13th All Girl Birthday Party

by Paige
(Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada)

13th Birthday Party Ideas

13th Birthday Party Ideas


My name is Paige and I have no idea what to do for my birthday. I was going to have a girl/guy party, but I have now changed my mind and have decided to invite 7 girls (including myself). I have no idea what to do though. If I should go somewhere, then where? or if we should stay in, what should we do?

Thank you!


13th All Girl Birthday Party Response:

What the best idea for your party is, depends on what you and your friends like to do.

Some fun ideas for going out would be:
Paint Ball
Crazy Bowl
A Mall Scavenger Hunt

Some fun ideas for staying home would be:
A Pirate Party
A Home Spa Party
A Movie or Hollywood Party
An Olympic or Sports Party

Since I don't have enough information it's hard to say what would be best. If there is still a lot of time before your party, please use the comment box below to add more information.


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13th Birthday!
by: Aubrey

My birthday is November 10. I know it's early to be thinking about it. But I need an AWESOME sleepover idea since this is my first party sleepover. I want it to be funky & colorful. HELP ME.


If you want funky and colorful, I'd go with a decade party. Just pick your fav... 50's, 60's 70's or 80's and build your party around that decade.

Help Please :P
by: Anonymous

Well, I'm going to be turning 13 soon and I have a few ideas, but I need your advice on whether you think these ideas are good or not. Please be honest! I have two ideas and I need to know which is better.

1. There is a party bus for Captain America so everyone arrives at my house and we have some games and stuff and when everyone has arrived the party bus is here and we get on have sweets and then arrive at Captain America and eat.

2. Everyone arrives at my house and we play games until everyone arrives at my house then we call and order a limo. We have sweets and chat in the limo then the limo brings us to Captain America.

B-Day Party
by: Faith

I am turning 13 and want to have an awesome party, but I have both girls and boys I'm inviting so that limits me alot and I don't know what to do for a party other then a pool party. I need other ideas too. PLEASE help me!

Reply: Pool party themes and ideas

What to Do for My 13th Birthday?
by: CutieNeedsHelp

I'm turning 13 in 2 months. About 10 girls will be coming. I need help. What should I do gamewise?

Help Me
by: colly

Hi there! I am turning 13 in Feburary and I am inviting boys/girls to my party, but there is one small problem. I have no idea what to do. Please help as time is running out fast. xxx

HaPpY bIrThDaY
by: Sammy

If I were you I would have a homemade Murder Mystery Party... as in you make the guests'
characters up. It's really fun and you can get your mom or somebody else to pick the killer.

When I did it I served cake in the middle
of the games because it had a hint in it and the person who got the piece that had the note ended up winning. It was SO FUN!!

The cake had a ? on it. It was like the Party of the Year and in the middle of the Party I was hiding in my bedroom because I was the killer.

My crush came to the party and in the game we were "Married". I was Mrs. X and he was Mr. X. Yeah, I know... lame, but anyways, when he came in the room he kissed ME like full on and said "I know you killed him honey". He won the game and now we are dating. It was the BEST PARTY EVER!!

Also, I got an iPod touch for my birthday.

So, yeah! Mystery parties are the best!!

Hope I helped.

No Clue What to Do for My Birthday
by: Anonymous

Okay, so my 13th birthday is in like 3 weeks. I have no clue what to do for theme and stuff. I have picked out like 8 of my friends to come over to my house and stuff, but I do not know what to do so it's not just awkard. I wanted to have a southern/redneck themed party but I don't think any of my friends would like this theme. What should I do?!?!

Reply: I think a southern redneck party would be unique and different, and I know a lot of teens myself that would have a hoot with that. I guess it depends on your friends and your plans for the party.

Some alternate ideas would be:

13th Bday Party
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 13 in July and I NEED HELP!!! I can't decide on a beach theme or a Hollywood theme.

Reply: Wow! You're really planning ahead. I love both these themes. Are there some pros or cons to either one of them that you can share to make it easier to give you a firm one or the other answer?

Birthday Ideas
by: Anonymous

Hey! It's my birthday soon and I'm going to be 13! I want to do something different because everyone's doing the same old boring things...(no offense). I'm girly, like pink, money-not too expensive. I don't know what to do! x <3

Reply: This Pink Vogue Party could be tailored for your birthday.

13th Birthday Party
by: Anonymous

My birthday party is in 11 days and I have no clue what to do! I'm inviting 4 people so there will be 5 girls altogether... lol. We have to eat out of my house and I don't know where! I need something cheap but not boring! It's my 13th birthday party and I'm not that rich! I need to do something! I also need it to be interesting and fun! I dont want it to be boring!

13th Birthday Party Ideas
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 13 in about a month and I have absolutely no idea what to do for a party! I don't want a fashion show, or a spa or anything. I need something cheap, and really fun. Please help!

Divalicious Theme
by: Anonymous

My mom wants me to have a beach party but we settled on a Divalicious theme. It's going to be a boy/girl party, of course, and there's going to be like 100-150 people there. We rented out a hall. I want to make this the BEST 13th Birthday EVER!!! P.S. I turn 13 on July 29th.

Reply: WIll you all be dressing up in divalicious outfits?

13th Birthday Party Help Needed
by: Lauren:)

I'm turning 13 soon and I have NO idea what to do for games?!?!!?! Last year we went to see a movie and had a sleepover but it wasnt as fun as I thought it would be. For my 13th I want to have a cool and fun birthday people will remember, but we are low on budget, any ideas?!?!?!

Reply: Are your friends creative? One way to take the stress out of coming up with games for your party is to ask your friends to each bring one game that they love to your party. My friends and I do that often. We usually only land up playing one or too because we're having too much fun to switch to another game, but that is one way to get all kinds of fun games together with little stress. You can even be mysterious about it and tell them to keep their game a secret and bring it in a bag that you can't see through. That way you can randomly choose the games. There's also the option of asking them to bring a game that makes them laugh, or a paper game, or, or...

Personally, I find girls love conversation games best. Any game that gets girls chatting and laughing is a good choice. Your friends may already own some of these party games but if not, many of them are easy to make yourself.

13th Birthday Pool Party
by: Anonymous

Ok, so my party is in May and it's winter and I'm going to have a spa and pool party in our back yard. So what games can I do for 13 girls?

You can find some pool party games HERE!

13th Birthday Party Dilemma
by: Anonymous

I have no idea what to do for my birthday. I want to stay home with my closest BFFs, but I don't want a spa day or Hollywood party. It's just not me, but I do want something cute & funky. What should I do?

Reply: How about a swap party? Have your friends bring accessories and/or clothes they want to trade and then have fun trying things on and trading things. You can then bring anything you don't want to a Goodwill after your party.

It's been brought up before, but a Club Party is fun, especially if you make up a cool name for yours. Then you can chill, chat, and even dance in a room set up like your own club.

13th Birthday RSVPs
by: Anonymous

I'm having my 13th birthday party this Friday and only 5 out of 13 people have RSVP'd so far. Help!

Reply: That seems to be par for the course these days. I would recommend you send out a reminder email, text, or Facebook message, or call each of them on the phone to get a final answer.

Please help me with my 13th birthday plans
by: samara

I have 53 days til my b'day and I am having a letter theme party, (the letter's s) and I have barely any idea what to do at the party.

So far I have...
  • Piñata
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Water ballons
  • Egg toss
...but I don't know what else to do.

Reply: Just to clarify... Did you mean you were having a birthday party built around the letter "S"? Or did you mean you wanted to do one activity for each letter in the alphabet?

Help Me PLZ
by: Anonymous

I am turning 13 in a month and I don't know what to do. My friend had a party last week and had a limo drive us around for 2 hours and then drop us off at a salon to get our hair done. I don't want to do anything that copies her, so please give me ideas.

Pretty Pretty Please with a cherry on top!!!

Reply: Are you looking for ideas that are as girly girl as your friends, but just different?

by: Anonymous


I am turning 13 in a month and I have no clue what to do. I usually just have a bunch of my friends sleep over, but that gets old after a while. Since I am turning the big 1-3 I would like to do something special, but not over the top. Also, it can't cost too too much...

Reply: Depending on where you live, a day at the beach is always fun and is such an inexpensive outing. I remember practically living there when we were younger. It's especially great if they allow a campfire by the beach so you can take your party later into the evening.

You could also build a party around a new movie that's coming out that you and your friends want to see. If you can't afford to go to the show, rent the newest movie out on DVD and build your party around that.

Is there something you've always wanted to learn how to do? Build your party around that. Over the years I've seen belly dancing parties, line dance parties, cooking parties, glass blowing parties, chocolate parties and more built around learning a fun new skill.

Help Please!
by: Anonymous

My 13th birthday is in April, and I have no idea what to do. I don't want anything girly like spas or Hollywood themes. PLZ HELP ME!

Reply: DO you want a theme at all? I've mentioned in a few places about having A Minute to Win It! party which is great for all girl and coed parties alike. It's also affordable and works for any size group.

Horror Feme
by: Liil PweTTii BeTTii x

Well I'm going to do a horror themed birthday party with a horror movie and a few friends staying over for a sleepover. We are going shopping at Islington and then Nandos.

We have popcorn and lots of sweets and we will just dress up in something really scary with scary makeup and maybe go to get our nails done (something kinda wierd and original). We will have fake cocktails at my place and thats really all I have in mind =)

But come on, you will only be 13 once and this is when you finally turn into a TEEN !! =D

My Birthday Is In 3 Weeks! Help!
by: Anonymous

I have no idea what to do for my 13th birthday. I want to do something, but I have a lot of friends and it's just getting hard. My b-day is in 3 weeks and I am panicking. HELP!

P.S. I can't do a scavenger hunt, so don't say that please. x

My 13th Birthday!
by: Ali

Hi! I'm having a spa and fashion birthday party with 5 of my friends. First, we're all going to a beauty parlour to get our nails done, and get facials. My favourite colour's turquoise, so we're all getting our nails done in different shades of that. Then we're going back to my house to eat spaghetti Bolognese (my fave) and then we're going to play Fashion Show Charades, and what you do is pick a card from a pile that have things like "Movie Star" or "Teen Pageant gal" or "Cheerleader" on them, and whatever you picked, you got 5 min. to find an outfit that best matches the card. (You should have a room previously set up filled with different clothes and accessories.) Then once those 5 mins are up, you must go in front of everyone, and act out what you think your person would act like. Then, everyone tries to guess who you are, and whoever guesses right first, gets to go next.

Help Me! Plz My Birthday is in 1 Month
by: liy-liy

Help me. I need help on what to do for my 13th birthday day party. I'm having it at a civic center. My theme is either rainbow or rainbow zebra. I need help on what to do there... not anything CORNY! Plz I am almost grown and black.

by: Kaileeluvsyall

Ok so my 13th birthday is coming up soon and my friends have helped me a lot with trying to think of a theme. I am like famous for my birthdays. They are always over the top. Last year as party favors I gave out gold fish. Anyway, I was thinking about going out with 10 or 14 of my friends and going to the mall but we would go in a limo. Do you think that's too over the top??? Well I need help so if you could help me out that would be great. Ok thanks bye :)

Birthday Party... 13th.
by: ellen:)

Well me and my friend are having a party.. I hate calling them discos but I suppose that's what it is.

We've hired out the hall, and we're inviting all our friends within the year. We'll have a DJ, and snacks and drinks, but we're just thinking it's what most of our friends do.. so we want something to add to it to make it more original. We've had 'girly sleepovers' when we was younger, so although they're nice ideas.. we prefer this party. Obviously it will be boys and girls;). Our ideas so far, is to have a sort of arch way of pink and white balloons. We're having a two tiered cake.. things like that:) We're thinking about having a limo, which is a bit over rated, apart from this. On our actual birthdays we're having a meal, and possibly going to London to spend all the money we'll hopefully get aha... :)

Make a 13th Birthday Memory
by: Emily. K.

A 13th birthday is a time where girls turn into young adults. For the perfect party let your daughter(s) have the perfect one with a memory that will last a life time!!

WITH pretzels and munchies and smart popcorn or any chips etc.. lots of gummies, suckers, chocolate fondue and marshmallows, fruit and vegi trays and a cooler full of ice cold soda's (any kinds), Chinese food, pizza and finger stuff!!!!!(salads are great too) have a bon fire and roast smores and hotdogs and sleep out side. Also plan games like singing contest, truth or dare, blind fold taste test, makeovers and movies marathons make it something they will enjoy!!!!

For Help by anonymous!!!

This is for help by anonymous.

You can have a chocolate fountain and watch scary movies while eating popcorn.

My B-day Party
by: shelbie

Ookay my b-day is December 4th and I'm turning 13...idk what to do. I was thinking a photo shoot and then after that do like a dancing contest and all my friends love to dance but 4 the photo shoot idk what to wear... maybe a strapless dress and a crown to show I'm the b-day girl and everyone else in a dress... then another one in our favorite jeans and all have the same shirt...but my parents need $ for Christmas...Help me with some more ideas...please:)

Awesome idea!
by: Taterbabe

Set up bags filled with puzzle pieces you need to make a small puzzle. Divide into teams and give each team there first clue. Every team has a different colored bag but they are all in the same spot just each team is handed a different clue to start out with. (ex. say there are two teams. On team is blue and the other green. Say the bags are tied to the same tree. One team gets the clue that leads to the tree and the other gets a different clue that leads somewhere else to another bag around your neighborhood. But eventually that team will come to the clue that will lead them back to the tree.)

So each team will arrive at the destination just at different times so there won't be any collisions with another team. Another clue will be tied to each bag so the team knows where there next bag of puzzle pieces are. After a team finds all (5,10,15) bags they have to come back to the starting place and put the puzzle together. Which ever team finishes there puzzle first wins! (Make sure there is some kind of supervisor since it is going around a neighborhood.)

Another thing to make it tricky tie each bag to the spot REALLY good! But not too good. Set up all the bags around your neighborhood and watch everyone scramble to get theirs first. For even extra fun, have each team tape their adventure around the neighborhood.

Diva Party Help
by: diva101

I'm turning 13 soon and I have chosen a theme called diva party. It is going to have black, pink and silver coloured decorations, but I don't know what to do. I want it to be all girls and for it to be a fun night, but I have no clue what game or if I need games? Help me please.
DIVA 101

by: Anonymous

Ok so I have a big 13th birthday party and I'm so excited for it but it's 2 months away and I have no clue. I want to invite 4 girls and we're going to one of my mom's friends' house but what should my theme be and what should we do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help and fast. Anybody got ideas? I want to hear them.

Games to Play at My 13th B-day Party
by: Anonymous

Alright, so my birthday is the 17th of September and I have a pretty good idea of the theme (sleepover and mall party, plain and simple) but I have no clue what games 2 play. Nothing like spin the bottle but something really kool....I'm only going 2 invite like 3 girls but that's plenty to have fun. So plz help and give me some ideas so my party will rock and be totally memorable. Thanks y'all.

by: Lalaland

I'm turning 13 soon and I want to have a boy girl party but I'm afraid my parents will say no! Also they think I have to be 15 to have a boyfriend and I don't think this counts but all my friends have boyfriends. Someone plz help. How should I ask?

by: Kelsey

Help! I need to sort something out for my sister's 13th. She's getting stressed so I want to help her!

13th Birthday
by: :)

I'm going to an ice cream shop and after that I'm having a sleepover with like 5 or 6 girls, maybe a scavenger hunt... idk but my mom has the BEST ideas... maybe a Hawaiian theme or something... lots of candy and chocolate. PRANK CALLING!!!!

by: Anonymous

I'm turning 13 in December and I was thinking of having a party bus take us to a pizza place and then back home and then a sleepover with girly gossip and dares... classic but it's always a winner :) <3

Help me! I need help to plan my party.
by: i nead help

Please help me. I cannot choose. I was thinking of choosing someone to make it happen like off a web site, but I do not know what to do so please help me.

From I need help!

Reply: Giving some ideas of what you do and do not like or any additional information goes a long way toward people coming up with good ideas to help you.

the lucky 13
by: Anonymous

i am turning 13 in a couple months and need a good theme but has to be cheap.... in my family turning 13 is a big turning point, you know becoming a teenager and all so i need some thing good,
soon to be 13

my 13th
by: Dee

Coz my b'days in winter I'm gonna have a late 13th and take 6 friends 2 adventure world 4 the day! It's cool coz we can eat snacks through the day and play some party games and then go on heaps and heaps of rides! I can't wait and I'll probably wait till November at the end of the school year.

asap HELP ME
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 10 in 4 days {JULY 3RD} and NO themed parties and i have no clue what to do but im considering laser tag and no girly stuff because girls and boys are coming

by: Anonymous

I am turning 13 in June and i am doing a photo shoot with me and best friends. Maybe you could do that x :)

help me
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 13 in Oct i don't know what 2 do. My parents split up when i was 4 and my dad's not well. My grandad just died so I chose this 2 take my mind off things. I want it 2 b a girl/boy party. I'm pretty sure my mum won't mind, but my dad... ohh he will mind because every year I have a sleepover with my 4 closest friends that I've known from nursery. I really need sum ideas plz help me!

Help Turning 13!!!
by: AyeBayBay

Im turning 13 soon, and im inviting boys and girls.
I was thinking doing one of those mall scavenger hunts:) Or bowling at Big Al's, cuz my mom is friends with the owner??? But idk please help me!

Letter Party
by: Anonymous

hi, my 13th b'day is soon and i was thinking of having a themed party with the theme being a letter and everyone has to dress up as something to do with that letter. my cousin did it for her 21st and it was so fun so what do you think?

Party Ideas?
by: Sara

Im turning 13 in 2 days.! And i still have no idea what to do for my party. I really need some help, im not really into the whole spa, makeup idea. My birthday is in the winter so there's not really anything i can do. But i really want my party to be amazing, cause you only turn 13 once. Plus im very well known in my school, so everyone will expect me to throw a outstanding party. I want to invite guys, but im not really sure if my parents would be okay with it. This is like the last party im gonna have til i turn 16 i really need some help.

13th birthday party!
by: Anonymous

My 13th birthday is in April, and I don't know what theme to do. I don't want it to be stupid, and not too girly because not all my friends will like that. I think I'm going to have like 15 girls only over at my house. I don't know if I want to do a sleepover again, I done that a lot. Please help me with some ideas. Oh, and i don't want 2 do a dance party or anything.

I got it!
by: Sugar&Spice

Okay, so like my birthday is in three months and since my dad just got a new house because of my parents divorce there are new rooms to do things in. So for my 13th birthday I am planning a Hollywood/horror theme. My dad's driveway is like a half circle so I plan to put a big red carpet there and have my friends and myself dropped off all dressed up by a limo at the circle. My dad will video tape us walking in and my aunt will take shots of us. Inside in the vast new basement we will have a runway show and some family members of mine to judge us! We will rock out and eat pizza and drink sparkling juice till its movie time. Then I will pick two super scary movies (Dracula and the birds) and put them on in the dark room. Scarrrry! Then we will go and sleep in tents outside! Have a campfire and tell scary stories, crush updates and play truth and dare. Hows that?

by: Anonymous

Okay so I'm turning 13 in 2 days and here are some of my party plans. Its going to be a birthday party with 10 of my friends and then a slumber party with 6 of the 10 friends.

Party Plans

1. Decorate Cupcakes Blindfolded- It's a partner thing, one person is decorating with a blindfold and the other is directing them on what to do.

2. Scavenger Hunt

3. Making earrings and necklaces is perfect for older girls,ESPECIALLY 12,13, and even 14 year olds.

4. Make up or dress up- At my friend's slumber party we put on make up and dressed up in her clothes.

5. This is more for serving purposes- Sparkling white, grape, apple,ect... juiced comes in bottles like wine bottles and they have plastic champagne cups that are perfect for parties. I absolutely love that.

6. I'm serving hors d'oveures

7. Donut on a string game for outdoor parties

8. Competitions such as cornhole or other fun games are great for any party

Diva Party 4 u!

Well hello,
My birthday is in 18 days and I'm turning 14. What I did last year was invite only my closest friends to come to my house. Then at like 6:00 my parents took me and my friends to a dance place we had rented out. We had snacks, drinks, and an awesome D.J. I remind you this is a guy/girl party. Then we had like, 100 people there, then after it was over my closest 12 girl- friends got to stay the night. It was really fun! This year though I'm doing a Hollywood theme, because I live in Beverly Hills. Anyway, me and all my friends have dates and were dressing up in fancy dresses and having a mini-prom. Than people are staying over. I hope this helps.

13th birthday
by: Anonymous

For my 13th birthday i am doing a skiing party at the ski centre in hemel! I invited 10 girls including myself. After the skiing we will have lunch at pizza hut and then come home to my house. We will play lots of games! I am thinking of having a chocolate fountain. They are always really good for parties. For games, I am arranging a game called the quest. Get into teams, then the person standing at the front will say bring to me...(then they will say an item!) for example they could say "bring to me your team's number and also a shoe.then the teams find a shoe. when they have found the shoe, one member of the team rushes as fast as they can, to show the person the shoe! first person to bring it gets 5points. the game continues!
Hope i helped.

by: susan

hi i really need help with choosing my birthday ideas and invitations i am thinking about doing a limo party but i dont know what to do in there or once our time is up i am having 16 people so have any of you got any ideas as to what i should do


by: kazza_katt!

my 12th bday is really close and i'm having a spa themed party. The theme colour is purple because it's a relaxing colour. I made the invitations purple as well!
There will be four stations.
STATION ONE: foot baths
STATION TWO: nail polish (have a family member paint the nails coz it's more fun)
STATION FOUR: accessories

After this, have a mini fashion show and take pictures.

We will have party food (sausages, pies ETC.) along with strawberries and rockmelon.

I'm really excited! Hope this has helped some of you!

by: Pink96

Im having a birthday party in two weeks and i want it to be a Hawaiian theme. But what food should we eat? What music should we listen to and what games should we play. PLEASE! HELP! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also turning thirteen
by: Robin

I am turing thirteen in 28 days and I have no idea what to do!!! I want to have an all girls party but I cant figure out what to do. I thought that I should have a sleepover but I have done that like every year. I want to do something that will change up the way people think of me. Should I have a paintball party? Spa party? Pool party? I want it to be a really good party. You can only be thirteen once in your entire life.I wonder if I should invite the guy I have a crush on. Any suggestions?

by: Anonymous

Hi I'm having a Hawaii 13th birthday party at my house and I don't know what games to play. My friends and I like the beach and being outdoors, we're also kind of childish. Do you know of any hilarious movies that we could watch. Thanks for your help. LOL
Bye Bye.!

joint party
by: SmileAlot

Me and My Best Friend Are Having a Joint Party, We Already have a Dj and a Hall Booked, its a Disco. (: Its a Guy/Girl Disco but We dont Just Want it Plain We Want A Really Exciting Theme Any ideas ? were Going to Be 13.

x x o x x

What do u think
by: Lexi

I am thinking about doing a beach party and spend the night in a cabin then going on ATV rides and hikes because my birthday party is in June but I dont know if thats a good idea HELP!

Please help me wiv my b - day
by: Help Me!

For the person called anonymous who wanted girls and boys at their party u could have a grease themed party and u could be sandy and ur close friends could be part of ur gang

Hope this helps

Now please can u help me my b - day is on the 8th May and i have nothing 2 do. please help


idk what to do...
by: Anonymous

im turning 13 in about 2 weeks and im cluelessss .. maybe go to the beach? or stay at home?

by: Anonymous

here are some ideas

Black and White disco/party

Your Fave Colour:
This theme ^ is YOUR fave colour everything in the party including food ur dress makeup e.t.c has 2 be that colour


pick a country and the party is based around that say for example India the party girl wears a saree
and for food theres Popadoms LOL awesome much???

80s,90s,70s disco


by: Kim

I will be 13 in 13 days and I have NO IDEA WHAT GAMES TO PLAY OR ANYTHING im lost HELP ME!

What should i do for my b-day party?
by: An-E

i'm turning 13 in 13 days and have 13 friends coming over to my house

i got some ideas already, a runway project and twister of course

but i need more fun games to play, with 13 girls, 14 with me

please help

help me plz!!!
by: miss independent

It's my 13 birthday soon but ihave no idea what to do. It's going to be only girls not a big group but i want it to be special plz help.

by: Elizabeth



by: Anonymous

My 13th Birthday is coming up and i want a girl and boy party but dont know what to do.

by: Anonymous


looking for 13th birthday theme!!
by: pink lover . !

help my 13th birthday is near and i need help with a theme. I want it to be formal and i'm only inviting girls. I was thinking of a small marquee in th garden but that'll be boring with just a few girls got any other ideas for me , cause i'm clueless! it has to be girly and involve PINK !! thank you . x

Ideas For Partty
by: Sharonn x

Game Ideas For A Cinema Partyy

1. Who am I?

A person from the party group is chosen and a picture of a famous person is taped to their back. The rest of the group has to give hints, lets say:

Example: Zac Efron
Hints-> You like to sing, Know how to dance, Make films with Disney etc…

If a person wins they get a small gift like a sweet or stationary or a notepad.

2. Who am I? (Card Version)

Same as above but a card with the name is used instead, and taped to the forehead of the person.

3. Pin the __________ on ___________.

In this case I have chosen Pin the Glass Slipper on Cinderella.

Just print an Extra- Large Picture of Cinderella (or draw and colour in) and pin whatever you like to the board.

4. Riddles

Riddles are a great way to break the ice, especially when your guests don’t all know each other well. Choose funny, original riddles that make plenty of sense and keep people interested. You can search the web for hundreds of different riddles about: animals, places and much more.

5. Popcorn Shooter

This is my favorite game in party history all you need is half a cup of popcorn per person. Before hand make sure that your guests are not allergic to any thing in the popcorn or the flavoring of your popcorn. The aim of the game is to lie back and try and shoot popcorn (with your hands), into your mouth.

Help me with ideas
by: Anonymous

I am having a birthday at my house and I am inviting my dance and school friends and I don't want to exclude my school friends by doing a dance party and my friends like different things. What ideas do you have.

Help Please
by: problem child

I am turning 13 in May and have no clue what to do. Please give me any ideas. I'm desperate.

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