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Why Host a Movie Night Theme Party?

A movie night theme party is the perfect choice when you are looking for a simple party idea that is fun and easy to plan? It's also inexpensive, uncomplicated, and one of the best events for those last minute, impromptu gatherings.

With very little effort, you can transform your home into a movie theatre, or take advantage of the nice weather and host an outdoor movie night reminiscent of a drive-in or screening in the park.

Movie Party Invitations

Print or create an admission ticket with the movie to be viewed listed, or write the party details on an invitation shaped like a director's clapboard or marquee sign.

If you are able to personally deliver the invites, you could put the card inside a red and white striped plastic popcorn container or attach the party info to a box of theatre sized candy such as Skittles, Mike & Ikes, or Junior Mints.

If you have a little extra time and some creativity you could create a commercial DVD promoting your party or the movie you will be showing. Enlist your friends or family to play actor look-alikes and re-enact popular scenes. or add your own personal flair to the movie script.

To view the printable invitations listed above, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer (the latest version is recommended). You can get your free Adobe Reader here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

Movie Party Decorations

Drape curtains around the TV to look like a movie theatre. Dim the lights and make a lighted path to the seating area with strands of clear mini-lights.

Rent or create a marquee sign announcing the feature presentation and hang movie posters around your showing room. You may even want to find a velvet rope, have someone dress like an theatre usher, and ask guests to show their ticket invites in order to gain admission.

If your party will be outside, set up plenty of lawn chairs, benches, or director's chairs, and spread some blankets on the grass. Projectors can be rented if you do not own one, and a simple bed sheet or tarp will make a great large screen for a backyard screening.

Set up a concession stand offering typical movie theatre treats and have a red-vested theatre 'employee' behind the counter to fill guests' orders. Renting an old-fashioned theatre style popcorn maker will add to the authenticity – and the mouthwatering smell will be irresistible, too!

Movie Theme Party Supplies

Movie Night Theme Party Food

The movie night menu is simple and will take very little work to pull together. Popcorn, theatre sized candy, soda, nachos and cheese, or hotdogs can be set out on a counter, table, or your own version of a concession stand. You can even purchase cinema style popcorn tubs or bags as well as drink cups with lids and red striped straws.

Movie Night Games and Activities

Your movie night does not need to have a lot of organized activities since the feature presentation is the main attraction. However, if you are planning a longer evening or want a few games for intermission, there are plenty of fun activities to choose from.

A movie trivia is always fun and can be fit into short breaks throughout the evening. Test your guests knowledge of movie quotes, directors, or award winning performances.

If you have a little more time available, compile a list of actors/actresses or movie titles and have guests engage in an exciting game of charades. You could even break the game up by having a couple of people take their turn during short intermissions.

Guests will also have fun playing Scene It? Turner Classic Movies DVD Edition. Enjoy scenes from your favorite movies as you and your friends race around the game board. Pop the Scene It? DVD into your player and set up the unique FlexTime board for a long or short game. Then, watch actual movie clips on your TV and answer questions about films, scenes, actors, famous lines, and more. Get to the Winner's Circle, correctly answer the Final Cut question, and win!

Movie Night Party Favors and Prizes

Award game prizes or send guests home with a small token to thank them for coming to your party. Movie magazines (free at the theater), movie posters, movie tickets, or rental gift certificate or all great ideas that guests will love. Fill a plastic red and white popcorn container with candy or create a 'thank you' label for a bag of peanuts or caramel corn. Although a popular DVD or movie soundtrack is a little more expensive, it may be a good option for a smaller crowd or a larger door prize.

Planning a movie night theme party can be simple and stress-free. The film is the main activity, food takes little preparation, and guests will love the easy to create theatre atmosphere. Whether it is an impromptu gathering of friends or a well-planned event, you cannot go wrong with a large screen viewing of a popular film.

More Movie Night Theme Party Ideas

Hollywood Movie Night Theme Party Ideas

13th Birthday Movie Party Ideas

Think about your favorite colors and have those as a color scheme for your movie party, like lime green, pink, and black and don't forget cute old time pop corn containers.

Get plenty of snacks and movies...chocolate fondue, chips and salsa, soda, and pizza are always a big hit!

As for games... have a scavenger hunt where the guests each go to different rooms, but all end up in the same room where they will find their party favors. A little earlier put things like cute little t-shirts, make-up, candy, jewelry, and things like that in the room the scavenger hunt will lead to!

Play truth or dare, and hide and go seek in the dark (It's actually really fun)!

I am turning 13 and I think this will be really, really, really fun. You can add your own little twist to these ideas too!

Kelsey McAllister ~ USA

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