Democrat or Republican Trivia

An Either Or Game on Political Parties

Was Teddy Roosevelt a Democrat or Republican? What political party was in office at the beginning of World War II? Republican or Democrat?

Test your knowledge of America's two main political parties with this Either Or game. The answer to every question will either be Democrat or Republican.

Use the questions below randomly or print a copy of our game cards (fill in form below to request printable cards)

Instructions for Printing Cards

  • Print page 1 twice (or more if you wish to add some of your own either or ideas). Print on card stock or cover stock if possible.
  • Print pages 2 and 3 on the back of them and cut out. 

Set the printable trivia cards out for guests to use to randomly challenge each other or print the game cards and cut out one Democrat card and one Republican card for each guest. 

Divide guests into teams. Read the questions aloud and have guest hold up the card they think is the correct answer. Award points to each team for most correct. Give bonus points when the whole team has the answer right. 

Democrat or Republican Game List

Democrat or Republican Trivia Card

01. Which party has had the most Presidents? Republican or Democrat?

02. Which party has experienced the most presidential assassinations? Republican or Democrat?

03. Which party has experienced the most Presidential assassination attempts? Republican or Democrat?

04. The first and only Roman Catholic President was from which party? Republican or Democrat?

05. Which party typically opposes gun control? Republican or Democrat?

06. The term "Grand Old Party" refers to which party? Republican or Democrat?

07. Which party typically believes that healthcare is the responsibility of the government?Republican or Democrat?

08. Abraham Lincoln was the first President of which party? Republican or Democrat?

09. The President with the most pets was a member of which party? Republican or Democrat?

10. The longest serving president was from which party? Republican or Democrat?

11. The President who owned a dog named 'Liberty' was from which party? Republican or Democrat?

12. The President famous for the quote, "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men" was from which party? Republican or Democrat?

13. The president at the commencement of the Korean War was from which political party?Republican or Democrat?

Republican or Democrat Trivia Card

14. The President that resigned due to scandal was from which political party? Republican or Democrat?

15. How does New York State typically vote? Republican or Democrat?

16. The first African American Senator was from which party?Republican or Democrat?

17. The President during the Great Depression was from which party?Republican or Democrat?

18. Ulysses S. Grant was from which party? Republican or Democrat?

19. President with twin children was from which party? Republican or Democrat?

20. Both impeached Presidents were from which political party? Republican or Democrat? 

Democrat or Republican Game Answers

01. Republican - The Republicans have had 19 Presidents as opposed to the Democrats' 15.

02. Republican - 3 Republican Presidents have been assassinated (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley) as opposed to only 1 Democrat (Kennedy).

03. Democrat - There have been assassination attempts on the lives of 8 Democrat Presidents and 5 Republican Presidents.

04. Democrat - John F. Kennedy

05. Republican 

06. Republican

07. Democrat 

08. Republican 

09. Republican - Calvin Coolidge was well known for his love of animals so was often presented with various "pets" as gifts.

10. Democrat - Franklin D. Roosevelt served 12 years, 1 month, and 8 days (1933-1945) and died in office.

11. Republican - Gerald Ford's dog "Liberty" had 9 puppies while at the White House.

12. Democrat - John F. Kennedy

13. Democrat - Harry S. Truman

14. Republican - Richard Nixon

15. Democrat 

16. Republican - Hiram Revels became the senator of Mississippi in 1870.

17. Democrat - Franklin D. Roosevelt was not only the Great Depression President, but was also in office during WWII.

18. Republican 

19. Republican - George W. Bush has twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara

20. Democrat - Both Andrew Johnson and William "Bill" Clinton were democrats. 

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