Tween Spa Party

by Lauren S.
(Oologah, Oklahoma, United States)

I am wanting to have a spa party for my 12th birthday and invite some friends over.

One question is... what kinds of foods, games, and activities to do at my party and also what is the best amount of girls to have at a spa party if you are not going to a real spa? Thanks Lauren

Tween Spa Party Response:

Finger foods are best for a spa party, things like sandwiches cut into tiny squares, crackers with any kind of topping, and treats like chocolate.

dipping fruit in chocolate

Chocolate fondue is a very classy and delicious treat that's perfect for a spa party. You can dip almost anything in the melted chocolate (things like fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, and small squares of cake).

You'll also want to have some bottled water at your spa party. For an extra special touch, use our printable water bottle labels.

There's even printable envelopes and invitations on my home spa party page.

Besides doing facials, manicures, and pedicures, conversation games are always good. Who, Where, Why and Share are a couple of examples.

If you have an older sister, aunt, or friend that is good at doing makeup or hair, ask them to come to your party and give the girls a makeover. If not, ask your friends to bring their favorite hair and makeup stuff and take turns giving each other makeovers. You'll find some great ideas for funky nail art here.

Usually 4-8 girls is a good number for a spa party, but if you have enough helpers you could have more.


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by: Anonymous

Thanks so much!!! My bday is next week and I'm soooo doing this!!! Luv you for this. <3

Giant Spa Party
by: Anonymous

Hi Wendy,
Im having a giant spa party.
Just wanting tips!
Thanks so much for posting!
This really has been a great help!

Best Spa
by: Anonymous

I would like to know the best spa in Toronto Canada. If you have any information, please do share.

I know of one spa in particular in Toronto. You can find information about the Chakra Spa here and share your experiences about spas you've been to on our best spas page.

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13th Birthday Spa Themed Party
by: Madison

I'm having a spa themed party for me and my 3 close buddies at my house for my 13th birthday. I'm so excited.

Reply: Sounds fun. Hope you have the best time ever. : )

by: olmvpo

Me and my best best friend are having a spa party at a hotel.. and going for a boat ride first, but we don't know, what food we want to to eat so, i like the fondue idea, but i need more ideas <3 thanks but I REALLLY NEEED HEELP!

Classy Casual Spa Birthday Party
by: Megan

You take before pictures.
You go to the spa and get nails, hair, makeup, etc.
You find a pretty place.
You go to the pretty place and take after pictures.
Then you go to your house and have a picnic in your backyard with cake and mixed types of foods. (Mixing classy with causal)

Great Idea!
by: Anonymous

I'm turning 14 in August, right before High School starts. I'm going to have a spa party and this site gave me some great ideas!! Thanks

by: sid sid

i don't really know what 2 do. could you help. i need some ideas for a spa and singing party. she thinks its going 2 be boring so i kinda want to surprise her. also she want to make her friend really enjoy it. I REALLY NEED HELP!!!

by: Anonymous

I threw a spa party for my little sister 2 months ago using this site. her and her friends loved it! I also recommended this site to one of my mothers friends who needed an idea for her daughters party. My little sister's friends are still talking about what an awesome party it was and how they were going to try to do the same for their party. One girl did and she used another site and my little sister said it wasn't as nice. Thanks Diva Girl Parties and Stuff for making my sisters birthday the best.

An Idea
by: Anonymous

You could serve juice with little umbrellas!

by: Anonymous

Wow these ideas really helped me prepare. I've had a spa party before but it didn't turn out so well but that's because i didn't have your help!! Thanks for the ideas. I'm having a spa party with me and 2 other friends but i was kinda worried at first that my mom would say no because of the expense but because of these ideas she agreed!! I'm really excited about it and look forward to it as well as my friends thanks again for the ideas =)

by: Anonymous

I loooove this idea I am doing it for my 12th birthday... I had the idea a few hours before I found this site... FATE! Thank you soo much I looooove the water bottle idea and finer foods...Definitely the are sooo clever!

What do I do?
by: DixieChick

I am having a spa party at my house and inviting 2 other girls and I have no clue what to do meaning... food, decorations and supplies. I hope to find something before my B-day!

Tween spa party
by: Anonymous

My 12th birthday is in january 2010 and i want a spa party but i don't have any idea how i will do it. I hope this site helps

by: Anonymous

omg i luv it! my b-day is in 2 days and im soooo doing this

by: Anonymous

I just had a spa party and i had chocolate strawberries. It was great. You should try it. By the way love the cool ideas.

by: Anonymous

that is so cool !

by: Anonymous

I am having a spa party and i love the ideas an definitely will do finger foods with chocolate fondue!!

Good Advice
by: Anonymous

My friends will love the ideas!

by: Anonymous

This is what i'm doing for my party. Very helpful.

Great Ideas
by: Anonymous

This is great. I have been looking all over for ideas for my daughter's party. This is great!! I love it. Thanks

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