper with things on them like 'First and biggest piece of cake' ' get to choose the first board game' etc. Then tie them. B4 the game have the players tie their hands behind their backs then when u say go have them sit on them and at the end of the game they can trade the cards that they got . U can make what the cards say go with ur theme if u have one and u can make them worth money (or just put money in them) if ur doing a mall crawl.
Hope This helped I know it was fun at my party!!!!!! Peace! ;)

by: Sa5m

I'm turning twelve and i have searched the internet 24/7 and cannot find any games to play there are going to be boys and girls. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: megan

I'm turning 11 in two and a half months but usually I have a big party so I'm planning now and I still need a theme and some cool games! HELP!!!!

awesome game!!!
by: Anonymous

A mall scavenger hunt is always fun. You have 2 get a partner then u go around the mall and look 4 stuff on the list. When you find it u have 2 try it on and take a pic of u in it. Whoever finds everything on the list wins so fun!!!!

by: Anonymous

well my bday party is this August and everything's planned but my rooms tiny and I'm having nine people stay the night so I'm stuck heeeelllllpppp!!!!

by: jmax9190

Ok so you have your mom buy a few bags of candy. Then you take on bag of candy and pour it into a bowl. All the kids have to guess how many pieces of candy there are in the bowl, but they have to write their answer on a sheet of paper. Then the adult will look at all the answers and pick the one that is closest.

mummy wrap
by: Anonymous

Hey here are some ideas for a party
1) mummy wrap
supplies=toilet paper and lots of it
1) get into groups of 2
2) one person wraps the other in toilet paper
first team done wins but all if the person must be covered

game #2

what you need is a couch and a roo
1) pick someone to be the captain
2)every one is walking around the room
3) the captain yells ship wreck
4)everyone comes running to the couch
5) last one is captain

hope i helped

Another Idea
by: Madhatter

Another Idea is:
take them to the mall and go to stores like JC Pennies and try on the more expensive clothes and model for each other! I probably would recommend not making much noise or disturbing people because you will probably get kicked out of the store.

Madhatter (again)

Games that are fun/funny
by: Madhatter

Chubby Bunny
enough marshmallows for all the players
How to Play:
one marshmallow in your mouth at a time, and in between the marshmallows, you have to say chubby bunny, you do this process until you can't put another in your mouth. You either spit out the marshmallows or you eat them.

Enough prizes for the amount of players,pens,paper,cards
How to Play:
everyone writes down their favorite card game on a piece of paper, you draw one of the papers and put one prize in the middle, the winner gets the prize. repeat until all prizes are gone.

at least 6 people, or more
How to Play:
Make a random topic like ?Lost in Wal-mart? have 3 people go on stage at a time, the other three in the audience. The three on stage have to go in random order to tell the story; one who hesitates, or repeats is murred by the audience. The last one standing wins a prize. Then the next group goes.

Truth or dare
always a big hit!

Ask a Question
pens, scraps of paper
How to Play:
Write a question like: ?who will get married first?? have everyone write it down on a scrap of paper and put it in the middle then read off the answers.

Here Are Some Good Prizes for an All Girl Party:
Nail polish, candy bags, bling, CDs, shaped rubber bands, silly string, $1 handheld games, gum, mini stuffed animals

hope this helped someone

Chubby Bunny
by: Anonymous

Okay here is an awesome idea for a fun party game that will have lots of laughs: Chubby Bunny! you have around two bags of marshmallows (number depends on how many guests you have) here is how to play:
you take on marshmallow and put it in your mouth, then you say chubby bunny, no swallowing, you put another in your mouth and say chubby bunny. Repeat until you can't put anymore marshmallows in your mouth. then spit marshmallows out (perferibly in the trash can) or eat them. total fun!

gaaammeesss heellpp
by: Anonymous

cant come up wih games to play for my 11 birthday next week

I need help!
by: Anonymous

My 11th birthday party is coming up and I need something to do for 1 hour

12th Birthday!
by: Anonymous

Ya so I'm turning 12 and I have ALOT of friends, girls and guys, so I need party ideas. I'm into singing and dancing and acting and lots of other types of performing but I dont know any games that have to do with those, so if you know any or have any ideas that are differentthan please share.

by: blake

i don't know what to do for my 13 birthday i'm a girl and there might be some guys but i don't know what to do help!!

by: Jillian H.

i don't have a theme yet but i have some fun games!!!


we are going to go somewhere and have a massive water balloon fight and see who can stay the most dry!!!


me and my older brother are going to set up a really hard obstacle course and have everyone be timed in it to see who can complete it the fastest.

i almost forgot to mention for every winning person they get an awesome prize after each game!


everyone is going to sit down at a table, have a cup of water ice, and we will time how long it takes for the last person to finish the water ice no matter if you do or don't have brain freeze at any time of eating!!!

well those were just a few of my extremely awesome party games!!!

have fun

by: Cori

my b'day is in a couple of days and i can't think of any games (i am turning 12) Only girls are invited but a couple are 3-6 but I only really need games for age groups 10-13 plz help me!!

My 12th birthday
by: Anonymous

OMG! I have searched the internet for a theme but my 12th birthday still does not have a theme!
I live in SA and my party is on the 11th of September. I am a girl and my guests are all girls. Please help!

by: Savannah Rae

Hey;) Uhm , My party is in two weeks ! & I need some activity ideas . There's going to be boys & girls ages 11 & 12 . & I'm not sure what to do . First , we're gonna swim , after we're gonna eat , and next is activity time , only thing is , I don't know what activities we should do . Please & Thank You for your help . (:

Bday Spa Theme
by: Anonymous

Having trouble thinking of a b-day idea?!? Well, not any more... have a spa theme! Its soo much fun! I did it last year. You can make your own organic facials (they're really good for your skin, you can search on Google for some good ones). Then, of course, every one will apply their masks. Then, you can all do nails and hair! Its a blast! You can go to to find some more info!

Cheeto Head
by: Anonymous

If you're looking for a fun and hilarious party game, Cheeto Head is perfect for you and your friends. Here are the materials you need to play this game:

MATERIALS NEEDED: Cheeto's (the ones that are circular), a chair (any kind), a hat (i prefer a simple top hat, NOT a party hat or a basebal cap), and shaving cream or whipped cream (either works).

Okay now that you know what you need let me explain the directions of the game to you.

DIRECTIONS: Okay first split your friends up into two teams and have each team standing in a straight line. Then, choose one person from each team to sit in a chair in front of the line. The chair should be around 2-3 meters away, it doesn't really matter, you can decide. Place a top hat on the two players who are sitting in chairs. Fill the top of the hat with shaving cream. Then, give each player on both teams 5 Cheetos. On the word, go, each player on each team has 5 chances to get as many Cheetos onto the shaving/whipped cream hat. Players can only aim for there teammate's hat. You might want to have the person in the chair wear some sort of eye-wear/protection because aim might not be perfect. At the end of 5 min or so whoever has the most Cheetos remaining on there hat wins!


please post questions and i will check the wall. If you post a comment please write... To T.B.P so i know it is for me. Thanks and I hope you have fun.

Here's an idea
by: Alex

You should totally have a Hollywood themed party. You could do karaoke and make it like American Idol and do plays, and watch movies and dance, etc. That's what I'm doing for my party. You could even have the guests dress up like their favorite star.

Best b-day ever
by: Rose

I have a LOT of friends so for my 10th birthday I had all of my friends over and we went swimming aty the rec-center pool and then came back to my house. We had cake, ice cream, and a pinata. Then some kids went home, but 4 stayed to have a sleep over! It was so fun! We put my friends hand in warm water hoping she would pee, but she woke up right when it was about to go in! It was so so so much fun!

plz help!!!!!!
by: my name:)

Ok, plz help! I'm having my birthday. It's a Hollywood rock n roll theme and i dont know what to do for games. Itis a guy girl party:)

spa party
by: carissa

my birthday is in a few weeks so there isnt that muchn of a theme so we are going to have a spa type of thing i found a website and it told me homemade facial masks so we are going to do that and like nails and make up and all that fun things

The Amazing Race!!
by: Anonymous

In this fun game make a list for your neighbourhood (of stuff you can find there) Example a troll on someones lawn and get the girls to find it and also give them each 1.00 or more to go to the convenience store and get something with the clue you give them example one of the planets names the answer would be a mars bar so yeah that's just one idea have fun with your party!!!

by: Katie

Here are some games to make you party a blast!

M&M game or and small colored candy:
You grab 2 M&M's w/ ur eyes closed and if they aren't the same color u put them in ur mouth and you can't chew or swallow till you draw 2 M&M's that match you take a turn going in a circle. My friend had like 50 M&Ms in her mouth... lol... so much fun!

Ok I have a party coming up if you have any ideas plz post hopefully ones that'll create memories and TONz of laughter :~)

TP Roll scavenger hunt
by: Me

We r going 2 do this @ my bday party next week:
You give each team a roll of toilet paper ( TP )
and an adult supervisor. Teams go door to door saying something like, "I'm in a scavenger hunt. We have an HOUR to make the best trade. What will you trade me for this toilet paper." And you keep on trading for an hour or until you've got something good. I just turned 10 on march 7 and I think this sounds fun!

My Party
by: Anonymous

Do you know where I can find a mobile spa party in NY?

by: IDK fizz

i have my idea mall scavengerhunt but then wen we gt home i hav notin 2 do HELP!!!!!!

no games 11 yr old like!
by: madison

well im turning 11 next week so my party is next week to. i have a few games you could play! first you could have a race, then you couldhave a scavenger hunt! and lastly you could have a stack the cups race! hope you -n- joy!

by: Jessica

hi I'm Jessica and I'm turning 12 march 2 and I'm having a party and I want to have the best party ever but what games should I play? I'll tell u the theme it's Hollywood stars so if u could tell me some fun games that would be awesome

girly parties
by: stacy

very very cute i like the girls night out lol

here's an idea
by: Annie

Some ideas are decorating your own pillow cases and playing twister and also if your in the mood you could play with an Ouija Board. Also when the guests come in you could have a jar full of candy and they have to guess how many are in ti, and the person closest to hte number gets it as a prize. Also you can go on google to find more ideas I know that helped me plan my party :)

Hope I helped!

by: Anonymous


by: Yea-I-Got-Swagga

Hey, I'm turning 13 in 4 days, and I could use a few ideas. There will be a variety of ages from 12 to 15. There are also a few adults, and two little kids that are 7, and the other one is 10. I have everything perfectly planned out, but I don't know what kind of games to do! It's a mature teen party, and there's no particular theme. I am a very hyper girl, and I'm the entertainer, joker, comedian, artist, and athlete in my "group". So I need some fun games to keep everyone entertained until we watch a movie. Which my brothers renting. So we would have like 1 hour or 2 of free time, with NOTHING TO DO!!!!!

by: Elle

My bday in 2 days, going skating then home then sushi, any ideas???!!!! PLZ!

by: STORMY =]

**** STORMY =]

How about making dolls for poor children?
by: Tracy

Hi Have you thought about making dolls and then delivering them to a women's shelter or hospital. We have dolls that we deliver to can see them @ Hope you have a great party.

by: Savannah


MY B-DAY!!!!!
by: Izzy

OMG!!!!! My birthday party is tomorrow and idk what to do!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chubby Bunny
by: Chel

It is a very fun game where you take marshmallows and stick them in your mouth. With each marshmallow you stick in your mouth, you must still be able to say "Chubby Bunny." When the 'Bunny' can no longer fit anymore marshmallows into their mouth, the game is over for them, and it is the next person's turn. Whoever can fit the most in their mouth wins! I made everyone at my party wear bunny ears, and I gave out a cool bunny-related prize to the winner.

here u go
by: awesome peep(taylor)

Toilet Paper Share
You?ll need a new roll of toilet paper for this fun game. Girls gather in a circle and tell them you are going to pass around the game toilet paper roll and to take as much as they think they need for the game. Pass the paper around without any further instructions and have them take sheets of paper off the roll. After everyone has their sheets then tell them they have to share one thing about themselves for each square of paper they have. Prize Auction Game
On the invitation ask the girls to bring an inexpensive item or a "white elephant" (something in good shape they don't want anymore) wrapped or sealed in a bag. Give the everyone $100.00 in play money and start an auction for the unwrapped gifts. Hold up the first sealed bag and ask who will give $1 for it... and so on. For fun you can add food and gag gifts to the auction items. Keep the items sealed and don't let anyone know what is inside until the high bidder opens the item. At the end you can trade bags or buy each other's presents with their left over auction money. With any other left over auction money you can bid on who gets to pick where they want to sleep, what game you play next, first dibs on the biggest piece of cake or who chooses the music to listen to.

by: Rachel

you could do the basic games such as: limbo, truth or dare, board games, etc. but a really fun one is where you write all sorts of food down on pieces of paper like, ketchup, Oreos, pretzels, etc. then when it comes time to play have each person pick two pieces of paper(make sure your pieces are folded so they can't see them) then they have to eat those two things together it gets nasty sometimes! For girls cheer leading is really fun doing lifts and things.

Balloon Butt Game
by: Anonymous

You can blow up balloons and put little pieces of paper inside and then have them pop it by sitting on it (with their butt). Then they HAVE to do what it says inside. Then get them to write their own 'dares' if you will!!

It was a hit at my birthday party!


by: Emma

my 11th birthday is soon and i cant find any good games. it is a slumber party and also i am planning on doing hair wraps but there are some girls who probably wont want to get them.

I Need Help!!
by: JoJo

Hi, I have a birthday party on Saturday, and it's Tuesday today. I was going to have an outdoor campfire...but Saturday was raining. I want the birthday to be a Halloween know, like a haunted house. I want kids to be really scared, and I also want them to talk about it for the next week. See...we're all tweens...and we're all interested in different you have any ideas?!? Please...

party game
by: awesomo

i found this game on the internet. its called blind makeover. have one person put a blindfold on so they cant see then let them do the makeup of another person. its totally fun and funny! remember to take pics when ur done!!

by: Anonymous

okay im having a Halloween party tomorrow with guys and girls. Any ideas besides the usual like apple bobbing, mummy wrap, the feeling body parts...hlp!

Nail Polish spin the bottle
by: Katie

you could play spin the bottle with nail polish

lay out different colors of nail polish in a circle. put another color in the middle of the circle. then spin the nail polish bottle in the center. the color that it lands on someone has to paint one of your finger or toenails that color!!!

Bday HELP!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

The food and decorations are taken care of. I need major help w/ games and music. Its my 12th bday.Please help!!

by: Anonymous

a tween is in the ages between like 7 - 11
i would have like a spa party , kareokee , or dance, etc

my party . . .duh!!!
by: Jocie

Ummm...i need a really fun party with lots of fun things to do. I'm having my whole soccer team and friends from school at a firehouse(cooler than it sounds). I can think of some fun games and activities, but it's stuff i've already done at other ppls parties??? what should i do???!!!???!!!

What do I do????
by: Anonymous

My 13th birthday is coming up in March, and i don't know what to do. My mom wants to make it a cheap party with 3 of my friends. And hears the worst part. My sister, who is turning 10 in March, my mom wants me to have a joined party with her!!! What do i do to keep my guest entertained when we are playig smaller games?? HELP ME!!!!!

Pool/indoor party this friday
by: Anonymous1234444

so i am behind on the party planner. Last year my party was a disaster, so its a girls only pool party so i am looking for games but it could rain so i am also looking for games girls 11-14 would enjoy plzzz plzzz help

Thanks in advance

Spa Party
by: Shannon

It's a sparty! Ask the tween girls to bring their bathrobes and slippers to set the scene for this theme - day/night at the spa. Set out different facial masks and peel masks - don't forget the cucumber slices! Set up different stations for manicures, pedicures, facials and hairstyling. Let the tween girls rotate to each station every 10-15 minutes. Have a different color nail polish for each guest and let them try them all.

A party idea
by: The party gal

For my party I made a dance CD and took flashlights in the basement. When the party started I turned the music on really loud we all were dancing (dance like no ones watching!) and we used the flashlights as spotlights. Its really fun, especially if you dance really silly. (disco, moonwalk, etc.)

Best Tween Party Ideas
by: Tween Scene Boutique

Places like Tween Scene Boutique in Santa MOnica, CA are where tween girls should focus on throwing the most memorable party of their tween years. There you can have a makeover party, fashion party, karaoke, dance party, spa party or movie premier party.

They are located at 1456 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 395-4600

Party packages vary.

by: Anonymous

idk what im suppose to do for a birthday party that is a slumber party???? I don't know any activities to do.

by: Anonymous

you could play hide and go seek!!!!

by: Anonymous

U N W I N D mobile spa puts on an amazing spa party for tweens!!! Check out there site at and look at their spa packages
You will have the BEST party EVER!!!

This one is fun
by: Anonymous

This is a fun game:The game is that you put a blindfold on the birthday girl/guy and have all the guests in a room lined up or in a circle. The birthday Girl/guy will have to feel someone and try to guess who it is.

You might like it.

by: Taslima

i have no idea wat to do!!!!!!!!! i partie is in 3hours!!!!

by: Anonymous

hey i think u should ask your daughter or son what they like the most and maybe get a game that includes their favorite thing.!!??

try it
by: Abby

well it matters what kind of party you are having. try any kind of game

by: Michaela

Kelsey, I'm having the same problem too, but be yourself it will turn out great oh don't forget to get your crushes #; prank call him it will be fun well more comments later.

Should I?
by: Quinn

Im turning 11 on april 30th 2009. There is this girl named Addie, she used to be my neighbor. She is the biggest nerd ever!I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my popular friends. I think I can just tell her I didn't have a birthday party, but what if she finds out? For my Birthday party I am inviting 12 girls. I want to invite boys. There are these two guys I have total crushes on! I don't know which one I like better? There is this guy named Hayden, he is really short, like me, and I think he might like me. The other guys name is christian. He is so cute. IK am not the outgoing type of girl who would just ask him out. I don't know what to do!Some party ideas are rent a giant water slide, or go swimming. Scavenger hunts are fun too!I think we all are going to sleep on my trampoline.

The Girls With Boys
by: Abbigal

The girls don't start the chain, the boys do. The birthday girl gets to pick which boy starts with it. That boy puts something like a piece of paper in his mouth. Then he gives it to the birthday girl. If he drops it he has to kiss you. If you drop it you have to kiss the boy on the other side. The pattern has to go boy, girl, boy, girl. So you get it? I don't think a girl wants to kiss another girl. And a boy wouldn't want to kiss a boy. Am I right???? If I were you, pick your boyfriend or crush to start!!! You get that right?! So try it at your next birthday party, but invite boys too!

by: Claire

I think you should play truth or dare and all the classics.

IDK What 2 Do!
by: dr. pepper

I don't know what 2 do for my bday. Help!

Same Here
by: jaelyn

My birthday is in 2 days and I don't know what to do.

I Can't Wait Until My Bday Comes
by: Kelsey

Hi, I'm Kelsey and I can't think of what I can do because I want to do a spa/slumber party theme and there are some girls who are tom boyish. I wrote on the invite that they have a choice if they want to participate or not so ya... idk HELP!!!!!??????
P.S. My bday is May 8th
Love Kelsey

Two Games You Could Play
by: Anonymous

Why not have the birthday be at a roller skating rink like my friends is? She is also a tween and a game you could play is neck game. If you guys could play, the rules are to put something under your neck and pass it around like that. Another one is that you put a paper on your mouth and go around by putting your mouth with the paper on it to another person's mouth but it has to be a girl doing it to a boy or the other way. And if the paper drops then the person that did it to the other person has to kiss the other person.

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