13th Girl Sleepover Party

by Alex

Teen Slumber Party

Teen Slumber Party

I need lots of fun, entertaining games that we can play for hours. My guests want simple but exciting/fun games. I need games for the 12-15 year old age group. Thanks! The party is being held on September 14th.

13th Girl Sleepover Response:

Several teens have emailed me to tell me that they love the Who Where Why Game. It includes printable cards that you can download and print for free.

Madlibs are always good for a laugh and there is a Race to 100 and Diva Girl Dice Game that you can literally play for hours, depending on what you like.

You could also start everyone off with 13 pennies and dare each other to do certain challenges in exchange for pennies throughout the evening (if you want to prevent cheating purchase a bag of those plastic gold coins to use instead). The girl with the most coins in the morning WINS!


I Just Had My 13th and it Was SO FUN! :))
by: Jennie

Okay, so I just had a slumber party and some games we played were:

****Diaper Relay: Get some diapers from the store and put chocolate pudding in them and chocolate covered nuts to make it look like poop and put 3 lifesavers gummies in them and put them on the ground and have the girls use their mouths to search for the lifesavers (mine eventually ended up with the girls slapping the diapers against each other and gel stuff flying everywhere) :) It was so fun!

***Tootsie Roll Relay: Get two tubs of cool whip and dump them on a plate. Put 4 tootsie rolls in there at the bottom and get 8 tootsie rolls to put in a bucket at the end of the yard so you have two plates and two girls searching through the whipped cream then once the girl has found a tootsie roll she spits it out onto the ground and another girl runs to the bucket, gets a tootsie roll and eats it and runs back. Then the girls start searching again, etc.

***If your girl's birthday is in the summer or close to when school ends you can have the other girls bring their old homework and you can have a fire where you throw your homework in! We had fun with that!

***We also had a marshmallow spitting contest to see whose would go the furthest. They were supposed to be for smores, but that didn't last too long ;) ;)

Hope This Helped :)))


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Party and Sleepover
by: cupcake

HELP! My party is in October and I don't even know what I want to do! I like a bunch of the games on here, but they need explanations because not everyone knows how to play them. My party is going to have 41+ people and my sleepover will have 10 people. I am turning 13 yrs old!!! If anyone has any ideas let me know and write a description below! I can't wait to see what you say. Please help me because my bf will also be there. Yikes!! Thanks!! I am girly, but not too girly and nothing that is too inappropriate please because my mom will be there!

Sleepover Party
by: DivaGirl

I'm a Diva and have to have everything perfect. And I am really girly! So I am doing a spa, karaoke, dancing, silly string fight, look at magazines, make-overs, truth or dare, watch movies, prank calls, dress up (even though this is little kids) don't make me laugh (a game where you say funny things and you try not to laugh) pranks, truth/lie/truth (say 3 things about yourself and the guest guess which is the lie), hide and seek in the dark, pillow fight, share secrets, scary stories, play on game systems (wii, x-box, psp etc...), go to the park, guess what's behind my back (put a famous person on someone's back and have them try to guess who it is), ding dong ditch (knock on people's doors and run away - only on people's houses you know), face painting! Okay these are just random ideas and may not be what you want. Still, I hope I helped ! [:DIVAGIRL:]

OMG What Should I Do?
by: Sophie

Yeah, so it's comming up to my 13th birthday and I want to throw a memorable party. These are some ideas but I need more:

Barbecue with party food and stuff
Face masks
And what else ??? Help :( :) !!!

Simple Ideas
by: Anonymous

Just play simple games like hide and seek or truth or dare. Play simple rating games where you rate peeps looks and stuff. I'm 13 and trust me, just make sure your mum or dad is out of the house so you can do what you want. Hope this helps.

Luv ya all!

xxxxxx <3 <3

First Sleepover!
by: Anonymous

I'm hosting my first sleepover and me and my guest ages center around 13. Any ideas for what to do?


Race to 100 and Diva Girl Dice Games

Party Madlibs

Magazine Scavenger Hunts

Who, What, Where Truth or Dare Style Game

Help! X
by: Abbie ;D

So, my birthday is on the 26th of August, and it's the 9th of August today. I have NO idea what to do. I thought about a water park, but not everyone can do water, so what do I do? Everything I have seen on here so far is a bit young for me, so I'll say any ideas for 13-14 yr olds, that is good for about 4-5 people plz anything HELP! Don't worry if it stupid. I don't care. I need help !!!!!!!!!! x ;D

Reply: No idea is really too young or too old. It all depends on how you execute it. I've seen adult Candyland parties that were elaborate and adult themed parties made more whimsical for kids. How about a clue party? Or a Bollywood party?

13th Birthday Party in Chicago
by: Anonymous

For my 13th birthday I am going to downtown Chicago and taking a few friends. We are going to go on a shopping tour downtown and stay on Michigan Ave. for a weekend. My birthday is always a cold day so we have to stay inside. So, I thought this would be perfect!


My sleepover starts tomorrow which is Friday, May 27, 2011. It will end Sunday, May 29,2011 and I am so excited. I'm 12 and I'm celebrating my b-day which was May 18, 2011. My dad has bought 3 bounce houses and 1 of them is a water bounce house. We will also do many more things and I can't wait. I'm so psyched:) lol

Party Things xxx
by: wow :D

If anyone needs help then I will say a few games that you can play and a few ideas of what to do :
You can go to an ice skating rink, the cinema, swimming, make over lessons, harvester, sleepover : On your sleepover you can watch movies and sleep in the garden in a tent and you can light a lantern.

Great Party Game
by: Vonyvon

I had a sleep over for my daughter last weekend (11 years old). I searched the internet for different games ideas and had a whole night of things planned. The game that they liked the most (that I thought was gonna be so corny) was the trash bag game (some use foil).

What you do is divide the group into 2 teams. Which ever group makes the most creative outfit with the trash bag wins. Make sure you give them a time limit, no more than 10 min.

The losing team has to serve the winning team breakfast in the am.

My B-day
by: Kiana

im having my 13th birthday August 11th and people are coming at 6pm, sleeping over then leaving whenever in the morning.. i know we'll do our own thing in the tent and have fun for hours, but what do i do when people come at 6pm? i will have a movie playing, but just talking won't cut it.. any ideas?

by: Maximum Ride

I need some games for an age group of 10 to 14 year olds. I myself am 13. There will be 2 ten year olds, 1 11 year old, and one 14 year old, and then me. No team games please, and no messy games either. Unfortunately, some of us are too young and too scared to watch certain movies (if ya know what i mean). Please do not give me any suggestions about makeovers or cooking because these 10 and 11 year olds are not only scaredy cats, but freakin pigs when it comes to being clean. You can see the situation i am currently in please help.

by: Savanna (;

Okay sooo my Party Is In Like Six Days And I Was Just Going To Have My 3 Best Friends!! I was thinking of making T-Shirts.. For This You Will Need

-T-Shirts--Make Sure To Ask The Size!

This Is Pretty Simple! It Will Be Fun And It Will Last A Long Time!

Also Make Sure You Have Cameras Or A Phone To Take Pictures!!!

Hope I Helped

Have Fun (:

by: Anonymous

can u think of an ideas for a 11/12 year old sleepover??????????

by: arionna

My birthday is in 11 days i know what i want to do have a slumber party with 10 of my girlfriens. but thats not the problem im turning 13 and i have no CLUE what games to play

by: ellie

im so syched i dont hav a theme yet and my party is in 22 dYZ

how to play...
by: Anonymous

how do you play confetti tree and a penny for your thoughts

Click on the Game Links for Instructions
by: Anonymous

If you click on each of the games, it gives you a full explanation of how to play them.

by: *****

I like Mary's post. It has a lot of cool Ideas that I can Use for a slumber party

help plz i dont no how to play them lol
by: clumsy

i dont think that it was very helpful you said all the game names and not how to play them i only no 1 lol. but plz say more next time right party games down

by: tess

i dont think this page was very helpful at all because even though you listed many games, most people dont really know what each game is. giving an explanation would be much much more helpful.

Sleepover Party Games
by: mary

You can play bigger and better murder and lots of cooler games like confetti tree, who's that girl, mummy rap, slumber shirt design, detective, whats in it, musical chairs, scavenger hunt,
string surprise, sleeping beauty, whats missing, something glowing, light as a feather stiff as a board, desert fun, who am I, murder, text message game, penny for you thoughts, telephone, ghost in the graveyard, heads up, 7 up,
pass the toy, statues, cloths, tied in knots, egg on spoon relay race, egg toss, bubble gum game, toothpick game,
balloon stuffed game, yarn twist, shoes in the dark, whistling game, balloon burst, kick balloon up, the glow game, balloons & beads, tied waist shopping, stuff animal find, name that tune, bigger and better (inside), angels and devils, pillow fight...

I know its a lot but I want her sleepover to be perfect.

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