14th Birthday Party

by Taylor

Okay, so for my 12th birthday party I had a luau in my pool and everyone LOVED it. My friends have been trying to get me to have another party for two years and so now my parents are letting me have a 14th birthday party. It has to be absolutely great; one that people will talk about for the rest of the year. It needs to top my last party. What should I do for my party? I've searched for good ideas, but I haven't found anything great enough.

invitation in a bottle
14th Birthday Party Response:

Hi Taylor!

I've been to a couple great pirate parties this year. I can show the announcement of one of those parties if that is something you are interested in.

You'll find a ton of ideas for it on my pirate party page.

There are lots of fun game ideas, a great printable invitation template, and even printable name tags and a source for pirate names.

It's a lot of fun to dress up in pirate costumes. I even used eyeliner to draw fake tattoos on a couple of the people I did makeup for (there are lots of different eyeliner and lipliner colors available). The fake tattoos looked so cool. It's an activity you can add to your party. After you draw on the fake tattoos, be sure to brush some face powder over it to set it (it will stay on all night that way).


P.S. If you are looking for a more girlie girl theme, please use the comment box below and I will add some other ideas.

There are tons of pirate themed games on the Pirate Party page listed above.

I have also just listed a NEW Pink Vogue Fashion Party that might work for you.

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by: Daelynn

What on earth is a luau? Well anyways, I have some ideas. You can have a sleepover. I know some cool games.

Musical Bags - Everyone goes in a sleeping bag except 1 person who's it. That person will have to sit on the bags and guess who is in that bag.

Tag - Everyone has a flashlight and you go outside and play tag in the dark (or cops and robbers).

14th birthday party idea!! HELP!!
by: Roisin

My birthdays in October and I have no idea what to do! I live in Ireland so the weather is cold. I want to have lots of my friends (I don't want to leave anyone out) and I don't want to spend too much money. I can't have a sleepover because there is no room in my house. Please help me!!

I Need Help
by: Cori Moses

I haven't had a birthday party since I was turning 9 years old and now my parents are letting me have a party for my 14th birthday, but I have to plan it myself. I don't know what the girls will like and I want them to say it was the best party/sleepover ever. Please help me. I am running out of time. WHAT ARE SOME GOOD THEMES FOR OCTOBER? No Halloween party ideas please.

by: Katie

My Birthday is the 21st of December so I can't have any outdoor activities really. I know my birthday is ages away, but I want to plan ahead.
I am having 6/7/8 people including me. Any ideas?
I've done skiing, ice skating, a house party, and shopping in different town.

Thank you!

OMG 14th B-Day!
by: Nikkiluva


I'm a kewl 13 yearr old gurl who wants 2 celebrate my 14th in style. :D

I luv pink and Nicki Minaj - She's like my roll model. LOLZZZZ! I wanna be dressed like her for dis party, and my friends wanna be dressed like her too. LOLZZ!

can u giv me some ideas plz?

thnx so much XOXOXOXO

from nikkikluva

My 14th Birthday
by: Kari

I am having my 14th birthday party in 12 days. I have invited 17 people boys/girls and I have nothing much planned except for music and possibly a film. Or maybe just dance 4 on the Wii. no theme. It's in the evening... at home... nothing spectacular. Thanks!

I really need help for my 14th birthday party!!!
by: Anonymous

I am now 14 and I am having a party for my 14th birthday this year in about a week, we are going roller skating and then back to my house. I really don't know what the theme should be. My cake has candy M&M's on them, cause I love M&M's. My dad hates spending money unless it is only one dollar, so I am paying for the decorations, so I am thinking $40 is my limit. What do you think my theme should be and what decorations should I buy with that limit?

Major 14th Birthday Problems!
by: Anonymous

I have 2 weeks to plan my birthday party (I'm generally independent so I don't ask my parents for too much help) and I need ideas on what to do for my party! Please help me out with this birthday because it may be one of my last birthday parties with some of these people.

My house (no pool, Kinect, bonfire, open big spaces, or a porch)
5 guests
4 hours

What we are doing:
Lunch with cake and ice-cream
A movie

What we are NOT doing:
Treasure hunt
Dance party
truth or dare
Prank calling

Budget- $50

Ideas on more activities?

Golden birthday 14........ HELP!!
by: Anonymous

So my birthday is coming up, and I have NO plans! What I usually do is have a camp out, but I still haven't returned my friends tent from last year and I feel BAD! So it is going to be in my house. I have 2 things, no games and no sports. I do live in front of 4 baseball fields and 2 soccer fields, so I have as much room as I want. Any ideas?


Golden birthdays only come around once in a lifetime. Of course any gold party theme would work, but I would go with 14 activities and to make it extra special, select something from pop culture for each of the years of your life to build an activity around.

For one year you could pick a top movie to watch. For another a favorite dance song, and for yet another a new game that came out in the market. It would be a sort of memories time capsule celebration.

Party Help Needed
by: Anonymous

I am turning 14 really soon and I am having a party at home and I want to have more of a grown up party, more like one that would suit my age. My mom wants me to do it outside, but it is going to get buggie at night time and that's when it is. I wanted to watch a movie in the basement but my mom doesn't want me to! Help!


Hmm.... that's a tricky one because you need to follow your mom's rules for the party. I understand about the bugs because we have that problem where I live to. Not fun!

So if indoors is out, what about moving the party to daytime? I don't know if you have a pool, but there are several themes that could work around a pool. If not, what about a sophisticated garden party where you hearken back to Victorian days. To be more modern, a Mad Hatter Tea Party outdoors could be made super cool.

My 14th Birthday (Ahhhhhhh)
by: Hailey

Hi! My name is Hailey and my birthday is coming up on July 1st. Last year I didn't do anything for my birthday because of another party that was going on and my birthday flew by without one sorry from my mom. Right now it is June 14, and I still don't know what I want to do with my friends for my birthday. I would like the theme of my party to be horror. So, I'm hoping you can give me some ideas before June 25th. (ASAP)


P.S.: I want this to be a very special party!!! THANK YOU!


How about a Scream Out Loud Party?

You could, of course, watch some horror movies, but you could also set up some scary scenarios as visitors arrive... a whole lot of little things that will startle them or make them scream throughout the night.

Set it up to have odd things appear of people dressed in scary costumes jump out suddenly, have eerie music playing and dim lighting set to further intensify the mood, bring out faux snacks that disgusting like a plate of worms or such.

Incorporate some urban legends party ideas into your night.

To ease the tension you could also try a ghost story mad lib. That might have you scream with laughter rather than fear, but scream out loud none the less.

13 turning 14 Theme Ideas HELP!!
by: Ellieeeee :)x

Hey, I am 13 going on 14 and I am having a boy/girl party and I need some help with theme ideas and invite ideas. My idea was Neon colours. Is that bad? What would we put on the invites? HELP ME! Please xxx


If you're going neon I would plan an 80s party. Check out everything that was popular in the 80s here.

You could write your invitations on old cassette tapes or use a popular 80s game like Pac Man as inspiration for your invites.

Example intro for invitation might be:

Lace up your high tops; get totally rad
And deck yourself out in your fave 80s fads...

Party Madness! :0
by: Anonymous

Hi! I need help planning my 14th b-day party. It's in October, but we've started planning now. All I know so far is that I want a limo. Now money is no object, but I don't wanna go overboard. I went rollerskating with friends last year, but this year I wanna go all out! My theme I want to incorporate, is nerds. Any suggestions on how to make this party the best one yet?? Please comment!! Thanks! ;)


First of all it's always fun to dress up as nerds, so you'll definitely want to do that.

If it were my party I'd create a list of things cool teens would do and then give them a twist to be nerdy. Make stops at each of those locations and share your nerdy selves with the world. You could make it totally hilarious if you're not shy.

My 14th Birthday Party - Help!
by: brooke

Hi! I don't have a clue what to do for my 14th birthday party. Last year for my 13th I had a huge disco, so I dont want a big party this year. I want it to be a girl/boy party and my mum dosent want to spend much. Help me please!


A Minute to Win It Party composed of challenges posted on the official Minute to Win It game page.

A casino party

An urban legends party

What Should I Do for My 14th Birthday
by: Kayla

I need to find something to do that is really fun! I want it to be a girl/boy party and everything. I want it to be the best of the parties for my last year in middle school. I love music and dancing.... So all ideas are all cool.:) Thanks!

My 14th Birthday Party
by: ella:)

I don't know what to do for my 14th birthday!! It's in June and I really want to do something up in London with my friends, but it needs to be cheap.

It also needs to be quite cool, so I don't look stupid next time I see them. Please help!!:)

Help Me Top My 13th Birthday Party!!
by: Tia

Basically, for my 13th birthday I had loads of people round. We went bowling, had a water fight, a sleepover, and then the next day we had a spa day.

This year loads of people have asked me what I'm doing. It's my 14th so nothing major like hiring a hall or nothing. I need some nice, tasteful, but yet fun ideas, and it HAS to top my last party.


Extra Party Details
by: Kelly

I live in the Seattle area so it might or might not snow and we can be either indoors or outdoors. I am very open to advice or suggestions.

Reply: I personally love sledding parties. We usually make all sorts of cool ramps and do a number of challenges from racing to putting as many people on the sled as possible. It's way to fun. We have some awesome hills for sledding around here. You'll need to be sure that wherever you do go sledding is safe and that no one will hit a tree, land in a river, or such going at top speed.

If you have a great hill where you're staying all the better. Are you able to have a bonfire? That usually goes over well with teens. It's warm by the fire and you can make smores and roast hotdogs and marshmallows.

If the neighbors don't mind music you could even play some dance music outside and create a dance club with mini lights surrounding the dance floor and tables and chairs made with snow surrounding that for those who just want to watch and enjoy snacks and beverages.

Party Activities
by: Kelly

I am having a sleepover at my lake house, which is an hour and one-half away from my house. It is on December 8th and 9th and I am inviting 8 people, but I don't know what to do for activities or a theme. Please help!

Reply: Should we assume that it will be cold and there will be snow outside or is located in an area that's warm all year round? Also, do you plan to spend the entire time indoors?

Idea for My Party?
by: $@r@h

I am turning 14 this year and I really want to have an awesome party! My birthday is in the winter, and my parents don't want to spend a lot of money. I'm not quite sure where I should have it and what it's gonna be.

I want it to be a boy/girl party, but I also want it to be the best! I'm not sure if I want to do a dance party type thing or sledding and then back to my house. I also really want this one guy to come that I really like, but it has to sound cool for him to come!

I really need help!! Please help!:)

ThAnKs AlOt! $@r@h

Reply: I am wondering if you can take this Club Freeze party up a notch.

If you were to set up the club almost like a ski chalet and first go sledding, it would be cool.

You could have music, video games, and more set up to give it a cozy yet club like atmosphere.


14th Birthday
by: Simone

I am turning 14 soon and I want to have a party. My birthday is in the winter so I don't know what to do.

3 years ago I went sledding.
2 years ago i went roller skating.
Last year I went ice skating.

I want a fresh idea. I like to do a lot of things that are fun and that I can do with about 6 or 7 people.

Please reply (: Thanks.

Reply: If you're looking for another sports activity there' always skiing. If there's snow, you could create a whole series of Amazing race style challenges outdoors.

Or are you looking for more of an indoor party with a theme this year?

14th Birthday Party Theme Help Needed
by: mOii

My b-day is coming in a long time, but my mom wants me to start getting things ready like now. I wanted to do something like a dance party with boys and girls but I need a theme. I want to make it more fun and not like all the other parties. Do you have any ideas?

Reply: There are always ideas. To start off with perhaps you could share what style of music you plan to use for your party.

14th and 13th Birthday
by: Amy and Ebony

My cousin and I have our birthdays a day apart so this year we are going to have it together. We were thinking of having it at a condo. She will invite 7 girls and so will I. We want a scavenger hunt in the hotel but we dont know what else. We want Hot Pink Zebra and black. Any suggestions on what else we should do? Thanks.

Reply: Be sure to tell the girls to bring swimsuits. You may want to swim or have girl chat in the hot tub.

A few of the hotels I've been at have had live music and dancing for all ages, but that may not be the case where you are going.

I would bring a few conversation games like box of questions and table topics. There's also a fun customizable game called Cahootie that I came across last year. The truth or dare version works for any age.

14 Birthday Party
by: amiri

I need help for my 14th birthday party.

Reply: Could you elaborate? What do you need help with?

Birthday Photo Shoot
by: Anonymous

You could have a photo modelling party and then go out for dinner at a high class restaurant.

14th Birthday Party! [;
by: DariMadison.<3

I'm turning fourteen July 3rd. So it's like in less than four days. I'm super excited, and I want to have a little party get together for just a couple of my closet friends... like, maybe four or five girls.

I was thinking maybe we could just buy an on demand movie off of the tv, get drinks, and snacks and just watch the movie, snack around, and have a typical sleepover.

I wanted to go to the movies, but I was thinking I'd have a little sleepover party until I turn 16 and then I could have a big party.

All I'm asking for is clothes and money so it's not a big deal. My thinking is, if I keep it cheap for these parties, then maybe I can have a really big 16th birthday!

Any ideas or comments? (:

14th Birthday Location and Party Ideas Needed
by: Anonymous

I want to have a party for my 14th birthday, and I want a house party, but my mum won't let me as I 'can't be trusted'. Any ideas on what I can do? I did want a party bus, but they are quite expensive. Help!?!?! :-)

Reply: "You can't be trusted" because of past activities or because your mom is cautious about any teenagers coming to a house party? Is she fine with you having a party at a different location or does the same problem come into play of not being trusted? IS there a budget and a number of guests you can invite?

14th Birthday Coming Soon
by: cass

My birthday is in about 2 weeks from today and I don't know what do. I want to have a girl boy party .. like bowling or something and then have everyone come to my house to eat and then have a sleepover with the girls, but I'm not sure. Can somebody please help me... and fast !!

My party...
by: Me

I am 14 in about 2 weeks but the Easter holidays are coming up so I need to get my invitations out soon. Last year I had around 10 friends and we went in a limo to the cinema and Pizza Hut and then we took the limo home again. So that means this year my party can't be too expensive. I was thinking I could have a camp out that is sort of Easter themed with egg hunts, baking and all that jazz, but I keep changing my mind thinking it's a rubbish idea. My other idea was to go to Go Ape but that is quite expensive and means I need 2 adults. HELP!!! :S

Reply: If you made the Easter themed camp out party whimsical or mysterious it could definitely work. Just look at how grown up they made the kid's story "Alice In Wonderland" when they brought it to the big screen. There could be a mystery that has to be solved, etc.

Birthday Drama
by: Anonymous

I am turning 14 and I desperately need advice on planning. Help!

14th B-Day Party Help Needed
by: mandy

My 14th birthday is in a month and 6 days. It's on March 1st and my sister's is Feburary 26th. I have been asking my friends at school what I should do, and they have given me some ideas, but I just haven't really liked them. My mom has given me some, too. They are just all like bowling, skating rink, sleepover, 80's chick dress-up, and stuff like that. I had a really huge party last year, so I can't have a big one this year. Here is a little about me: Fave color-HOT PINK, Fave design-ZEBRA STRIPES, Fave thing to do-text my friends. I DO NOT like bowling, I DO NOT like ice skating, and I absolutely DO NOT want a party that has a sports or action theme. If you can help me plz do. I NEED IDEAS NOWWWWW!!!!!!!

Reply: Did you check out the Pink Vogue party ideas? They seem like the perfect fit for you and would work for a big or small party.

14th Birthday Party Help
by: Anonymous

My friend and I have birthdays 3 days apart, so we want to have a party together. We want it to be a big party with boys and girls, but we cant think of a place to do it. We wanted to have a dance party, but no one at our school will dance.

When I turned 12 I had a party at the skating rink, and it was a big hit. Would it be okay for us to have our 14th birthday there too?

Reply: Of course it would be fine. To start with, even though the venue will be the same, the party atmosphere will be quite different with 14 year olds than it was with 12 year olds. Do you have a theme planned? Is it possible to have a DJ and pick your songs? If so, could you ask you friends to suggest one of their favorite songs each in their RSVP to you so you can arrange a music selection that everyone will love? Our skating rink has a party room where food can be served. If it's the same for you, you could host the entire party at the rink and implement a fun theme.

by: pseudonym

I've heard about some great 50's style parties. You can get all dressed up, play some oldies music, maybe even have a little dance in a room decorated to look like a barn with bales of hay and teach everyone how to square dance. My sister went to a 50's party, and it was pretty cool. The people throwing the party had specially made shirts that said "Double Bubble 5c" and their own tracks with awesome music.

Fun Fun Fun
by: Paulina

I am 14 years old tomorrow and my parents have got me an under 16's club and I am having 35 people and then we are all going to my aunt's house to have a sleepover coz her house is really big and I cannot wait ;D

Fourteen. :D
by: Anonymous

Well I'm turning 14 in about 17 days and I still don't know what do do for my party.. and I've been asking friends and they're really no help either. I'd like to have a boy/girl party and then like a sleepover for the girls after but I don't know what to do after.. I don't exactly like bowling, skating, laser tag or anything like that.. I was thinking about movies or a hotel but I don't want it to be like lame.. It's hard to find something to do in the month of December but I'd really like some help! Please & Thank you.(:

by: Kelsey

My Birthday Is In About 2 Weeks. It's Gonna Be December & i Have No idea What To Do. Something Cheap, Fun, Sorta Girly. It's Hard Because It's Gonna Be Cold Most Likely. My Mom Has Given Me A Few Ideas But Nothing I Really Like. Helpp?!

by: Kristi

I am having my 14th birthday party soon, it is with one of my best friends(are birthdays are very close). I have no idea what to do there is only five of us and i am looking to keep it cheap and at home. I really need help birthday is in 8days!!!! HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

My 14th Birthday Party...
by: Victoria

Okay... so, I'm having my birthday party in about 3 weeks! I have no idea what i can do. My mom said that I have to have it at home, and it can't cost too much... what can I do?!?! HELP!!!

What Should I Do?
by: lauren

Basically my birthday is in December and I don't know what to do? I'm turning 14 and I want to do something fun but not too big. It's going to be a girl/boy party. Do you have any ideas on what I can do?

For my last birthday I had my party in a hall and it was themed, but I don't really want to do that again because it didn't turn out that good.

Thank you (:

Turning 14 (:
by: Anonymous

Hmm.. So I'll be turning 14 on December 20. I wanted to have my two bestfriends (girl and boy), ace boon coon, and boyfriend spend it with me. I love to eat so I already know we're going out to eat. Then again before eating I want to go somewhere. I had said the movies, but I don't want rules. I want it to be FUN! What can we do in this COLD winter that we can just hang out and have fun?? NO PARTY!!

14 Birthday!!
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to do for my birthday this year either. I'm turning 14 and I want to top my party from last year. The theme was different decades and my friends came dressed as like hippies and stuff. They had a lot of fun! Any ideas for this year?

Need Help
by: summa

I'm turning 14 on the 20th of September and I don't know what to do. I have 10 friends, girls and boyz, so I need something they all will like and be sik cuz I don't wanna look like I'm a baby and not have a sik party cuz my boyfriend is coming so I need help on what to do. xx

Different 14th Birthday Party Ideas
by: MAKA

Hat Day (wear crazy hats)
Water balloon fight
Pool party
Destination (go to mall, restaurant, game center, etc.)
Movie night (candy popcorn truth or dare board games)
Crafts (make cool things, draw pictures)
Decorate your own cake (set up colors and frosting to make a custom - just how you all want it king of cake!)
Theme day (Ninja, pirate, scavenger hunt, fancy, famous, and all diffrent kind of stuff)

My 14th Birthday Party
by: Anonymous

My name is Shannon and I am just coming up to my 14th birthday. My parents won't let me have a party, but I want to. I am working on it, but the problem is that I am moving away soon and I will have to do my party at the new place and that is where the problem comes in. I want to do it in London so my frends won't be able to come and I need a dress that will wow them all, but then my parents won't spend alot on that dress that I want and they will probably say choose a cheap one.

Please Read This
by: cierra the helper

Hey everyone! I need your help. I am turning 14 and don't know what to do, but my idea was that I could go to an indoor water park, but my cousins have had their birthday parties at all of them. I just want to go somewhere that the boys and girls will have fun, but I was thinking that I could have a Hollywood theme beacuse I am a celeb, so I was thinking the whole red carpet thing at the indoor water park and I want to make a grand entrance like they do for a sweet 16. I will pull up in the coolest car and there will be my friends on each side screaming my name and then once I make my grand entrance my vip and I will change and we all will go swimming and have fun pluss party for the rest of the night. Please let me know how you feel about this and say what's really on your mind. Thanks.

Sleepover food?
by: Megan

I'm 14 in a week and i am having a barbecue, but i don't know what type of food and entertainment i should have?. :D xx

wow wow
by: Aliyah

i had a luau in my pool for my 12th too, that's weird. my 14th is coming up in about 6 days and for my party the theme is gonna be a huge collection of old things i liked when i was like 5 and other little kid stuff; hello kitty, reptar, catdog and wow wow wubzy :] . haha really random i'm having it in my back yard and were probably gonna eat cake watch a few horror movies then run around in the dark w/ water guns

14 year old party
by: Anonymous

I'm doing a birthday party and im inviting 11 girls and im just having dinner and watching a movie and i don't know what else to do to spice it up and it is in 3 days HELP!!! i dont know what we're going to eat or have for dessert!! and i want some games too??

To Sammy
by: Anonymous

A costume party doesn't have to be kiddy. Pick a theme or make it creative, like dressing as a celebrity? something like that.

I need some advice
by: Sammy Jade

my 14th is coming up but i dont know what to do. last year i went to the movies but i wanna do something different. i dont want it to be girly but i dont want it to be to evil and boyey. please ppl dont say costume thats too kiddy.

by: Liv :)

So, my 14th birthday is in about a month or so. I live in England so it's pretty cold, wet and miserable. I was thinking of having a disco with boys and girls, and then doing that OSCAR idea, where you choose best dressed, best hair etc. I thought that sounded like so much fun, but I don't know how much it would cost for everything and I'm not sure where I could go for a venue.

Well anyways, hope I helped :)
Liv x

by: Sarah

hi, my name is sarah and i am having a 14th boy/girl b-day party(its always boy/girl). I have about 3 parties a year...this one is in late feb. i need new ideas every party i have music and everyone dances and grinds on eachother....im getting tired of it...please please i really need ur help. not to be mean to my friends but they got some suckish ideas...and make sure that the game if fun for both girls and boys. I am so uncreative...so it would be really great if i could borrow some of ur creativness..or just give me a link to like loads of party games

thanks with hope for fun,

by: Anonymous

My 14th birthday is also in 4 weeks time and i dont know what to do for it! Last year I went with 7 friends to a recording studio (Birthday deal - £16 for all of us. Thats something to do for other people.??) And they really enjoyed it! I really want to do something like that this year, for 8 people, but I am completely out of ideas, and its nearing closer!

Me Again
by: Mellyio

I'm having the most extravagant Sweet 16 party. I am having it at a hall and everything. Anyone got any ideas for decorations cause i am not sure what to have. The hall is huge so it need to be covered.

Birthday Ideas for 14 yr olds
by: Hannah

I was looking on the internet and I found that u cud do:
Laser forcing
Roller Blading
Ice skating
Sleep Over

There are sum of the ideas i am going to do but u dont hav 2 do 1... u can mix them up... eg, go to the movies then go roller blading and then let ur friends sleep over...

u noe, u don't always have to go anywhere fantastic just to hav a b'day party!!

My birthday is on the 13th of jan. & i will b turning 14 & i want it 2 b perfect and let my friends have fun celebrating it with me...

by: Anonymous

my 14th birthday is in 4 weeks and i don't know what to do /: i want to have something with lots of people and it'll be boy/girl. please help, i don't want it to be lame.

a winter birthday :P
by: Anonymous

my birthday isn't until December, but i'm trying to plan it ahead of time. since my birthday is in winter, there isn't a lot to do..(like a pool party won't work) anyone have any fun ideas? i want to keep it pretty cheap but tons of fun! helppp!!!

My 14th BDAY
by: Anonymous

Well my idea is too book a hall call my class except some and pretty much HAVE A PARTY we will play music but i dont know what to do whilst doing it.. :( helppp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
or it will be boring and i want it to be a top party no boring girly stuff cuz boys will be there too and i dont want my rep ruined

p.s wat duz co-ed mean?

by: Anonymous

Im have my 14th birthday party to. Im thinking of doing a disco type. Get ipod speakers and party lights. Have heaps of party food! lol

A little Help
by: Helperish

Most of us 14 year olds get so stressed why not relax and everything will just come to you. If you want something that reflects your personality then you should just do what I did. Book what you want (nightclub, bowling) then add features to make it that bit more different.

Last Year I Had an asalte course and I made it different by making everyone bring their own piece of fancy dress, the best one would win a prize. The prizes varied on going first on the equipment to getting a rubber duck stereo!

Hope this Helped

Your Helperish person! xxx

by: Anonymous

im having my 14th birthday in a week and i have no earthly idea what im going to do! i had a pool party and everyone loved it and i wanna do that again bt i want it to be muchhhh better! i suggested a clue party and after we could go swimming but my mom was totally against it. please help!!!

party soon!!

I'm having a party soon and I know that I want it to be co-ed and it's gonna be from like 6 to 11 @ nite. I think were gonna play Twister and maybe have a water balloon fight but idk what else to do!!! also, what kind of food should i have? the party is gonna b @ my house and prob @ the park near my house. AND the guy i really like is gonna b there....HELP!!!
What will make this party AMAZING!?!?!?!

Scavenger hunt as if!!
by: Anonymous

okay scavenger hunt. all u gotta do is make a list
u don't even need disposable cameras but u r going to need a few more people than that. unless u only want 2 teams. oh 1 more thing if u r competing in the scavenger hunt make a parent or sibling make the list that way u wont know what is on the list therefore u cant cheat.

Sacavenger hunt at the mall
by: karle

I had a sacavenger hunt at the mall a few years ago and here is what I did.

I had my mom make a list of things we needed to go and find.

she put stuff on list like go to build a bear and get a hot pink bow, go to the pet store and get a picture taken with a golden retriever, go to johnny rockets and ask for a paper hat. random stuff that you don't normally do when you go to the mall.

UGH!!!! Help Please
by: momo

so i'm having my 14th at the mall. only 3 of my best girls and me. i wanna do a scavenger hunt. [you know get the bags from random stores disposable cameras and all that jazz] but idk how to do it. that's where ya'll come in. HELP PLEASE??

after we're headin to my house for a sleepover and we probably won't sleep so i need time fillers. we're probably tie-dyin but that's all i know. any ideas?? please and thank you.

14th birthday party
by: Anonymous

My birthday is coming up soon and i dont know what to do. Im gonna have a couple girls over and they will spend the night but what should we do during the day??

my party
by: Josie Mz. New-Booty

My birthday is next month and I'm having my party at my sister's house. She has a big house with a pool and 6 acres with a pond and mud pit in the back and there's gonna be like 9 four wheelers. I'm not having co-ed..just me and the gurls from my softball team. Were gonna sleep in the tent but we probably won't sleep much...we r gonna call boys and play games...ya know just usual stuff...
Hope I helped at least a lil..


what should i do for my 14th ??
by: Laura

Iv always had big parties but on my 13th i had a party with family and friends and had a photo shoot with friends the day after and this year i won't a big 14th at a club but i dont no wat to do for the theme?? please help me :) !!

my 14th party
by: shannon

Well. my 14th birthday is coming up and i have been trying to plan it for SO long. and i finally think i have come up with an idea :]. First me and my girlfriends are going to have a day out from 1-5 maybe do our nails. expensive lunch etc. then in the night im going to rent a few tents or a chalet and have a dance party with hip music and food :] next to the beach with boys and girls. i agree at 14 we should be able to blend in with guys.and that will go on till late. then some of my friends will stay over: ).

Hope i helped.

by: Anonymous

Okay I'm having 60 friends over for a slumber party and i'm not sure how to pick one theme that will rock for everyone.i need time fillers and lots of pranks:)but it needs to top last years. everybody is still talking about it the problem is it's in a week HELP!!!!!!!!!!

HELP! (co-ed)
by: Anonymous

okay so i am having my 14th birthday party in the summer or near the end of the school year and i really need help with ideas!

I know i want about 15 people and its going to be co-ed definitely. First off, i was thinking about para sailing and then a bonfire on the beach but then its like 100 per person for para sailing. Soooo any ideas?

by the way: it cant be anything stupid like pirates or Hawaiian and the neon dance idea is already taken. Plus bowling and ice skating has been done this year too...please help.

by: Anonymous

So my 14th birthday is on a couple of weeks! I'm having it at my house about 25 people are coming, boys and girls.. but i have no clue what were gonna do the whole time. So one please give me some ideas!!

my birthday party :D
by: Anonymous!

so my birthday is next weekend, and that friday me & about 20 other people are going to the movies to see Madea Goes To Jail! co-ed(: then after it 5 of my girlfriends are stayin with me.

it's gonna be fun!

bday ideas
by: keke

have an Oscar party!
make everyone dress in fancy cloths and then have everyone vote on people for awards like bested dressed [male and female] and like best hair.
i did it. && it was a blast!

14th :D
by: Anonymous

Hi! I too am planning my 14th birthday and i have decided on a pool party either in. The summer or going to an indoor one in march when my birthday is. But i just wanted to let you know about what i did for my 13th so maybe you could use for your party here it is. I did a fashion show sleepover i told my girls that we were going to see a movie then come back to my house and they would sleepover. In one point of the night we did a pjs fashion show and was judge and had prizes for each of em, i also got feather boas it was so much fun we had a blast!!!

Partyy Time
by: Mellyio

My birthday is at the end of the month and i really wanna do something fun!! I already know that its all girls and its a sleepover but what else can i do?


All the girls that want to have a girly party have like a spa day or a movie night or hawian themed or even something like chucky cheeses theme LOL!!!

And p.s. that pirate idea is horrible especially since all 14 year old girls dont want to have a bunch of girls dressed up as pirates.

Have fun though you know you want to!!1

And i really need games pleasae help thanks!!

hey,im havin my 14th too!
by: Anonymous

ok,so,im turning 14 in a little while,and ima have a co-ed party(well,5 girls and 1 boy)and i LOVED the pirate idea,but i wanna know if there are any ideas a little cooler that might be out there,my friends arent really pirate pplz lol,so i need something every1 will love,any ideas?if no,plz go on about the pirate plan!lol

14th Party!
by: Anonymous

Well i am having my 14th birthday party, and i have no idea what to do for it.
Like i want it at my house, but what am i meant to do just sit around all day BORING i want something really fun! Please helpppp!!!

off da chain party
by: amber

yall should have a party wit girls and boys if you are 14years old.I would because i am turnin 14 jan.29th and i was goin to get nails dun and den go to da mall with guy friends and girlfriends and walk around and then leave da mall and go to city walk it was fun so maybe think about it and den she how u feel about it


by: Anonymous

the main party idea
have fun
and a 14th birthday party shud be crazy (but safe)

i mean food fights and pranks

anyone out there
having a party

have fun

and happy birthday

by: Anonymous

i think you should have a hollywood theme decorate with black streamers red ballon and silver ballons ya know all the hollywood colors

New Fashion Party Added
by: Wendy


I added a Pink Vogue Fashion party link to the answer I gave you earlier. Depending on your likes and dislikes it could make for the perfect party for you and your friends.

14th Birthday Party
by: Anonymous

I need good party ideas for tomorrow!!!!!

14th Birthday Party
by: Anonymous

I'm having my 14th birthday party, and it's a slumber party. I have lots of it planned out, but I need in between other stuff, like games, crafts, etc. There will probably be 6 girls, counting me.

Me Myself 'n I
by: fawahh

Anyway, I think you should go bowling or go to the cinema. After that go eat at McDonald's and go to a shopping mall. Then, go home and bring some or all of your friends home and play games or have a sleepover... hehe up to you!! :D

Pirate Themed 14th Birthday
by: Taylor

That sounds like a lot of fun. What activities would I hold during the party? (other than tattoo drawing)

P.S. Could you tell me girly ideas, too? I'd like to think of everything possible, so some more ideas would be great.

Thanks a lot!

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