Slumber Party Games

by Ashley

Girls' Sleepover

Girls' Sleepover

I am having a slumber party for 11 year old girls and I need to know some fun games that don't cost any money and are cool. I want to impress my friends.

Slumber Party Games Response:

Hi Ashley!

It isn't clear from your question if you are looking for active games or quiet games, but I'll share a couple of the games anyway. If you are looking for something different, please use the comment box below to add more details.


Mad Libs

Mad Libs are always a fun way to get the girls talking and laughing. Many stores sell mad lib books for a reasonable price. There are a few printable ones on my Mad Libs page. For your party I would suggest the "As the Day Goes" mad libs.

Dice Games

There are a ton of fun dice games, but the one tween girls have told me they like best is the "Race to 100" dice game. You can find that game by clicking here.

Truth or Dare

Almost every girl party I've been to lands up playing some form of Truth or Dare. For a slight variation, try my "Who, Where, Why" game.

Scavenger Hunt

There is a printable goodie bag scavenger hunt at Scavenger Hunt Fun that you might also want to try.

Slumber Party Game Collection

Girl Slumber Party Games Pack

Girl Slumber Party Games

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by: ;)

I'm having a slumber party with 10 of my friends for my thirteenth birthday. I've got games, crafts, food, you name it. I just need prizes for a few of the games (2 are prizes for a group). Please help!

Awesome Games
by: alyrulez

If your friends go to your house early, like 5, then you could go to a bowling alley, go golfing or go to Party City.

My friends and I are into boyish stuff so we play fighting, spies, and manhunt. We also made a game up called Super Mario prison escape. You play by making a fort (your cell), and fight "invisible" bad guys like gumbas and stuff.

Hope this helps. :-)

Slumber Party Game
by: Abigail

This Game Is Called "Honey I Love You".

This Is How You Play:

You and your friends sit in a circle and one person is in the middle. The person in the middle has to go up to somebody in the circle and say "Honey I love You. Could you give me A smile?"

The person has to say it weirdly to try and make the other girl laugh.

After the person in the middle says that, the girl she has asked has to say with a straight face, "Honey, you know I love you, but I just can't smile".

If the girl laughs she has to trade places with the girl in the middle. If not, the girl in the middle has to stay in the circle until she makes a girl laugh.

Hope This Is Helpful!


Party Ideas!!!
by: Anonymous

Hey Everybody,

Im turning 11 on January 14 and I need some activity ideas!!!! We're going to a hotel and going swimming there as well. We're going out to supper across the street from the hotel, so yeah. I love all of the ideas on the site, but I am open to any others. There will be four of us, including me.


Mystery on a Spoon
by: Dove

The rules are that you have to swallow it. You only get to put 3 things on the spoon and they have to be edible.

Song Quiz
by: kayla

Play 20-30 seconds of a song. You have 10 seconds to try and guess what the song is. The player who guesses the most by the end of the game wins a prize.

Hope you like this game.


Maltesers Dice Game
by: emily

Get everybody in a circle with a tray of Maltesers and a straw each and a dice. If somebody rolls a six they have to start sucking the Maltesers with the straws and putting them in a cup or bowl until the next person rolls a six.

Great Party Ideas
by: Party-Planner

Here are some ideas for 12-14 year old girls slumber party:

Truth or Dare, Scavenger Hunt, Would You Rather, Beach ball questions, or Make some Jewelry that the girls can take home.

You might also want to play pass around, which is where all the girls sit in a circle, and each girl takes of something that she is wearing (for example, pair of earrings, bracelet, t-shirt, socks) and passes it around. Tell the girls to pass it 2 people to the right, now 4 people to the left back, 1 person to right, or however you want to do it. When the game ends, each girl should end up with a new shirt, bracelet or pair of socks!
Have a great party!

Cupcakes and Marshmallows,

My Party Is Tonight
by: Anonymous

I can't wait for my sleepover tonight. It's going to be fun.

Fun Games for a Slumber Party
by: Anonymous

Here are some fun games to play at a girly party:
  • Make your own spa. use hand or feet lotion for massages. Listen to soothing music. Light scented candles for a relaxing aroma. Have cushions set up so you are comfy. Paint your finger and toe nails.

  • Do your hair and use sparkly clips for a diva effect!

  • Do makeovers: use lip gloss and lipstick, eye shadow, blush.

  • Play Truth or Dare or Would You Rather.

  • Design photo frames and use pics of you and your guests to fill them.

  • Have a fashion show using only foil or only toilet paper or something like that.

If you are not a girly girl and are more sporty, here are some party ideas for you:
  • Go swimming.

  • Play soccer in your back yard.

  • Play Truth or Dare (there are probably going to be more dares though).

Hope these helped you! :)

My Slumber Party
by: Anonymous

I am having my 10th birthday slumber party this weekend. We are going to go swimming and have our own spa (manicures, pedicures, hair styling, etc.) We are also going to make pizzas for dinner and maybe do crafts in the morning. I am really stuck on games to play. I was thinking of doing pass the polish and Twister and charades but those are just ideas. I need someone's help and quick! There are gonna be 4 girls ages 10-11 and we are really chatty and love to goof around. The cellphone game seems fun but my friends and I don't have our own cell phones! HELP!!!

by: ♥♥♥

I'm having a 11th birthday sleepover party and I had the idea to play various games like Twister and wii and other fun ones like that. Then the winner gets some fake money (can be made out of paper or you can get it from Monopoly!) and when those games are done play Truth or Dare, Would You Rather and secret telling and if you don't want to tell something that some one asks you, you pay in a certain amount of money and in the end when people have used up all there money you can play normally or just give up!

Is it a good idea? Also, I suggest watching a film and getting a take away.


I love the idea of giving play money for winning games. In fact we do that often and create money to match the party we are throwing, but you can also get toy money at the dollar store.

The only flaw in your idea is that there is no loss in giving up the money in exchange for not telling a secret that I can see. And who gets the money? The person who asks the question? If so, someone will always have money left.

We usually have a candy bar or prize table that guests can spend their money on. I don't know if that is in your budget or not. If not, prizes could be rewards like getting to choose a movie, or the girls having to paint your toenails however you want, etc.

Me and My 5 and 6 Year Old Cousins
by: Suzy

My two cousins and I love to paint our nails, swim in our hot tub, draw and jump on the trampoline, but no super scary movies. I'm age ten and I want to make sure that we each will want to all do the same things for our sleepover. The ages are 5 Bree, 6 Emm and me, Suze 10, so if you have any ideas please tell me because the sleep over is on Friday, August 10th! So tell me soon!!!!!!!

Sleepover Ideas
by: Anonymous

Some cool sleepover ideas include:

Make your own spa
Truth or Dare
Board games
Prank calls to friends
Order pizza
Make weird things with stuff around the house

For example on your popcorn put different kinds of seasonings like lemon juice or cheese! I hope these were some cool ideas!!! Have fun:)

My 12th Birthday Party
by: Jenni

We are already playing manhunt and truth or dare, but we are not sure what else to play. Please help!

My birthday is tomorrow!
by: Anonymous

I need awesome ideas! Please help me out here! It's zebra pink themed, and I'm turning 11. I need some games that are very time consuming. Party starts at 4:30. There will be 1-20 people who are in the ages of 8-11. We need fun games and not kiddy games please!

I Have an Idea for Your Party Molly
by: Anonymous

Hey Molly!

You probably already had your party, but here's some ideas anyway that you and your friends will hopefully enjoy.

If you have a pool just have a simple pool party with some pizza, snacks, soda, and music, of course.

If you dont have a pool then you could have a barbeque with some music, chips, and maybe some other snacks.

I hope that my advice helped you, and I'm so
sorry if it didn't.

Party Ideas
by: Anonymous

You can watch a movie and set up a concession stand with king size candy and popcorn! Hope I helped :p!

by: Anonymous

You know how they say unripe bannanas are good to clear out your pores and cucumbers help your skin to feel good and clean? Well, mix them both together to make a great mask.

by: Anna

Loved all the ideas!!!!

by: Live2dance12

Ok, so my 12th birthday party is in a week. My friends and I aren't girly, but we're not tomboys either and there are no boys coming. There will be 10 of us. Help!

OMG Best Site Ever!!!
by: Lovin It!!!

This is the best website! Thanx for all the grrrrrrrrreeeaaatttt ideas!!

Loving This Site!
by: Love13

OMG! This is great! Thanks :) My first sleepover is my bday. This SO helped:) Thanks!!!

I Need Help Planning Activities!
by: 12 about to be 13 needs help!

My sleepover party is March 16-17 of 2012!!!! I need more activities besides what I have:

Movies, Food, Dessert, PJ Fashion Show, Scavenger Hunt, Cell Phone Game.

Please address your ideas to Sarah Danielle when you comment.

Slumber Party Games
by: Mrs.Alexis Bieber

Here are some of the ideas that I am thinking of for some people's slumber parties:

  • Anything Justin Bieber, but no Justin Bieber hating and talking about how much you hate Justin Bieber!
  • Lazer tag!
  • Anything spa like!
  • Listening to celebrities music!
  • Truth or Dare!
  • Watching your favorite things!
  • Invite your favorite celebrities like Justin Bieber over your house for a slumber party if you live next to or near them!
  • Operation!
  • Have a dance off,sing off,talent show,fashion show,and Karaoke
  • Contests/Competitions

  • Slumber Party Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    Blind Makeover
    Dance Off
    Random Dancing
    Crazy Dancing Contest
    Hair Styling
    Nail Painting

    Rocking Sleepover
    by: sasha

    you should have a baking fun contest if your mom or dad says that you can.

    by: Molly<3

    Well... I'm having a sleepover on Saturday with 3 of my friends and me, so there is going to be 4 girls all together and I'm stuck on ideas of what to do! I'm going to be 11 so there will be 3 11 yr olds and 1 10 year old. Comment if you have good ideas on what to do (nothing scary!).

    Also, I'm having a normal party before that with the 3 girls and 2 boys and I'm not sure what games to play. Comment for both if you have ideas!

    Title you comments:

    I have ideas for you sleepover...

    I have ideas for your party...

    - Molly <3

    Slumber Party Games and Activities
    by: Anonymous

    Hi! For my 12th birthday party, this is what I have planned... It's a sleepover:

    • Play kinect
    • Scavenger hunt
    • Do spa treatments such as nails, hair, and makeup
    • Fashion show
    • Chicken or dare
    • Quiz about me
    • Pass the box
    • Guess that food

    Slumber Party Games and Ideas for 12 Year Olds
    by: Hannah


    One person acts out an object and the other guests have to guess what that person is acting out. You can't talk. Keep going till everyone has gone once or twice.

    Order Pizza

    Almost all slumber parties I have been to order pizza. I would say order cheese pizza because not all of the girls will like other things on their pizza, but that's up to you. Order some bread sticks too.

    Scavenger Hunt

    You are probably thinking, "oh, like for 5 year olds." No! Go buy some cheap things like nail polish, lip gloss or even cute socks!

    You can have your scavenger hunt outside or inside. It matters if your birthday is in the summer or winter. Mine's in the winter so I have it inside.

    Make sure that everyone gets the same things and hide them around the house. Don't hide them in too hard of places because that can take a long time. It ends when everyone finds their items. Then, give them a cute goodie bag or something to put their prizes in.

    Just Dance 1 2 3

    If you dont have a wii, you can't do this, but if you do, have the 2 remotes in 2 peoples hands and the other guests behind them dancing along. It's so fun. I did this last year!


    Make homemade facial cream. Geteye pads and cover the girls' eyes. Have cute pillows so they can lie down. Also, do nails, makeup, and each other's hair all pretty.

    Chubby Bunny

    Go to the store and get marshmallows if you don't have any. It matters how many people you are inviting to the party as to how many bags of marshmallows you'll need.

    First one girl sits in the chair and has to put as many marshamallows in her mouth as she can and as she puts each one in she has to say "chubby bunny" until she cant say "chubby bunny" anymore.

    Glow Stick Scavenger Hunt

    This has to be outside because it has to be really dark, like midnight dark. Hide glow sticks in bushes and plants and stuff and then let all the girls outside to go find them. Whoever finds the most first wins and gets a prize!

    Kiss the Poster

    Find a singer or whatever that all the girls like (let's just say Justin Bieber). Tape the poster on the wall and put a blindfold on. All of the girls get their own lipgloss and they have to put the lip gloss on and kiss the poster. Whoever is closest to his lips gets to bring the poster home.

    Cell Phone Game

    Each girl has to bring their cell phone and if they don't have one they can use like your mom's or dad's or home phone or even an ipod if they have a call app.

    One person is the hider and it's like hide and seek. The rest of the girls split up and try to find the girl that's hiding. If it takes a while the hider calls each of the numbers and gives them clues. For example, let's say they are in a clothes closet. The hider will call one of the girls' numbers and say something like this... "There sure are a lot of clothes in here". Then, they all run and try to see where the girl is. Oh, make sure it's kind of dark.

    The Best Slumber Party Games Ever!
    by: Becca

    Okay, I have collected like tons of games here.

    They are:
    • Ghosts-in the Night - You all go out and chose a 'base' and two people are the catchers. They both have lights and close their eyes and count to fifty. Then, everyone hides. When they have finished counting everyone goes to the base like forty forty. Then when they find someone they shout ghost!! And then they are IT!

    • Foil outfit - Someone is the judge while you get into teams and make an amazing designer dress out of foil.

    • Sleeping bag - Make a house out of random stuff and whoever completes it quickest wins!

    • Guess That Snack

    • Nail Polish Spin

    • Blind Makeover

    • Roast Marshmallows

    • Cream Game - Get a plate and pile it with cream and put a sweets inside the cream and then each take turns to get it out.

    • Limbo

    • Smoothie - You all make a smoothie and then you all try each other's smoothie and guess what is in it.

    Chicken or Dare
    by: Anonymous

    I love all of the ideas and I am having a slumber party very soon so I am trying to find the best games. I also have my own idea. My friend and I looked online over and over, like about 100 times. We then got bored and made up our own game. We call it chicken or dare.


    It's basically truth or dare except there are only dares.

    If you are uncomfortable with a dare you use a chicken.

    When you use a chicken the other players get 10min to make you look like a chicken.

    You are now out, but on the bright side you still get to play. You just can't be dared. You now make up dares. You also set up and help with some dares.

    This game is also very fun for kids because you can get out and still play without being embarrassed. You would have the best seat in the game, if only you werent a chicken!

    Great Slumber Party Game
    by: Anonymous

    For your party, get an empty box and fill it with photos of you and your guests, magazines, and any other things and make a video on the camera and keep the camera in the box.

    You can also make a quiz about you, fill it out and put it in!

    In a year or two invite those same guests over and open it and watch the video! Have fun.

    by: Anonymous

    Making a fort is always fun! I love this site!

    Mummy on the Run
    by: taylor swifts biggest fan!

    Hey guys! Here is a great game idea!
    • Choose some one to be the mummy!
    • Wrap their head in toilet paper so they can breath but not see! You can wrap the whole body for fun but that is optional!
    • Have the mummy feel her way around the room to try and tag someone! She might run into stuff, but its funny!
    • When she tags a someone, that person becomes a mummy too!
    • Keep doing this till there is a winner!
    • Reward them with a prize!

    Sleepover Fun!
    by: Maddie18

    Ok, if your b-day is in the summer, I recommend you have a pool party and...
    • 1. Stay outside really late
    • 2. Jump on the trampoline (if you have one)
    • 3. Play sports
    • 4. Invite alot of girls
    • 5. Play Truth or Dare
    • 6. Play Would You Rather!

    If you have a fall party you might want to have like a bowling party or skating party or have one at your house and stay inside and play games!

    If you have one in the winter, stay inside, play games and if it is close to Christmas have a dirty santa or gift exchange or if it is snowing, go outside and play in it or go caroling!

    If you have a spring bday party, stay outside and play sports and dance and at any sleepover always eat, have a fashion show, sing karaoke, and play truth or dare!!!

    Have fun at your parties and watch movies!!!:)

    If i messed up on this advice please ignore cause I'm only 11! :)

    Awesome Winter B-day
    by: awsomemuncher

    My 12th b-day is January 7th. Here are some winter games that I am going to do!!!!!

    • t-shirt maker
    • scrapbooks
    • sundae bar
    • fashion show
    • make a 5min play
    • egg toss
    • pass the box
    • sleeping bag sack
    • cupcake make
    • photo shoot

    Hope this helps whoever needs it.

    Sleepover Ideas
    by: randonnesslol

    So I'm having a sleepover with 3 of my friends this weekend and we are looking for ideas, but we have a few of our own. Right after school on Friday we are going to play four square. Then, once it gets dark we're going to play man tracer with a couple of guys (one I'm totally crushing on), and in between then we are going to probably make cookies or something and do some crafts. So hope this was at least kind of helpful. ;)

    Slumber Party For My 11th B-day
    by: Anonymous

    Hi everyone! I'm having a slumber party! Only about 2- 6 people are coming. So, it's going to fall on my b-day! It's not going to be only about me.

    Well first, since it's in fall, I was thinking to do more indoor stuff! Like first I was thinking to go roller skating and have some pizza.

    When we come back home I was thinking to watch some movies and open a sundae bar. Then like around 12:00 p.m. were just going to chill and play Truth or Dare, CHUBBY BUNNY, and Mafia. Then we'll have a fashion show where everybody at least changes 2 times and walks a runway with music while taking pics.

    In the morning we'll have some breakfast and then go to some store to upload the pictures and get some copies. When we get home we could make a magazine and glue the pics we took from fashion show and write description next to them.

    For the rest of the day we'll just chill and do our own thing without any plans.

    I'm really excited! Hope this helped you and gave you some ideas! :)

    Best Friend's Party Activities
    by: Dr.awesome

    -play outside
    -sundae bar
    -pictionary man
    -guess who
    -truth or dare

    A Great Game
    by: Anonymous

    A great idea for a slumber party game is Musical Nail Polish.

    For Musical Nail polish get a bottle of nail polish and music that stops every once in awhile.

    Pass the nail polish around until the music stops, then, whomever is holding the nail polish quickly tries to do their nails.

    When the music starts again just quickly put on the cap and start passing the bottle around again.

    The person with all ten nails done first wins.

    Another version of musical nail polish - about halfway down the page.

    by: i am the cheese

    Hi! Thanks. That will help me SO much to plan my party.

    Party Fun
    by: Anonymous

    Thanks. I will have an 100% awesome sleepover party ever.

    Best Party Ever
    by: Anonymous

    Thanks so much. This website was so helpful. I am having a joint party with my friend and we are doing...
    • pillow decorating
    • blindfold makeover
    • nail painting
    • maltezer straw game
    • go to spa

    It will be so much fun!

    Cool Sleepover Game for 10-13 year olds
    by: Anonymous

    Love Machine x

    Just read this and you will soon get the jist of the game...

    Tom Green
    Anne Key

    L O V E S
    0 1 0 4 0
    1 1 4 .4
    2 5 8
    7 1 3
    8 4 %
    Tom and Anne love each other 84%

    Use this on friends, family and enemies (duh!)

    Sleepover Games and Activities
    by: Anonymous

    Here are some cool ideas for the age range 10-12:

    Truth N Dare
    Talk about anything and everything

    Here is how to play Love Machine:

    • Choose a boy and girl (Example: Tom Brown and
      Lily Green)
    • Then you see how much they love each other by counting how many l's o's v's e's and s's there are in their names altogether.
    • So:
      L O V E S
      1 2 0 2 0
    • Then you keep adding:
      3 2 2 2
      5 4 4
      9 8
    • Then stop when you are left with 2 numbers
    • So Lily and Tom got 98 which means they love each 98%

    Hope this helps xxx

    11th Birthday Slumber Party
    by: queenlataya

    I might have a slumber party for my 11th birthday, but I'm not sure. Since I'm turning 11, my birthday's in September, and I'm going to be at a new school, I'm not sure if my new friends should come and if my sisters should come (because their annoying). What do I do?

    Reply: Is your new school in the same town? If so, why won't your friends from last year be at the same school? If your birthday is the first week of September you won't get a chance to make new friends to invite to your party. If it's at the end of September and you live in the same town you used to, maybe you can invite a mixture of friends, old and new.

    Game Ideas
    by: breeza

    I really like this website so I am writing a couple of games you can play.

    • Have your own fashion show
    • Spotlight
    • Play Xbox
    • Playstation
    • Stay up late
    • Talk about Justin Bieber if you like him
    • Gossip
    • Computer
    • Drawing contest
    • Watch scary movies
    • Put pranks on people
    • Have contests
    • Have contests that you have to make stuff with toilet paper, but no sticky tape

    That's all the games that I can think of for today, but just try the stuff... it is so fun.

    Prank the First to Fall Asleep
    by: essence

    Who ever goes to sleep first, you put stuff on their face or prank them. You can even put stuff in their mouth.

    Thanks for the Party Ideas
    by: Jesse

    THX SO MUCH!!! Your party ideas made me mucho happy! I am 100% positive my party will rock!

    Also, here is a game idea. You divide your besties into groups. Each group has to do a 5 minute play. You vote on whose is the best and the team gets a prize like a bag of chips for humor.

    Hope this helped!

    The Best Party Gal EVA!

    JESSE! :)

    My Sleepover at My Friends
    by: ocean girl


    I need some ideas, but I have some already. Here are some ideas I have already...

    • Tickle fight
    • Watch the KCA's
    • Roast marshmallows
    • Spin the nail polish
    • Blind-folded makeovers
    • Truth or dare
    • Classic video games
    • Make videos
    • Sleeping beauty
    • A hair chain
    • Watch ghost hunters
    • Make push its
    • Whoever falls asleep first gets a lemon in their mouth.

    If you have any questions please post and if you have any suggestions for me please post also.

    I Have Party Games 4 You!
    by: Gabriella

    Ok, for all the people that want games, I have GREAT ONES you will love. Some girls (not all) don't like make-up and all that girly stuff so here is where to go!

    • 1. Water balloon fight. Throw water bombs at each other and have your own hideout!

    • 2. Gross bag. Put gross foods (that are edible) into a paper bag and go into partners and eat the food and guess what you ate!

    • 3. Egg throw. Be in partners and throw an egg to each other and if it cracks or breaks, you are out!

    • 4. Fruit bopping. Blindfold someone and make them get fruit from water without their hands. They use their mouth only!

    • 5. Mummy wrap. Get in partners with toilet paper wrap the person as fast as you can!

    • 6. Cream find. Have a tower of whipped cream on a huge plate and a gummy worm or something inside it somewhere. You have to put your head in the cream and find the worm with your mouth. No hands!

    I really hope these help! Go ahead and have the best party!

    My Slumber Party Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    Hi! I'm having a party and have some really good ideas. I hope you will enjoy these:

    • Scavenger hunt
    • Giant bubbles
    • Night nature walk (flashlight)
    • Shadow puppets
    • Ghost stories
    • Animal masks
    • Paper airplanes
    • Twister
    • Momento books, pillows,or t-shirts
    • Videos and recordings
    • Spin the nail polish
    • Movie night
    • Board games
    • Fashion walk (most silly model walk)

    I hoped I helped gals :)

    Slumber Party Ideas
    by: Santana

    Hey guys!

    If any of you need help for a party or sleepover then reading this is the right thing to do. Here are some ideas:

    • Having a bake off
    • Prank calling people
    • Taste bud test
    • Having a raffle
    • Dare ball
    • Balloon makeovers
    • Pass the box
    • Movie making competition

    In "pass the box" all you do is have someone put an object in the box and then pass it around. Once somebody guesses the item than that person puts the next object in.

    For a raffle you make numbers and hand them out. Then you call out the numbers and the person that has those numbers gets a prize. You keep on playing until everyone has a prize!

    Hope all these ideas help!

    27 Awesome Slumber Party Ideas
    by: no.1 one direction fan

    • 01. Play games
    • 02. Gossip
    • 03. Take pics
    • 04. Make videos
    • 05. Talk about boys
    • 06. Play truth or dare
    • 07. Stay up late
    • 08. Eat junk food
    • 09. Watch movies and eat popcorn
    • 10. Taste bud test
    • 11. "Would you Rather" questions
    • 12. Do a craft
    • 13. Dare ball
    • 14. Balloon makeovers
    • 15. M&M challenge game
    • 16. Can you eat it w/ chopsticks?
    • 17. Make up a dance
    • 18. Listen to music
    • 19. Obstacle course in sleeping bags
    • 20. Make homemade facials
    • 21. Glow sticks
    • 22. Twister
    • 23. Eat Ice Cream
    • 24. CHUBBY BUNNY! ... a person is picked and stuffs marshmallows in her mouth and each time she places a marshmallow she has to say ''chubby bunny'' I would recommend the big marshmallows.
    • 25. Monopoly
    • 26. Makeovers
    • 27. Do nails

    Slumber Party Game Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    Some good slumber party games are:

    • Fluffy Bunny
    • M&M Race
    • Chocolate Game
    • Nail Polish Game
    • Girls Teen and Tween Treasure Hunt

    Justin Bieber Sleepover
    by: #1 justin bieber fan

    I am going to have the best party ever. I got Justin Bieber VIP invitations, Justin Bieber decorations, Justin Bieber quizzes, and last but not least... Justin Bieber everything... cool and awesome!

    Fab B-day Slumber Party Plan
    by: Ellen<3

    I'm having 10 girls over for my 11th b-day. They will be coming at 7 pm and will leave at 11.30 am the next day. This is what I am planning to do.

    • Sleeping bag sack race
    • Spin the nail polish
    • Limbo
    • Roasting marshmellows
    • Campfire
    • Sleeping in my cabin
    • Order pizza
    • Truth or dare
    • Watching movies
    • Playing pranks
    • Blind makeovers
    • Water balloon fight

    Hope these ideas help anyone who wanted more ideas. xx

    by: someone you dont know!

    I'm 12, so I hope this helps for older kids.

    My friends are having a sleepover at my house. It's only 2 people plus me so its nothing big.

    We will be:

    • Going to my house and eating pizza
    • Going to the movies
    • Having a spa day - doing our nails, having facials, etc.
    • Playing twister
    • Making smoothies

    and at midnight we will watch a super scary movie.

    We will be sleeping upstairs by the T.V. in sleeping bags (so no one will fight over who gets the bed or the sofa).

    HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!!
    by: Ms. Ever Cool

    I'm having my 11th b-day in 3 months. I'm planning now and I know we're going in the pool and will play wii and other games or whatever, but I need a couple of AWESOME games that will blow my friends away. I want this to be the best party ever. I want this to be the party everyone will remember. Please help me out people. I'm HELPLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

    :( :( =( :{ :[

    Ideas Please
    by: alexandra

    Please help me. My friends are bored and I need help... No one likes unhappy friends. Please give me ideas people!!!

    Fun Things for YOUR Slumber Party!
    by: sleepover GENIUS

    I love to do these things at sleepovers:

    • Play outside
    • Play freeze dance
    • Play hot potato
    • Do each other's nails
    • Give each other makeovers
    • Watch movies
    • Play video games
    • Stay up until midnight
    • Read books
    • Listen to music
    • Tell storys
    • Tell jokes
    • Eat food with a blindfold
    • Play board games
    • Write books and make movies

    Awesome Sleepover Ideas
    by: care 2 share

    All of these ideas are amazing! Here are some of mine...

    • Talent show
    • Photo shoot
    • Movie night
    • Sing-off
    • Dance-off

    Hope you like!

    P.S. There's a million things you can do at a sleepover so just be creative if your mind is out of ideas. God Bless!!!

    My Party
    by: destiny

    Me and my home girls Kayla, Kylee, and Robyn are having a slumber party. This is what we're gonna do...

    -maybe go ice skating
    -talk about boys
    -play truth or dare
    -stay up late
    -eat junk food
    -watch movies
    -listen to music
    -play pranks
    -prank call people
    -play games
    -take pics on our cellphones
    -make videos
    -watch tv

    My 11th Sleepover
    by: Anonymous

    Hi, I'm having my 11th sleepover in Feb so yeah

    Its 4pm-11am

    First we're going to play games like scavenger, doughnut game and stuff. Lots & Lots of games

    At 7pm were going to play more indoor games and that. Then at 7:30 we're going to order a pizza and at 8 we're going to watch a film. Then after we're going to play like truth and dare and stuff.


    Movie Marathon
    by: Anonymous

    You can have a movie marathon and give every one a pillowcase, some fabric pens, and write all the movies on them. Then after they can sign each others and it will be a keepsake people can check. Mark the movie titles on the pillowcase and then you'll have good movies to watch next time.

    Huge slumber party
    by: Anonymous

    I am having a super and when I mean super I mean super slumber party on next week Tuesday for 2 nights and I need games for like people 13-15 . I know there are some ideas above but those are a bit for younger kids comparing to my friends cus they don't really like kiddy games... maybe games like spin the bottle and stuff.

    by: MiSs.aLeJaNdRa


    by: the manga gurl

    ~movie making competition
    ~chubby bunny
    ~mystery murdrer
    ~taste bud test
    ~would u rather
    ~prize auction
    ~truth or dare
    ~dare ball
    ~olympics 4 dummies
    ~balloon makeovers
    ~pass the present
    ~Do-It dice
    ~m&m challenge game
    ~candy bar game
    ~can u eat it w/ chopsticks?
    ~stash in the box
    ~dip it or sip it...

    I'm gonna explain them in my next comment... ;D Hope I helped you...SO FAR!!!

    Party Ideas for a 7 Year Old
    by: Diva Girl

    My sister is having a sleepover for her 7th birthday and i have thought of some ideas.

    • Tell secrets (e.g Who you fancie)
    • Scavenger hunt (e.g hide a treasure chest somewhere with sweets in and the kids have to find it)
    • Truth or dare
    • Hide and seek
    • Makeover
    • Do a hair contest
    • Tell scary stories

    Forgot to Plan Anything
    by: Katyah

    I forgot to plan anything for a sleepover with my BFF. It's only 2 people, so nothing too big, but I need ideas for free fun games, and movies I should get. Any advice?

    plan for mine
    by: Anonymous

    I am almost 10 and having a sleepover very soon here is what I'm doing. We will set up our sleeping bags and get into our pajamas right away. Then we will play twister. Then we will eat. Then blind makeovers. Then a game where you try to make the best outfit you can out of tin foil. Then a pillow fight, truth or dare and watch a movie. We will go to bed at midnight.

    sleepover game ideas! HELP
    by: who dat

    I am having my 12 birthday party in January. I'm having a sleepover and I need some reallllly fun games that won't get boring. Please help with ideas! Thanxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Slumber Party Pranks
    by: Cutedramatic

    Hi well, 8), oh you should get emoticons. Anyways, my mom is making me go to this little 10 y.o. girl who's turning 11's party at church. So I thought WE (my peeps have to go, too) should play some little harmless pranks on her! Any ideas? Please reply party is next week!

    Slumber Party
    by: Asia

    I am having my slumber party and i am planning to make t-shirts, play truth and dare. But my mind is brain dead and I need your guys help!!! PLEASE HELP ME I AM DESPERATE!!!

    by: julianna

    Hi I'm having a sleepover to for my 11'th B-Day and I have many ideas. First you make a list of what the girls like, what they like to do what they do in there spare time. Like if the girls get bored you can play truth or dare. And maybe you could watch a movie that they would enjoy. Also at my sleepover we're going to make hair flower clips and bags with are own designs. And I know it's a little grown up and all but my friend's mom owns a spa so we get in for free and get our nails done. And you could watch T.V. play the Wii. And me and my friends love to sing soo if you have a sing-along game or Dance Dance Revloution, Well I hope you liked my ideas BYE!!!!!!

    Good - Bad - Stupid
    by: Livi

    First you name a thing like an actor getting slapped. Then you go good actor and act out what you would act like if you got slapped. Then you get your friend to do bad actor and then another friend to do stupid and you can add more adj. like awesome or horrible if needed! Hope this helped! LiVi

    by: Anonymous

    Tomorrow is my sleepover partie have games but need more. We are going to stay late up at night so we have lots of time to play. I want some fun and funny games. I already have pass the parcel and hot dog. Need advice! Oh, and i am a 11 year old so fun games.

    CFCs Cool ideas
    by: U ROCK!

    Hi! I have some really cool ideas for slumber parties. Hereis a list:

    • Quizzes from quiz books
    • Jello cake and eat it with chopsticks
    • Movie and popcorn
    • Dollar store games and stuff
    • Color in coloring books while you talk
    • One word story game
    • Flashlight tag
    • Mad libs
    • Truth or dare
    • Blindfolded food testing game
    • Obstacle course in sleeping bags
    • Would you rather questions
    • Decorate pillow cases
    • Twister
    • Telephone
    • Glow sticks
    • Decorate tee shirts
    • Bake and decorate cookies

    These are some that I have found a lot of fun. You can also look for themes in the American girl snooza-plooza book for slumber parties.

    I hope you find this fun and helpful!
    Please comment if you used any of these fun ideas!


    Twilight Saga Slumber Party
    by: Anonymous

    I am having a twilight saga slumber party. I need things to do. I already have kiss the twilight poster, apple baseball, truth or dare, blind makeover, spin the bottle. My party is October 8 2010 but I am planning early.

    Sleepover Games
    by: Anonymous

    Hey so you could play spin the nail polish! Get a lot of nail polish and pick one bottle. Then spin it and whoever it lands on has to paint their nail that color. Switch bottles. The first person who's nails are all painted loses (keep going til everyone has painted nails).

    Have fun!

    by: Lexi

    Well, I'm having a slumber party this Friday! I have to go to church so all my friends that are coming are coming from church. Anyway, 3 girls get to come to my house on Friday at like 11:30, then stay till Sunday. I've tried all the ideas on previous parties but I had to improvise. I don't have lots of nail polish and my mom thinks make up is too messy so I need BIG ideas. We might go to a huge park or an indoor swimming pool OR Dave and Busters but other than that, I'm stuck!

    What I'm Doing For My Slumber Party
    by: Sierra[:

    Hello There...
    My party is in the afternoon at my house
    and I'm inviting five girls for a slumber party.!
    They are all going to seventh grade so we need
    older games.
    What I have in mind is play truth or dare,
    have a water balloon fight, decorate our own cupcakes with two different frostings (Pink and Orange) and toppings (Sprinkles, Sour Patches or any other chewy candies).
    When it gets later into the night we are going to rent some scary movies and buy lots of theatre candy!
    We are going to have a makeover and we are going to paint each other's nails, do the girls hair and make up.
    It is going to be a blast!

    by: Anonymous

    All these games have helped!! Thanks, but i still need more!!!

    Fun games
    by: Anonymous

    Get everyone to sit in a circle and everyone goes around and asks a truth question like in truth or dare but everyone has to answer it. It can be anything that they don't want to tell u. Another idea is to split up into two or three teams and give each team some makeup and dress up clothes and tell them to put on a funny skit. I had my sister be the judge. The funniest team wins.

    by: Sarah


    Also, a fun bonding activity to do is to go bowling or mini-golfing!

    My 12th birthday party!!!! fantastic
    by: So CoOl YouLL dROol

    OK well for my 12th party were had a survivor theme!!! When the guests walked in we started making homemade pizzas then opened presents, ate ice cream etc.

    After that we gave each player a colored bandanna and had two teams of blue and orange. Our first challenge was the first one to get the gum off of a plate w/o using hands and blow a decent bubble.

    Note: You could have teams eat one can of baby food and just think of more challenges that are ..... different.

    After that it got darker so i made a list of things to find outside such as fire hydrant and take pics of the whole 20 things on the list.

    Next we had a projector outside and watched a movie outside while my mom kept filling up the candy bar.

    We slept in a tent outside and did camping things (roast marshmallows.... etc.) in the morning we set breakfast up like a restaurant and my mom/dad were the servers. We had laminated menus and soft music just like a restaurant.

    After that my friends and i just kinda did what we liked but it was an awesome party! haha and also i forgot to tell that after the challenges the players got graded on how good they did and got rewarded Monopoly money and then had an auction instead of goody bags. So the auction was like, well, my mom had like 6 gifts wrapped up and no one could see the gifts. Some were goofy big sunglasses and 10 dollars to Claires and we spent our monopoly money on it! best bday eva!!!!!!!!!!

    I am turning 12
    by: Geina

    We play all sorts of games at my slumber party
    truth or dare
    tell secrets
    hide and seek
    pool games

    My Party.
    by: Chloee:)

    Haaii Guys,

    Im not sure what to do for my party which is in 2 months and im turning 12. Ms Anonymous, I like your idea for Tye Dieing Pillow Cases but I have no idea how to do that but other games that I think are pretty good

    Tongue Twisters: Get a hat and put as many tongue twisters as you want in there and then start with the party girl and the party girl has to whisper in the next girls ear for example: She sells sea shells on the sea shore, But the sea shells she sells, On the sea shore are not real ones...

    Another game is called Toilet tissues. It goes like this. Pass around a roll of toilet paper and tell everyone there to take as many pieces as they think they need to and however many they have with everyone of them they have to say something about you example: I take 10 peices I say 10 things about you.

    Please write back to me especially Ms.Annonymous.

    help me
    by: sam

    I am partying with my 2 best friends. I am planning bowling, movies, hide and seek, and karaoke (or scary-oke) but I still need more ! Please help !!!!

    They are both girls I will have some family 2 including my 1 yr old sis and maybe my 5 yr old cuz.

    Got any ideas? Thanks for helping Ruf ruf And luv from sam

    Summer Party Ideas
    by: Justin Bieber Lover

    I am having my 11th birthday party in June I just got a new pool so my party will be at my house. First we will play truth or dare. After that we will swim for a few hours. Next is lunch. After lunch we will eat cake and open gifts. Then play play truth or dare, hide and seek, and mad libs. Next we will dance to Justin Bieber music while watching fireworks in my yard. Then we will eat dinner. After that, because it will be dark, we will be spies. Then we will probably watch movies until we fall asleep. We will eat breakfast when my mom wakes up. Then we will swim. After swimming I will pass out goodie bags to all but 1 guest who will receive hers later. She will be staying later than the rest and going to the mall with me. It will be an awesome party!!!!!!!

    P.S. Not all details are listed.

    diva games
    by: Hailey

    I need games but i can't use money. I want them to be loud games for the outside and that people can get wet with like in a pool or with a water balloon.

    My party
    by: Mrs. Bieber<3

    I'm 12, and I'm having my party soon. Believe it or not, me and my friends are going galactic bowling. It doesn't start until 9, so were doing a bunch of games b4 that like the spin the nail polish game. It will be tons of fun but I wanted to tell you about the galactic bowling thing...

    by: UltimateDiva

    You can do makeovers and spa like facials... um... an active game with everybody running around or a scavenger hunt. Hope I helpppedd!

    slumber party
    by: marie

    Play soccer and volleyball have a swim party. For decorations make it bright pinks blues oranges yellows. Give each other makeovers. Hire a masseuse. Have a coco fountain and a kids bar filled with sodas & candy. Have a pillow fight and watch a lot of movies. Do fear factor and truth or dare. Hope that helped u.

    slumber party games
    by: chanel

    im having a b-day party in 4 days i got some games to play! fear factor, soccer volleyball scavenger hunt and at night teepee some ones house. these are the games im playing at my party hope they help!!!!!!!


    just calm down

    do wateva u think would be good
    have a cake fight or
    prank call or
    take pics or
    sneak out 2 a club (JK) or

    by: Lauren

    Tiffany, Emily, and I are doing
    clue jr.
    secret ball when you pass a ball and tell your deepest darkest secrets
    Truth or Dare undirty type
    eat of course
    play wii
    paint nails
    Hope this list helps

    by: ME!

    last year for my bday party (around xmas) i made little gingerbread houses for evry1 out of graham crackers then i went n bought a bunch of different kinds of candy after the party evry1 could take them home it was really fun :)

    my idea
    by: ME

    i think u should do a big scavenger hunt!!!!!!!!

    Oh! I Know!
    by: Ms. Anonymous

    Yo! My party is next week! My friends and I are going to tye dye pillow cases! So much fun! Instead of cake and ice cream, have homemade ice cream sandwiches! Yummy!

    Also, you have to do blind makeovers, play truth or dare or would you rather, and watch a movie.

    Oh yeah, talk all night! Make sure you have snacks and drinks all the time!

    Make sure everyone is comfortable and happy.

    Have fun!

    by: mrs.Bieber <3

    okk weell u caan do a whole makeover,or play truth or daree sooo yeaa hopefully i helpeed :)

    I Have Some Ideas
    by: mrs bieber

    Get some flour. Mold it into the shape of a cake and put a matchstick in the middle. Get your friends to cut a bit of the cake. The person that makes the matchstick fall wins. Also get cushions and slide down the stairs. Dipping strawberries and marshmallows in melted chocolate its gorgeous. Hope I helped and happy birthday xxx luv kaitlyn x

    My Party
    by: Anonymous

    My 11th party is in a month and I am doing:

    Decorating pillowcases
    Lazer tag
    Classic sleepover games like Would You Rather and Truth or Dare
    Obstacle Course: you get in your sleeping bag and hop around an obstacle course made of couches, chairs, tables, pillows, etc.

    I cant wait!!

    I need Ideas
    by: Anonymous

    I am having a slumber party for me and my 2 cousins. I need some ideas and games that don't cost any thing, like homemade games and stuff like that. And if it helps u I'm dealing with 10 and 11 year olds.

    Thanks Ashely

    my sleep over
    by: Anonymous

    i am having a sleep over but i need some help for the theme. i want it to be one that everybody knows. i have some ideas like to do american idol or dance shows and puppet shows. i love twilight but not much of my friends have watched it.

    Best Activity Ever
    by: Maddie <3

    Listen, I just went to a slumber party last night. The b-day girl's dad is famous (not giving name). Anyways, we went into the recording studio and recorded a song and took home a cd as a party favor.

    Game for Slumber Party
    by: monica

    Say your crushes (example: somebody loves somebody) so you would go in a circle and tell your crushes. Then your friends when you go to school they will tell your crush and ask him if he likes you.

    That is the game,


    Funny Idea
    by: Anonymous

    u can get cheap make up at 1 of ur local stores. when u get it and ur friends come over have one of them (the b-day girl) sit in a chair with eyes closed. 1-3 ppl put make up on her. make her look pretty, ugly, weird, or wat ever u want and have fun!!!!! :)

    Sock Monster
    by: Anonymous

    My neighbors and I made this game up. Someone (try the smallest in the group) goes under a bed (and they are "the monster"). (Make sure they can see your feet) Everybody wears a pair of socks.

    The idea of the game is that you try to keep both of your socks on. The monster will try to grab from under the bed at UNEXPECTED times while you walk across the floor by the bed. If someone has lost both their socks to the monster, they become the monster until they get two socks from one girls.

    Watch out! This gets really loud. (By the way, I'm eleven. :D)

    Have fun!

    My BFFL is turning 11!!!
    by: Anonymous

    So I'm helping my friend with her party and i need to know some awesome games to do at a slumber party.

    they rock
    by: Anonymous

    the mad libs were awesome. you could also do facials. those were really good ..........

    thanks alot :)

    sooooooooo awesome
    by: Anonymous

    thanxx 4 the mad libs they r hilarious!!!!!! i luv them. i m havin a sleepover party at myplace o my friends will LUV them thanxx again

    more ideas
    by: An awesome person

    okay step one. Dont wait till the week of your party or you will get stressed out and cry. at least plan a month in advance. sorry if its too late 4 u. So when all ur peeps get there you have to have some things to do like play a game like twister. the person who wins is the twister champion. You can decorate t-shirts or pillow cases or anything to remember your party by. Also you have to look out for you guests. you have to like your guests and they have to be your friends. you are not star of the party you are just the reason and dont think your guest dont know that. but if its not your bday you are not the star or the reason. you are just the host. let everyone get a chance to do something they want. make sure everyone is having with with each other. dont plan everthing just make sure you have plenty of things you can do. take tons of picture so you have mementoes of your party. watch a movie that everyone wants to watch. if someone is not allowed to watch something dont let people get mad at her. make sure you have plenty to eat at all times. when everyones in bed play telephone. if you dont know how to play ask anybody. make sure everyone get a chance to make up the word. it should be something made up and it should be able to get twisted around easily. I hope your party is as fun as possible. take this advice from an experienced party hoster.

    Go Crazy
    by: An awesome person

    My 11th birthday is in like, a month. I am way too exited. Don't be afraid to embarress your self. Have a photo shoot with crazy outfits. Make a video if everyone singing to their favorite song. Have you played the game Sardines? 1 person hides and the rest of you try to find that person. Once you find the hider you quietly hide with them. If you are the hider make sure you hide in a spot that is big enough for everyone to fit in. Once the last person finds everyone hiding, they lose. The first person to find the hider gets to be the hider for the next round. It's like hide and seek but backwards! Have fun!

    Cheerleading Slumber Party
    by: Coach

    I'm a cheerleading coach and phys ed teacher and every year we have the BEST slumber party's. Here is what we do:
    We schedule each hour as a theme, and the girls get all dressed up for each theme. The person with the best theme costume wins a prize.

    Olypmics Hour- dress like an athlete
    We play games for prizes like 3 legged races, potato sacs, running races with balloons between your knees. And the most FUN activity is you have a partner and you put coolwhip all over your partners face- then your partner stands about 10 ft away. When the leader says go you try to throw as many coco puffs at your teammates face. At the end of 2 minutes, whichever girl has the most cocoa puffs stuck to their face wins! It's so much fun

    Hip Hop Hour- we dress up with baggy pants, hats, sun glasses, etc... and have a rap off- this is hilarious. We have to make up a rap with a partner and perform it for everyone.

    Blindfolded make-overs- best make-over/crazy hair wins

    Country hour- we dress up with cowboy hats/boots and do some line dancing that we learned off of you-tube. It's so much fun and gets our heart pumping and gives us energy.

    PIZZA and Truth or Dare

    Then we watch movies and eat popcorn
    Its a blast!

    fun games
    by: meaghan

    i am 9 years old i have sleepovers almost every are solutions!

    mafia(anonymous put it up)
    kiss the poster
    the girls sit in a circle one person whispers a sentence in the girl next to them that girl changes the secret or if you did not hear it say how you think it was to the person next to her it goes on till the last person the last person says OUT LOUD to the girls and the person who started says after what the real sentence was.

    make overs( my mom lets me use only Bonnie bell makeup and smackers makeup yes smackers is not just lips)

    hope i helped

    meaghan rose rocks





    my friends birthday
    by: Anonymous

    Hi my friend Samantha is turning 13. Her mom left me to do every thing. I was looking on the internet and found your website. At first I didnt know what to do then I saw the party games. I tried one and I liked it. Then they came home and they loved it. Thank you very much for giving me the party games!

    me and my friend
    by: Anonymous

    hi my friend is turning 11 this year and the games on the site are so awesome she loved it and her mom got her a new wii and her mom also took us to forks Washington to have the party there it was of the hook thank you and her name is rose

    by: LillyLover

    All of the games and activities on here are so fab! I'm using a lot of them. Thanks! I needed some games to play at my sleepover. It's 2 days before it so thanks to all of you that posted all of the great, fabulous, and awesome activities!

    Only Aunt
    by: Mary

    I am trying to find ideas for my nieces birthday slumber party. She is having several friends over for pizza, movies, spa treatments, however I do not have any other ideas. Any suggestions.

    bday party ideas
    by: Elizabeth (aka. underfilp)

    i've got 2 really fun games...
    1. Get out some index cards and write your name on them, along w. 3 facts.(one of them should be a lie) then everyone else does the same thing...then you switch cards and guess which facts is a lie!

    2. This isn't a game, it's a theme. you can make your theme like this...get some hay and spread it all around your backyard...then make a can singsongs...roast marshmallows and cook hotdogs on sticks...your friends will be talking about the memories for years!

    hope your guests like it...mine did! :-)

    thank you
    by: jasmine

    thank you Ashley for the good advise. i know my party is going to be the bomb. anyway thank you again

    my ideas
    by: partyplanner*



    Please Help me out with my party
    by: Anonymous

    my name is Lea and I will be turning 11 in December. All of my friends are older than me. I'm deciding to invite 15 friends to my big slumber party. I really dont have a theme but if you have any ideas of themes please tell me. So anywho I don't know what we should do for activities and what to serve for food.

    by: maddi

    hey guys my 13th party is tomorrow so i felt like id give a little tip to yall. ive looked at a lot of comments but i dont remember seeing one about this game.... have u ever heard of hot potato??? well this is sorta like this.. all u need is a small gift such as a stamp or something like that and LOTS of wrapping paper. wrap the gift up sooooo many times to make it look big. get in a circle. try to make it as big as possible. start the music and start passing it around. then stop the music every so often and when u stop it the person who has it has to try to unwrap as much paper as possible. the person who pulls off the last of the paper gets the PRIZE!!!!! well i hope that helps alot!!!! <3 u lots!!! byeeee!!!!=]

    slumber party
    by: Anonymous

    hey im 10 years old and im planning the party of a life time with my best friends ever there both 10 years old like me and the party is Oct 7 2009 and i dont know what to do for the theme or games. we might share secrets to i am so happy and this is the first slumber party. thank you,Alexis W

    my 10 year olds party!!!
    by: Anonymous

    im having a slumber party for my 10 year old and was really stuck for cheap party games to entertain 6 little girls so i came up with a few ideas that cost me nothing and were fun to make... i got my children to draw a great big smiley face paint it yellow then got them to draw and colour in 6 smiley faces for each of the kids but each one was different like big red lips, fangs, big toothy grin etc... then blind fold and spin and pin the smile on the face..... the next was get all the children to bring a photo of there parents as children stick in various places around the house and through out the party get the kids to guess whos's whos' parent!!! and give prizes at the end... hope this has helped...

    cool girl party
    by: karen

    you guys rock i made a party like 1 month ago for me and my 11 year old friends we blew up a lot of balloons and at night somebody woke up when he was sure everyone is sleeping and popped the balloon it was fun we also put on high music and went on dancing crazy & in the morning we had a tea party.

    I KNow!!!
    by: Jenny

    1st of all, me and my sis r having a slumber party 2-3 weeks after school starts,
    we have some ideas...
    *Watch movies
    *Eat Ice Cream
    ... a person is picked and stuffs marshmallows in her mouth and each time she places a marshmallow she has to say ''chubby bunny''
    I would recommend the big marshmallows.

    *leg race... 2 people tie their ankles 2gether and race to the finish line.


    by: Ashley

    Hello thank you me and my friend are bored to death so we wanted some ideas there were none on any other site till i clicked on this one. You had a lot of good ideas keep it coming :)
    thanks again
    Ashley :) :D

    ......... :D
    by: baylee

    hey well i am having my 12th birthday and i have decided to have no theme just fun and games do yall have any activities that i can look at if so thnx!!!! :)

    hi ashley
    by: Anonymous

    i know that your theme is twilight why dont you play hide and seek in the dark with no lights and play a twilight tape or cd that would be spooky good luck i hope your friends like it and thanks for reading my idea i love twilight 2 im 10 anyway

    bye, P.

    party or slumber party ideas
    by: Sandra

    To the theme "I want candy" throw a couple bags of cool candy in the center of a room. Each girl holds a cup/bag (with their names if possible)and as soon as the song starts they have to pick up the candy with their mouths no hands and put it in the cup. Once candy is all picked up the winner is the girl with the most candies and give her a prize.

    11th Sleepover
    by: ♥Pricess J♥

    Hi, I'm having a sleepover in like two months and i need games to play. If you have any suggestions please tell me. I'll be waiting. Thnx

    slumber party fun
    by: samantha

    Having this slumber party was cool because this girl called liz comes and do your nails for you and it is sooooooooo cooooooooooooool
    the girl gives you a bag. The bag has in it some coooool make over stuff for you
    then the girl goes away and then you can use your stuff and have a sleepover like ME


    cool ideas
    by: Jodie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey,here r some cool sleepover ideas:

    .pillow fights
    .do nails
    .make chocolate fondue
    .make homemade facials
    .watch movies (scary or not)
    .truth or dare
    .make up a dance
    .have a talent show
    .lisen to music
    .do craft

    HOPE THESE IDEAS HELPED !HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by: my name is maddie

    Hey I'm having a slumber party and I'm turning 12. My theme is twilight. And I was looking for games to play. I got a lot of ideas at a lot of different websites. good luck!


    by: catie coates

    in 3 days i have a sleepover and i am the game planer! what games should i do???!!!

    plz help,

    catie coates

    by: LOLA


    Pick Ball and monkeys tea party
    by: someone

    this is if you dont like to dare
    get little pieces of paper and write stuff they have to do then play the music oh this has to be done in a circle whoever ends up with the ball picks a pieace of paper and does what it says

    -Monkeys tea party
    get a dice or two if u want teams and play until one team finishes first
    ok so need dice, bar of chocolate, knives and forks if you dont like germs
    get each person one and ya need socks shorts make sure they are baggy and a hat or whatever
    make someone put on the socks on the hands and shorts and hat normally (if you want more challenge use plastic forks and knives) make them try chop the chocolate and eat what they can
    well the other team players line up and try to roll six if they cant they go back of the line
    - thats it thx
    hope its helpfull!

    i have some ideas
    by: jenny

    for my birthday i played marshmallow toss it was so much fun you put a mug in front of you friend and start tossing marrshmallows for 3 minutes the one with the most marshmallows in her cup wins

    by: Ashley

    I'm having a sleepover this friday and thats 4/17/09 and i am turning 11 too and i bought a game that sounds so old but i bought twister and i have a karaoke machine that we will use and we r buying a movie so i hope that gives u some ideas. also if u want to write back (plz do plz plz plz plz do) i look forward to tlking to you! thnx! also we have the same name!


    Prize Patrol
    by: Major Diva

    Me and my bff had a slumber party the other night and decided to have a prize box.Each time we win a game we close our eyes and pick.Prizes can go from address books,notepads,wallets,quarters,pens,and more.

    by: Anonymous

    Buzz,Bomb balloon is when you and your friends blow up balloons and when the parent says "1,2,3 go!" you let go and watch the balloons fly

    by: dude Parties rule

    Ok this game is awesome! You have a runway (made out of like a red blanket) and you seperate the friends into two or three teams. Next, you give each team a bunch of newspaper and tape and time the teams for 30 min. You then make the dress of your choice with the newspaper and tape and walk the runway. then A parent or guardian judges the dresses and whichever one the judge likes best gets a prize. We played that at my bffs 12 b-day party. It was so much fun.

    girls games
    by: sammie

    these games are fun to play: telephone-1st person in line says something and it goes through the line. last person blurts out the sentence and lets see if they get it right. kiss poster-get poster of cute guy celeb and each girl puts on lipstick and cover girls eyes and whoevers lips are closest to his wins. graveyard-everyone lays down. somebody watches them. no one moves. however, if they do move they are out.heads up (instead of 7) 4 up. you should know how to play that if you dont you are a little wackoo.

    cheap and awesome games
    by: angel

    i need some cheap awesome game tips please help write back

    girly stufffffffffffffff!
    by: gabby

    i think you should play a game called a little somthing i like to call maybe put some make-up on .Orpaint your nails.

    FUN FUN FUN!!!!
    by: karina

    omg i read this website and all i can think about is my friends party now.. im playing all the games...i didnt wanna play boring games...but now there will be pazaz in it....cant wait

    by: maddie

    i am having a sleepover on march 21 for my 12th bday here r some really awesome games
    -American idol
    -making up a dance
    -freeze dance
    -watch a movie (scary or not)
    -hide and seek teams
    -name that tune when u put on a song n sum1 has 2 name it u play it on a cd player first
    -stuffy game write on invitations 2 bring stuffed animal at the party everyone put their stuff animal in the middle of the circle and one person is blind folded whoever picks there animal wins
    -dare ball pick sum1 2 hold the cd play in the middle of a circle of girls have a ball passed around the circle the girl in the middle stops the music with their eyez closed and dares the person with the ball
    -make jewelry
    -tell scary stories
    -make picture frames and tshirts and take a pic with the shirts on (a group pic)
    -make overs

    well thats all i can think of

    by: Anonymous

    i am having a sleep over and I am inviting 10 girls. 1 of my friends go 2 a different school. i am afird one of my friends that go 2 my school r going to be mean to her. HELP ME

    by: sarah

    hi im sarah, im 10 years old.
    my friend is coming round 2day at 11.45 and we have nothing to do,we might do the treasure hunt but we dont know.

    please give us some MEGA good ideas!!!!


    by: JJ

    Hi um... I need game ideas for my sleepover

    Dare ball?
    by: 11year old girls

    Have you ever played Dare ball? Its so awesome!Get a ball, music, and cd player. Some one faces the wall with the Cd player. Everyone else makes a circle and throws a ball. When the music person stops it, who ever has the ball is it. Every one EXCEPT that girl goes out and makes a dare for her. She has 3 chicken outs she can use, if she did good she can have one more.

    The other way is to not have music and if you drop it you are it!

    by: Anonymous

    I have had a couple of sleepovers and you just have to be creative with coming up with games.

    by: ADRiANNA

    MAK3 J3W3LR3Y
    MAK3 HOM3AD3 RiC3 CRiSPi3S

    fashion party (Dress up)
    by: karen

    For my daughter's 10th birthday we had a fashion party. it was the funnest time ever!!! I went to the goodwill and got tons of clothes, hats, high heels, glasses etc. Some thrift stores have a day when you can get a whole bag for $1.00. got bunch of make up from $1 store.
    we hung big shiny stars all over the ceiling from oriental trading company or you can make them. we put shiny silver fringe curtain over doorway of room where they were dressing and had a disco ball. played loud music and used kareoke machine to anounce the girls and the fashion they were wearing. The girls had an absolute blast! They loved it! My daughter is now 12 and they still play in those clothes. Her friends still talk about that party.

    scavenger hunt
    by: anonymus

    i love the goodie bag scavenger hunt. it is so much fun

    i need suggestion
    by: chealsey

    i need suggestion for my 11th birthday and i have no idea what were going to do and i dont what them to be bord so if u have any suggestion please please comment.

    by: jennyc.

    Im having a slumber party for five of my friends i dont know what to do

    by: erika


    my name is erika and i need some ideas for my slumber party in may on the 17th.

    not enough help
    by: Roxy

    I don't know what else to do need more ideas!!!

    Help me
    by: Sarah

    This helped me a bit but I still don't know others games to play. please help. I want my party to be fun

    by: btloveshorses

    i just had a slumber party cheerleader party for 10 of my friends and we made our own games here are just a few ideas
    make a tent
    talent show
    cheerleader stuff
    tresure hunts
    cell phone stuff

    by: Lynn

    So, I am having a party with 10-12 year old girls coming and none of us like the same exact things. What games should I consider? I know that sometimes we are all active, but at other times we like to be in the house playing things like Mouse Trap or Truth or Dare. So ???

    by: coolcat

    hi i have a 10 yr old party in 2 weeks time and 1 person is coming BUT i have nothing. i am not allowed to spend any money. Well give me 10 tips of things. Me and my friend have boyfriends. Could you give us ideas PLEASE PLEASE

    Teenage Slumber Party
    by: cc

    My daughter is turning 15 and I'm having her a slumber party and I don't know what kind of games to play to make it fun for the teenage girls. There are going to be about 13 girls at the party. Please help me! I need help quick!

    best party in 2008!!!!
    by: popular

    hi i'm having a sleep over December 19th 2008 and i told all my friends about your ideas and they liked it so much they told everyone about it i have 16 girlz invited i'm having a spa slumber party and movie theater one too i'm spending $1,000 on it it will be the best party ever! in 2008

    i'm taking all your credit

    by: Anonymous

    Newspaper fashion show.

    My daughter is 12 , and loves making things. I collected as much newspaper as I could for a few months, gave each girl a stack , and told them they are going to create an out fit out of the newspaper , and then walk in a fashion show. They loved it, it took up a lot of time. They were all very creative.

    I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!
    by: Anonymous

    im having a sleepover in just 2 weeks for my 9 year old B-day & have no idea what 2 play!Im inviteing 5 or 6 people!

    by: lexa

    i am looking for ideas for a slumber party because my best friend is having a slumber party for her birthday and i want it 2 be her best so i need an idea pronto plz and thank you

    i need help
    by: Anonymous

    i just turned 13 and i want to have a slumber party with my 4 friends or even more but i don't know what to do where to get things what games 2 play im so confused!!!!!!!!
    HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have no clue what to do!!
    by: courtneyyyyyy<3

    I am having a sleep over birthday party with 11 o my friends first were going to a dance with 6th 7th and 8th graders and after we come home from that we hav nothing to do i need some helpp!!!!!! i need a game for 12 year old girls that is very intresting and sorta intense and fun!!!!


    Courtneyyyyyy <3

    cool game
    by: Anonymous

    Ok i've got a great idea, what you need is a knife a fork, and a big bar of chocolate.The name of the game is to try, and eat as much chocolate as you can, only using the knife and fork! Time them for 30 seconds, and whoever eats the most chocolate gets to finish off the whole bar!

    "help me"
    by: alexandra

    i invited the most popular girl in school for my 10 year old girl slumber party. what games should we play?

    your the best
    by: chelsea

    i am having a party in 5 more days i filed all your games i am going to be 10 i am so excited!


    here you go :)
    by: Anonymous

    okay it is called Through the Hoop what you do is stand in a circle holding hand and you go through the hula-hoop while still holding on to the hand if the person going through or lets go they are out

    by: Anonymous

    OMG! I love you're guy's Ideas, especially, the mafia. We are so playing that game!

    no mirror make over
    by: shanayah

    no mirror make over is a fun and cool game 4 sleepovers make sure to tell all your friend to bring all the make up they have .
    ok so this is how you play you cant have a mirror while doing your make up all of the girls must have they're eyes close and who ever as the worst make up wins!!!!!!!!!!hope i could help you girls enjoy this awesome and fuuny game

    by: Anonymous

    Thanx Ash! Your games rocked and gave me bright ideas!!! Do you think you can try to make up new games??? I'm pretty sure your ideas would really work.

    Reply: Thanks for the compliments on the games, however, Ashley didn't make the games. She asked for ideas for games. I'll do my best to add new games soon. There are several new ones on other pages of this site that you might like.

    Help Needed
    by: Kayla

    I'm having a sleepover for all my friends and I dont know what to do. One of them likes playing games, but the others don't. I need help to make them all have a great time with me. I read some of the things people said, but I don't want to do any o those things. Please HELP ME! We are going to the movies first and then going out to eat, but I need a really fun game. I just need to know what game!

    Reply: Since you noted you don't want to use any of the ideas mentioned it would be helpful to have a little more information about what type of game you are looking for. Fun is relative. Some people have a blast with charades and others with soccer. Both are fun to the people who enjoy them, but may not be to you.

    Lots of Slumber Party Ideas
    by: Gloria

    Hi Ashley!

    I'm holding a fun party, too! Here are my ideas!

    • Make silly movies with a camcorder
    • Watch movies and shows
    • Pillow fights
    • Karaoke
    • Pool party
    • Bake cookies

    Hope these ideas helped!


    Brighten Your Night!
    by: Anonymous

    Play some games like truth or dare!

    by: Anonymous

    Dance and prance!

    Glowstick Slumber Party Game Idea
    by: Anonymous

    Hey guys! I have an idea that I'm doing at my sleepover. You take glowsticks and hide them in your backyard. When it's really, really dark... like midnite you send your guests out to find the sticks (if you want you can even record spooky sounds and scare your friends). Whoever finds the most glowsticks gets an awesome prize!

    Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt

    You are My Hero!
    by: Anonymous

    OMG! I did not know what to do for a party that I'm throwing, but when I clicked on your website, I think God was showing me a sign!

    Your information and printable activities helped me out so much.

    Thank you and don't stop what your doing! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

    A Party Game That Rocks
    by: Anonymous

    I'm having my party tomorrow. I'm going to play a game called Piggly Wiggly.

    Have your guests put out there sleeping bags and then pick someone to be it. That person leaves and then everybody else hides in someone else's sleeping bag. Then, the person who is it comes out and sits on the end of the sleeping bag that they want and say "Piggly Wiggly." The person in the sleeping bag then says, "Oink" and the person who is it has to figure out who's in that bag! Have fun!

    Kiss The Poster
    by: Anonymous

    Well Ashley... You're probably like 12 now, but a great game is KISS THE POSTER.

    All you need is a large poster, lipstick (1 Per Girl) and well... YOU! You hang a poster of a really cute guy you all love. Then each of you applies lipstick and tries to kiss the guy on the poster as close to the mouth as possible. It is good to use different color lipsticks, but if you have the same you can just sign your name next to your lip print. Whoever kisses nearest to the mouth gets to keep the poster!

    Should I Have a Slumber Party
    by: kiley

    I live in a small apartment. Should I do a sleepover?

    Reply: I don't see why not. Unless you are wanting to try and fit 50 people into a room that holds 10 comfortably... you should definitely have a slumber party. They are fun no matter where they are held or what you do.

    This Helped Me
    by: Julia

    Thanks! My mom made me plan my own b-day party and your page helped A LOT. Now I can have fun & watch a movie.

    Slumber Party Game Idea
    by: denimjeans

    Hi! I'm also having a slumber party and from my research I've found a game that I think will be really cool!

    Bubble Walk - For this game you need to lay out the bubble wrap on the floor. One person at a time walk across the bubble wrap without making it pop. It's really challenging but extremely fun!! anywayzz i gotsta bounce but gud luk with ur party i hope it turns out great!

    Slumber Party Game
    by: gabbie

    I have a really good game for you! All you have to do is gather your friends in a circle (as many as you like, more than five). You need a dice, chocolate, a knife, a fork, and a plate. Then, you start with one person in the middle, others are rolling the dice (crazily!) until they roll the number...6. Person who rolled dice is then in the middle and eats chocolate till the next person rolls a 6. Rules are that you can't touch the chocolate with your hands (you can make up your own rules). Continue until you have had enough!

    Cheers and goodluck!


    Music Night Slumber Party
    by: jessica


    I am having a slumber party just to have fun. I need your help with play games.

    Reply: If your theme is a music night you could do music and/or grammy trivia, play Guitar Hero or DJ Hero on Wii (you can rent the Wii and games if you don't own them), set up a karaoke stage, have airband competitions, and rent concert videos or watch MTV or YouTube videos.

    Photo Shoot
    by: Brooke

    Hi Ashley!

    If you have a camara, all you have to do is hang up a sheet that has color, dress up and you have a fun free activity... a photo shoot.

    Slumber Party Game
    by: Anonymous


    Deck of Cards

    To Play
    Pick a leader, and get everyone into a circle.

    Shuffle a deck of cards, taking out all the jacks, queens, kings & aces.

    Leave only one king, one queen, and one ace.

    Hand each person in the circle one card. Make sure they don?t tell anyone their card. If they get a card with a number then they are just a regular person.

    If they get a queen, they are "the doctor", if they get the king, they become "the cop" and the ace becomes "the mafia".

    Now everyone hands back their cards and closes their eyes.

    The leader calls, "Mafia, open your eyes." When the mafia opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "Who do you want to kill?" Silently, the Mafia points to the "victim", who can be anyone.

    Then the mafia is instructed to close his/her eyes. The leader calls, "Cop, open your eyes." When the cop opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "who do you think the mafia is?" The cop silently points to the person who he/she thinks is the mafia.

    Next, the cop is instructed to close his/her eyes. The leader calls, "Doctor, open your eyes." When the doctor opens his/her eyes, the leader calls "Who do you want to save?" Silently the doctor points to the person who he/she thinks the mafia is after and that person will not "die" for that round and the doctor is instructed to close his/her eyes.

    Next, the leader says, "Everyone open your eyes." When everyone?s eyes are open, the leader announces whom the mafia "killed" and if the doctor did or did not save him/her. That person is out of the game.

    Everyone guess whom he or she thinks the mafia is.

    After the discussion, they vote and "kill" who they think the mafia is. If it was the mafia they killed, they won, if not, they killed an innocent person and that person is out.

    The game continues through a few more rounds.

    (If you don't like the use of mafia, you can use something more age appropriate.)

    I Can Help:)
    by: HollisterLuv

    Its almost impossible not to spend any money for a party, but they can always be cheap. You could play Truth or Dare. That's always fun. You can also do something like play board games or bake cookies ahead and let your guests decorate theirs. You can get some fun things from the 99 cent store have a drawing contest. Put crazy makeup on each other when sleeping... ALWAYS FUN!! Make facials by mixing berries and avacodos. Plan a spa theme and create a private place to listen to music, watch movies, and look at magazines. Hope this helps.:)

    Slumber Party Idea
    by: Anonymous

    Do a raffle! Give tickets out and then call the numbers that are on the tickets. Whoever wins gets a big prize!

    5 stars!!
    by: Anonymous

    Thank you for the ideas and for the mad lib fill in sheet. I'm sure it will be a hit!

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