Girls 14th Birthday Party

by Katie Stanley
(Crawfordsville, Indiana, U.S.A)

Surprise Me

Surprise Me

What are some themes that we could use for this party. There's not much to do in our small town and her birthday in November, so we can't do much outdoors. What themes/games/decorations/whatever do you think we should have for this party?

Girls' 14th Birthday Party Response:

Hi Katie!

The best parties I ever plan are parties based around something the guest of honour loves. The sky is the limit when it comes to party themes, so please use the comment box below to tell me about a few of the things the birthday girl loves and we'll build a theme, along with ideas for decorations, activities, and invitations from there.


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14 Birthday Help Needed ASAP
by: Rose

Hi! I'm Rose and I'm an only child so I want my party to be special. My 14 birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks. I'm very clueless on what to do and I really need your help! I was thinking about inviting some friends to go to the mall on a Friday and watch a scary movie. But, I also want to have a party. I don't know what to do for my party! I want to have a coed party but my mom wants me to invite my closest friends. I need help with everything from what to do at the party to what we should eat, everything! I just need opinions! Also, my actual birthday is on a Sunday so we have school after. Can you please help asap? Thank you so much! :)

14th birthday party!!! I need ideas!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi! I am having a party at my dad's ice rink. We are going to skate for a while and then go eat! It's like a hallway that is filled with food! I feel like my friends will get bored really fast and have nothing to do! It's about 50 people all together (boys and girls). I think I need something more fun like games and stuff or some sort of entertainment. My parents will get me anything I want (within reason)! I'm not sure what other things I should plan! I feel like there needs to be more!!!! HHEELLPP!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply: Is there a sound system at the rink? If so, you could ask a friend or relative that is funny and creative to MC the event and call out all sorts of challenges and crazy things to do for prizes in between the skating. Of course, a good DJ is entertaining as it is so you'll have that in the mix too.

Sweet Party Idea
by: partyy harrdyy :)

Hey! My b-day is in 1 week and I invited 5 of my friends. We are going to go to the Sheraton and stay there. We're going to swim, watch a movie, and have a spa night with facials, nails, hair, etc.

My mom and the rest of my family are going to get another room so they will be combined. If you want to go cheap just do the same at your house... spa stuff and the frozen t-shirt game is fun. You freeze a t-shirt and thaw it. The first one to get it on wins a prize like a necklace, makeup, etc. It is going to be so much fun!!!!!!!

My b-day
by: Kaylee

Hi! My 14th b-day is in 3-5 days and I want to invite a lot of people, but I have no idea what to do! :( LOL! Could help me out a little bit?? Please and thank you.

Reply:Could you give a little information about number of guests, where the party will be held, likes and hobbies, budget... anything?

by: NaomiJade<3

My birthday isn't for a while. I'm turning 14, but I need some help on what to do as think I will need to book it a bit earlier.

I like ice skating and photo shoots, but I don't actually know what to do. I know I will definitely be having a sleepover with 4 mates. I want a disco but mom wont let me as they are quite expensive.

Please help me. Thanks<3

Reply: Could you rent an ice rink and have a Disco on Ice party? Ice skating rinks can often be quite affordable to rent off season. You could have your guests dressed in disco outfits and play disco music. You may even be able to rent a disco ball for a decent price to add that colorful spinning wow factor.

Please Help Me D:

My birthday is in 16 days so I might have the party that weekend or the weekend after that. I pretty much have no idea what to do! I'm turning 14 and it's the last year of being close with all the people I've been close with since we're going to high school next year.

I want this party to be amazing. I'm inviting both boys and girls and I want to have it at my house. I don't know what theme to have or what to do or how to decorate. I want to have something cool and like dancing and a club kind of style.

My style is kind of like punk/staker and I'm a girl. I need ideas. Please Help D:

Reply: Create a punk club indoors or outdoors and give it a great name. Also, give your guests their own punk names using this punk rock name generator.

Of course you'll want music to fit the theme.

Set up a "tattoo parlor" for creating temporary tattoos and a punk art gallery with fresh canvases for your guests to work their magic on. Be sure they sign them and have some kind of fun draw or auction them off at the end of the evening as memorabilia.

If any of your friends have their own punk bands it would be cool to have a live band at the event also.

Birthday Party Help
by: Briii

Hi! My birthday is in April, but I really can't decide what I want to do, so I need help. I'm really into CSI stuff and crime solving so I thought of a CSI party but I'm not sure. I've been going out to see a movie for the past 3 years and it's boring. I want to do something different... maybe a dance party or something. Please help!

Reply: A CSI party would be so cool. You could do a murder mystery party or possibly a challenging clue based scavenger hunt. It would be such an awesome party theme.

Party Question

I need help. I asked my dad if I can have a limo and hotel party, but he said "no" because he thinks that not many people will show up. Am I asking for too much. I need your help. :)

Reply: Did your dad give you any guidelines or a budget for your party? With a limo and hotel party I would think it would be better to have less guests to cut down on the cost, so I'm a little confused by your question.

My 14th birthday
by: Anna

My 14th birthday is in 8 days and I don't know what we are gonna do. Their are a few guys coming, but a lot of girls. This is more of a party of about 20 people. I don't know what theme I should do. I don't even know what I want.

Reply: Casual or fancy? Indoors or outdoors? At home or at a venue? Budget?

Please Help
by: sue

My daughter is turning 14 in a few months and I'm stuck for ideas about what she could do for her party. She is a glamor girl and likes things like:
  • Make up
  • Celebs
  • Clothes
  • Big entrances, etc.

Please help!


Reply: The two party ideas that come to mind for you are either a Hollywood Movie Party or a Pink Vogue Party.

My Birthday
by: diane(:

Hello(: I'm turning 14 on the 10th of May and every year something bad happens because my parties aren't organized enough, so now I'm thinking 3 months ahead... I went to a party last night and it was a costume party. It was really fun, but in my opinion it's a little immature... I love dancing with my friends, and my friends love reggaeton.. I was wondering if any one could help me? What should I do? o;

My 14th Birthday is in 4 days!
by: Kaylee

Hi! I am about to turn 14. I know what I am going to do my cake in, but I just have one problem. I don't know what to do at my party. I have 12 girls coming, but only 5 are staying. I am having a really hard time of thinking what to do and all that stuff for the girls that are staying! Can you please help and give a ideas FAST??


What are you doing your cake in? Knowing that might help in giving a reply. Is it a theme cake?

Party Ideas Needed
by: Anonymous

Hi! I am turning 14 years old on the 15th (Tuesday), and I don't really have any ideas about what to do? I don't know if I should have a party at home or go do something elsewhere?

Here is a list of my favorite things...

01. GLEE (TV SHOW <3)
02. Singing
03. Dressing up
04. Taking pictures
05. Socializing
06. My friends
07. Shopping
08. Skiing
09. Soccer
10. Going places (bowling, movies, gym, swimming, etc.!!)

P.S. Birthday's in February (snowy!!) winter!!

Please help!!

Ice Skating or Rollerskating!
by: Helper :)

Hi! My 14th birthday just passed and I had a great time at my local ice skating rink! It's perfect if you want to invite a lot of people, especially if the rink has a special on parties. Food is also cheap. Just order up a few pizzas and a cake and you're ready to go!

Hope this helped :)

14th Birthday Party Help!?
by: Tori. <3

I'm having my 14th birthday party in a few weeks and I've made NO PLANS!

I want to go to a spa or something, but I also want guys to come, and for it to be overnight, so now I'm clueless!

Where should I have it, and what should we do? I don't want it to be boring.



Should I assume that the guys you hang out with don't like spa treatments. If they don't, you'll obviously need a new game plan. If they do, then an idea could be built around including some type of spa treatments.

Party Help!
by: Bec_Kod

Ok me and my friend are both turning 14 in a few months and have no idea what theme to use... We really do need help with this!! We are thinking something that will grab attention as we live in a small town with a population of around 5000 people.


It's always helpful to have a bit of information on your likes and interests if you don't have a party idea in mind yet.

Party Ideas?
by: Anonymous

My daughter's 14th birthday is coming up soon and she wants her party to be just the best that everyone will enjoy. She is very obsessed with take that and other bands.


How about having a "Take That Tribute Concert" and rent and play videos of their best songs. Send guests tickets to the "concert".

Have mock auditions for guests to fill the roles of the band members in an airband tribute and even video tape it.

If the girls like dancing, Take That is pop music that is perfect for dancing.

Research information on the band and create some games that will test your guests' knowledge of the members.

My Party Idea Baby
by: Anonymous

Hey girlies... My birthday is coming up soon and and my friend and I came up with a great idea..:

5 boys or more/less
5 girls or more/less

I have a games room outside and it's pretty big and detached from my house, so basically we can just put music on dance a bit... maybe watch movies (scary to snuggle up ;)... and maybe play truth or dare, but not necessarily everything. Then take pictures and just chill. Also, there's loads of walks around my house so we could sneak out a bit for them ;)..If you`re not allowed to have boys for the night then maybe you could get them to have a sleepover themselves at a boys house and then text and call each other :) Also get them to be picked up at like 11/12 pm... as late a possible. Hope this helped XXXXXXXXXX

Clueless in March?!?!
by: Amanda

My Bday is in March and I have no clue what to do for it. I am turning 14. I am either having a sleepover with 10 girls or a party (from like 5pm-10pm)that is coed with around 16 people. If it is coed, I would like for it to be mostly outside, but I don't really have a backyard, because it's a scary forest (that bears live in).

I do have a pool, but I am self conscious about my body, so I am not big on the whole swimming party. If I found the right swimsuit, it could work. Oh, I live in Florida so it will be warm (;.

In my unique neighborhood (its gated), and there is a spring that people can swim in. There is a mini-beach with sand and picnic tables. There is also a pool there and a nature walk too.

I have a big two-story house so there is lots of room. I don't want a really specific theme, because I don't feel like parties should be planned out on a time schedule, because that takes some of the fun out of it.

I do have a wii, but i don't want my party revolving around it. I also have a fireplace and that's always fun. I could get marshmallows and hotdogs and roast them on the fire. We can turn on the music channels on the tv (I have bright house haha). I could get pizza, but I would like something more creative. Fondue was something I was thinking about. That's always yummy.

If I have the coed party, it doesn't have to be at my house. I would prefer something not that expensive though. If I had a sleep over, it would be hard to get from place to place because if my dad is at work, then we only have two cars and 4 + 4 = 8, not 10. I'm sure we could figure something out though, because my dad could come home.

Now I'll tell you what i like, because it seems like it would be easier that way.

Likes: Filming, Editing, Making Music Videos, Swimming, Walking/Jogging, Watching TV, playing pranks, sushi, subway, shopping, pandas, playing sports, man hunt, taking pictures. (I know these are random but I like em(;)

Thanks in advance!


I would set up a movie screening party or Hollywood gala party outdoors. Rather than using the swimming pool for swimming, you could just set up bar tables around the pool if you have a decent size deck. Soundtracks from popular movies could be playing during dinner or snacks (whatever you decide to serve). If you have no way to play a movie outdoors, you could move it indoors for that part, perhaps in the room with the fireplace where you could have a Hollywood style bar set up to serve movie snacks to your guests.

Depending on your skills with a video camera, it would be really cool to have clipped together your own funny movie of your friends in day to day life leading up to the party so that it would be a fun surprise. Even if you found a funny song or two to clip behind images, it would make the "Movie Premiere" so much more personal to your guests. Again, that would depend on your skills with the camera and editing, etc.

Harry Potter Party
by: Anonymous

I've been wanting to have a Harry Potter party forever and now it's my 14th birthday. My party is going to be in a few weeks and both boys and girls are invited. Everyone is dressing up and the house is going to be decorated but I have no idea what to do when everyone gets there! What games can boys and girls play which aren't too young. Please help :)


Harry Potter trivia would be an obvious choice, but I would think it might be fun to set up some magic tricks to either teach your guests or demonstrate to them. Either get a book from the library or you can find tons of examples on youtube. Just make it mysterious to fit the Harry Potter theme.

14th Brithday Party Ideas
by: Anonymous

I have got my 14th birthday party coming up really soon and I want to do something really fun that isn't too pricey!!! Please help any ideas are good ones!!!

Reply: One of the most affordable parties to host is a Minute to Win It party. Games are set up using items from around the house and instructions for the games can be found on NBC's Minute to Win It games page.

Birthday in April
by: Anonymous

Hello! My birthday is in April and I know it's a few months yet, but I don't know what to do for my 14th birthday. I want a party and I want to invite boys and girls, but my mom won't let me have a party in a hall. I do have one idea which is a neon party but it's in a hall. Please help! I really don't know what to do.


You can host a neon party at home too. If it's nice outside you can even move the party outdoors and have a cookout and a glow in the dark scavenger hunt.

There are a few ideas on this college age black light party page that might inspire you with ideas also.

Birthday Party in March
by: Anonymous

Hey! My bday is March 24 and I need ideas for what to do for a group of about 7 girls. I love rock music, hanging out, movies, and want it to be a sleepover but I have no idea what I should do for my party. Cost - no limit.


A club party would be perfect for you. You could even create a talent stage for karaoke or airband or dance competitions and have music videos playing on a screen in a dimly lit basement lounge area. If your friends are into trivia you could randomly do trivia shout outs and award small prizes through the night, especially if you could get a friend to acts as DJ for the night.

Help! I Need ideas!
by: Anonymous

My 14th birthday is in 3 days and I have no idea what to do! I only want a small group of my girlfriends and I need to think of something fast! Any ideas anyone!?!?!?

Reply: It would be so helpful if everyone left more information about what type of party they want. On short notice you could set up an Urban Legends party quite quickly, but your question doesn't provide enough detail to determine if that would be a good fit for you.

by: 123! :)

HI! I'm turning 14 in a few months and I need some ideas. I am really into the whole drum and bass side of things and I really want to make it a rave to remember ..... !! Where can I go to hire a house or a flat where I can have this... ?? Help.
Thanks :P

by: Anonymous

My birthday is not for a while but still I need to plan this out because I am having a donation party and I need a theme for the place I am having my birthday and I have no clue????? I need help now !!!!!!!!!


Reply: Could you give us an idea of what you're donating to or what you mean by donation party? That would help in coming up with an appropriate theme.

My 14th Birthday
by: Anonymous

My 14th Birthday is coming up and I've decided to have an outdoor movie party! We're renting a huge inflatable movie screen and inviting all my friends and neighbors. We're grilling hamburgers and serving popcorn and hot chocolate (since it's so cold in January) and sleeping in a tent outside. Everyone's a big fan of the idea and its lots of fun! Hope I helped! xoxo

by: Abby Graves

April 3rd is my birthday and I really need some good ideas. I want the guy that I really like to come so nothing stupid. I want to have a really good party because it will be the first cool party ever. I really like music and Hello Kitty.

Wet 'n' Wild Party
by: Alisha

Hi. My local Leisure Centre holds parties for 12-16 year olds at their spa. They're really good and are only £5 per person, and £2.50 extra per person for food. I want to invite 11 people to mine, and I've decided this is the best thing to do. It lasts for about 2 hours, and you get to have the whole spa to yourself, go in the Jacuzzi, Steam room and Sauna and you only need to have 1 adult present. I can't wait for my party!

by: B.B.

Hey! I'm turning 14 in less than a month. I was thinking about 10-12 friends for something and a sleepover. I'm a fashionista, but not a total girly-girl (if that makes any sense..?) I just want it to be fun, and for everyone including me to have a good time. I looked on some sites, but it's like celebrity/red carpet, 60's/70's/80's/90's, spa day, et. None of those really work. I just need to have a good birthday. Something new, fabulous, one that everyone remembers. Any suggestions?

by: Bronwyn x

Hi! I have a while till my party and everything is great. I don't want to go with out a date. The boy I like is not interested I'm sure, but that's ok as I don't really like him too much any way.

Story short... I want a date to my party but there is no 1 that's interested in me or that I'm interested in. I know... right... difficult 1.

Please help!? x

ummmm ;/
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm having a big bash and I don't know where to have it (hotel maybe) but if not what food shall I serve? My theme is black and white. The hotel will cater my guests but if I can't get a hotel room then what?

Hi ! x
by: Anonymous

Okay, so I'm having this huge party for my 14th. It is like nearly a year away but I'm already planning it and I'm freaking out. Like my party is on a budget and I want a classy black and white themed party but I'm worried that something bad will happen. I don't really throw parties so this will be my first. Any tips to make my day go off with a bang but smoothly ? x

14 Birthday Party Ideas?
by: Cydney

Okay so I'm turning 14 this January on the 15th and I don't know what to do. I know who and how many I'm gonna invite but I don't know any good ideas. Help plz!

Mexi Asks 4 Help
by: desperate

Ok so the problem is simple. I was born at the wrong time. Solution? NADA! My b-day is Jan. 8 which is too close to the holidays and too cold to do anything. I live in San Diego, Cali and it's not always sunny in Cali as they say. Also I'm not too big in the cash area. I cant rent a hotel or go up to the mountain cuz that now costs gas. Um I'm thinking about having 4-5 girls over. I still need to discuss my guy friends with my parents. oh and my dad leaves for Mexico so he wont be there? Any ideas??

by: Courtney s

K, so my b day is in 10 days and I am turning 14 and I have no clue what to do. I am having a sleepover and I like makeovers but have done that before and all sorts of things but I live in a way small town with not much to do. Please help with cake Ideas and everything thanks.

Party Idea
by: Belle

My fourteenth birthday is coming up, so my friends and I decided to have a Disney Princess Birthday party. (I'm serious, cynical and I wear black most of the time, so I loved the irony of the idea.) My family isn't rich, so I'm inviting 5 of my friends for a sleepover (each of us taking on a persona of a princess). We're going to play little kid games (pin the kiss on the princess, etc.) and watch the movies. As we go to an arts school, I found a princess sing-along to use as well. It's low budget, though I'm buying some foam crowns and figurines etc. It's going to be really fun! Hope this helps!

My Birthday
by: Dusti Gustavus

Hey! My birthday is in 2 more days and me and my mom have run out of ideas so I Googled this site and I brought it up and I just wanna say think you for making this site. You saved my birthday. Now I'm going to have the greatest birthday bash ever!!!!!!!!

Help Urgent Crisis!!!
by: Anonymous

Today is the 23rd of December and my party is on the
3rd of January. I'm having a lunch date and am going to plan the party around the food. I was going to do Chinese food but don't know if that could work...What do you think is best for a sit down meal? (not pizza's or burgers or anything like that thanks)

by: confused

My 14th birthday is on the 1st of January. I need to organise invitations before the end of next week.
I don't know what to do....


14th birthday crisis
by: Anonymous


by: Jazmyn Jay

So I'm turning 14 this January and I have no idea what to do for a party that won't be too dorky or expensive. I'm thinking of inviting at least 20 people (including boys). Any ideas at all would help.

Help I don't know what to do for my birthday and its in 3 weeks can you anyone give me ideas???
by: Roslyn

Hi! I'm going to be 14 and I really don't know what to do this year for my birthday. I wanna do something with a few of my friends and just have fun. So if anyone could give me ideas I would appreciate it. xoxo

My 14 th birthday party
by: Catarina

Hi! My birthday is in January. I'm going to be 14 but the problem is that I don't know what I'm going to do for my birthday party. I'm going to invite about 30 people. It's a lot. We all like to party quiet a lot. We are really crazy ... all of us and me ... like to dance quiet a lot. I really need help and lots of ideas.

by: Aleisha

Hey! My birthday is in March which is still a few months away and I'm inviting 4/5 of my best friends but I don't know what to do?? Can you help with ideas plz?

by: Vanessa

I'm turning 14 soon and I really need a theme or idea or whatever ... I want to have it like a huge party with guys and girls, because some of my friends are 13, 14, 15 and also 16 ...
What should be the theme or whatever? ... PLEASE HELP... :)

Does This Sound Fun?
by: Miranda(:

Okay, so please tell me if this sounds fun or not?! Okay so I don't really have a schedule but I may not have a sleepover but I want to invite just my main little BFF group of my 3 best friends. Since there would be 4 of us, I want to split up in teams of two, put 2 blacks lines on our cheeks like football players do, get in our bathing suits (if it's not too cold since it would be in early December) and have a water balloon fight. We set up the Badminton and horseshoe sets for Thanksgiving so that's always an option when we get bored. I want to have a small fire when it gets dark, put out some sleeping bags and sit there and tell scary stories/gossip after we watch a scary movie and then a comedy. I also want us all to make a pizza/make some sandwiches and go out to our boat basin/park thing. We may also do some Minute to Win It games and play a camera game where you put it on the 10 second timer, and pass it around facing you, making a funny face then it'll go off unexpectedly (let your parents set it and not tell you how long they set it for). So, yeah, sorry that was long but hopefully it'll be fun.

14th Birthday Party
by: sunshine

Hey! I am turning 14 next year on the 12th of April. I really have no idea what to do. Please if you have any suggestions on what to do, tell me!!!!!!!!! thanx xoxoxoxo

My 14th Bday! Help!
by: annie

I live in India and I have my 14th bday on the 28th of Nov. I am calling around 4-5 of my galfriends and we're like going for a movie but I've always had a party and stuff so I'm confused which 1 should I go for??? Could you also tell me some nice fun and girly themes for a party?????? I'm really confused and want my party 2 be the BEST!

Please Help! My Birthday Is In 2 weeks :O
by: Anonymous

Hi! I am doing a girls-only party in about 2 weeks and I'm inviting 40 people over to my house :P
I know that's a lot but we can spread out all over the house and outside in the garden. I still haven't thought of a theme for the party and I need to hand out invites a.s.a.p. Do you have any ideas?
I was thinking maybe a neon party, but the decorations for that would be really hard. Also do you have any food/decoration ideas with the theme you pick? ;)
Thanks, xx

14th Bday 3 Weeks Away
by: pooh-baby

Hey! I'm having a party and I want to make a big entrance. Any ideas?

What Am I Going to Do For My 14th Birthday
by: Christien

H! My name is Christien and my bday is in April. I know that's a long way from now... like 6 months away, but I just don't know what my theme should be. Last year it was Hawaiian but this time I don't know so plz tell me what the theme should be. Thank you :) ;)

by: kenna

Okay so my bday is on December 3rd... ya... 27 days! Yikes! I need help! idk what to do. I want my bday to be awesomely awesome! I love to dance and sing and just love to have fun! I need help! I'm very outgoing... so I love crazy ideas!!!

by: Anonymous

What I am doing is a scavenger hunt at Target... You can do it anywhere! I'm so excited. I think it will be amazing:)

Blacklight Party?
by: DarbyLee:)*

Hi! My 14th birthday is 5 months away and I want it to be awesome so I am planning ahead. I'm not sure what to do. I really want to do a blacklight party but I'm not sure. And should I have it at a hotel or at home?? I don't even know what we could do. Help please!

What Should I Do For My 14th Birthday?
by: Anonymous

Ok my 14th bday is coming up in January I know it's a long time but I wanna get it sorted! My mum said I could have a joint disco with my younger sister who is only 1 year younger then me. I liked the idea in the first place but I started thinking of another idea the other night. I thought I could have a late night picnic with my mates, a few girls and a few boys, with tea lights, fairy lights and blankets and all that stuff and some music as I live right near a massive field. I'm really stuck on what one to choose. Can some one please help ???? <3 xxxx

Help!! B-day ??
by: Help! Tia :)

Hi, my birthday is in 3 months but I want to plan early as I'm going on holidays for 3 weeks in December and don't wanna worry about what I'm doing for my birthday on January 6th. I was thinking of a party but my house is very small, and I don't know who to invite as I wanted a famous singer. I have never had a birthday party with my friends ... just my family. Many people are telling me that I should have a party but I'm not really sure? :/
Could you please help me in what I should do for my 14th birthday as I really want it to be special as can be! I also want a theme but I can decide that after I know what I'm doing for my b-day.... Thanks x :)

14th Birthday Party Theme
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm 10 years old and my little sister (who will be 8 soon) wanted me to be her party planner. I picked the theme glamour. She only invited one person so we are just going to do the basics makeovers, hair, and nails. Our beds aren't big enough to fit three people so we are making a tent that we will sleep in. We are also going to make a cake that looks like a pair of jeans. This party I think will be pretty good. I don't really think you have to go somewhere fancy like a hotel or something but if you stay in your house then just make sure you have plenty of games.

To find out how to make the cake go to and search blue jeans cake

by: Anonymous

Hi! My bday is coming up and my friends and I want a bonfire but there are only 6 beaches in the state that allow them and they are far...

What Should I Do For My 14th Bbirthday?
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 14 in 2 days (I know it's kinda late to ask this) but I still have no idea what to do. I can't have a party because my mom thinks it's too much work. I can't do anything expensive. So anyone have any ideas?

by: Samantha

I have one month to plan this party out. I want to have a Hollywood red carpet theme. I'm inviting 5 girl friends and it's not going to be all girly and everything. Should I have everyone appropriately dressed like their fav celeb or what? What games and food should I plan out? What should the decorations look like?

by: stuck ????plz help :)

My birthday is in December I love horses and have 1 really close friend who I would like to do something with. I'm turning 14 and I do love shopping but Ive already done all that going shopping on my own so I wondered if you had any ideas. Plz reply.

by: lilwhit

Ok so I'm in eighth grade and next year I'm going to high school. We have two high schools so this will be the last year I see a TON of the plp I'm with now. So my friend and I have birthdays close to each other so we were planning on having one HUGE party. And by huge we mean about 120 kids. We are both turning 14. We don't want to just have a boring old dance party. We want this to be the hottest party of the year!!!! We are planning on having the party at her place because it is a pretty big house. We have less than two months to plan everything. Now my friend and I are both girls and it's going to be a girl/boy party and we are turning 14. ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY OUT THERE HELP US NOW. WE NEED IDEAS.

Help me please
by: marina

My birthday is in October and I love fall, but I have done the whole go to the movies thing and my mom thinks that sleepovers are too ... she just does not like them. I am in grade 9 so all my new friends will be coming. I need help !!!!!
Thank you so much for reading.


I'm turning 14 and...
by: Jordyn

I want to invite my entire class, and a few more people to my birthday party in November. I want a big party that everyone will like, but I don't want to be a burden on my family's wallet. I was thinking, that if it was not too expensive, that I'd have a party at a rollerskating rink. If they had black lights, I could get black light paint and paint our faces and it would look amazing! I just really don't want to ask for too much, but still be able to have a fantastic birthday where I can invite lots of people. Please help!

14th Birthday
by: megzz

I really wanna have a great 14th birthday, but I just don't know what to do!! My birthday is in February. I just need help trying figure out what to do x I need all the help I can get !

by: Kallz

OK I'm having a party next week and I don't know what type of stuff to do. I'm the "Random" person and I want some random things to do...... Any ideas?

My Mother! Help!
by: Robin :)

Okay, my birthday is in November and my birthday theme was just a bowling party then a sleepover at my house but my mother wants to go all out. She was thinking a dance with ALL my friends. I thought it was a stupid idea because I just want a simple party but she was telling me its gonna be unexpected like a surprise party but I really don't want a dance party but I'm afraid she's gonna do it.... Do I go with it or deny it??? Help!

by: Anonymous

This past weekend my friend had her party and it was fun but people were all over each other and that's not what I want to happen at my party. My party was gonna be a bonfire, so what should I do??? Any other ideas for girls and boys???

IDK What To Do
by: Anonymous

I am inviting some basketball teammates to my sleepover. I want it to be something fun like competitions but not little kid competitions. It's for 13 year olds and I am inviting like 10 people and it has to be cheap and unique!!! I want everyone to have fun! I need help please!! Thanks :)

14th Birthday Crisis .
by: rosalee

Hi, it's Rosalee, and I'm turning 14 and I don't have a clue what to do for my birthday and I'm freaking out. Please help me.

by: destiny

Hey! My name is Destiny and I blow my candles on November 29, 2010. I have no clue on what I want. I want to throw a party at the W which is at downtown of Chicago and just down by my friend but idk because its 2,200 per person and for 2 nites so help.

14th Birthday Soon.......
by: calypso

I was thinking about inviting 14 girls for a sleepover with a movie but I don't know what else to do! Also, we're not that girly so makeovers would bore and my birthday is 2 weeks away so I still have to send the invites and it would be better to do that earlier- If you have an idea, please reply asap!

Help! Help! Please!
by: anonymousss

Okay! So my birthday is September 8th! and today is September 6th!!!!!!! I'm not real big on planning plus I have no idea what to do! I live in a very small town but we do have a state park where we could go camping! :) but what would we do?? Ya know? And like how could I like decorate?
Pleassee help and share ideas with me!
HUGS&KISSES! -desperately in need of ideas .. -Whittlie <3

Is It Fair?
by: danielle

Well my b-day is in 25 days!! I will be 14 and I cant wait. I have an idea on what to do but I don't think it will be fair. Well I want to go shopping with my bffl, but my bffl can't come so I was going to have a movie night the next day!! Tell me what you think? (oh and my bffls will sleep over till next day).
Love Danielle

14 Birthday Ideas
by: Tiffany

I'm turning 14 in about 3 more weeks, but I don't know what to do. I was just thinking get some of my friends, we go get our nails done, then go to the mall or movies. Ugh! What should I do ?

14th Birthday Troubles
by: shelbay birthday isn't until November, but I wanted to make this birthday more's kinda a boy/girl party..there's 34 girls and my idk what to do about the theme. I was thinking about a masquerade party, but now I'm not so sure. Any suggestions???

What Things Could I Do??
by: 14th in september

I had a massive party for my 13th birthday (42 people) and Ii want to keep my 14th simple, but fun. I have a large outside entertainment area that has a roof over it and also there is a large reserve around the corner. If you also have any ideas out of the home it would be great to know!!

by: Cheyenne

What can I do for a fun outdoor bday party with a bunch of people like group games n stuff?

Price is Always the Issue...
by: Emilyy

Hi!! I've been looking at websites and links for "fun", "original" birthday parties for a 14th birthday party and most of them were either cheesy or way too expensive. A spa birthday party and a murder mystery party always looks like fun, but I end up being shot down by the dreaded question by my parents: "How much is it?"

So I want to do an absolutely original and fun party that everyone will enjoy. I can't afford a hotel room or an actual spa to hold the party, but I'm open to suggestions. Please, please help me!! The party is in 3 weeks and nobody knows what to do!!!! :'(

Soooooo Confused!!!! HELP!
by: alyssa

OK, so my sisters are thinking a pool party and a slumber party at a hotel afterward. It a guy girl party and I don't know what to do!! I like that idea but I feel like it would be lame and people won't show! I'm one of the ppl who have to have a awesome party cuz I'm in the popular crowd!! I don't know what games we would play and where to have it. Also I don't know what to do for my best friend!! Her birthday is 12 days apart from mine and her family isn't doing anything!! I thought it would be fun to combine ours, but it might also be LESS fun because none of my friends like her and (I hate to sound materialistic but...) we might get less presents!!! (that sounded materialistic)!!!

Me: I like having fun and I'm very creative. My favorite colors are blue and purple. It's supposed to be really hot and sunny, but if it rains I like to swim when it does. We're all crazy party ppl and we love tunes. My birthday is on Sunday and I need help! Give me your opinion on games for the pool party and the sleepover part. Do you think my party sounds lame????

by: Shannon

Help me! I have no idea what I can do for my birthday. I was thinking camp out with my whole year in school, but my mum and dad are so strict. Please please pleaaaseee help me!!!

Mummy's Surprise
by: Ana ray

My daughter is turning 14 this year and she has asked for a 'red carpet event' themed party, I've told her no - but what she doesn't know is that all her friends are waiting for her with look-a-like celebrities and fake paparazzi. I will also be in the crowd taking photos that we can develop. This may look like a lot but we got a package from a company. We got the red carpet, the big cocktail glasses, and the paparazzi, but the celebrities were quite expensive. Hope this helps :)

14th Birthday Party
by: Amber

Hi! My birthday is in like a month and I really need some help. idk what to do. I was reading some of the comments and i saw one that I liked but idk if I will have the money. I want to have a sleep over in a hotel with like 3 of my girls or have a dance party but idk where to have the dance party but I just want to have a great birthday. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

14th Birthday
by: Spinelli

Hi, I don't know what to do for my 14th birthday party. I have about 10 close friends I want to invite, Boys & Girls, and I have no idea what to do. I saw above that you said it should be based around something the guest of honor likes. I like to sail, I really like Coldplay, Florence and The Machine, Billy Talent and My Chemical Romance. My 14th birthday is in October so it will most likely have to be indoors. Can I get some advice on what to do?

I Am Turning 14
by: Lucy

I am turning 14 a month from today and I want to celebrate it with some mates but mum said I can't have a party so I don't know what to do with mates for my birthday. Me and my mates all like sports so if there is anything to do with sports tell me please and we like to party a lot, but I'm not allowed a party so if you find something which is like a party but much cheaper then I would love to do that. Please help me because it's soon and I don't want to be the person in the year to have a bad birthday celebration :( x

Heey Maan
by: Rachie

I turn 14 soon and I want to throw a killer b-day party but I'm not that sure what to do ??? I want it to be memorable and for all the girls to have fun. Any advice ??

Help Please?
by: Cortney

Hey! I'm Cortney and I'm turning 14 Saturday. We have very little time and nothing planned out except we are renting a hotel room for the nite. It's a sleepover, and it's a lake side hotel. I'm inviting 3 to 6 people but I have no clue what I should do for entertainment. Help. Thanks(:

by: Anonymous

I am gonna be 14 in September and all you people sound really rich and get sleepovers and stuff but I'm not allowed a sleepover. I want to invite 2 friends and that's it. We all love shopping and movies.

by: Nicki

My birthday is coming up and I am the youngest girl in my group of friends and I want to have an awesome party... I've been looking for the past month for ideas.... MY birthday is in October so I have no idea what to do cause all the parties are based around every season but fall!!!!!!!!!! I need help to plan the best party!!!!

14 BABY!!!!!
by: M4ver

HELP! My birthday is in 10 days and I have a pool, and a big flat screen tv and lots of movies. What should I do?!!!!!

by: Anonymous

I was thinking about doing ice skating either in the afternoon or at night. After that I would bring all my friends to a restaurant. Then come back to the house and camp out in the back yard. The next day we would have my parents drop us off at a shopping center!

So Excited
by: Anonymous

Hey,so my party is a few months away but I wanna plan ahead. I wanna make it really big since I will no longer be a "child" after this since I'm Spanish. I cant wait for my Quinceanera but I was planning to do my party at a club with loads of music, foam all over, glow sticks and so much more =D Can't wait.

by: sophi

I had an underwater disco for my 13th but it lasted an hour of dancing... some people didn't dance... I didn't have the decorations done because my mom and dad were still trying to persuade me to do a princess party!!! Don't do a dance party unless it is 1 month in advance or else you'll be doomed to my outcome!!!

14th Birthday in September!! HELP!
by: Taylor

I NEED HELP!! My birthday is in September and I need ideas!! The past 3 birthdays I have had it at a hotel. We did all kinds of things! But this year I wanted to do something different. I can't think of anything! I just don't want to do a pool party or anything. I don't want anything that would cost too much money. I want to invite guys 2 so if guy are there too what could we do? I would invite my crush too!! I don't want to do something stupid and have my crush think I'm weird or something. Any ideas... If you could help that would be so great!!

by: Emma-Jane

Okay, so it's my best friend's birthday next Tuesday and I asked her what she is doing for it and she said nothing! I know she wants something so I have decided to do something with her brother's help. The only problem is I don't know what to do? I have told boys and girls... about 15 of them... we will be doing something but I haven't told them what yet and I need something quick! .. PLEASE help me :) Thanks Emma-Jane

by: Anonymous

My birthday is in half a month on the day that school starts. I haven't even considered what to do for my party, and I'm going into high school so I want this party to be mature, but still fun....Is that possible? I was thinking of doing a spa theme but last time my sister did that the girls got bored within half an hour. I don't know who to invite or when to have it!!!! Help me!!!!

My Party!
by: Anonymous

Ok so I'm turning 14 2mrw! and I'm having this HUGE bonfire at my place! with my 2 girl besties and my two guy besties! The guys are really cute.. and 1 just happens to be my ex.. but you know! gotta keep his hopes up! :P Well after the bonfire.. we are gonna pull an all nighter watching scary movies!!!! yayay.. so ya... not to be a total jerk but alot of these party plans for you ppl seem like.. way too much money to spend for a one night thing! !!!

I Need a Theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

My birthday is in December and idk what theme I should choose!!! I know it's a while from now, but I want to make sure it's perfect!!!!! I was thinking about a winter wonderland theme but idk how that would work!!!!!! I need help!!!!

Birthday Suggestions/I Need Help Finding a Good Party Theme!!
by: Olivia


If you're having trouble with a birthday party theme, a good idea is rent a limo or party bus and crank up music and talk. It's so much fun... go somewhere... maybe a baseball game or Dave and Busters, but whatever it is, dancing in a party bus and singing is awesome and limos are just awesome.

I'm turning 14 and I like the idea of sleeping at a hotel but I have so many friends I need and want to invite so I was going to have all my friends come over for a party have a cupcake competition and a pool party and then have maybe like 5-7 people sleep at a hotel after. Would that be good? I'm totally not sure if you have any ideas. Please comment. Let me know fast... my birthdays gonna be here soon!!

Birthdayy !
by: Chianne

Hey, Um My Birthday Is All The Way In March But i Want To Make This Birthday Special Considering i Am Hispanic So This Is My Last Year As A 'Child' i Want To Have A Huge Party Before My Quincenaria. So i Was Thinking i Would Have My Party At A Hotel On The Terrace. And Have A Select Group Of My Friends Be V.I.P's And Have V.I.P Passes And Stuff The Theme Would Be 'A Night In Hollywood' Or 'Celebrity Couples' Tell Me What You Think.

Talked about party
by: bee

I want an awesome b-day. I just don't know where to start. Should I invite my best guy friends... the school hotties. Also, I have to keep my status as the hottest girl in school, but I don't wanna be a total jerk.

by: Julie

My b-day is in a month and I'm going to send invites soon. I'm inviting like, 5 of my bff's 2 a sleepover. We're going to Long Beach and renting segways 4 a few hrs. Then we're going to the hotel and have a bonfire on the beach! The next day I want to either go to the beach, but that may be boring, or should i do a mall scavenger hunt????? If the mall one, what items. cuz i was thinking they could be things my bffs would want to keep, but still something hard to find, k, plz tell me what you think!!!! I hope all ur bdays were awesome!!!

by: Vanessa

Hey guys! Im Vanessa and my 14th Birthday is in Febuary, and if you've noticed thats like...7 months away, well the reason why is because im hispanic and well we want to make this very special, fun, girly, girls night out kinda of thing because its my last year of being a young girl and last year before my "Quincenera". Any ideas? Thanx alots! Hugs and Kisses -Vanessa

Reply: You noted you wanted this to be a girls night out. By that do you mean out on the town? Also, how many guests are you inviting?

by: Anonymous

OK, so i really like cupcakes but the only parties I can find on them are for 1 year olds and there's not a lot to do. I'm also open to other party ideas but I dont want to repeat any parties that I've already had. I need a lot of activities to do because I'm inviting a lot of girls, at least 18 or so, and there will be a lot of time to do stuff. Can you help?

Reply: Are your friends the creative types? If so, there are so many shows on tv that hold competitions for the most creative cakes that are amazing! Couldn't you host a cupcake competition and divide the girls into teams and have them compete for the most creative cupcake display or cupcake cake? You might be amazed at the creations that your friends will design. Of course, that would mean having enough room to bake and decorate. It might also mean having someone teach the girls some decorating tips to get them started.

by: Anonymous

I need lots of help!!! My bday is in 1 month and I had a great theme but now im not so sure! It was a 60s theme but now that seems so common. I loved the idea of a Paris theme but I'm not sure what to do for it!!! Any Paris bday ideas or new themes??? Thank ya :)

Reply: Your request didn't state whether it was an all girl party or not. If it is I would go with a classy theme and set a fancy Parisian Table and have instrumental music playing in the background. If you can get a large poster or a cardboard cutout of the Eiffel Tower, you could do photo shoots next to it also. The movie Juile & Julia tells the story of Julia Child and how she learned the art of French cooking. You could even have a French cooking class if someone you know is a good cook and teacher. Since Paris is high fashion you might want to have a fashion show, play fashion or style games, or go on a shopping spree at some highend shops after dining in your homemade French restaurant.

by: Krissy

Okay, so I have no idea what to do for my b-day. It's gonna be a simple sleep over..but I live in the country so I have no idea what to do!!! We are sleeping outside..&& my rents decided that we can't come inside & watch movies...hmm..... HELLPPPP!!!!! Uggh rents are helpful. Byeezz!!

14th Birthday
by: lizzy(:

For my 14th birthday party I am going to have 5 girls come over and we are going to have fun and they are going to come over at 12:00 and then we can hang out and then get ready to go swimming. We are going to go to an outside pool till 4:00 and then hang out and have a water balloon fight, have some snacks, eat dinner -order pizza or/have a bbq and roast hotdogs, then watch a movie, eat popcorn. Then the next day we'll hangout and have breakfast, talk and then open gifts and eat cake and ice cream. At the end we'll give them a goody bag and then they leave and we have lots of FUN!!!:)

IOW Party
by: Emi

Ok, so my birthday isn't soon but I have 2 have the party early because my friends are going to boarding school and I want everyone to come. I am inviting 4 girls and 5 boys (maybe 6). I am going to have my party on the Isle of Wight because we have a house there. I really want to do camping but because I want my friends to be there for the day as well. Then I have to plan day 'activities' to do. I was thinking maybe a picnik (1:30) then ice skating(2:10-3:10) then cinema(3:30-5:00) or movie at home and then barbecue(6:30-7:20) and camping.(with bonfire etc.)

But what do I do in between the cinema and barbecue, and the barbecue and camping ? I am really stuck and I need to plan quickly....Please help!

Reply: How about trying some of the Minute to Win It challenges? They are a LOT of fun!

I Need a Party Theme BAD!!!!!
by: Tyauna0902

I'm turning 14 & I need a party theme. My birthday is in December & I'm trying to have a birthday bash my town has never seen before. I need ideas & a party theme to start off with.

Reply: You could build on this Club Freeze idea and even go so far as to set up the club outdoors with ice skating, a dance floor surrounded by white mini lights, a campfire, and a beverage bar built on top of ice blocks.

here to help:)
by: ShantelPartyPlanner

hello ladies :) my 14th b irthday party is this friday, and what im doing is having 7 girls, over and we are doing a bonfire and sleeping out in my trailer :) my friends asked for this..and rlly enjoy it. :) im open to helping anyone out with their parties..ideas and whatever.

* lets make our 14th birthday partys AMAZING <3

14th party idea :)
by: Anonymous

Ok so u could tell ur friends to come to ur house and then drive them to a nice resturaunt (or ur fave restuaraunt) it doesn't matter... and then u could eat dinner and then bring them back to ur house and have a sleepover :) i'm taking about 5 friends and then we r gonna make t-shirts since we r all going to different high schools and wanna have memories :O

Need Help!!
by: Addy

Okay so my birthday party is in ONE WEEK and I have NO idea what to do! So far we are going to the movie theatre I rented out in my neighborhood, watching 2 movies, then going swimming at my neighborhood pool, then going back to my house for a BBQ and sleepover! What should I do during the BBQ/Slumber Party bit?


AN aqmazing B-day party
by: miranda

ok ; well if you want to have a amzing 14th birthday ; you should invite all your clostest friends ; or more (:
decorate the party space with balloons and stuff ; get a d- jay or music player ; great food ; and rock your night out ;
it could be a dance party or anything (:

by: Sophie(:

my birthday is in less than 2 weeeks,
and im stuck for ideas. HELP!
write on my twitter page for suggestions:

thank youuu;D xo.

Funnest party ever!! MUST READ!!!
by: Anonymous

My thirteenth birthday was in April And it was so much fun! I had all my friends over and we watched a scary movie (the new daughter... It was new at the time) in my basement! We had movie reel decorations and movie faces on the wall like the frowns and smiles and we got tons of free stuff from the movie theater like test tickets to hang on the wall for decorations. Blockbuster gave us the poster for the new daughter to hang on my wall. Our family friends own a conveinient store and they let us borrow their popcorn machine!!! I got cheap popcorn holders online ( the striped ones like at oldfashion movietheaters) and we had a giant bean bag that some of my friends layed on! My best friends mom is an amazing cake maker and she made me a popcorn cake it was so cool!!!!!!! we had an 'intermission' to eat it and open presents. It was a fairly cheap party and it was tons of fun! I had them from 7pm to 10pm. In the beginning we had just some pizza and small snacks too !!! Hope yu like this idea! It was totally my funnest party ever(:

im turning 14 in September
by: Anonymous

What to do?????
I have a pool..... a big living room....
not much spending money idk wat to do

What to do?!
by: Not So Sure Girl

For my 14th birthday party, I would love to have a really great party, but I have no idea what to do. I was thinking loud music, decorations and lots of junk food, but maybe thats just from movies..idk

I really need help deciding what to do so it can be an awesome party. (coz the last one was at the pools and i think im too old for that now, coz im gonna be like 14!)

Please help!!!

by: Anonymous

Ok right i'm turning 14 in exactly 1 month and i already gave out my invites and everything my mum said i could only invite 3 people so i invited my 3 besties and we're having a sleepover at my house and then in da morning we are getting our ear's pierced again, but i don't know wat we're gonna do like 4 da sleepover bit, i mean wat movies are we gonna watch and wat r we gonna do and wat decorations and wat r we gonna eat HELP PLEASE

party help and ideas
by: Anonymous

my birthday is in less than 2 weeks and i'm inviting 20 of my friends and im having them over for 6-10ish and thinking maybe some movies or something but need help to make it awesome! thx xoxo

by: Ariel

my birthday is coming up the 4th of July and im turning 14 i really want to do something cool but if i want a party its the local park or my moms friends trailer park so thats completely out of the question so what i thought was i was just going to give up and not have a party at all but i know how i would feel and i would just be miserable because i would say to myself i only turn 14 once and i blew it. i dont want to be regretting it if you could please help me ASAP im in to music and stuff if that helps . thank you so much for your time hope i hear back Love,

by: Connie(:

Okay, i am planning on having my 14th in Aug. sometime near the end. And i have 12-1 girls coming and about 6 boys. I am having it in my back years and all i have so far is to have music, shaving cream, and volleyball. Anyone else want to give me some ideas, but it has to be cheap.

Ideas x
by: Anonymous

My birthday party is coming up and i am really stuck, i want to do a bouncy castle but i had a garden party last year and i dont want it in my garden for 2 years running. please can u give me more ideas x

by: annonymous

hey, im turning 14 on july 17 and i am having my party on my family boat! all my friends are talking about it and we cant wait!!!! we are boating to fire island and spending an amazing day on the beach! i did this theme last year, it sounds like i have no good ideas, but it was such a great success all of my friends were talking about it for ever they were always saying " i want to go back on your boat!" then after we boat back home we have a sleepover, we do facials and do each others nails! it is such a blast! so any1 with a craving for the beach this is the perfect theme for you!

by: michaela

I don't know what to do for my party!!!! I have a pool in my back yard and every year we just swim and eat cake so I need something new. My birthday is on July 8th and its rapidly approaching so some ideas would b great!!!!!

HELPP- 14th birthday party
by: Amy

OMG helppp!! im having my 14th birthday party in about 4 days and i have no idea wat to do! im inviting around 12 girls all to sleepover but i have no idea wat im going to do for entertainment! it have to be inexpensive but really fun... im up for games as well soo please help me out!!!!! xx

by: clueless

JELLO WRESTLING!!!!!! but takes a lot of jello but i would use colorless jello it doesnt stain as muchi would use an inflatable pool hurts less when u fall into it. MAKE SURE TO HAVE A HOSE TO HOSE OFF WITH.

do not fear for i have come to save you from your cronic dreadful cluelessness!!!
by: TorriBelle

bowling, movie, fancy dinner, slumber party
have a dance in your basement, have punch or some fancy food, and watch phantom of the opera
go to the movies, karaoke, truth or dare,eat a lot of chocolate, jump on the bed (it is funner than it sounds)when getting settled down watch a really cheesie movie (notebook)laugh at the really cheesie lines and their facial expressions
go shopping,go to blockbusters/library/red box and everyone pick a movie (unless you invited your whole school then you want to narrow it)talk, paint nails, do hair
pizza, movie, skating, games,sleepover
have a skating party, go out for pizza, go bowling
swimming party

Little or Big?
by: Stephanie

I have no idea what to do for my 14th birthday!
I can't decide if i want something big or little.
Which should i go for?
I need themes.

by: Sydney

I have a problem. my birthday party is in 8 days an i have no idea what were gonna do. i have 7 of my closest friends coming. what games should we do...? let me know if u have sugestions.

14th Birthday idears i really need them !!!!!
by: Bella x

Hello my name is Laura and my 14th birthday is in November yes it is far away but i have started to think of some ideas. I really need help so if you have any ideas just tell me i dont have a clue what to do i thought about IKON Or RollerSkating Or a Hollywood Theme but i might do that for my 16th birthday

What to do and SOON?!
by: Anonymous

My birthday is on July 13 and it's June 20th! I'm still confused on what I could do even though I'm somewhat leaning towards the Mall Hunt! Help, More ideas!

Birthday in july
by: Maddy

My b days in july and its cold azz always in winter what are some ideas u have for my party???
please help!!!

Hey Jessica
by: Jenni

My birthday is on July 8th too.Im gonna have a party with around 20 people.It's gonna be a luau theme.I'm just buying snacks and a few party decorations.We're probably gonna swim and dance.It's not gonna cost much.Hope this gives you and idea and if you don't have a pool.Try just planning a few games in the yard or something just to keep the party going.

Plzzzz Help
by: Anonymous

Hey, well my 14th bday is in just 5 days and I'm totally lost on wat to do so plz help.
p.s. it has to be cheap but fun also for 5 girls thx ;^)

by: Anonymous

Ok...i'm jst turnin 13 dis yr & mi bday in 3wkz
I went on 2 dis website hopin dat it wud help
mi plan mi party bt all de advice u must all b rich wit ur limos & hotels im pretty
well-off bt i jst wnted a low-key inexpensive

by: Anonymous


My party
by: MegaanStellaa

Okay so my party is in like a month and i need to plan it.. Im not a kid i dont like weird little kid games, and like i need a good theme and stuff.. im turning fourteen and all my friends are guys and girls so what do i do??

idea for 14 teen b-day
by: Anonymous

hi im gonna be 14 on june 10th and dont have a clue what to do about 18 girls are gonna be invited but would like to have a really good one and invite all of my year but where could i have it and what can i do if you could give me some answers that would be great as it is very very soon.

14th b-day
by: Sofie

i dont know what to do im thinking of going to the spa then mall then sleep over but my moms uptight so it probably wont happen so please help me decide wt i should do for my b-day

by: Abeni

Hey.. Im turning 14 on September 7th soon an i have know idea where to go!! Im inviting alot of people! So if you have any suggestions can you please e-mail me at!! :) THANKS!!

Birthday Help
by: sammi

So my 14th b'day is this year and i have no idea what to do i mean i dont want a expansive or fancy birthday but i want it to be the best i will ever have it most likely just be girls so i need some ideas for a theme and party games and all if anyone could please give me some ideas that would be great thanks x :)

by: keri

my birthday is in a week. Any ideas? It needs 2 be cheep and fun. i love music, shopping, food, and movies? IDK if i want just a regular party

by: Sophie

So, I'm kinda stuck on what to do for my 14th but some ideas are:

Water Party: water balloon fights, obstacle course in the sprinklers, a cheap-o slip and slide, and ur good to go!

Glee party: Show a glee marathon, shoot a video of u and ur bff's doing a mash up song, dress up like glee characters, etc.

Surprise ur Bff's: remt a limo (but dont tell ur friends yet) go to a movie with ur bffs and then go eat lunch at a restaurant nearby, after eating, have a limo waiting outside to drive all ur friends home!

Hope this helped, and any suggestions for me? I dont wanna have my party @ my house

by: Anonymous

I'm 14 in October but I need to have some idea of what I want and I'm having 2 gazebo's put up in my garden. I want some ideas on what themes and colours I should do. Any ideas with games or music or any great effects I can add. has too be cheap as-well. somewhere in all my party I have to have some leopard print decoration as its my favourite animal print. please help. :)

What to do?!
by: Alex :)

Hello :D
Well my birthday is the 10th of June, im going to be 14 but i dont know what to do! I want my 12 friends to come and to be honest i prefer something like a garden party, but i dont know what to do!


Dance Party
by: Anonymous

You can always do a fun dance party.... Its a way for girls and boys to interact and have fun you could also throw in some fun games like.... tie each other together at the foot and have races or an egg tossing game just but some cheap t-shirts for everyone or use some of your daughters or your old t-shirts! Kids love it.

by: Tegwen

I know usually parents dont know what to get their kids.... but i never know what i want until after my birthday happens! Does anyone have some good ideas for presents?! I could really use them right now!


by: Anonymous

I'm about to turn 14 and I have heard a lot of good ideas but it's a boy girl party and the age range is from 9-14. i want a cool party but i don't want it to be too mature for the younger kids! Help!

by: Amber

My birthday is in one month exactly. And yes i still dont know what to do, but ive been through alot of ideas and here are some:
- Rock climbing
- Canoeing
- Hicking
- Caving
- Raft building
- High ropes (for adventurous ideas)
LAST YEAR, i went to a swimming baths and had about 15 girls there. We went in giant hamster balls on water and it turned out a complete success. After we all came back, and had a little bit of a party, with food. (my parents went out) After most of them slept in my lounge and we watched a couple of movies :)

I hope this helped.

by: Amber

Im turning 14 may 11 and i have no clue what to do for my party i was hoping some one could help me i love parties and having an awesome time expense is not an issue so help me out girls!

bday.... duh
by: Listen Up

ok. this is what you need to do slip n slide backyard barbeque, and if you have enough money don't buy a little slip n slide buy like 5 tarps and put them together!!! so fun also get a kiddie pool just to get a little laugh soooooooooo

by: shay

hi im shay! i need big help trying to figure out what to do for my 14th birthday party. i want it to be a girl/boy party. please help i need ideas

by: Paigee

well my 14th birthday is gunna be in may so its like a month away for my idea of a partayyy me and my closest girlies are going to this place and we are making our own chocolate at a factory or something like that after all us girllies loveee chocolate :)

14th birthday
by: alessandra

okay i turned 14, a years ago. i went to six flags great adventure with about 20 boys n girls. it was very fun and we had a blast. no parents best part. Hookups r the best n if yu see yur daughter hooking up w. some1 dont b mad its normal girl thing.

Around the World Bday
by: Savannah

My 14th party was this weekend and I had an Around the World themed sleepover with 12 other girls. WE had dinner in Turkey with Turkish food (calamari, olives, grilled shrimp, etc.) Desert was in France with crepes that we each flipped at my party, and breakfast was in Australia with all kinds of tropical fruit and toast. I researched ethnic games on the Internet, so we played games from Brazil, Nigeria, China, and England. We also did African drumming from Nigeria. The party was a huge success I hope you can use this theme to help!

B-day Ideas?
by: jessica

Hello! My name is Jessica and I'm turning 14 on July the 8th, but I don't know what 2 do. I don't want it to be too expensive, but i want it to be FUN! If u know what to do for my B-day please tell me......


I'm really excited for this
by: Anonymous

For my party I'm inviting 8 people to go to an outdoorsy park with cabins in it and we are all staying in the cabins at night and during the day we will play at the pond, the tennis courts, maybe play softball, and go swimming in the swimming hole. At some point in time we will get our hair done and have pics taken professionally.

This is really cheap if you can find cheap entertainment during the day... like nature and baseball. This is also fun because just you and your friends can show your "skills" and come out for a while.

bday party idea.
by: kaylee

Something that i think would be really fun would be like a backyard party or something like that. just invite a lot of people over, (or not many). have a volleyball or badminton net up and a fire, if you have a swimming pool that's even better! just have people hang out and talk or something easy going and casual.

by: Evangelina

Ok so my birthday is this year, I am turning 14. I was thinking of doing a masquerade ball. But thing is I want it to be a 1700s theme. I do not know what type dresses they used then and tried looking it up. Can someone give me and Idea of them. And what type food should I serve.

great Idea
by: Anonymous

what i did last year when i turned 13 i didnt want anything big and themed so we went to a fun center and let everyone go and have fun then we went to my house and made our own individual pizzas then had people sleep over and hang out if you dont want to do the fun center part just the pizza would be great. we also did make your own ice cream sundaes. IT WAS GREAT. other ideas would be swimming or ice skating or indoor skydiving or hot air balloon rides be creative

MY 14th
by: partygirl

hey i need your help I stay in Glasgow and my bday is in Aug and all my friends are looking forward to my party every one is talking about it and i don't know what to do
i need help am thinking of a Hollywood party
with DJ and hummer or something and the awards and red carpet
helpp plzs !!!!

Party suggestions?
by: Jenny<3

Alright, so im turning 14 in 1 week exactly! and im planning a party. like about 25-35people are coming and idk what to do! ive already got the idea of loud music, junk food and decorations ready, but what games or things should we do? i want my party to be the sickest party ever, but i have no idea how to make it that way. its gonna be at my house, which is pretty big, and i want some ideas on what to do, so please HELPP! (: i need an answer ASAP!

by: Chelsea <3

Ok every year I have a birthday, I do what ever I want to do. If I want to go roller skating I do it. If I want to go to six flags with 10 bffl's i do it. So the point that I am trying to get across is to do what you want to do. If your friends don't like it they can leave.

OH NO!!!
by: Anonymous

My 14 birthday is in May, and i planned out this whole party at the shore which is like 2 hours away. mom called it off because it is too expensive and time consuming.M y birthday is coming up idk what to do. I am thinking along the lines of a pool party...but idk. So if you have any suggestions please HELP!!!!!:) Thanks SOOOOOO much!

14 Girls Only Sleepover Party!!
by: MazHaz

Hey, it is my fourteenth next month and i am dying to have a really good party. i want a sleepover with about 8 friends and a barbecue but i could really do with some ideas for good games that aren't too childish but great fun!! i am very outgoing and love dancing so i decided to only invite my friends which i know aren't gonna be party poopers. My friend had a party last year that was really amazing and the games were really good but i want mine to be better !!!

What she did was:

We went to her house at about four and then we started with just dancing to music while the guests arrived, then we played some of the games:

1. The pinata, this was hilarious and her parents loved it too!!

2. We each picked a partner that we didn't know that well and one sat on a chair with a balloon on their lap, the other had to sit on the balloon and jump to make the balloon pop!! This was really fun !!

3. We all sat around the table and had a plate filled with squirty cream!! Inside were 4 malteasers and we had to try and get the malteasers out of the cream and to the side without using our hands, only our mouths. it was a race ! this was quite messy and a great opportunity for pictures!!!

4. In partners again, one partner had to wear a shower cap covered in shaving foam and the other stood about a metre opposite with a bowl of wotsits, They had to throw the wotsits and try to get them to stick to the other players head, it was a race and we only had 3 mins then we had to stop and count the wotsits on each players head !!!

5. We had balloons stuck to a dart board with numbers written on small pieces of paper inside, we threw darts at the board to try to pop the balloons, if we popped the balloon we got the number on the paper and the, we added up the numbers to see who was the winner!

6. We split ourselves into two groups of four and had a black bag full of really strange clothes such as big glasses, granny skirts, bras etc. we stood in two lines of our teams. the first player from each team stepped forward and had to put the whole outfit on and take it off then pass it to the next person in the line, the first team to have every player dressed and undressed won !!!

We also had snacks like pizza etc. and had a great laugh, after the games we went to her back garden and slept in her huge tent!! it was a great laugh and we all got to know each other!!

I hope this helps and please get back to me with any feedback asap. let me know if you think these ideas are any good !!! x

14th birthday ideas!!!
by: Alex

Ok so these ideas are ok but me n my friends aren't like girly n hollywood parties. but umm i am turning 14 in 2 months and i think i am going to be camping like near my house because i live in a development where all the houses aren't built yet so yah i am planning on going camping with my two best friends and my boyfriend and just getting lots of glow sticks n silly string n just messing around. my second idea was going and staying in a hotel room but idk bout tht becuz of the money n my mom doesn't think i should have a party anymore cuz i am too old blahh but soo yah.

Two years ago i had a mall hunt party and it turned out to be fun. What we did was i split everyone into two teams n me n my sister made two sheets of paper full of riddles n when u solved them for example "i am twisted i can be salty or sweet" and the answer being the pretzel place so the teams would have to find it and take a pic with all the girls and the first team to finish and take all the pics at the places first wins and plus it made great pics for the party. sooo hope this helps but my friend had a party n we all were wearing big shirts n first we all through balloons filled with paint at each other just and it like it all over the shirts which was pretty cool n loads of fun! hope all this helps sorry its sooo long.

A very fun idea...
by: Party girl =]

Why not have a CANDYLAND party and have your guests come in bright candy colours all you need is some yummy candy and you could also give away mr and miss eye candy awards to the best dressed people at your party... hope this helps...I also need some ideas so please help

by: Anonymous

Last Year for my 14th i invited 9 of my close friends. i had like a split party. So at 3 oclock till 6 oclock it was a garden party and bbq. We played loads of games and went on the trampoline.
From 6 oclock to 10 oclock it was a very scary murder mystery. My Parents decorated the garden in really creepy stuff. After we all slept in my large tent in the garden.

Birthday Ideas/Teen Girls between 13-15
by: Turning 13 & Lost =S

Heey my 13 birthday isn't until april 24 but i want to start planning.. does anyone have good ideas --can't be too expensive, i want it too be fun and girly but mature and NOT boring..

Here are some ideas im thinking of..

-Hollywood theme
-Neon theme
-Spa theme
-Mall hunt
-80's theme
-Glow in the drk. bowling
-Stay in a hotel room - but then i could only have about 4 ppl

Also another fun idea for someone is an "Amazing Race" (like the show), I did it last year and my mom planned it. It was a tun of fun, for one of the challenges we had to dress up in a costume given to us then run down the street with a partner and find a straw then switch costumes and run back! We had a tun more challenges, such as designing..we went to value village to grab some cheep clothes, accessories, ect. and then had to make it into an outfit.. Group with most points from all challenges win and get first pick for a prize.. It was the best party i had... Hope I could help, and anyone wanna help back?? Thanks!

Ps. for my party limit is about 10-14 ppl!

by: Anonymous

i am taking my friends to a park which has cabins and hiking trails and all that fun stuff and we are staying in the cabins and also getting our hair styled and taking professional pics taken of us. its gonna be fun

beach bonfire
by: Anonymous

If you live on an island I think a really fun idea would be a beach bonfire! It's free too!

28 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

omg help me!!! im turning 14 very soon and i want to invite about 12-14 people and i dont know what to do because my house isnt that big and neither is my backyard. please give me an idea...QUICK!!! ASAP!!!

Re help
by: Anonymous

A really good idea for a great party is all out game night. Search teen party games on google or something. Ther eare soooooo many amazing games. Make sure u find the ones that r really funny sounding. They might sound a little stupid but if u are with a really good group of friends it is amazingly fun

just get a list of games and have all the supplies needed (they r really cheap and simple usually) and have ur friends over. Then when ur done u can just eat ur cake or u can have some sort of game that has do do with the cake. Like u could split up into teams and each have to decorate a half of the cake before time runs out. Then u could have ur mom or something judge them. There is lots of possibilities and if u cant do in ur house go to a park or something

Hollywood Party
by: Anonymous

I had a very successful Hollywood party. i had all the girls come in dresses and all made up. outside i have a walkway 2 my front door which was covered with stars with the every girls name on them. My dad was a security guard/camera guy so when the girls came in he checked them off the list and such. In my hallway i had a red carpet set up. once all girls came we started to walk the carpet being videoed and interviewed. son after that pictures were taken of us walking on the red carpet. As we ate dinner, my dad was printing out the pictures for us to make an autograph book with was really cool. We all had fun signing each other's. Then, we all wen t to the "Grammys." MY dad had video taped the whole thing which we watched after! it was a total riot! Then all girls had gotten a VIP ticket in their invitations which was used to get into the after party. We all went into my bonus room which was decorated extremely cool! We all had so much fun dancing together and still to this day all my friends loved that party soo much!

by: Rebecca

okay so my sister is turning 16 exactly a month before me and my parents are throwing her a huge party. they promised me a big party too but so far they haven't showed much interest in wanting to throw me a party. i want a co-ed party that is cheap but fun!! any ideas??

bday ideas!!
by: Anonymous

ok so my birthday is in October but i like to plan ahead as my other friends birthday is 3days after mine... i was thinking about;
going to the movies
going ice-skating
night out
going to a cheap hotel or apartment & spending the night or combining some of the ideas together

if this helps anyone what ive done in the past years is:
a hawaiian theme party for my 13th it worked out great and it was cheap but we did photo shoot on an old surfboard (or ironboard) played games in the pool & did the limbo it was really great!!

my friend did Hollywood and it was really fun

another friend took some of us down to sydney & we stayed in a really nice hotel but still cheap &
went to pattys markets & we stayed there for the whole weekend it was great hope this helped ! xx

all my party themes
by: tay drama

okay so i've always had themes for my bday
some include:
Princess theme
barbie theme
hawaiian theme
oscars/awards/hollywood theme
went to McDonalds one year
Lizzie McGuire
plain sleepover
this year im thinking of having a Cookie theme birthday or a Vampire Diaries theme :)
hope it helps!
have fun my chickas! :)

help me!!
by: Daniella

k so I was thinking I would rent a limo and go rock climbing then get a ride in the limo back to my place for a dance party then have the guys go home n the girls stay the night?but I don't want awkwardness at the whole dance part n. I DNR know how to decorate. Plus I'm turning 14 :)

by: :)

Paint fight!!!

My Best Bday
by: Maddy

Ok well for my 13 bday my mom planned a surprise party for me! She had a limo come and get me and my 10 closest friends (6 girls and 4 guys). We ended up at the airport where we met my mom and flew to NYC for the weekend and stayed at The Hotel Plaza Athenee for two nights and ate at some of New Yorks finest restaurants and shopped a lot!!! That's a bday to remember!!!

by: Arielle

My b-day is tom. I have no clue what to do. all the people i'm inviting are 2 other girls, thats all. We are all interested in ghosts and the myths and all that stuff. I'm turning 14. One of my friends are in gr. 9 and another in gr. 10. But they are very nice. HELP ME!!!

HELP i dears with party 14th
by: TARA

me and my friend like lots of things, but i would girls and guys to come. i have lots of really close friends so there will most likely to be 15 of as there. i don't want it over the top but i would like to be lots of fun. i had a camp out last year for my 13th so can you help me plz.

desperate need of HHEEEEELPPP!!!!!!!!
by: Alex


OMG I'm Stressed
by: Kenny

I am turning 14 in approx. 2 weeks and have no idea what to do for my party. I am inviting about five girls but there will be 7 of us including me and my sis. Any ideas??

by: Brooke

Okay, so no offense to anyone but i don't want some 5th grade flash-back party. No dress-up. I cry on every birthday they're so bad. Party's stress me out. I want an easy, fun party (guys included, thanks). I'm not sure if i want it at my house or rent a place out. I had began to think about renting a room at a hotel and having guys and girls swim and guys then go home and girls stay but i don't know. Money is not an issue. I just need some ideas... thanks

by: Anonymous

my party is in February!!! we are going to go ice skating,come home and eat pizza and then go on a scavenger hunt all over town. when we finish that we are coming home and watching movies. some ideas are to;
go bowling
go roller blading
go to a hotel
have a spa party
make home made ice cream
do a murder mystery
have a red carpet party
i hope these ideas help and you can make them affordable by getting the needed supplies at the dollar store:D!!!!!!!

Party Ideas
by: Anonymous

Last year, for the my 13th birthday I invited all my girl and guy friends to come dressed in Masquerade ball theme! We had pizza and a chocolate fountain. We also put on music and just danced! Very fun!!! You should try this idea if you are on a low budget! Have fun!

hope this will help x
by: Anonymous

i would always say a sleepover is the best thing to do as it is inside and doesn't matter what the weather is doing, also its almost free as the only thing u will need i a BIG pizza. i think at a sleep over its the people that make is great, and as a teen myself i no that the next Monday in school they will be talking about how much fun they had and not how much fun the "pre-organized activities" were trust me teen girls will find there own fun! x hope this helps x

by: SoftballChick15

My birthday is at the end of February and I have no clue what to do. My first idea was to go ice skating in Tennessee because it is so fun and I love it, but 1/2 of my guest don't know how to even roller skate. I don't want to exclude them or make them feel left out. Plus, I don't think any of their parents will left them go with me out of state. I would like to do a slumber party on Friday night and do something else on Saturday. Or my mom suggested they meet us all somewhere on Saturday and go do something fun. But, I don't know what that something fun would be. Could someone please, please help me.

Idkk? What to do?!
by: Savanah!

Hey, so I'm turning 14 and I have had a birthday party every year since middle school! I'm in 8th grade!(: last year I took about 10girls and 2 guys ice skating and we rented a limo and we had pizza at our house before and after ice skating we came back and I opened presents and the boys left then all the girls spent the night. This year I really wanna have my birthday at a hotel that' REALLY nice called the whynfrie, I'm hoping my parents will let me have it there and invite about 10girls and before have the guys just come to the hotel room and we can all have cake pizza and ice cream and walk around the mall. If I do, do this what sort of theme? And if I can't what should I do? My birthdays march 4 and it's now January 10 2010 please help!!(:

by: Anonymous

HELP!!!! i hav tons of ideas , but no clue wat 2 do. my birthday is in 6 months!!!!!! plz help!!!

Um...I need help with ideas!
by: Anonymous

Okay so I am turning 14 on February 5th and am planning on having a cheap but fun party with 5-6 of my closest girlfriends...maybe just like dinner at my house and like board games, relaxing, then movies and bed? Idk that's what I did last year but I don't know if my friends would be okay with doing that again...? Help me please! Thanks!


by: Charlotte <3

Theres this company that do these murder mystery things. What happens is, everybody is a different character and somebody (not one of the people at your party)is murdered. The aim is to act out the play and all the clues you are given to find the murderer. The murderer will turn out to be one of the characters at your party! Its immense and sooo funny, believe me!

There is an endless list of what to do at a slumber party. Here is just some ideas;

*Rent some DVD's. A mixture of chick-flicks and scary is always winning.
*Get out the old favourite - your Karaoke machine, and have a good sing along with your girls.
*Truth or Dare is proved a favourite at sleepover parties for GUARANTEED giggles and gasps!
*Make sure you have some spooky stories memorized. You will all be in fits when one girl is too scared to go to the bathroom on her own!
*Get every snack you can think of in, and create your own mixtures of food. You never know, you may invent a snack that will become essential for sleepovers to come!
*Fun games like TWISTER and TRIVIA are also great for livening the mood at the beginning of parties.

There are the normal, common parties that people have, but these are proven to become tedious, boring and a bit lame. But if nobody's done them that you know before, give them a go! After all, these are the unisex options;

*Ice skating
*Pool party
*Roller blading
*Lazer Quest

This one is brilliant for both guys and girls! You rent out a club for the evening, but this party has a twist... Instead of just clubbing normally, you will be amongst foam. Sound completely uninteresting? Well, believe me, it is one of the funnest parties you will EVER experience! It will all end in LOTS of foam covered teenagers, laughter and some of the best party photos you will ever see!

I have plenty more unbelievably fantastic ideas :) and if you want to know some more specific types just comment and put my name in the comment and I will reply with some more ideas!
Happy Birthday to everybody!

party ideas!!
by: Anonymous

one year i had a movie theme birthday party. we had a concession stand and movie tickets and a red carpet when you walked in. it was pretty fun. then one year we spent the night at a hotel and that was suuuuper fun.This year i am taking about 7 of my friends to the mall too this really cool cupcake store that sells cupcakes with ice cream in them! then i think i will just have them all come back to my house for pizza and a movie and a sleepover. hope i helped :)

Amazing Ideaa.
by: Kelseey.

I didnt finish reading the party things but my bday is on January 12th im having a birthday party on the 9th. I picked a pizza place (Pizza Hut) Then invited 10 girls and i am gonna buy sum pizzas for $5 haha. Whoever wants to come alonng.. i am going across the street to see a movie but they buy there own tickets, then 2 girls go home and stay the night with mwahh!

girls 14th birthday party
by: bailey

well last year for my 13th bday party, i had about 12 friends meet up at our local mall and we did full scale scavenger hunt my mom put together. there were 4 groups of 3 people.since it was around Christmas time we all got a pic with Santa and my mom got a pack so everybody who was there got a pic. we then drew teams from a hat and my mom had us split up. we each had a team color and we had to get certain things all over the mall and take pics at each one with a disposable camera.( my mom then made a disc of all the pictures from those cameras and i handed them out at school about a week or so later.) each team had to get a $10 gift certificate from a dif store as apart of the scavenger hunt and the winning team got the cards and one went to me (the birthday girl cuz there was an extra) we then had an escalade limo pick us up and we went all around the town in it and there happened to be a firework display so we got out and watched that. we then hung out in the limo for a couple hours and then we went to my house and had pizza and this amazing ice-cream cake and we played twister. then i had my bff spend the night. people still tell me that that was the funnest party they have ever been to and it was more than a year ago... it was soo much FUN! it can get a little expensive, but i was a great time!

12 days! Help!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Holly

My party is January fourteenth. It is a night party (8-12) and I have no idea what to do. I'm still working on the guest list. Help!!

Guyz versus Girls
by: GirlzRule

Ok unlike most of you guys I am not allowed to have a sleep over, a DJ, or a limo... so you would think I would be stuck considering my B-day is in 21 days and in winter. I wanted to invited the guys this years so I decided everything would be themed boys verses girls,there would be competitions and all that and at the very end the guys could act like girls (make fun of us) and the girls could act like guys. (make fun of them) It seems like a cool idea, if you can't invite guys do what I did last year and get a chocolate fountain, just rent it and have a chocolate themed party. You can even buy a chocolate fountain fro like really cheap. It my book its worth it so hope it helps.

by: Lexi Looo

i need help! my 14th birthday is in less than a week and i have no idea what to do... i live on an island with no mall and no bowling alley so those aren't options. i usually do a sleepover with about 10 of my friends but want to invite guys this year. my mom also doesn't wanna spend a lot of pretty much screwed unless i can get some good ideas quick

by: Jenna M

Ok here's the deal- It's January 1st 2010 and my birthday is in March so that leaves me with plenty of time to plan out everything. However my number one problem is parents. They dont believe in parties and since its my 14th one, they are on the verge of saying NO! I need an idea for a cheap but amazing party. I love the idea of limos but that seems too expensive for me. Last year I didnt have a 13th birthday party which was sad... :-( so I NEED TIPS!!!!!

all fun parties
by: cassie

my bday is jan 15 and a few years back my mom got me a book called snooze a palooza from American Girl for parties with awesome stuff

-spa night-
*do invite like slipper
*choco. covered strawberries
*some drinks all colors
*head to toe treatment
*have everyone rite down something about herself on a piece of paper and if u get the rite answer like if its true or false then u get something from the basket of "spa stuff"
*in the morning go to tropical smoothie or have fruit smoothies fro bfast

-scrapbook bonanza-
*have everyone bring in a cute baby pic of them
to guess who it is
*ge ta local bakery to scan fotos of ur friends on he cake
*have everyone make mini scrapbooks
*write a bunch of cool questions on paper and put them all in the hat and have everyone draw one to answer!!! see what u get
*make bookmarks
*take pictures of ur friends in real funny clothes like weird hats and aprons or something
*have an all cheeze menu like cheeze puffs,cheeze popcorn,cheddar crackers and for dinner cheeze pizza,mac n cheeze,grilled cheeze,or cheeseburgers!!!
*confetti cookies put sugar cookies and make them colored then put vanilla frosting then sprinkles!!!
*confetti eggs get scrambled eggs and put chopped yellow green and red pepper over them ten shredded cheeze!!!

-cocoa loco-
*buy some choco bars and take the top paper wrapping off then make ur invite on a paper then wrap it over the choco. bar as a invite:D yum
*make a chocolate pizza
*game-take a butter knife and a spoon and wrap some wrapping paper over a chocolate bar and go through each person trying to take all the wrapping paper off in 10 sec then pass it on!
*smore nachos!!
*truffles for more dessert
*choco. chip pancakes and chocolate milk 4 bfast

-bbbrrrrr day party-
*make mittens
*make sno cones
*lots of diff ice cream
*the rly easy scarfs
*make CHILLi with tortilla chips
*mini hotdogs in bbq sauce!!!
*take some plastic spoons and melt dark milk and white chocolate and have peanut butter and have toppings and freeze the spoons with all that or wut u want on it then eat em!
*in the morn have powdered sugar doughnuts!!!

-board silly-
*dice cream have big blocks of vanilla ice cream and put mini oreos on the like dice
*make fuzzi dice
*play bunches of games
make a big board game throughout house to play like paper and dares and stuff u have to do:D
*waffles with any kinds of fillings strawberries,cream cheeze, jelli,bananas,choco chips,strawberries,or peanut butter!

hope this helps to have an awesome bday party some r cheezzy but hay ur friends might like it so yea sryz its so long!!!

Fun Birthday Idea
by: Vanessa

Last year for my birthday party (I turned 13) my mom rented a roller skating rink and I invited a bunch of people. Everyone dressed up in disco themed outfits and I gave out stuff like peace sign necklaces and glow bracelets as loot. Then we took a group picture and the next week I gave one to each person that came. It was the best party I've ever had!

by: Anonymous

At my parties we always make something. last year is was sushi, the year before it was pizza the year before it was decorating my cake (didnt go well) :p HOPE THIS HELPS!

by: Anonymous


14th b day ideas
by: bailey

Have an opposite sex party! girls come dressed as guys and guys dressed as girls! And have the game battle of the sexes. Also having guys acting like girls the whole time and girls acting like guys! idk if it's just me but i think it sounds really fun!!!!!!!! hope this helps with any inspiration!X)

14th Bash! :)
by: Anonymous

For my 14th birthday I invited about 10 girls, and we went to a movie and dinner in a limo, and then had a slumber party at one of the nicest hotels in our area. We all had a blast! Just take a night on the town or something. You know what all your friends like! :)

Kill me...........
by: Allie

My 14th is in three days I still havent decided on a theme! It needs to be kind of sophisticated, elegant, but NOT girly. You get the idea?

cool party game
by: Anonymous

a really cool game is Chinese whisper. wat u gotta do is sit in a circle n whisper anything.....just anything to the person sitting next to you. the person sitting next to that person on the other side will ask a question. anything! n that person has to say wat has been whispered to him. its soooo...... much fun! i luv it!

by: Almost 14 and loving it

you should have a food fight i had it last year and it was a blast

Fun idea
by: Anonymous

Go roller skating with a couple of girls then have a sleep over

I need help to but i got some...
by: Anonymous

Im having a hall party, with my friends, im making it cheap but making it look like it cost alot, decor: get some card(coloured) and make loads of strips then make circles and loop one another if you know wat i mean , this is always great idea! um have nice cake,,, loads of balloons hanging in the sky or arches, make it really nice and maybe have masquerade or something i dunno but i need help on wat to do cuz it will be well boring otherwise.

birthday party with 10 girlies invited
by: bday girlie

Ok so im having a birthday party in a couple months but my mom says i have to plan early. i have no idea what to do. i only want to have about 10 girlies. i have to have the party at my house. i have done sleepovers before. last time we made our own pizzas(go to a local pizza store and ask if they sell pizza dough...its usually cheap) and it was a sleepover. we curled and straightened each other's hair...but i dont know what to do this year. running out of ideas...somebody help please!!

need some reall help
by: lynz

hi. my 14th birthday is coming is on Nov 21 and im in Hawaii on it so when we come back i can have a small party but i have no idea what to do. and it cant be much $. but thats not all i also dont know what i want so if any one could help that would be great.
i love sports (softball)
music (play the flute)
friends and stuff like that.

parrtttyyyy ideas:) (and DONOTS!!!)
by: Anonymous

ok so i have had really good parties and really bad parties. one year i got a trolley(the best thing if u have alot of people and they are wayyyyy more fun than a limo!) and we all went to a diner type place to eat and that was SOOO much fun! another year had 7 friends and we went to the beach and stayed at my aunts beach house! it was soooo much fun and my bday is in the winter so this ones fun no matter what time of year. however those were fun but last year i thought i would just invite 30 something girls and have a realllllyyy big sleepover. IT WAS HORRIBLE!! i have so many groups of friends so it turned out softball friends vs school friends and it was a really big fight so dont think a big sleepover is funn! it never is!!!i need ideas for this year sooo pllllzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!IDEAS PEOPLE!

party idea !
by: Anonymous

hey so last year it was my 13th birthday party. my birthday is in October and i go to this scary walk through a hiking trail. i go there every year and last year for my birthday party. first of all my friends came over to my house and we had cake and pizza and then we went out to "fright night", it was really fun. after that we went for hot chocolate!

this year is my 14th bday and i dont know what to do for my party help please !!

by: Chloe. :D

how about having a limo picking you and your friends up from school, going back to your house to get ready (maybe a neon theme), going out for a meal and then to a firework display?:D
hope this helps x

Help for the Helpless
by: Christina

Hey you guys. my b-day is in a few weeks and i have been looking around and here are some GREAt ideas:
1. TWISTER! BEST GAME EVER! Also allows you to flirt with ur crush
2. scary movie (guys and girls)
3. Build ur own sundae. Eat it during the moving. Tons of toppings1
4. Hold a dance in ur back yard. Have people vote for the queen and king at the prom
5. Dares in a balloon. Before the people come, on a small small piece of paper, write a dare. Write it small enough so that the person cant see it. Let them, as they come in, to pick a balloon, later pop the balloons and fulfill the dares!!
6. Bonfire! Smores and dancing
7. pool parties are always good
9. scavenger hunt at ur house or the mall
10. Sleep over. invite ur friends and do all these other activities listed during the night. Fun fun fun.
Hope these ideas helped you! have fun ladies!

no clue what to do
by: Dani

Ok so my 14th bday is in February and I cant wait!!! My only problem is that i have had slumber parties for as long as i can remember i need serious change i want to invite my close guy friends but idk what to do does anyone have any ideas?!?!?!?

By Monique C.
by: Monique

All these ideas are awesome. I am turning 14 next year in June and i am thinking of a bowling party or something, i dunno.....

by: Michelle

ok so my birthday is in 2 weeks and i dont really have any ideas except for games im doing my party at my house i am thinking bout having a movie in my room on a projector thing and playing football with my guy frenz... i cant decide if it would b fun to camp out in my back yard with my besties or not!

Plzzz Help i need Ideas!!!

by: Nicole

ok, so for my birthday i wanted to have a huge backyard party with boys and girls at night with crazy games and pure fun. the problem is that i don't have a big backyard, because i live in a subdivision. also, i kinda gave the idea to my friend, so now i can't do that. i still want to do something along those lines though. help please! i have like 3weeks!!!!

Cheap bday party
by: Kylie

Go bowling on a friday..or whenever its disco night, everyone has fun even if they suck at it, then go for late night pizza, have cake, presents, and rent a bunch of movies to pull an all-nighter!

holiday ideas
by: Anonymous

If ur bday is near a holiday you could use that as a theme. My friend has a bday near Halloween and she did a Halloween party. We all dressed as goths and did each others makeup and stuff at her house. Then we went trick or treating together. When we got back we went in her backyard and told scary stories and then slept over there.

I did a Easter themed party and hid eggs in my house and backyard. We all made cute baskets and got to look 4 them. It was fun!!

by: Anonymous

um well my b-day is in October and it gets really cold... does anyone what i could do? that would be fun and wear it could be a boy and girl party. HELP!!! its in 2 months

bday party
by: Anonymous

go rock climbing!? if your girls are sporty, take em on a rock climb, it'll be sick and intense.

Party idea-Hollywood
by: Jordyn

ill be 14 in 2 months and since me and my friends are totally into the whole glam of Hollywood with all our fave celebs and scandals the lights camera and action! Ive decided to throw a Hollywood party. At the store party packagers they have a whole section of Hollywood themed party stuff. Here are some ideas...

1. have your guests dress up like the flawless fabulous Hollywood stars, grad dresses or dresses in general work fine.

2.pick up or make a backdrop which you can hang on a wall maybe with the Hollywood sign in it.have your guests take pictures in front of it

3. purchase or make small trophies (can be made out of anything dollar stores have tones of cheep material that would be useful) and give out awards for best dressed, best look a like celeb, greatest accessories ect.

4. decorate the party area so it looks like Hollywood...lots of glitter and lights help :)

5. if your having a reasonable amount of friends over i suggest a sleepover after, maybe watch a few movies that are very Hollywood ex.miss congeniality Charlies Angels stuff like that

i hope this helps alot and if i get anymore info or ideas ill be sure to let you know :)

Heres what Im Doing for my 14th bdayy
by: Chaotic Chloe

Ok so here's what I'm doing for my 14th bday:
I'm having 7 girls stay the night. Remember when it comes to a sleepover, make sure you only invite like 9 girls tops or it WILL get crazy. We are gonna do karaoke, blind man's bluff, hide n seek, fashion stuff, truth or dare, who can scare the most, charades, paper ball fight, scavenger hunt, 10 fingers, and a play OR a music video. We're gonna eat pizza and stuff. I will have very generic decor like streamers and balloons. I also will hand write the invitations, giving it a personal touch of humor(:

I hope this helps you guys(:

HELPP by 14th bday party
by: Jessica

OMG i have no idea what to do at my party i was thinking about neon bowling or a mall hunt but idk if those would be a lot of fun or not! so Please HELPPP if u can!

My 14th cake day
by: Choir Baby

so my 14th cakeday iz Nov 22 an i've already done Hollywood...and i wanted to save Las Vegas 4 my 16th if you have any ideas for me share them.

thx in advanced,
Choir Baby

Party Ideas
by: Brittany

My 14th will be in about two and a half months so I've been searching online for some party ideas. I've found a few that sound like they'd be fun enough....

Costume Party:
*This could be in a certain color, or decade,
animals or masquerade, etc..

Murder Mystery:
*Have guests dress up 'detective style' and
choose one guest, or have an adult play the
person that died and everyone tries to find out
who killed them. Could be played in teams.

Mall Hunt:
*Make a list of things that could be found at the
mall. Then group up your guests and have them go
around the mall and take a picture of the items
on the list. (Have guests use a cell phone cam
or tell the guests to bring their own cameras)

Bon Fire:
*Set up a fire and set out food, and stuff to
make smores. A karaoke machine is a good idea,
and you could have separate games out to the

Dresses, Hats, & Bright Red lipstick:
*Have the guests dress in 40's style clothing.
(Google 40's style clothing for ideas) This
would be a good theme to mix with the Murder
Mystery one.

Glow Bowl:
*(Cosmo Bowling) Make reservations at a bowling
alley and request Cosmo Bowling. They turn off
the regular lighting and replace it with black-
lights and neon lights and disco balls. Also,
try telling your guests to dress in white or
neon colors.

Black & White Movie:
*Tell your guests to dress in black and white.
Make the decor black and white also. Give the
guests a rule that they cannot talk. Instead
You have to over react your emotions so people
know what you think.

Bday theme???
by: Shay

I know my fourteenth birthday isn't til march, but I like planning ahead now so I don't stress about it later.... so i need a theme for my bday and please no boring old stuff...

From Shay

by: Anonymous

i have a month and 1/2 before my 14th b-day. I need some ideas. It needs 2 be something none of my friends have done. And it needs 2 b cheap. and it must be AWESOME!!!!!!

hope this helps
by: Birthday Basher

What i was thinking about 4 my 14th bday was having a dance in my backyard... i have a big backyard so i could invite tons of ppl.. it would be like a regular dance except u run it. have a drawing 4 king and queen.. have punch, snacks, most likely pizza and pop and other junkies..(: if u dont have a huge backyard rent out a school gym. the possibilities are endless when u put ur mind 2 it!!

by: Anonymous

im 14 in 2 days, and since i live in spain its easier because of aqua parks and beaches, but im having my birthday on the beach ( a party )
well people who live in England etc. could maybe go to the cinema or sleepovers etc.etc.. :]

by: Sheyaam Lakeesha Jazlyn

hii everyone im 14 in 2DAYS and i dont no what to do .. i want my birthday to be the most memorable birthday ever.. but the problem is i dont no what to do..

by: Anonymous

i am 14 in 10 days and have no clue on what to do. :( . somebody help!!!!!!

i need some helpers!
by: plucky ducky :)

hey im turning 14 in 22 days and i have absolutely no idea what to do for my party!! i was actually thinking of cosmic bowling but my rents arent too settled on that... please help!!!

by: hotel princess

so my b day is in 3 weeks and me and my friends are going to sleep over in a hotel and swim and go out to eat and stuff this will be the best party ever and its only like 175 dollars when you add in pizza and drinks and stuff like that i would like totally recommend thisssssssssssssss!

by: Kaelin.

ok my birthday party is at the end of this week! normally im the one who has the best party of the year (they are all super simple and cheap) but this time i have no idea!!!!!!!
8 girls are coming at six on Friday night.
2 close guys friends are coming the next day.
i really just need ideas on what to do the invites are out and such already and i have to keep a low budget! thanks for the help!
xoxo- Kaelin

some fun ideas ive done in the past are super movie night, pool party, pink panther party (super fun! the movie wasnt out yet), bowling, and many more!

It's been done...
by: Renata

I've had almost every (some very lame) birthday party theme/idea. Bowling, movie, fancy dinner, slumber party, dressup/costume... last year we went to a fondue restaurant. I'm getting desperate. If I don't think of anything soon I'll have to go with my mom's idea of going to a MUSEUM!! Ugh. She will not let me have a party in or around our house for fear of messes. It's way too hard to please her, let alone do something I would actually like too. HELP PLEASE! I have less than a month! :(

im turning 14
by: Anonymous

i need idea help for my b-day o my gosh some one help

Chocolate Pizza
by: Diva Girl

To the girl who mentioned having a sweets based theme party with pizza:

Where I live you can actually go to a chocolate making store and have a "pizza" made with chocolate as the base and all sorts of yummy toppings. That would be a cool add-on instead of a "cake" for your party.

Also, if you want to add a little crazy fun to the party, base your party on the kids game Candy Land. Make big candy canes with pool noodles and large lollipops by wrapping 4L ice cream lids or such in colorful cellophanes and add sticks.

Set up a crazy game board that runs throughout your house by cutting out squares of paper and writing fun challenges etc. on them. Make huge dices out of large boxes and if your friends are the type that can be silly and have fun, ask them to come dressed in Candy Land character costumes. With some creativity and a touch of class these types of parties can be fun for any age. Just look at what Disney and Universal studio theme parks do with popular childhood characters. Think about that and let it inspire you with ideas.

big bdaii ideas
by: Anonymous..x

heres sum ideas if u wan do sumin big for ur 14th:
get a limo to pick u an ur m8s up from skool

hav a pool party

spend a night at a hotel with sum m8s

hav a massive disco party in hall

hope they help

idea for 14th bdaii party
by: Anonymous.x

my 14th bdaii if lke ages away 7 months infact bt im thinkin about it now.
i jst thought of an idea.:
girly sweets and movie night/sleepova
decorations are sweets everything is sweets an order a pizza or a take-away an jst watch loads of movie an like do nails face masks

if u cnt have a sleepova do this:
jst hav the sme party jst in the daii or jst hav a casual day out at the shopping center

Hope them ideaas help

by: Whitney

Hey Whats up I am turning 14 on March 17!!! and I am so lost of what to do my mo keeps asking me if i want a birthday party???? and I am jus like i have done everthing already what should i do that i have not done thats going to be sweet and kool!? AND CHEAP IF POSSIBLE CAN I HAVE IDEAS PLZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

Hey, I'm turning 14 very soon and I am having trouble choosing a theme for my B-day party. I usally have the same thing, different theme. I am getting bored. Please help me!!!!!!!

Please help (:
by: Anonymous

im turning fourteen soon and i want to have a small party with only a few girls and i want a sleepover but i dont want to have it at my house. anyone know any fun hotels i could go to?

dont know????
by: Anonymous

i am having a 14th b-day coming up and i dont know what to do??? what do i do??? can you think of any???

by: Anonymous

man i have no clue what to doo. for this! im soo stuckk!!!1

14 so soon
by: Anonymous

UGH i am turning 14 really soon and i have NO idea wut to do for the party. im aloud to invite as many people as i want but all of my friends are different than me they like rap i love heavy metal they like pink i hate pink wut am i going to do???!!??

What 2 do?...... What 2 do?
by: Anonymious

I am turning 14 soon and dont know what to do for a party. I cannot have a sleep-over bcuz of the size of my house. What can i do that cheap and chic

14 in 25 days
by: Anonymous

Hi I`m turning 14 in 25 days and i have no idea what i should do for my party!! I had a big 13th last year so i`m only aloud a small party this year and it can`t be to expensive! I am aloud both boys and girls at my party but no more than 8 people or less. What can i do?

by: Anonymous

my partys' in a couple of days, and im just having disco. me and my friends are sick of girls always trying hard to dress nice, and impress, while the boys always end up coming in the same clothes every party, hoody and jeans, so we have set a black and white theme, where girls have to wear dresses or skirts etc. and boys have to wear shirt and ties. it should be quite funny, we're all so excited!
its not that expensive either, aslong as you now a good dj, your off to go. ;P
but if you want a smaller party, you could just have the girls or boys, or both around and just have a chinese or something, or go shopping to somewhere you don't go that often, and go in fancy dress. :L:L

pleasee help mee!

i'm turning 14 at the end of this month and i have no idea what i should doo.
i have no budget and i can go anywhere.
and i can invite both girls and boyss.
i have no idea what i should do and i'm kinda running out of time here.
last year my party was pretty lame so i need this year to be outrageous! so can you or somebody PLEASE help me!

How About A Book of Memories
by: Diva Girl

In response to Dan's request... You could create a special album with pictures of moments you shared together. Add a note with each picture highlighting what made each of those moments memorable to you. If you get the right kind of album, you can also insert a cd with her favorite love songs on it. Then she can listen to the cd while she reads through the album... very ROMANTIC. P.S. You can also add other little items into the album if you have them. If she loves your cologne, spray a piece of fabric or paper with it and include it with a note. If your first date was a movie, include the ticket stub or clip a picture of the movie to include. If she loves skating, include a skate charm or skate stickers, etc., etc., etc. This is the type of gift that takes time and thought. It doesn't have to cost very much, but if made from the heart, it's very ROMANTIC!

New years party
by: Dan

My girlfriend is giveing something realy nice for New Years and I whant to give her something better or realy good. She loves surprises and romance. She also loves sports but does not realy like to dance. I was thinking of giveing her a bear with julery but it's whey to expensive. I want to give her something simple, nice, romantic, something she will never forget........

Please help me!!

by: Jackie Tzou

My birthday`s got to be better than last year`s! I had a swimming party and then a sleepover. I need An Idea. My friend will help with the planning with a chart. Please HELP. I DON`T Want another pool/ sleepover.

by: carley

im turning 14 in 17 days and i dont no what to do! i have a boyfriend and i want to invite some guys and have my girls too but im not sure what to do and i want this to be a night there never going to forget. any help?

8 days away but still wondering
by: alyssa<3

ahhh!!! i need help like now!! i turn 14 on october 10th and its already the 2nd. my birthdat party is on the 11th and im freaking out. i usually have amazing parties that all my friends attend... but this year im looking for an all girl, party central, awesome party... but i havent even gotten the invites out yet. i hope everything goes okay... it really sould because i have the party animal of the century as a grandma... i hope eveything turns out!! any advice?????

by: TayTayBayBay

okay get this my birthday is less than a month away and i have NO idea what to do. i always have the best birthday parties so my friends cant wait and i don't want to disappoint them. i need help i am turning 14. and i want it to be a grown up party not a little princess kiddy one. i have to invite boys so i want it to be something that they will have fun at too. please please help me. i love to cheer, dance, have sleepovers.

but also the other problem is that it cant be A LOT of MONEY my mom doesn't have a lot for a big huge party.

but please i really need HELP!!!!

14th B-Day Help
by: Anonymous

My birthday is in less than a month and I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not big on dancing or sleep overs so those are out of the question and I don't want to do anything too big or expensive. I really like watching Gilmore Girls, reading, writing and being girly. Any ideas?

birthday ideas
by: maria

Hi, im looking for ideas too. i cant spend too much money on it because some of my presents are expensive and i cant have a party :/

for the comment above, why dont you have a neon themed party ? thats what my friend had and it as quite funny going out for a meal and stuff dressed so bright. eg, neon socks, legwarmers, brightly coloured outfits and stuff.
hope i helped.x

14th birthday party ?
by: Anonymous

i want to have one of the best parties of the year but i have no clue what to do.

by: Anonymous

Clothes Game: First get a bag full of different funny clothes including hats, shirts, swim suit tops and , skirts, coats etc. Then have all players sit in a circle. With music playing they pass the bag around until the music stops. When the music stops the player who has the bag has to close their eyes and reach into the bag. Whatever they pull out they have to wear. and then they have an assigned place to tape a 10 minute or so minute movie. The movie must be lik pg and they have to come up with a FULL script and plot line and all tht.

thts wht im doin...

14 party
by: Anonymous

my party is in a few days and we are having a giant slip and slide, lots of food, badmitton, bball and presents of course :) its co-ed and its gonna be funnnnn!

A Friends Surpise Party?
by: Kerri

i don't know what to do for my BEST FRIENDS birthday.. it's coming up and i want to plann a surprise or plann the party so she'll have funn!

*she loves
* Dancing
* Sports
* she's pretty outgoing sometimes but other times you may have to talk her into it..
* she's girly but sporty at the same time..

need help..


by: Anonymous

do u have any ideas have done everything

by: Brittany

There should be fun stuff for 14 year olds who love being a little kid. <3

*What the Birthday Girl Loves*
by: Katie

She loves to sing, dance, act, talk, play instruments, paint, draw, and she loves to laugh. She loves lots of color, but also loves plain black and white. It's so hard picking a theme for her party, because there's so much stuff that she likes.

Reply: In that case I would plan a drama party and play drama games. If you want a theme it might be a Hollywood Studio theme, etc.

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