15 Year Old Girls Outdoor Party

by Monique

Teen Tug of War

Teen Tug of War

I need ideas for my outdoor party! I'm going to be going to the park, which is big and open, and I need things to do outdoors that are fun. It's during the day. Please help!

Girls Outdoor Party Response

Hi Monique!

Are you looking for active games like relays and team competitions? If not, what type of games are you looking for? How many will be attending the party? Will it be an all girl party or mixed party? Please use the comment box below to fill me in one any extra details.


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Birthday Party
by: Kayla

For my birthday party I am going to have a hoedown and we are going to play lots of games and drink out of mason jars. We're going to play Sharks in the Water, tug of war, musical chairs, Red Rover, and other neat things like that! We're also going to play this neat game where we all take off our boots and put them in a pile and then figure out which boots belong to who. We are going to listen to country music and dress in boots and short shorts and cowgirl hats. We're pretty old, but it's still going to be a blast! Also, a really neat game is get 2 two by four wooden board and get 10 pieces of rope and tie them around the board five holes of rope in each board. Then stick one foot on one board behind a rope and your other foot on the other and hold the other end of the rope in your hands and make the leader say left and make the rest of the team pick up their left foot and so on and so forth and have another team race. Make sure its a challenge! SO FUN!!

park party
by: Jessie

Okay, well I am having my 15th party at a park and I have no idea what to do. There are boys and girls. One of them is 8 and the rest range from 11-16. There are going to be 22 people and then myself. I want to have a great party. What can I do for a couple of hours to keep them all entertained and having fun?

Most of the girls love One Direction, but the boys and 2 or 3 of the girls don't, so that's out of the question. There all different people, so please help.

Outdoor Party
by: Anonymous

I want to have my party at a park outdoors with friends and family but I need ideas and activities to do. We're going to have hamburgers and hotdogs and then my friends will stay the night at my house.

Reply: Have you considered a scavenger hunt? There is a 4 team park hunt available at the bottom of this scavenger hunt page. Also, a Find Me scavenger hunt can be really customized to your venue and be made as challenging as it needs to be for a teen hunt. You can find all kinds of ideas for writing your own scavenger hunt clues HERE!

Otherwise, sporty type games and challenges work really well for outdoor parties. There are a lot of family reunion games and activities that could be tweaked to a theme or used just as they are.

15th Bday Party Ideas
by: Bakergirl

My birthday is in September on Labor Day! I'm planning now because it has to be better than my sister's party was. Saturday thru Sunday I'm having a sleepover, but Monday I have no clue what to do. I want it classy but full of fun games. I need help!!!

Reply: So, your party is going to run for three days? Wow! That should be quite the event. It would be great to know what activities you'll be doing the other 2 days so that suggestions can complement that.

If you have a pool, it's usually still warm enough that you could have a luau. There are tons of games associated with that theme.

Carnival games are fun even for adults. Most can be made very easily and you could have cool prizes for the winners. Maybe switch it up a bit and make it a beauty carnival. For example, attach large lips with a small opening to the tops of rows of cans and have the girls try and toss a tube of lipstick in the mouths. Make any popular carnival game into a beauty game with a little creativity. Carnivals are synonymous with Labor Day in many areas.

I love the idea of a Diva Pirate party. Go all pink!

Pirate Party Games and Ideas

Pirate Party Scavenger Hunt

15th ....
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to do for my birthday. I was going to have a few of my close friends sleep over, but I'm not sure now because in the past my friends have had alcohol like alco-pops at their parties and my parents won't let me buy them for my birthday. I dont mind that, but I feel like my friends will find it boring without it. What should i do?

Reply: I will assume that your friends enjoy other things then indulging in alcohol (otherwise I will also assume they would not be your friends), so that means there are other ways they know to have fun. Can you build your party around one of those activities?

Need Help NOW
by: Anonymous

I am 13, going on 14! Me and my friend kristen are going to share our parties together. So far what I have is that this is going to be a boy girl party, outside and we are going to dance and have food (burgers and hotdogs), and a bonfire after but, I don't want to dance the whole time, so I need some more ideas! Please help! I am going to have my party 2-10-2012 so I need help fast!

Reply: How about Fear Factor or Survivor type challenges or is this more of a dressy occasion?

Outdoor Party
by: jessi :)

Just have a bonfire/dance! That's what I'm doing. If you have a big yard then go for it! Have music playing and create a dance floor and if you have karaoke there's even more fun :)

Please Help
by: Anonymous

My birthday is in like 4 days and I'm having a sleepover with 3 of my friends (girls). I moved schools so I'm still not besties with them, but I am good friends with them. I'm nervous on what to do when they get to my house! Were going out for my cake but having dinner at my house. I'm nervous on what to do in-between with that time and it's way to early to start playing truth or dare or watching movies. What should I do!!!!!!

Reply: How much time do you need to fill before dinner. If it's only 15-30 mins I would just chill and listen to music or tour your house. If we're talking a couple hours, then an activity would be a nice touch. We've done things like make spa products. If you get pretty bottles, ribbons, etc. from the dollar store they can even package them in a way that they can give them as gifts over Christmas. Since your birthday is so close to Christmas, maybe a gift exchange game with small prizes would be fun while you're waiting to leave. If you have a Wii game, why not play a few games. There's also a Share Game with printable cards you could randomly scatter on the table as conversation starters while you're waiting. It may help you get to know each other better before the evening fun.

Girl Slumber Party Games: Seven-Game Bargain Pack

Slumber Party Games

A Big 15th Birthday Party :)
by: Lucinda

My birthday is in February and I want to have an amazing 15th birthday party with about 30 girls and boys. I have no idea what to do because I don't want anything too childish, but then again I want something my mum will approve of and let me use our house for :p Please help ??! x

Reply: Would you consider a Murder Mystery party? If you have friends who are pretty outgoing and fun, this can be a blast.

I Need a Fun Party
by: Anonymous 1

Hi! I am turning 14 years old but my friends and I are all going to be freshmen in high school next year and we are going to be going to different high schools so this is like the last big get together. My birthday is in a few weeks and I want to do something everyone will enjoy. Most of my friends aren?t girly-girl but I kind of am. I didn?t get a party last year because of money and we still can?t spend too much this year... under $200 probably. This might be my last party so I want to really remember it.

I have always had original cool parties in the past... pool, spa, fashion show, cake decorating and 2 years ago pottery painting. I wanted laser tag but it's a little pricey and doesn?t allow outside food so I couldn?t get a cake. I do not live near a coast so no beach party. It is also really hot this time of the year.

I think I am going to have 5-10 guests and they all are different. I have been searching online for the past 3 hours so any ideas would be helpful... something original though please.

Thanks so much!

Reply: Did you see the Urban Legends Party theme? There are so many ways you could make that party a standout with very low funds. Plus you can add spook and mystery to it.

What about a Mission Impossible party where guests have to compete in any number of near impossible challenges like finding a needle in a haystack, cooking up something edible on a campfire or bbq with odd ingredients and no recipe, etc.?

I Need 15th Birthday Party Ideas
by: alannah

I'm turning 15 really soon and I need ideas for my party. I will probably have around 50 or more people there, girls and boys and I think I want to have it at my house. I need ideas for what to do ... PLEASE HELP!!!!


I recently hosted a party for about 70 guests and our theme was Minute to Win It! We set up tons of the games they play on the popular NBC game show and competed throughout the night. Each time someone won a challenge they got a draw coupon to enter for one of our door prizes.

We also had a BBQ so it was a really relaxed and fun night... and very affordable as so many of the games require the use of only everyday household items to play. There are even step by step instructions for the games on NBC's Minute to Win It games page.

Help with Party Ideas Please
by: Taki

I need some help with my party. I don't know what to do. Please give me some good ideas.


July is National Ice Cream month, so how about an ice cream party?

If you and your friends are more into music and hanging out, a club party can be a lot of fun, especially if you give it your own personal touches.

You didn't note if you were having an all girl or coed party or if you were hosting the party at home or away, etc.

by: Anonymous

I do girl guides and for one of the badges I have to run a night and I don't know what to do. There is about 8 or 9 people. Please help!


How about a drama party? You could go simple or ask your group to come dressed as their favorite actress.

There are so many fun drama games to play. The teens I work with are always asking to play drama games.
  • Charades - Act out a word, title, phrase and have the others guess.

  • Random Stories - Moving around a circle the first person makes up the first sentence of the story, the second person the next sentence, etc. This can turn out to be totally creative or totally hilarious or both.

  • Scene Stealers - Take short portions of popular screenplays and have teams act them out as they are written or have them switch them up to reflect their lives.

  • Commercialized - Have teams or individuals pick random objects from a bag and make up commercials for their "product". They can be creative and give a whole new purpose to their product.

There are literally hundreds of drama games and teens are incredibly creative and media savvy, so it's a lot of fun. With the all purpose phones we have today you can even video tape the action.

Need Help Decorating
by: Joyce

Hey! I'm turning 15 on November 10 and I need help transforming my house to a volleyball theme like party. I need great ideas on games and food. Please help me!

My 15th Birthday
by: Kianna

Hi I'm Kianna and I'm having a 15th birthday that my mom is supposed to be throwing for me. She's not young and hip like me... lol... and I have no idea how to have a party in my garage. HELP PLEASE!

Reply: You could create a variation of Hanna's Club Freeze idea. It would be perfect to set up in a garage and you could make it as chill or sophisticated as you wanted to.

I Need Help!!
by: Kenzue

I need help. I am helping a friend and her birthday is during Halloween and we don't know what to do for her birthday. Any suggestions???

Reply: There are some game ideas here. One theme you might be interested in is a haunted halloween Hollywood party. Or if your friends like hunting for clues in the dark, try this Halloween Clue Hunt.

Having a costume competition? There's some fun printable awards here.

by: Lydia


I am having a house party and I am going to be 15. I am very much older then my age, but I want my party to be really fun. Obviously I want people to enjoy it, so could you think of any good ideas for me please? :)

3 Days Left!!
by: Claudia

OMG!! I really need help. My birthday is in 3 days!! (August 24th) and I want to invite about 9 girls (No Boys!), but I have NO idea what to do! I'm turning 14 and I cant do anything that costs money cause I'm asking for money for my birthday (since I'm going to Europe soon). I was thinking of doing a BBQ style thing where we can all hang out and talk, and then at night we can watch movies and stay up really late. Other then that HELP!! I have the biggest yard in my neighbourhood and there is a park in front of my house, if that can help. I have a pool, but sadly my dad didn't clean it this summer. :( if anyone has any ideas plz let me know. THANKS!! :)

15 in a Week
by: Karie

My lil sis is turning 15 in a week and I need ideas for her party! It's a surprise, but we don't know what to do. For my party, my family was all in New York, so I had more of a family thing. I need ideas for her party!

Turning 14
by: Renee

Hi, I am turning 14 and I need party game ideas! All of my guests are over the age of 12 and every one is staying the night (campout). There is a total of 13 girls going... no boys!!! I have a huge yard and limited ideas so far. Can someone please help me. ASAP!

Thank you!

Reply: There are several outdoor games available here and a spooky, funny ghost story mad lib game here.

Please Help!!!
by: Shay

Ok, my birthday is May 9th. I will be turning 15 and I'm having my birthday party on June 5th. I'm inviting everyone! It's going to be outdoors at a campground. We might camp out and stuff, but I need ideas on how to decorate, what to wear, and activities and things to do? Any ideas?

Help !
by: Kenzie

Hey! I'm planning a 15 year old party and I'm inviting like EVERYONE except it's just a party and not a bday party. Anyways, I have a huge yard, bonfire, hot tub AND the most popular local DJ, but I do not know what else I should do. I absolutely DO NOT want alcohol and I would appreciate it if you can help me with it. Thank you. :) Thank you! :DD

Reply: Looks like you have a great gathering planned already, but if you have a DJ, why not prep some challenges ahead of time and have the DJ announce them throughout the night with winners getting prizes or points toward one grand prize at the end of the night.

Party Ideas
by: Ellie


I'm 15 and I'm having a superhero themed party and I've got a few games but I'm not sure what else. Got any ideas?

(They are dressing up as superheroes btw) It is a group of 7 girls.

Thank you!

by: Desperate

Maybe you could have Singstar, trampoline,
monkey bars.

Good modern music is the way to go!

I Need Your Ideas Please! !:)
by: Fanny

Hey everybody! I'm planning to have my 15 year old party with a butterflies theme and it's for this next January. Everything's planned, but I have no idea what to deliver as a gift to my guests. Please give me some of your ideas! You know, as in eery party, like at 11 there's a "cooler" environment in which you can just throw some gifts or things like that, but the problem is that nothing comes to my mind when talking about butterflies! Hope you answer me soon:) Thanks!

Reply: What about having the supplies to give each other temporary henna tattoos of butterflies? That would be cool.

15 in December
by: Clauida

Hi! I am going to turn 15 in December and my mom told me that I could invite only 2 of my friends because I am always doing a party and sometimes I love to be a diva. Now it's my 2 best friends who are coming and I have to do something with them and my family outdoors and indoors. Could someone help me please? I wanted something so that everyone will love it and have fun. I love dancing too. Help me please.

Reply: Do you live where there is snow in December?

My Party!!!
by: Tia

I'm turning 15 in a month and a half and I need party ideas!!! I don't know whether to have a party in a stretch limo or have a huge party in a ballroom!!!! Help fast!

Reply: So you're not having an outdoor party then? There are more elaborate indoor party ideas here that might fit your vision.

Great Game
by: Brenda

One thing that I enjoy doing with my friends is playing man hunt. It's like hide and go seek, but at night. It's really fun and in this game you team up with another person if there is an even number. Try it at least once if you like being outside and running around.

The Best B-day Party
by: Barbie :)

Hey guys! What's up? I need help. I am having my closest friends over (boys and girls) and I don't know what in Sam's hill to do. I thought about going to play miniature golf or going to Gator Park but idk. I don't want it to be BORING and my friends like to have fun. I want them to classify my b-day party as the best!!! :) My b-day is June 14 and I'm turning 15!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

Help! I need Party Ideas
by: DancingQueen

I'm turning 15 this week and I'm having a party. The theme is red carpet so everyone is going to be dressed up all pretty, but I think it will be boring. One of my friends is bringing her singstar, but we have nothing else exciting to do. We are all girls and we all dance. Please help me get some games. Oh, my party is on the 23rd of May. Please help me!!

Reply: There are loads of Hollywood and movie theme party ideas here.

I NEED A Party!
by: Jessica

I'm turning 15 this year on July 15 and yet I've never had a real birthday party. I would love to hear some of your ideas as long as it sounds fun... I'LL LOVE IT! :)

by: Rhie

Mixed party. About 10 peeps.

12th B-day Party
by: Sarah

Hi! I’m having my 12th birthday and I really want it to be better than everyone else, especially one girl who brags all the time about hers. I’m going to have a party at home, but I would like some party games. It’s an all girls party. About 18 girls or more are coming!

Just to Say ..
by: Amy Mckie

Hi! I'm just writing to ask if you have any ideas for what I can do for my birthday. It's not 'til July, but I want a party with lads and lasses. I don't know where to have it and how many people want to come. Please leave a message on this site.

Thanks a lot!
Love Amy (L)!

Re Brooke's Request
by: Diva Girl

Are you looking to do an outdoor theme party? If not, please contact me via my contact form to give me a little more info and I will do my best to help you come up with some ideas.


I Need Help
by: Brooke

My birthday is on the 28th of November and I have no idea what to do. I'm going to be 15 and I want to have a mixed party with boys and girls. I don't mind where abouts to go, but I don't want it to be boring. I want it to be fun where they all have a laugh, but I don't know what to do. Have you got any ideas?

Please write back.

Party Game Ideas
by: Kelsey

Karoke - Trace mics and paint them black. Then put glitter all on the mic part. Have everyone bring there favorite k-cds (put your name on your cd)

Outdoor party- Bring toilet paper and have a relay who can wrap their partner from head to toe fastest. Fly kites and see which team can put it together and get it in the air first.
Potato sack relays. Tug of war.

Make over party - Have stations set up, like toes in one area, nails in another, updos in another! Then take a group pic. Make up a cool dance and let them perform.

So Much Fun
by: HeyHeyHottie

Hey! I'm having a boy/girl halloween party and don't know what to do! HELP ME PLEASE!

Surprise Party
by: Rosie

Hi! I'm Rosie.

I'm hosting a surprise party for my best friend. She's turning 15, and I don't know what the theme should be. Please, please, please help me!!!

Reply: I assume you're having the party outdoors. A Western them is easy to set up and there are a number of games/challenges you can do from horseshoes to roping an object or a team member. If you like to line dance and are in an area where you can pump out country music, you could do that. Seating and food and beverage stations can be set up using bales of hay. If you have friends who play guitar you could ask them to bring them. Maybe even have one of them serenade the birthday girl. Of course, you may be more of a Greek Goddess or Rock and Roll style girl and in that case the ideas would be completely different. Your question doesn't provide enough info to determine which direction to go with my answer.

My First Party
by: Brenda

Help me! My party is in 2 weeks and I don't know what type of games to play. Please help. What should I do?

Games for After Dinner Outdoors
by: Annie

Please can I have some good game ideas. I've got a dinner party coming up. I'm 15 years old and I am having 10 friends over, boys and girls. I need a good game that is outdoors to play after dinner that everyone will have a rave playing!

Thanks alot!

Boy Girl Party
by: Sophie

I'm turning 14 and I invited guys and girls. I need some ideas so that it won't be boring. So far the garage is set up for dancing and we have the Wii. I invited 45 people total. The party is on Saturday, May 3rd. Any ideas would be great. ASAP!

Girls Party
by: Jen

Hi! I'm going to be 14 and I will be inviting a lot of girls to my house. I´m worried that they will be bored. What can I do that everybody will like?

Dear Game Searcher...
by: dangirl33

You could have carnival games. I'm having a party for my Best Friend and we're going to have some carnival games with prizes. Sounds dumb but it's fun and everyone wins something. Some team games you could do are an obstacle course, kickball or any other sports. You could do a scavenger hunt or make up your own games. My friend made up a game for our park. It's called House wars. There are two teams. Half go after the others teams tower while the other half of the team guards their own tower. If someone from the opposite team tags you your frozen and one of you teammates has to unfreeze you. If you touch the inside of your opponents tower you win.

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